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Info Edit

BreezeClan is led by Swiftstar, an oriental silver shaded she-cat. Their territory is a rocky and hilly area that borders SwampClan's territory. They are located south of WillowClan, and their main prey are birds.

BreezeClan picture

BreezeClan's territory is full of hills and boulders. The grass on the hills grow in newleaf and it attracts prey

BreezeClan cats are wiry and fast, usually carrying a graceful build. They're fiercely loyal, courageous, and agile.

Skills Edit

With their powerful, long legs, small, lean build, and sharp eyes, BreezeClan cats are build for the hills and boulders of their territory. Their ability to jump higher than any other Clan gives them an edge in hunting and pouncing, not to mention climbing, and their running speed is rivaled only by StormClan. With their fierce devotion to their Clan, agility and speed, sharp eyes, and intelligence, BreezeClan cats make for very formidable enemies indeed.

Territory Edit

BreezeClan live east of SwampClan, south of the Thunderpath and WillowClan. Their territory is full of hills, boulders, and small, scrubby bushes. Their camp is a small ravine.

Allegiances Edit


Swiftstar- a long-furred silvery-gray oriental tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Hawk)


Cloudwatcher- a sleek-furred silver-shaded tom with yellow eyes. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Bubblepaw


Chevy -  tortoiseshell tabby she-cat (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Tabbypaw


Cedarleaf - a calico tom with honey eyes (Willow)
Apprentice Firepaw
Silverwind- a pale silver-and-white tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Ghostpaw

Appleberry- a beige she-cat with amber eyes. (Cobra)

Mudfrost - a brown tom with green eyes. (Cobra)

Apprentice: Crowpaw


Venomfang- mottled white, brown, and black tom. (Moon)
Rowanbranch- a dark ginger tom with hints of black shading and yellow eyes. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Copperpaw
Deepclaw- a grey and white tom with blue eyes. (Cobra)
Apprentice: Hawkpaw
Half-face- a calico she-cat with a half orange, half black face. (Willow)
Redfur- a sleek-furred ruddy ticked she-cat with sage eyes. (Ivy)
Brooklight- a dappled golden she-cat with yellow eyes. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Stonepaw
Runningcreek- calico-and-white she-cat (Silvery)
Mosswing- black and white tom with amber eyes (Cobra)
Leafstorm- a brown and white she-cat with green eyes (Hope)
Apprentice: Sootpaw


Tabbypaw - a fuzzy dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes; medicine cat apprentice (Willow)
Copperpaw- a ginger-brown tom with yellow eyes. (Hawk)
Smokepaw-a smoke tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes (Willow)
Bubblepaw-a Siamese she-cat with blue eyes (Whiteout)
Crowpaw- a tall calico with eyes that change colors (Willow)
Stonepaw- gray tabby tom. (Moon)
Ghostpaw-black and white tom. (Moon)
Hawkpaw- a ginger-brown-gold she-cat with green eyes. (Hawk)
Firepaw- a ginger tom-kit with a white chest and paws. (Whiskers)
Sootpaw- a grey tom with dark black stripes. (Hope)
Vinepaw - brown-and-white tabby she-cat. (Silvery)


Whiteflame- a white she-cat with blue eyes and some gray fur. (Snowy) mother to Littlekit, a small white and grey she-cat (Snowy), Dapplekit, a tortoiseshell she-cat (Snowy), and Goldenkit, an orange she-cat with a white chest (Moon)
Poolglow- a siamese she-cat with bright blue eyes. (Adoptable)
Moonshine- a silver tabby she-cat with green eyes (Wolfy), mother to Firekit, a slim gray tom with fire-colored eyes (Wolfy), Silverkit, a silver tabby she-cat with brown eyes (Ivy), and Fidgetkit, a frost-colored tom with blue eyes (Hawk).

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The roleplay is now open! Be sure to sign your work (-Swiftstar, -Smokepaw, etc.)

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Cedarleaf sighed, it was about a few moons ago that he’d gotten a good rest, he stretched and then padded out of the warriors den towards the fresh-kill pile and then he took the smallest rabbit and started to eat, well, until Swiftstar charged out of her den, his stomach lurched forcefully, almost making him swallow the rest of the rabbit whole.—Cedarleaf

Tabbypaw was stressed. As always she needed to speak with StarClan, and learn about herbs with the mentor of Sandpelt (her mentor: used-to-be) who calls himself Horsetail. And now she had to sort all the herbs and remember every single one without help. Hooray! Another lame testing-myself kinda day! Was annoying, she wished she would be trained normally—Tabbypaw

Bubblepaw bounced around camp. She was very hyperactive today, and Cloudwatcher still hadn't taken her out training! She spotted Tabbypaw looking very worried in the medicine den. Bubblepaw bounced over. " 'Ey Tabbypaw! How's it going! Do you need some cheering up?" - Bubblepaw

“oh, no thanks, just still mad at my mentor! Heh, leaving me to train with StarClan...” she sighed. “Maybe I do need a break, have anything in mind?” Tabbypaw finally stoped slouching and pain came to her back. She then finally got over the stiff joints and stretched, maybe it was time to see the sun.—Tabbypaw

Cloudwatcher had been out of camp, staring thoughtfully at the clouds ahead that were tinged a gold from the rising sun. It had been several moons since StarClan forcefully demoted him from his position as medicine cat due to him not "living up to their standards". So what if he disregarded their code from time to time? Life wasn't worth living if he was living it up to someone else's standards, and not his own. My home has to be the most beautiful place in the world. The deputy decided with a small grin on his features before finally he turned and scaled down the valley, and headed towards camp. -- Cloudwatcher

Like most mischievous kittens, Firekit was up bright and early at an unreasonable hour, prepared to drive the older cats of BreezeClan insane. But first, he had to stretch out a little bit, limber up for his day of fun. With a huge yawn, the long-furred red tabby stretched out his hind legs before he bounced towards the nursery's exit. -- Firekit

“Where do you think you’re going?” Frostshade meowed lowly as she saw Firekit exit the nursery. “Usually kits your size should stay in the nursery?” This morning she needed to get up very early and wait for dawn patrol to be able to not hunt for the rest of the day and pick on the other cats. This kit was said to drive the older warriors crazy with annoyance, she didn’t want anything to do with it, except that kits shouldn’t get up so early.—Frostshade

Bubblepaw began rattling off random things she enjoyed. "Well, we could spy on Swiftstar, and Cloudwatcher, or go do some crazy things!" She looked eagerly at Tabbypaw. "But of course, we could do whatever you want to do." - Bubblepaw

“um, none of those?” Tabbypaw giggled. “I’m thinking we could assist a border patrol, you know, to get outa camp? We should go ask Swiftstar!”—Tabbypaw

"Hey, Firekit! Wanna go sneak out of camp?" Hawkkit bounced up to the red tabby tom-kit as he yawned. "I caught a beetle near the big oak yesterday!" -Hawkkit.

Copperpaw leapt from his nest in excitement. Rowanbranch had called him. Copperpaw had only recently been made an apprentice; he was desperate for more training and learning. The young tom bounced from the Apprentices' Den, amber eyes wide with excitement. His mentor, Rowanbranch, was standing outside the den, and seemed just as eager as Copperpaw. It was, after all, his first time as a mentor. "What will we learn today? Hunting? Fighting?" Copperpaw leaned closer. "Can we go on a patrol?"

Rowanbranch purred in amusement. "Let's pratice the hunting crouch today. Maybe you can catch some prey!" Together, the ginger-brown tom and his small apprentice padded out of camp, tails in the air.

"No, not like that. Arch your back and keep low to the ground. Tail off the grass," Rowanbranch suggested, urging Copperpaw on. The attentive apprentice had quickly picked up on the technique of the hunter's crouch, but he seemed to tremble in excitement often and disturb the undergrowth around him. The tan-and-brown apprentice was small and bony for his age, with large eyes and ears. Rowanbranch saw him adjust his pose and continue creeping through the sparsh bushes on BreezeClan's hills. "Good!" Rowanbranch purred, and Copperpaw beamed at him. "Can we hunt now? Can we?" --Copperpaw and Rowanbranch

Swiftstar padded from her den and down from the Clanledge. She'd had a bad sleep, tossing and turning in her nest during the night. "Hey, Cloudwatcher? Can you assign a border patrol? I'll take a hunting patrol with Cedarleaf and Frostshade." The two warriors looked up as she said their names. Cloudwatcher nodded, and she led her patrol out of camp and up a large hill. -Swiftstar

“oh great...” Frostshade hissed, turning away from the ginger kit, “if I’d try....” she whispered. She padded under the patrol calling stone and sat and slouched. Waiting for the snowy feathered tom to announce her annoyance.—Frostshade

Tabbypaw turned her attention to her sister, stretching and yawned. She wished she’d been normal like her sister, Smokepaw was a natural warrior, she shown great signs of how great she’ll be, but Tabbypaw in the other paw, she was way to spiritual and wise, says some of the warriors. ‘I’m just an apprentice’ she’d think. She sighed as Smokepaw perked up joyfully and ran over to Swiftstar, “can I come! Can I! can i! Pleeeeeeaaasssssee!!!!” Smokepaw smiled widely at the leader. Tabbypaw turned back to Bubblepaw, “that’s my chance.” She then padded towards Swiftstar to her sisters side. “I’d also like to join, I’m pretty sure I need to restock on all the root-type herbs. If you don’t mind, Bubblepaw wants to join also.”—Smokepaw & Tabbypaw

Cedarleaf buried the bones of his prey and decided to listen to Swiftstar and understood what would happen, so he stretched and walked around camp, getting ready for a long day of hunting.—Cedarleaf

Bubblepaw bounced up and down, eagerly. "Yes! Please can I come? PLEASEEEEEE?!" - Bubblepaw

"Oh- yeah, sure thing, Swiftstar." The daydreaming deputy responded to his leader with a quick swish of his thick-furred tail. He called out the names of the warriors that she had asked for, so that they could meet with their leader and head out on patrol. Cloudwatcher than pricked his white-tufted ears to search for his little brother, who appeared to already be getting himself into trouble. -- Cloudwatcher

Firekit turned his fluffy frame in the direction of his nursery companion, Hawkkit. "I already escaped before the sun even rose over camp!" He blurted out enthusiastically as he began to skip off in the direction of camp's exit. "So yeah, let's go do it again!" -- Firekit

"Okay! ((lol kit roleplaying is the best!)) To the big oak!" Hawkkit and Firekit padded around the camp edge, staying in the shadows. We're like real warriors! --Hawkkit

"Hey, Smokepaw, let's do a bit of hunting," Swiftstar called to her apprentice. -Swift

His bright red fur probably wasn't the best for blending in among the shadows, and his white spotting probably didn't help, either. But Firekit was convinced that he was a total expert at sneaking out of camp- mainly because he'd done it various times throughout his kithood. After all, his brother was deputy of the clan! Therefore, Firekit was untouchable. One day, he'd be Firestar (the irony), and he'd be the greatest cat in all the land! -- Firekit

(OMG LOL) Smokepaw smiled widely and leaped very high in the air, “yes yes yes yes yes!!!” Tabbypaw giggled. “I’m guessing she wants to show you something.” She chuckled at Swiftstar. Tabbypaw grinned in amusement at her sisters enthusiasm. If only it’d stay this way forever.

Cedarleaf nodded and headed towards the enterence of camp, awaiting his deputies orders like a noble warrior, but something felt odd about this day, like, he’s been closer to one of his goals than he ever has.

Frostshade hissed a low reply. “Over my dead body....” and she followed Cedarleaf. Rolling her eyes at the two apprentices who'd been with Swiftstar. “Pfft, like I’d ever have fur balls like kits ever. One day she’d lead the clan, she’d show all the clans that BreezeClan is the strongest and someday BreezeClan can rule the forest once and for all.—Frostshade, Cedarleaf, Smokepaw & Tabbypaw

((LOL)) Swiftstar purred. "Come on. Hey, Tabbypaw, you can come too. Maybe you could hunt some?" The brown tabby medicine cat nodded. "Alright." Smokepaw was jumping up and down in excitement. "Let's go," Swiftstar smiled, and the silver tabby she-cat and her apprentice left the camp, accompanied by Tabbypaw.

Hawkkit sighed in relief as she and Firekit picked their way from the camp. They'd made it past Deepclaw, who'd been standing watch outside camp- the two kits were free! "Race you to the big oak!" Firekit cried, pelting away. "Wait for me!" Hawkkit pelted after the red tabby tom kit. Hawkkit's small build gave her agility and grace, but Firekit was faster than her. Nevertheless, the small copper-brown she-kit raced after her friend. As she bounded down a hill, her eye caught something... A flash of brown fur. "Hey, Firekit, wait up! I've found something!" -Hawkkit

Firekit was confident that he'd reach the big oak in no time, and that Hawkkit would eat his dust. When she called for him, the kit slowed his pace to a rhythmic lope and turned around to race back over to his denmate. "I hope what you found is a way to beat me- cause I have to be the fastest cat in BreezeClan!" The red tomkit chirped proudly as he trotted over to Hawkkit. -- Firekit

Bubblepaw sank at least two feet lower. What about her? How come Tabbypaw could come but not Bubblepaw? Grumbling, she stalked over to Deepclaw. "What's wrong now?" He asked, smiling. "Swiftstar took Tabbypaw and Smokepaw out but not me!" She grumbled. "And, Cloudwatcher hasn't taken me out training!" Deepclaw grinned at her. "You're such a complainer!" "Am not!" "Are too!" The littermates tousled around on the ground until Swiftstar who was leaving camp glared at Deepclaw. "You're supposed to be guarding camp." "Right." Deepclaw said, walking back to where he was guarding. Bubblepaw smiled at him. Big brothers were the best! - Bubblepaw and Deepclaw


Hawkkit crept foward, under a scrubby bush. Who's fur was that? Oh... She had come across a small clearing. Copperpaw and Rowanbranch were talking on the side farthest from the Hawkkit. The young she-kit grinned maliciously. They don't know I'm here! Let's go get Firekit and surprise them! --Hawkkit

“Swiftstar, tonight I must attend the Half moon meeting, I must prepare when we return to camp for the journey to the moon Willow.—tabbypaw

Firekit wrinkled his nose in disgust when he spotted the training duo, and impulsively crouched down beside Hawkkit. He turned his muzzle towards her ear, so that he couldn't be heard by the apprentice and mentor. "Hey- c'mon, we're going to the big oak! We're supposed to avoid warriors so we don't get caught, furball!" -- Firekit

“Oh my! I’m sorry I must leave Swiftstar! It’s already dusk! I must go to the moon Willow!” Then she ran off into the rocky forest and then towards the path to StarClan.- Tabbypaw

"But, just think! We can scare them! Ambush them!" Hawkkit breathed. "Like warriors!" -Hawkkit

The tom kit furrowed his brow. "Don't be bee-brained, they'll just get angry at us and send us back to camp!" The flame-colored kit argued. -- Firekit

Hawkkit grinned. "But not if we race away super super fast!" -- Hawkkit

He thought on her response for several silent moments. Hmmm...this would be a good opportunity for Firekit to prove himself the best warrior around. He puffed out his snow-white chest in pride. "Just make sure you can keep up!" He then steadied himself on the slope, his eyes on the training pair of cats. -- Firekit

Hawkkit grinned. "You wish!"

Together, the copper-brown she-kit and the red tabby tom-kit raced down the slope. Hawkkit leaped off before they reached the bottom, using her speed to propel herself far above Rowanbranch. She landed flat on Rowanbranch's deep ginger back. The warrior yowled in surprise, as did Copperpaw as Firekit mounted an attack on him, too. -Hawkkit

Firekit clung to Copperpaw's back like a tick, digging his tiny claws into the tom's fur. Although he tried his hardest, it probably felt like nothing more than a little poke. "We're taking you as prisoners of Hawkswoop and Fireblaze!" The tomkit announced proudly, only to pause when he noticed a group of cats on the horizon. Silverwind was leading them, and the strangers...they smelled gross! -- Firekit

Hawkkit looked up. "INTRUDERS!!!!!!!!!!!" she yowled, racing over. A big blackish-silvery tom was in the lead. "INTRUDERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Hawkkit

Firekit jumped off of the back of Copperpaw to pursue his ruddy companion, the tomkit's tail held high like a blazing flag. "We can take 'em, Hawkkit!" He responded confidently. -- Firekit

Shadowchaser paused in his tracks, raising a brow as he turned to face Silverwind. "Does BreezeClan just let...kits run freely...outside of camp?" The deputy asked with a voice filled with both concern in confusion. He meant no disrespect- but either young kits or inexperienced apprentices outside of camp was a death sentence for the young furballs. At least, these two seemed to be in the company of both a warrior and an apprentice. "Unless they're your alarm system." -- Shadowchaser

"They're so cute!" Morningglade purred. "I can't wait until I have kits!" - Morningglade

"If you consider little monsters that want to chew your ankles off cute, then...sure?" The WillowClan deputy twitched his whiskers in amusement as he walked along. Will I ever have kits? He doubted it. She-cats didn't find anxiety-ridden toms to be handsome. "Are we close?" -- Shadowchaser

"No one can stop us!" Hawkkit announced. "Stay back, you scurvy cur! You are now prisoners of HawkClan!" -- Hawkkit

Morningglade had to try and stop herself from giggling. "Scurvy cur indeed!" She said, playing along. "WillowClan is much more powerful then you any day!" - Morningglade

"Hey, who said we're 'HawkClan'? FireClan sounds so much more awesome!" Firekit argued, turning his attention away from the strangers and instead focusing on his sidekick. "Fine, we'll just combine the two- we're HareClan!" -- Firekit

"HareClan forever! HareClan is way more powerful than WillowClan! Hawkstar is undefeatable!" --Hawkkit

Silverwind sighed. "You were supposed to stay in camp... Where's Brooklight?"

"As close to nowhere as one can be while still being somewhere!" Hawkkit announced. Morningglade snorted. -- Silverwind & Hawkkit

"Who died and made you leader?" Firekit squeaked at his companion, giving her a shove with his disproportionately wide shoulders. "Firestar is almighty!" The red-furred decided before sitting himself down triumphantly to empasize his point. "Brooklight cannot stop us." -- Firekit

Hawkkit leaped up. "Then I'm the medicine cat! StarClan gave me a vision! You need to step down and make me leader, deputy, and medicine cat!" -- Hawkkit

"Hah! What a load of mousedung." Firekit scoffed and tossed his head dramatically, holding his paw against his chest in a conceited fashion. "I am StarClan and the Dark Forest. You lie, I gave you no such visions!" He proceeded to tackle his nursery companion. -- Firekit

"They're so cute!" Morningglade giggled, then turned to Shadowchaser. "Should we give the medicine cat the herb?" - Morningglade

Poolglow heaved herself out of her nest. "I haven't seen Hawkkit or Firekit in a while... I'm going to go look for them." She told Brooklight. She peeked her head outside the den, looking for the pair, then heard a commotion outside camp. She spotted some strange cats, Silverwind, and... Firekit and Hawkkit. Glowpool sighed. "Firekit, Hawkkit, what are you doing out of camp?" She asked, giving them an amused look. - Poolglow

"Everything! Some WillowClan scalawags have invaded! Don't worry, though! We took them prisoner!" Hawkkit bounced away from Firekit, smacking him with her copper-colored tail. Morningglade snorted audibly. -- Hawkkit

"C'mon..." Poolglow flicked her tail in the direction of camp. - Poolglow

"You'll never take us alive!" -- Hawkkit

Silverwind sighed. "Let's go, Shadowchaser. Rowanbranch," the light silvery tabby she-cat continued, as the ginger warrior had just bounded up, "tell Swiftstar that we're coming." -- Silverwind

Poolglow picked up Hawkkit by her scruff, and glared at Firekit. "I'm coming for you next." She padded back to camp and dropped Hawkkit next to Brooklight. "You'd better make sure she doesn't run away." She sighed, feeling tired. Then, she padded back to grab Firekit. - Poolglow

Deepclaw heard a sigh and perked up from him eating. "Poolglow? What are you doing?" He asked. "Going to get Firekit, he and Hawkkit ran out of the nursery." Poolglow sighed. "No, You need to be resting!" Deepclaw protested, leading Poolglow back to her nest. "I'll get him." "You better be nice." Poolglow mumbled, closing her eyes. "I will." Deepclaw winked, then ran out of camp. "Firekit, head back to camp right now." Deepclaw said upon seeing him. - Deepclaw

Hawkkit waited until Brooklight's back was turned, then promptly faced into Swiftstar's den. -- Hawkkit

"No!" To emphasize his point, Firekit triumphantly sat himself down and put his little nose in the air. "Someone's gotta patrol around here- you're already sleeping on the job and letting strangers in!" -- Firekit

Shadowchaser followed Silverwind at a steady pace. "Seems BreezeClan has its paws full," he commented with a twitch of his whiskers. WillowClan didn't have kits to worry about at the moment- although, that wasn't the greatest thing. Then again....they had a huge amount of apprentices. -- Shadowchaser

Deepclaw glared at Firekit. "You're been enough trouble for one day..." Deepclaw sighed, picked up Firkit. Being four moons, the kit was heavier then normal, but still easily carried. Gently, he carried the kit back into camp. - Deepclaw

Hawkkit burst into the leader's den and rounded on Swiftstar. "Intruders in the camp!" With no more explanation, the ruddy ticked she-kit bolted for the exit. - Hawkkit

Ripplepool shifted uneasily behind Shadowchaser. His tail twitched with annoyance rather than happiness. He couldn’t put a paw on it.—Ripplepool

Swiftstar sat up. Kits... The oriental she-cat was fond of her niece and her best friend. Swiftstar leaped up and paced toward the entrance of camp. Spotting the "intruders," she dipped her head. "Shadowchaser. Ripplepool. Morningglade. What is the cause for this honor?" -- Swiftstar

Ripplepool stepped in. “We have the cure of the Plague.” He meowed.—Ripplepool

Morningglade bit her tongue to stop herself from squealing. She was just called an honor! The leader of BreezeClan knew her name! "Hello!" Morningglade bounced up and down behind Ripplepool, shooting one of her signature grins at Swiftstar. - Morningglade

Tabbypaw yawned as she stretched. “Swiftstar who are— Ripplepool! You’ve brought the cure?” She smiled.—Tabbypaw

Swiftstar couldn't resist smiling back. The oriental she-cat knew she had to be imperious and shrewd, but the WillowClan warrior was so friendly. Swiftstar turned to Ripplepool. "Really? And you're giving it to us? We're honored." -- Swiftstar

"We're not going to let innocent lives die because of...politics." Shadowchaser could feel his chest tighten when he was around the leader- he was not used to speaking with the other leaders. And still, he felt his anxiety resurface. StarClan, how could I ever lead WillowClan? -- Shadowchaser

"Oh. I agree, to be frank. Well, if you are giving us the cure, BreezeClan is forever in your debt," Swiftstar dipped her head. "My thanks to you and Mistystar. How is she?" -- Swiftstar

Ripplepool sighed. “ a few cats are against her for banishing a cat who killed her own clanmates. What do you think?”—Ripplepool

"Killing is against the warrior code. Killing your clanmates... I completely agree with Mistystar. If it were up to me... I might have done more than banish her," the oriental tabby shivered. -- Swiftstar

Ripplepool sighed. “Well, Erm. I wouldn’t try and kill her, she was only an apprentice, she meant.... well.....” The prophecy echoed in his head and he shook his pelt.—Ripplepool

Should we really be telling another clan all about this? Shadowchaser thought as he shifted uncomfortably. -- Shadowchaser

Meanwhile, Firekit was eavesdropping, of course. When they mentioned a killer, the red tomkit proudly stepped forward and puffed out his white chest. "I should be exiled 'cause I have some killer skills!" -- Firekit

Ripplepool lowered his head. “I’m going to go talk to Tabbypaw.” He said, carrying the Starflower over.—Ripplepool

Hawkkit gaped at him, "but you'd never be able to feed yourself...?" The uncertain tone seemed to give Firekit pride. -- Hawkkit

Tabbypaw sighed. “What happened?” She asked. He knew what she meant. “She didn’t make it and it’s all my fault.....” he sobbed. Tabbypaw sighed. “Nothing lasts forever Ripplepool. StarClan decided this.” She sighed as he put the flower down. “You should plant these somewhere when you get the chance.” He murmured before turning to leave. “But Ripplepool.” Tabbypaw meowed. He stopped. “Please don’t doubt StarClan. They guide us to a better future after bloodshed.” He then continued back to Shadowchaser and Morningglade.—Ripplepool

"Can too hunt!" Firekit argued with his nurserymate, puffing out his white chest once more to prove his point. "After all, I did catch these no-good trespassers, did I not? Please, Hawkkit, you must be going blind! Delusional!" -- Firekit

Shadowchaser flicked his speckled tail nervously. "We thank you for your brief hospitality, Swiftstar, but I believe that we must get going. We have many other clans to visit." -- Shadowchaser

Ripplepool nodded and turned.—Ripplepool

"I caught the intruders! I seem to remember that you were afraid of ambushing Copperpaw! " Hawkkit grinned. "Mouse-brain!" - Hawkkit

"That's a big, steaming load of foxdung! I was being strategic, not impulsive like you. If it weren't for me, we would have gotten caught." Firekit retorted with a swing of his fluffy tail. "You can thank me later." -- Firekit

"Leaving already?" Morningglade whined. - Morningglade

Ripplepool nodded. “We have too many clans to do.” He reminded her Of the amount of clans.“—Ripplepool

Swiftstar nodded. "Our thanks goes with you."

Hawkkit leaped at Firekit and they scuffled around in the grass, mewling playfully. "You were being a scaredy-mouse!" the copper ticked she-kit teased. -- Swiftstar & Hawkkit

Tabbypaw sighed. “Can you kits stop fussing? Why don’t you go help some warriors with Gathering. I might need some help.”—Tabbypaw

Morningglade brightened. "So I get to go with you to the other clans?" She asked Ripplepool. - Morningglade

"You're the one fussing!" Firekit mocked Tabbypaw before he turned to handle Hawkkit. He wrestled with her for a few brief seconds before he resorted to stuffing a wide white paw into her face. "No, we already discussed this- you're the mouse-heart!" -- Firekit

"We'll be sending out different patrols- otherwise we'll all be sleeping for a moon." Shaodwchaser answered Morningglade. -- Shadowchaser

"Would not!" Morningglade stuck out her tongue jokingly at Shadowchaser. "You might be, but I'm full of energy!" Moringglade hooped up and down to emphasize her point. - Morningglade

Hawkkit let out a muffled yelp. "Paws in mouths aren't allowed! That's cheating!" -- Hawkkit

Ripplepool yawned. “Ah.” He meowed. Though he felt odd. And the prophecy echoed. “Hmm. Something doesn’t feel right.”—Ripplepool

"Yeah, well I like to fight dirty! Don't complain, mouseheart!" Firekit barked at Hawkkit as he stuffed his white paws into her face as well, in order to get the upperhand in their little play-fight. -- Firekit

Ripplepool looked to Shadowchaser. “Shadowchaser..... Have I ever told you what happened wile you where on your journey?” He asked. Ready to reveal a horrible truth.—Ripplepool

"Two can play at this game!" Hawkkit jerked her face out of Firekit's grasp and stuck her own slim copper paws in the red tom-kit's face. -- Hawkkit

((We can have Ripple tell Shadow back at WC, whoops)) "Hah, you just wish that your paws were as big as mine!" Firekit taunted before he flailed around in an attempt to stuff his white mitts into Hawkkit's face once more. -- Firekit

Hawkkit shook her head and jumped up. "Catch me if you can!" The copper ticked she-kit raced away. -- Hawkkit

Bubblepaw bounced up to Cloudwatcher. "Hey Cloudwatcher! I'm super bored. Can we go training or something?" - Bubblepaw

Smokepaw just sat there think to herself. Huh. What a beautiful day.—Smokepaw

"Hey, get back here, Hawk-foxfaced-beebrained-kit!" Firekit barked at his copper friend, leaping to his paws and peeling after her. -- Firekit

Cloudwatcher nodded, watching his younger brother with a brow raised. "Yeah, uhm...we could probably work on hunting hares." -- Cloudwatcher

"Alright!" Bubblepaw said, smiling. "Lead the way!" - Bubblepaw

Smokepaw smiled. “I couldn’t help but to overhear Bubblepaw. I want in too please.”—Smokepaw

Swiftstar padded over. "Hey, Smokepaw. Yeah, Cloudwatcher, can we join you? I don't think Smokepaw has practiced hunting hares yet."

"Whot? Moi? I'll show you who's Fire-foxfaced-beebrained-kit!" Hawkkit turned around just in time to have Firekit slam into her. -- Swiftstar & Hawkkit

Crowpaw pranced over to Smokepaw "can i come please!" Half-face frowned at her little brother "You know that you have just become an apprentice a few moons ago right?" Crowpaw ran to Swiftstar pleading "Please Please Please!!!!" --Crowpaw & Half-face

Smokepaw laughed. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.” She purred to Swiftstar.

Cedarleaf really wasn’t a great dude. Just staring at her? REALLY! He Padded to her. “Erm, I’d like to join.”—Smokepaw, Cedarleaf

Half-face hissed at Crowpaw. Quickly grooming herself she went over to Swiftstar "Swiftstar I was thinking about something that could effect the clan very much and i thought that it might be time for me to get an apprentice once one of the kits becomes an apprentice." --Half-face

Swiftstar smiled. "When the time comes, Half-face. I appreciate your keenness to serve your Clan." -- Swiftstar

When did I become the popular lead-the-patrol-for-training guy? Cloudwatcher thought with a calm blink of his pale eyes. "....Well, if we're all going, then we should head out." He seemed to be taking half of the clan with him, anyways. Either Bubblepaw was extremely popular with BreezeClan, or everyone was bored and wanted to stretch their legs. Hopefully my brother won't burn down camp while I'm gone.-- Cloudwatcher

Firekit crashed into the copper-colored Hawkkit without holding back. "Hey!" He suddenly squawked at the she-kit. "While they're all gone, we should burn down camp!" -- Firekit

"Sure, Cedarleaf, you can come." Swiftstar nodded.

((WOW the irony))

Hawkkit gasped. "Great idea!" -- Swiftstar & Hawkkit

Firekit sighed for dramatic affect, raising his chin and glancing off elsewhere in a narcissistic fashion. "Yes, I know it's a good idea." The red-furred tomkit closed his eyes. "I'm full of good ideas." -- Firekit

Crowpaw jumped around wanting to get hunting "Come on Smokepaw! I want to get hunting! What should we catch mice or Rabbit ooh...." --Crowpaw

Smokepaw laughed as she dashed after the tom. “I’m going to get a rabbit. Test my speed on those slippery things.” She smiled.—Smokepaw

Crowpaw ran through the long grass he stopped and looked around not knowing the territory well. He scented the air smelling no prey and no Crowpaw. Oh no I'm lost! he thought. --Crowpaw

Swiftstar flicked her ear. "Patience is the key, Smokepaw. Come on, let's go quietly to the rabbit warrens. Cloudwatcher, shall we split up and attack from both sides?" -- Swiftstar

Half-face ran up to Swiftstar saying "Where is my Brother!!! I thought he was hunting with you!' --Half-Face

Smokepaw winced. “He is with is, we didn’t even leave yet Half-face.” She growled. Paranoid cat,—Smokepaw

Half-face hissed back "Last i saw him was running to go hunt with you! He in not in camp and not with you! New apprentices are not supposed to run around without a Warrior!"--Half-face

“shell who's his mentor? Not me!” Smokepaw spat.—Smokepaw

Half-face spat back "How should i know! I'm not his mentor! And you should be more respectful to the cats that feed you and keep you alive! Because trust me i would have clawed your throat if you weren't in my clan!" --Half-face

Smokepaw smirked. “I’m pretty sure I’m not responsible for him, you're his sister. And I am old enough to take care of myself! Thank you very much for the empty threat but I’m not interested in considering YOU of all cats to be one who “feeds me”or “keeps me alive” because I’m more then capable of doing it myself.” she spat. Licking her claws.—Smokepaw

"This is not a joke Smokepaw! Who knows where he is for all we know he could be sharing clan secertes with ScarClan! Swiftstar help me here!" Half-face screamed starting to tear up. --Half-face

"Calm down, everyone. Smokepaw, Half-face, we're going to look for Crowpaw. Come on," Swiftstar twitched her gray tabby tail. -- Swiftstar

stupid paranoid sensitive furball! I’m sure Crowpaw’s fine! He isn’t as stupid as you described him to be! What Half-face, you REALLY think he’s so domne that he’d let ScarClan take him? WHEN THEY ARE ACROSS THE FOREST FROM US?! Smokepaw cursed quietly as she followed the tom’s scent.—Smokepaw

Swiftstar, Half-face, and Smokepaw tried to scent Crowpaw, but to no avail. "Alright, where did you last see him?" Swiftstar asked, flicking an ear in frustration. -- Swiftstar

The last time i saw him was when he ran off with Smokepaw." Half-face said. --Half-face

Crowpaw wondered around and started to see snow on the ground. His belly growled with hunger, thirsty he at some snow. -- Crowpaw

Smokepaw hissed. “Blaming it on me eh! Stupid piece of bile you are!” Smokepaw then dashed after the toms scent and didn’t look back.-Smoke

Swiftstar followed her apprentice. "Come on, Half-face! Let's find Crowpaw." -- Swiftstar

((That timeskip really didn't work, Silvery. I'mma delete it for the sake of legitimate RP. After we find Crowpaw, we'll do the timeskip to keep up w/ WC RP. That okay?)) -- Hawkblossom45 (talk)

Half-face perked up saying "Of course Swiftstar!" --Half-face

((Hey, everybody, once we find Crowpaw it is OFF TO THE GATHERING! Say if you want to go in the comments.)) -- Hawk

((We're going to put Crow search on hold- pretend we're back in camp?)) -- Hawk

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Clanledge for a Clan meeting!" Swiftstar called, leaping elegantly onto the meeting place. "Tonight is the Gathering. Silverwind, Deepclaw, Half-face, Copperpaw, Smokepaw, Bubblepaw, Grayfeather, Salmonshadow, Tabbypaw, Cloudwatcher, and Chevy, let's go," Swiftstar and the chosen cats headed towards Twotrees. -- Swiftstar

Half-face joinned the cats hopeing she could make a good imprestion with Swiftstar. --Half-face

All the authority, leaving camp? This was his perfect opportunity! Firekit bolted forward once the leader and her chosen cats had left, his tail held high as he shouted on the top of his lungs. "We've captured camp! BreezeClan is ours, Hawkkit!!" -- Firekit

Hawkkit raced after him. "Fear us, puny mortals! Do you dare face the wrath of HawkClan?" the ticked she-cat wasn't completely sure that they had discussed the capturing Clan being HawkClan and not FireClan- but that didn't matter. -- Hawkkit

reminds me when i did wolf pup research now pup make their own pack inside of the main pack with the rankings and everything)) --DawnpawTheDevil

((Cool!)) -- Hawk

"HareClan." The flame-colored tomkit corrected the copper feline in a cool tone before puffing out his white chest once more. "See how they cower in our presence!" -- Firekit

((Wow a mix of two! You are a genius ;>)) -- Hawk

Hawkkit cocked her head. HareClan... hm. Alright. "Yeah! Hawkstar and Fireflame strike terror in the hearts of they enemies!" -- Hawkkit

((Fireflame, LOL)) -- Hawk

Hawkstar? No, he wouldn't let that slide. "Well, this is now a mutiny! Hawkstar's getting the boot!" -- Firekit

Tabbypaw sighed. “Chevy, do we have enough of that starflower stuff?” She asked her mentor.—Tabbypaw

Should the clan cats come back?))

((AIGHT, let's start a rebellion))

The opportune moment- almost as if Tabbypaw had fallen into a trap that Chevy hadn't quite meant to set. All this training, all this waiting...ScarClan would be pleased. "Starflower? You mean the herbs we got from WillowClan?" The temporary medicine cat seemed to be raising her voice, to ensure that the BreezeClanners sitting outside the medicine cat den could hear. "Yeah, we have enough. Enough to make ThornClan suspicious of our betrayal. Accepting the herbs from WillowClan was like accepting their treaty, and betraying our ThornClan allies. They'll make us pay, I'm sure of it." -- Chevy

Rowanbranch, who was in the medicine den getting his leg- which had been broken a while ago- checked, nodded. "That makes sense..." then, more strongly, "why should we accept help from them?" -- Rowanbranch

Tabbypaw raised a brow. “What’s wrong with WillowClan?” She asked. “They’re just as cats as we are.” She sighed. Then lost in thought. Would ThornClan really attack BreezeClan for accepting help? Attack them for accepting the only way to get better?—Tabbypaw "WillowClan is spineless, and better yet, sworn enemies to ThornClan. For countless moons, BreezeClan was allied with ThornClan." The tortoiseshell tabby muttered as he poked through some dry, crunchy leaves. "We have betrayed them. ThornClan will never take that lightly." -- Chevy

Tabbypaw narrowed her eyes. “Chevy, you know just as I do that there wouldnt be a clan for ThornClan to punish if we hadn’t gotten the Starflower. We wouldn’t still be thriving as the other clans needed it too. Even ThornClan.” She grumbled through a mouth of marigold leaves.—Tabbypaw

"But we got hit the least with it! I know you too nearly had it under control," quipped Rowanbranch, amber eyes narrowing. Then he sighed. What am I doing? "I'm sorry... I'm just really tired." -- Rowanbranch

Tabbypaw flashed him a warning glance behind her before making him walk away with her death stare. “All I’m saying is we should be grateful”-Tabby

"I would not be so grateful for certain death." Chevy grumbled in a dark and ominous tone as she glanced towards the den's exit. "BreezeClan was barely touched by the plague. And now, ThornClan's will have their dirty paws all over us." -- Chevy

Tabbypaw sighed. “How? They had to accept the herbs too.” She argued,—Tabbypaw

Copperpaw bounced in. "Hi Rowanbranch! And Chevy and Tabbypaw!" Then, the young apprentice's lime gaze landed on Chevy's snarling face. "Hm. Am I interrupting something?" he cocked his head. -- Copperpaw

"Not unless ThornClan was never affected by the plague in the first place. WillowClan's is obnoxiously large in numbers- I'm sure their filth is what gave rise to the plague." Chevy rasped her tongue over her shoulder in an effort to force her own fur flat. "Nonetheless, BreezeClan is doomed- end of story. ThornClan won't tolerate our betrayal." -- Chevy

Smokepaw leaped on her sister. Looking to Chevy. “Then we should attack WillowClan! We can prove ourselves to ThornClan piece of cake!”—Smoke

I'm going to have crowpaw come back)) --DawnpawTheDevil

Rowanbranch sighed. "As Chevy said, they're 'obnoxiously large in numbers'. We can't beat them. But we should never have accepted their help!" -- Rowanbranch

((Alright ^.^)) -- Hawkblossom45

Smokepaw nodded. “Then we pick them away part by part! Easy! We could threaten StormClan too!” She grinned as Tabbypaw kicked her off. “What has gotten into you!?” She yowled. “The war is over. We needed those herbs. Stop being so hostile to your own clan and think for two seconds of your ungrateful lives!” She hissed. Smacking Smokepaw in the cheek.—Tabbypaw

Copperpaw stared at Smokepaw- his secret crush. -- Copperpaw

Smokepaw hissed. “Tabbypaw. You don’t agree because you’re a stupid medicine cat who thinks all the clans should get along. That stupid dream isn’t ever gonna be real. ThornClan will definitely be mad. Why can’t you be more like Chevy.” Then turning away from a heartbroken Tabbypaw, she stalked away. Tabbypaw stared with disbelief. Smokepaw never challenged her, never ever had done anything like that. She just stared into nothing as her sisters pelt disappeared.—Tabbypaw

Crowpaw looked at Copperpaw who was staring hard at Smokepaw. Crowpaw didn't like how Copperpaw was staring at her. Crowpaw stalked toward Copperpaw pouncing on him making Copperpaw fall over. --Crowpaw

Smokepaw plopped in her nest and sighed she really wished she hadn’t felt like a bad sister and a black hearted weasel. She’d just insulted her sister and felt so.... rude and mean. Why? Because she thinks of a fake dream. But... I don’t have a right to do any of that. But I have my own opinion. So there.—Smokepaw

Copperpaw then proceeded to be toppled over by a flash of tortoiseshell fur. "Oof! Crowpaw!" He's fast! the young ruddy ticked tom thought in admiration. Didn't hear him coming! -- Copperpaw

Smokepaw glanced to the thud of Crowpaw’s tortoiseshell fur and Copperpaws— well, copper fur. She chuckled before meeting the hurt gaze of tabbypaw And looking away.-Smoke

Laying on top of Copperpaw Crowpaw laughed "Got you!" sniffing the air he smelled a small family of mice outside of the camp. "Hey cop want to go hunt for some mice? We can invite Smokepaw too..." Crowpaw said -- Crowpaw

Copperpaw twitched his whiskers, amused at his newfound alias "Cop". Being the easygoing feline he was, the BreezeClan apprentice of course didn't mind, and immediately liked his new nickname. Code names! I will call Crowpaw... hm... abandoning the thought train of what to call his new friend, Copperpaw jumped up, bouncing with excitement. "Yeah!" then, turning to Swiftstar's apprentice, he grinned charmingly. "Wanna go hunting with us, Smokepaw?" -- Copperpaw

Smokepaw sighed. “I guess but don’t get lost again Crowpaw.” She stretched and ruffled her fur as she followed the toms. Not even noticing their affectionate stares.—Smoke

Crowpaw who was standing next to Copperpaw blushed at Smokpaw's casualness as Copperpaw attempted to charm her. Copperpaw can impress her all he wants with his fancy talk i can show her my great hunting skills. Crowpaw darted out of the camp as the others chased after him --Crowpaw

Copperpaw grinned again at the black smoke she-cat, before turning back to his newfound BFF- possible BFF. "How did you get lost?" -- Copperpaw

"Oh." Crowpaw whispered as his face turned red under his black and orange fur. "I was hunting with Smokepaw then just started running because we were playing chase then i got lost into TundraClan territory. But no one looked for me and i found my way back myself!" --Crowpaw

"Cool!" Copperpaw liked his new friend and looked up to him with an extent of admiration. "Smokepaw? Are you coming?" -- Copperpaw

Crowpaw smiled kindly at Smokepaw half red in the face from embarassmet half blussing. --Crowpaw

Cloudwatcher was enjoying a day underneath the comfort of the sun until he found himself being disturbed by Chevy's babbling. The silver-shaded deputy swiveled his ears backwards before he slowly approached the concerning deputy with a suspicious narrowing of his pale eyes. "Chevy? What in the name of StarClan is this ruckus you're making?" -- Cloudwatcher & Chevy

Copperpaw bounced up. "Hi!" he said in awe. "Chevy said we shouldn't accept the cure from WillowClan!" -- Copperpaw

Smokepaw sighed. “of course we shouldn’t! ThornClan’ll come at us and claw us from behind!”-Smoke

Tabbypaw gazed sadly into the deputy’s eyes. “Don’t listen to her.” She muttered.-Tabby

Copperpaw shook his head. "I don't know... what should we do, Cloudwatcher?" -- Copperpaw

Smokepaw grumbled. “we should do as you said. Hunt. Or play or whatever.” She meowed turning to pad on.-Smoke

Crowpaw puffed out his chest "I will catch the most prey!" --Crowpaw

“only if you aren’t afraid of falling off a cliff!” Smokepaw laughed.-Smoke

"Yeah right! If anything i would probably fly!" --Crowpaw

Smoekpaw paused and raised a brow. “Uh....... I don’t suggest leaping off a boulder and thinking you can fly Crowpaw. You’d fall and break your neck.” Another Half-face outbreak would happen. She growled.-Smoke

"Ha are you saying that as a dare!" Crowpaw said (trying so hard not to quote lion king) --Crowpaw

"ThornClan's going to have to accept the cure as well. I think it's time that old rivalries die." Cloudwatcher murmured with a small shrug of his prominent shoulders before he slowly rose to his paws once more. "There's no point in arguing over it. What's done is done." -- Cloudwatcher

From the medicine cat den, Chevy snorted softly. "Pushover of a deputy." She mumbled underneath her breath. -- Chevy

Firekit placed a few angry ants in the apprentice's den for a good laugh. -- Firekit

Tabbypaw sighed.-Tabby

Smokepaw grumbled in disagreement to the deputy as they got out of earshot. “fine. I DARE you to jump off a cliff.” She added- Smoke

"Okay!" Crowpaw said I know i will fall because duh gravity Crowpaw looked around at the edge of the cliff he saw a large bush that didn't seem to have to many sticks in it. "Okay I'm going to do it!" --Crowpaw

Smokepaw rolled her eyes. “Wow. Of course if like to see you fly.” She joked.-Smoke

"Okay if i survive i get half of your prey for a moon!" --Crowpaw

Smoekpaw rolled her eyes. “Sure, I’m also sure you will survive but whatever.” She shrugged and grinned.-Smoke

Copperpaw grinned. "Hm. I don't think cats can fly, but it's worth a try!"

Hawkkit widened her eyes. "What if that ends up in Copperpaw's nest?" The abysinnian she-cat liked Copperpaw. -- Hawkkit

Crowpaw went back about 20 feet then started running -- Crowpaw

Smokepaw rolled her eyes and whispered. ‘They can’t in my book.” She muttered.-Smoke

Crowpaw jumped off the cliff (FLYING no) landing in the bush. --Crowpaw

Swiftstar leaped onto the Clanrock. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Clanrock to hear my words!" As the Clan gathered, Swiftstar nodded to her sister's kit. "Hawkkit. It is time for you to be made an apprentice. Do you promise to train your hardest, respect the warrior code, and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Hawkkit swallowed. She'd been expecting this, but not the mingling feelings of joy and apprenhensiveness. "I do."

"Then from this moment foward, until you become a warrior, you will be known as Hawkpaw. Deepclaw," Swiftstar turned to the tom. "You will mentor Hawkpaw." Now, Firekit. "Firekit," she called the red tom foward. "Do you promise to train your hardest, respect the warrior code, and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" -- Swiftstar & Hawkkit

The thick-furred red tom puffed his chest out with pride, causing Cloudwatcher to slowly shake his head shamefully. Where'd I go wrong with that kid? The deputy wondered to himself as he watched the ceremony in thoughtful silence. Firekit looked disappointed that his name hadn't been called first, but he immediately stepped forward when it was his turn. Cost of my life? I dunno, I'm worth quite a bit... Firekit thought to himself cheekily with the slightest smirk. "I'll consider it." -- Firekit & Cloudwatcher

Crowpaw jumped out of the bush "I did it! You guys owe me half of your prey! IM GOING TO BE SO FAT!!!" --Crowpaw

“I thought that was a bad thing for a clan cat? I’m also sure you landed in that bush.”-Smoke

"I did after i flew! I was flying through the air for a few seconds then dived straight into that bush!" Crowpaw said "Now help me back up!" Crowpaw started to try to climb up the cliff again. --Crowpaw

Half-face walked up to Swiftstar. "I would like to go on a patrol with some cats." --Half-face

Swiftstar stared at him, for once lost for words. Hawkpaw's eyes widened. Cloudwatcher stepped foward. "He means, 'I do'."

Relieved her deputy was giving her a lifeline, Swiftstar nodded. "From this moment fowards, until you recieve your warrior name, you will be known as Firepaw. Cedarleaf," she turned to the brown tabby. "You will mentor Firepaw." -- Swiftstar

Brooklight smiled at her sister. Swiftstar grinned back. "Similarly, we have another apprentice who needs a mentor. Stonepaw," the oriental silver she-cat called the gray tabby foward. "Your mentor recently retired. Brooklight will mentor you." -- Brooklight

Firepaw wrinkled his nose. He was going to be mentored by Cedarleaf, the tom that practically lived in Swiftstar's shadow? No thank you. The red-and-white furball thought begrudgingly. He wanted a mentor who would rush into battle with him and do tom-stuff, not moon after she-cats! -- Firepaw (BC)

Crowpaw scrambled up the cliff as Smokepaw looked down at him. Near the top Crowpaw accedntily touched noses with Smokepaw. --Crowpaw

Smokepaw flinched always. “Whoa there!” She hissed.-Smoke

Cedarleaf winced before touching noses with his apprentice. He never really liked Firepaw though, but if Swiftstar wanted him to mentor a Firepaw he guessed she meant for Cedarleaf to be more patient with Firepaw. He sighed.-Cedar.

Crowpaw stummble backwards falling of the cliff --Crowpaw

Hawkpaw touched noses with her new mentor, heart bursting with pride. Still, she kept her emotions under control. "Will we go outside and see the forest?" she breathed, not mentioning that she'd already been outside the camp in her escapades with Firekit- Firepaw, now. -- Hawkpaw

Swiftstar padded up to Smokepaw. "On the note of ceremonies, Smokepaw- I think it's time for your final assessment. What do you think?" -- Swiftstar

Smokepaw then returned to camp with a bruised Crowpaw and a giggly Copperpaw then hearing her mentor. “Sure. Hit me with your best shot.”-Smokepaw

Grayfeather died wile she was sleeping.-Gray

Ghostpaw padded over to Smokepaw, Crowpaw, and Copperpaw. "Woah, what happened to you, Crowpaw?" -Ghostpaw

Crowpaw looked at Ghostpaw "I WENT FLYING!" --Crowpaw

"Huh? last time I checked cats couldn't fly, you probably just fell to the ground, but whatever you say, I guess." Ghostpaw said -Ghostpaw                

"No i swear by StarClan i did for like a few seconds!" Crowpaw said --Crowpaw

Ghostpaw thought for a second "well, if you swear by StarClan, then I guess you really DID fly!!! WOAH. are you going to tell anyone that you're a supercat?"-Ghostpaw

Hawkpaw walked up to Deepclaw. "Are we going to train now?" -- Hawkpaw

"OH YEEEEEE! We should! I also get to eat half of Smokepaw's food!" Crowpaw ran up to the announcment area then yelled "I CAN FLY!!!!" --Crowpaw

"I'll go and tell everybody who is too lazy to come out of their dens." Ghostpaw told Crowpaw. then Ghostpaw bounded over to the warriors den and shouted "Hey everybody! did you hear that CROWPAW CAN FLY?!?!?!?!" Alright now the rest of the apprentices. "Hey guys, do you want to help me tell everybody that CROWPAW CAN FLY?!?!?!?!" "I don't know Ghostpaw," Stonepaw said. "Cats can't fly." "Crowpaw can." Ghostpaw replied. "He's a SUPERCAT!!! he swore by StarClan." "Maybe later" Stonepaw said, not convinced. -Ghostpaw & Stonepaw

Firepaw licked his white chest fur proudly. Before long, I'll be leading BreezeClan and I'll make all the other clans respect us. The new apprentice thought to himself confidently. -- Firepaw (BC)

Crowpaw went into the apprentice den "GUYS DID GHOSTPAW TELL YOU I CAN FLY!" --Crowpaw

"Yeah, he sure did." Stonepaw answered, "Now I can't get back to sleep." -Stonepaw

Firepaw took it upon himself to decide to make his nest in the apprentice's den first, and he merrily took most of the moss so that he could build himself a ridiculously huge moss bed. The red-furred tom glanced down at his work with a self-satisifed, vigorous nod of his head. Big nest, suitable for a future leader of the entire world. -- Firepaw (BC)

Cedarleaf yawned as he padded to Firepaw. “Training? I think we could probably explore the territory after we learn some hunting tactics, and then fighting father the tour?”-Cedarleaf

Half-face grunted watching the apprentices is it just me or are the apprentices getting more stupid by the moon. --Half-face

Cloudwatcher didn't like the disturbances that Chevy was causing by spreading rumors of ThornClan being displeased with them for accepting the cure from WillowClan. It seemed that she had a small crowd by the medicine cat den every afternoon, filling their ears with her lies. The silver shaded deputy narrowed his eyes, but did not attempt to reapproach. He needed to observe, and then have a discussion with Swiftstar in regards to their potentially torn clan. -- Cloudwatcher

Firepaw, pleased with his massive nest the size of his own ego, turned to Cedarleaf as he spoke. "So long as we aren't stalking Swiftstar when we tour the territory." The red-furred tom replied rudely. -- Firepaw (BC)

Cedarleaf shrugged. “Nah, I’m over that.” He flicked his tail as he was excited for the first day with his apprentice, “first I think I’ll take you to the rabbit holes, you can try and catch one of em’ to compair how you where before we started training to after. Sound good?” He meowed.-Cedar

Tabbypaw gave Cloudwatcher a swift look, “oh! Are you hurt?”-Tabby

"Smokepaw? It's time for your warrior assessment." -- Swiftstar

“Okay.” Smokepaw yawned.-Smoke

"Oh, hi. My name is Whiteflame in case you haven't noticed."- Whiteflame to Venomfang - Whiteflame

"No," the deputy murmured to Tabbypaw, removing his gaze from Chevy and her followers. "Just...suspicious." Cloudwatcher finished before he turned and made his way over to the fresh kill pile to think the issue over. Chevy's going to tear this clan apart with her lies. -- Cloudwatcher

"Mhm, sure you are." Firepaw's bland tone was followed by a disgusted expression. She-cats had cooties- Hawkpaw included, but she was his best friend and so he therefore had to deal with it. "Fine, let's go pay those rabbits a visit." -- Firepaw (BC)

"Hey! Whiteflame said, no hurting my kits with your wild games!" she tucked her belly closer - Whiteflame to Firepaw

Cedarleaf purred softly, “It’s alright Whiteflame, I’m just taking Firepaw to the rabbit place So he can try and catch em’ in their holes.” he reassured. As they got there there’d been holes everywhere. “Alright, once you find one I wouldn’t play the Never catch game with them, they use those tunnels to travel all around here, so therefore the holes are all connected.” He meowed. -Cedar

"Sorry" Whiteflame said. - Whiteflame

Moonshine looked at all the apprentices, talking, and playing. She wrapped her tail around her swollen belly, wondering what her kits would be like. - Moonshine

Whiteflame padded up to Moonshine, "hey" she said, your kits will probably want to play with mine. - Whiteflame to Moonshine

Crowpaw walked out of the apprentice den his arm felt sore from the fall when.... he touched noses with Smokepaw. Did i send the wrong signs or did i do that or did smokepaw do that? or was it just a complete accident.... well i should still get it checked.... Crowpaw then walked painfully over to the medicine cat den. --Crowpaw

Redfur returned from hunting and delivered her prey. --Redfur

Firepaw ignored the queen with an irritated twitch of his red-and-white tail. Who made dirt in her nest? Not me...surprisingly. He couldn't resist a cruel, toothy smirk before he glanced up at his new mentor blandly. "Can we get going now? StarClan forbid my mere presence causes the entire camp to burst into flames." -- Firepaw (BC)

Still can't believe my little brother is already an apprentice... Cloudwatcher wished the red apprentice was small again. He was a lot easier to control when he was tiny and helpless, and...didn't have an ego to keep in check. -- Cloudwatcher

Crowpaw walked out of the medicane cat den with a small patch of cobwebs on his shoulder. I should probably confront Smokepaw.... I like her a lot but. I don't know i don't want things to be weird between us you know what i should just tell her how i feel. Crowpaw gulped then walked over to Smokepaw. --Crowpaw

Whiteflame thrashed around in her nest. "My kits are coming." she choked out to anyone who was in the nursery. - Whiteflame

Redfur heard violent thrashing and investigated. " Oh my goodness Whiteflame! I'll go get Chevy!" She ran into the medicine cat's den and cried," Whiteflame is having her kits!" --Redfur

Moonshine looked down at Whiteflame. “Calmed down.” She assured the queen. “Chevy’s coming.” - Moonshine

Tabbypaw, already on the case lay the herbs right next to Whiteflame, “hush now, I’m here.” She meowed. Getting the Borage ready along with cobnuts for ointments and such, she carefully placed her paws on Whiteflame’s belly. -Tabby

Runningcreek glanced around, stretching her limbs. - Runningcreek

Chevy decided to let Tabbypaw take the case, since she needed practice but also because the tortoiseshell tabby wasn't really...well, a medicince cat. Indeed, she had kitting experience since she intentionally had a litter with Moonshadow mostly for political reasons, but she wasn't really interested in medicine cat-things at the moment. She had other priorities: turning BreezeClan warriors against one and other. -- Chevy

Cloudwatcher strolled around camp after he dazed off for a hot second. His pale eyes searched the pelts of his clanmates, seeking out his leader to have an important discussion. -- Cloudwatcher

Moonshine watched as she wrapped her tail around her own swollen belly, feeling the kits shift inside of her. - Moonshine

Whiteflame waited for a few muniutes and then she yelled, "my kits are coming!" - Whiteflame

Crowpaw sat next to Smokepaw, "Can we go on a walk in the feilds for a few hours?" --Crowpaw

Whiteflame sheiked in pain as her kits pushed in her belly. - Whiteflame

(Um, where did my RP go? With Tabbypaw?)

Tabbypaw placed her paws on Whiteflame's belly. “Alright, take a few breathes.”-Tabby

Smokepaw growled. “im sort of busy with a final assessment Crowpaw. No.” She meowed.-Smoke

Whiteflame shrieked as the first kit fell out. - Whiteflame

Whiteflame shrieked again and the second kit came out. Whiteflame gently pushed them to the curve of her belly and started suckling them. - Whiteflame

Crowpaw looked at his feet. "Okay, i just wanted to talk to you in privite but... Smokepaw I like you. I like like you." --Crowpaw

Smokepaw raised a brow. “Okay? Is that supposed to affect me?” She grumbled.-Smoekpaw

"Oh um. No. Sorry i guess this was a waste of your time." --Crowpaw

Smokepaw growled. “I need to focus right now.” She stated. “I don’t have time for your feelings.”-Smoke

"Fine!" Crowpaw snapped at Smokepaw running out of the camp. --Crowpaw

Smokepaw rolled her eyes. “Weirdo, one moment he’s an airhead and now he’s Romeo. Ugh.” She muttered.-Smoke

Um willow we should get the romanic going before you kill smoke)) --Skylia

Runningcreek decided to go hunt. - Runningcreek

Whiteflame tensed and she winced as a third kit came out. she put her with her littermates and suckled them at her belly. - Whiteflame

Whiteflame touched each one as she named them. The golden one will be called Goldenkit. she said. The tortoiseshell one will be called Dapplekit. And the white one will be called Littlekit. - Whiteflame

Firepaw weaved in front of Cedarleaf, eager to get beyond camp again and rub his hunting skills in Hawkpaw's face. "C'mon, before we both turn into elders! Those rabbits won't wait on us." -- Firepaw (BC)

Whiteflame suckled her kits and one by one they fell asleep. She nudged them and put them in the middle of her belly. They squirmed around in their sleep and Whiteflame quietly crept from the nursery. --Whiteflame Whiteflame padded into the clearing, taking a shrew from the prey pile. --Whiteflame

Whteflame went to find Runningcreek. --Whiteflame

((@Snowy: no time skips without permission from the clan owner and a majority of the RP, please.)) "Everything's fine," the deputy reassured the queen with a quick flick of his silvered tail, returning his attention to the leader's den in hopes of catching a glimpse of Swiftstar. "Just doing my regular report. Go tend to your kittens." That being said, Cloudwatcher's report was certainly not ordinary. The clan seemed to be somewhat divided over the cure and ThornClan, and it needed to be discussed. The clan needed to be united as one, as that it stood strong. -- Cloudwatcher

Whiteflame watched as her kits scrambled in their sleep around her belly when she got back. --Whiteflame

Moonshine suddenly felt a jabbing pain in her belly. “The kits!” She gasped. The medicine cat rushed over and eventually there were three kits feeding beside her. - Moonshine

Tabbypaw felt uncertain as she saw her sister leave. And Crowpaw rushing away. She decided to leave her duties behind For now and see if he’s okay. She stalked after him and watched what he’d done.-Tabby

Moonshine looked at her kits, who had fallen asleep. Two toms and a she-cat. “Silverkit.” She said for the silver tabby she-cat. “Fidgetkit.” She said for the frost-colored tom. She stopped at the gray tom. I’ll wait until he opens his eyes. She thought. - Moonshine

Whiteflame padded over to Moonshine. hey, she said. can I see your kits? - Whiteflame

Dapplekit nuzzled her mother's belly drowsily. - Dapplekit

Littlekit saw that Dapplekit was nuzzling her mother's belly and tackled her. - Littlekit

Goldenkit fell asleep in her mother's paws and chest. "oh" she thought, "my mother will always have her paws and chest around me." -- Goldenkit

Moonshine nodded. “Sure.” She said, revealing three kits curled up beside her belly. “The silver one’s Silverkit, the frost-colored tom is Fidgetkit, and I”m waiting until the gray tom’s eyes open to name him.” - Moonshine

Firepaw returned to camp after his training session with Cedarleaf. The red-furred tabby carried a young rabbit in his jaws, but at a cost: he walked with a limp and his shoulder was clearly swollen. He had attempted to take down an adult rabbit, but the critter had wiggled free and managed to kick him in the shoulder. Firepaw had doubted the strength of a rabbit's hind legs. -- Firepaw (BC)

Crowpaw sat in a under a small birch tree crying. Get over yourself, if she doesn't want you so what you might be alone for the rest of your life. who cares you shouldn't, if anything people should be telling you that they like you. Crowpaw snapped back at his terrible thoughts SHUT UP!  His thoughts stopped as he continued to cry under the treen. --Crowpaw 

"Uh, hey Whiteflame." Venomfang came into the nursery with a pigeon. "I brought you this." he set the bird down in front of her, and sat down, looking at their kits. "the're so cute." he said, touching Dapplekit with his tail. - Venomfang 

Cedarleaf entered camp a bit shocked. His apprentice rice was so- reckless. “Don’t worry.” He muttered to himself as he padded into his nest. “Now I know what we need to be better on.” He sighed. “patients.”—Cedarleaf 

Tabbypaw appeared behind him and sat by his side. “Are you alright Crowpaw? I know Smokepaw can be a bush harsh- I juts came out to say she is a little difference since Chevy got to her mind.” She sighed. Padding at the dirty beneath them.-Tabbypaw 

"Why are you stalking me?" Crowpaw asked whipping his tears away. --Crowpaw

Tabbypaw shook her head. “No.” She meowed. “As a medicine cat I need to make sure all my clan-mates are okay. Not just physically.” She meowed. “And you don’t seem alright.” She meowed. Then adding. “What did she say.” With a roll of her eyes. Smokepaw was annoying.-Tabby

"Seems like your stalking me.... And thats non of your buisness. --Crowpaw

Tabbypaw added. “Crowpaw. I’m her sister.” She meowed. “And it’s not right that she hurt you for whatever reason and isn’t sorry for it.” She meowed. Flicking her tail and standing up. Adding. “But if you don’t want any company tonight, so be it. I have kits to check up on.” She meowed.-Tabbypaw

"Yeah tell the clan i will be back tommarow morning." --Crowpaw

Tabbypaw shrugged. “Sure.” She then padded back to the nursery and looked over the kits twice.-Tabby

Poolglow purred as her swollen belly hit the floor slowly, she finally had a chance to lay down and breathe before her kits where due in a moon. She smiled silently to herself as she watched Bubblepaw enter the den. “Hi!” She meowed cheerfully.-Pool

Rowanbranch sighed, sitting down by the fresh-kill pile and watching his apprentice. All these young cats and kits being born had made him think about his own, lonely life. The warrior flicked his ruddy tail. Stop being so melodramatic...

Copperpaw bounced up to his mentor. "Can we go hunting? Or can we go with Hawkpaw on her first training session?"

Hawkpaw narrowed her sage eyes. "Deepclaw. Can we go see the territory?" She'd asked several times now, and her somewhat short temper was running out. "Sorry... Can we go see the territory soon?"

Swiftstar watched her Clan with pride and love. It was growing, doubtless- Whiteflame's and Moonshine's kits were a valuable addition to BreezeClan. The oriental tabby padded up to her deputy. "What do you think about this argument about the cure?" -- Rowanbranch, Copperpaw, Hawkpaw, & Swiftstar

Cloudwatcher glanced over at his leader. "I've been meaning to talk to you about that, actually." The deputy commented before rising to his paws in a small stretch, arching his back in the process. "Chevy keeps spreading those nonsensical rumors about ThornClan...I mean, it can't be true? They wouldn't turn on us, right?" Maybe he did have his doubts, but surely even ThornClan had reason. "She's going to turn the clan against each other, I swear." -- Cloudwatcher

Deepclaw huffed, giving in. "All right, all right! I'll bring you to see the territory." He gave Hawkpaw a sidewards glance and added, "But make sure you behave, alright?" -- Deepclaw

Tabbypaw had padded into the nursery with some Borage in her jaws, laying the leaf wraps on the floor she quietly meowed. “Anyone need more milk to feed? It’s important during the dry season of Greenleaf, since you know. Less water, less prey runnin’ around without the water.” She added. Then casting glances from the Queens to the kits. She felt her heart warm up at the sight of them. Future warriors. She purred. And more on the way. She shifted her gaze to Poolglow, the sleeping queen looked about due at dawn.—Tabbypaw

Smokepaw on the other paw- she returned with some huge rabbits and a swallow she’d caught mid-dive. She’d grinned, satisfied with her catch’s, she puffed her chest out with pride and then all she had to do was wonder about what Swiftstar was gonna do now, her warrior name could be anything! Smokeshade, Smokeheart, Smokeclaws! She grinned as she had then forgotten about Crowpaw.—Smokepaw

Cedarleaf sighed as he’d looked around camp for Tabbypaw since his apprentice ride clearly hadn’t decided on going to her for herbs. He saw her fuzzy tail stickin’ out of the nursery and grinned as he padded up to her. “Hey Tabbypaw. I was wondering if you could check up on Firepaw when you get the chance? Earlier he had underestimated the power of rabbits.” He had blamed himself though. “I’d also like to know if he should continue his training, if none tell me when he can train again if the wounds are too bad.” Which he doubted. Suddenly being surprised Swiftstar had trailed out of his head.—Cedarleaf

Bubblepaw threw herself out of her nest, as tired as she was, she forced her eyes open, they stung as she was still half asleep, she then pulled herself out of the apprentices den, wobbling as she had a little blurryness in her sight before she then looked around. Seeing Cloudwatcher make her perk up and shake herself awake, after digesting a sparrow, she’d bounded over to him and meowed happily. “Hi Cloudwatcher! Can we train today? Please?” She meowed in more of a yawn then what she’d expected.—Bubblepaw

Moonshine hesitantly took some of the borage, to keep her milk flowing. “Thanks.” She meowed quietly to Tabbypaw. - Moonshine

Tabbypaw nodded before turning to Cedarleaf. “Of course.” She then padded to the apprentices den. “Alright. A bruise. Probably needs some poppyseed to rest then.” She muttered as she saw Firepaw’s form in his nest. She then quickly returned with poppyseeds and some ointment for his bruise. She padded over to Firepaw. Unsure of how to wake him up.—Tabbypaw

"I... no, I don't think it can be true. They're just rumors, and surely ThornClan had to accept the cure too..." Swiftstar shook herself, glancing up at the sky, where the last rays of the sun were disappearing over the west horizon. Dusk shadows lined BreezeClan's camp, casting eerie darkness and light in irregular dapples. "It's time for the Gathering." Leaping up on the Clanrock, the oriental she-cat called the traditional meeting words. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Clanrock to hear my words!"

As the Clan gathered, Hawkpaw whispered to Deepclaw, "later", and sat down next to Firepaw. Looking up at Swiftstar, she pricked her ears. This wasn't just a meeting for the Gathering.

"Smokepaw. Step foward," Swiftstar said. -- Swiftstar & Hawkpaw

Smokepaw stepped forward.—Smoke

"My apprentice has trained hard to serve her Clan and abide by the warrior code, and I commend her as a warrior in her turn. Smokepaw, do you swear to protect and serve your Clan, abide by the wishes of StarClan, and follow the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" Swiftstar's heart was bursting with pride for her apprentice.

Copperpaw looked at Smokepaw in reverence. A warrior! -- Swiftstar & Copperpaw

Smokepaw nodded. “I do,” she meowed.—Smoke

The gray tom kit, wriggled around, pushing his littermates out of the way. She caught of flash of amber in his eyes. “Firekit.” She decided. - Moonshine

"Then from this moment foward, you shall be known as Smokesong. StarClan honors your perserverence and courage, and I announce you a full warrior of BreezeClan." Swiftstar leaped down from the Clanrock and touched Smokesong's head with her muzzle, the symbolic warrior ceremony. In return, Smokesong licked her shoulder respectfully. "Great job," whispered Swiftstar quietly in her former apprentice's ear. "You'll do great, I know it."

As the Clan cheered Smokesong's new name, Swiftstar returned to the massive boulder that was their meeting place. "Venomfang! Crowpaw, Firepaw. Cedarleaf, Deepclaw, Redfur, Appleberry, Hawkpaw, Salmonshadow, Runningcreek, Brooklight, Cloudwatcher, Tabbypaw, Chevy, and Smokesong, you're going to the Gathering!" -- Swiftstar

Smokesong? She grumbled. That sounded like a princess’s name! She nodded and hid her annoyance. Why not anything cool? She didn’t sing. She never acted weak like a princess! Why not something cool! She growled as she followed the others. Stupid Smokesong. Even Smokepaw was better.—Smokesong

Crowpaw looked at Smokepaw well now Smokesong... that name doesnt fit her at all! She's like the smoke that comes out of forest and... breaks your heart. But i won't give up that easy. I have been training as long and as hard as Smokesong! why havn't i gotten my cerimony yet! Crowpaw ran up to Swiftstar "Swiftstar i was wondering when i can have my warrior cerimony?" --Crowpaw

"Be patient, Crowpaw," Swiftstar replied, twitching her whiskers in amusement. "Your mentor will decide when." The cats headed out to the Gathering. -- Swiftstar

Apparently no one is mentoring Crowpaw from what i can see in the clan info... oof)) --Skylia

Rip... I'll ask for people to mentor him, if you'd like. Okay we're at the Gathering now, for the record. Everyone head over to Main Roleplay!)) -- Hawk

Whiteflame took a bite out of the bird Venomfang had brought her. -- Whiteflame

Leafstorm watched Sootpaw carefully. He was hunting a bird and she wanted to see his technique. -- Leafstorm

no one seems to recognize he exists...added him to the allegiances and roleplaying him to make his existence a thing, xD)) -- Hawk

Fidgetkit shifted his small paws. "Firekit? Are you awake?" -- Fidgetkit

Sootpaw frowned as he lept up to the bird. He unsheathed his claws and tried to grasp it. He missed it by a whisker. --Sootpaw

((Wildkit isn't in Whiteflame's litter, he's in Half-face's litter. Venom and White are going to break up and then Half and Venom will get shipped and have kits))- Moon

"So close!" meowed Leafstorm. Sootpaw muttered something under his breath, -- Leafstorm & Sootpaw

Whiteflame went back to the nursery. -- Whiteflame

((Whoops! Sorry, fixed that.)) -- Hawk

Venomfang got back from the gathering and went over to Half-face. “Uh, hey Half-face, do you want to go hunting together?” - Venomfang

"I should have caught that!" growled Sootpaw. "It was close Sootpaw!' reassured Leafstorm. It wasn't working though. Sootpaw was continuing to mutter and growl about how he missed it. Leafstorm rolled her eyes, wishing that Sootpaw would realise that it was okay to make a mistake. --Leafstorm

Firekit pricked his ears a bit. “Now I am.” - Firekit

"Why would you want to do that Venomfang." Half-face said stubonly. --Half-face

Venomfang was searching for the right words “um, because I just wanted to go hunting with somebody and I guess I picked you.” what? that’s not true. I want to go hunting with half-face, not any other cat. Venomfang thought. - Venomfang

Fidgetkit twitched his disproportionately large ears. "Yeah. Silverkit?" -- Fidgetkit

Sootpaw frowned. He knew that Leafstom would give him a lecture on how it was okay to make mistakes. He wasn't in the mood and he knew he would react badly. --Sootpaw

"Sure whatever. Might get me closer to becoming a leader...." --Half-face

"Ok." Venomfang sat up and walked toward the camp entrance. -Venomfang

Leafstorm asked, "Want to keep hunting?" --Leafstorm

Swiftstar lead her Clan back into camp. -- Swiftstar

Sootpaw nodded. I might be able to catch something this time! --Sootpaw

Deepclaw pushed his way back into the camp, his mind full of worry. What could Loststar have meant? --Deepclaw

Mudfrost scanned the crowd, and finally found his mate. He strode forward and touched noses to her, and asked, "So? What happened during the gathering? Everyone is looking so troubled." Mosswing ran forward as well, and looked at his mother with questioning eyes. Appleberry then explained the situation with ScarClan, Loststar, and his threats. "But nothing would happen, right? We're all safe?" Mosswing asked anxiously. Appleberry purred. "Don't worry. The Clan will look out for each other and keep everyone safe. --Mudfrost, Appleberry&Mosswing

Leafstorm started to walk, signalling with her tail for Sootpaw to follow. He did. He ran up to Leafstorm and walked by her side. Leafstorm's ears twitched and so did her whiskers. I hear something! --Leafstorm & Sootpaw

Runningcreek headed out to hunt, relishing the breeze on the moor. Maybe she'd even catch a rabbit. - Runningcreek

Whiteflame hurried out into the clearing with her kits. How was the gathering? she asked Deepclaw. -- Whiteflame

Swiftstar leapt up onto the Clanrock for the second time that day. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather to hear my words!" -- Swiftstar

Runningcreek perked her ears as she heard her Clan leader back at camp. With a sigh, she turned around and entered camp, sitting at the base of Clanrock. - Runningcreek

((Runningcreek*)) -- Hawk

"The Gathering...was very eventful. The TundraClan leader never showed up...instead, an imposter, Loststar, arrived. He had been banished from ThornClan formerly, and took over TundraClan." -- Swiftstar

Runningcreek bristled. An imposter? - Runningcreek

Sootpaw noticed Leafstorm's ears twitching and immediately heard it too. Sootpaw sniffed the air, checking if he could pinpoint a scent. --Sootpaw

Vinepaw emerged from the apprentice den to listen to Swiftstar's news. - Vinepaw

Cloudwatcher took his place below Swiftstar, twitching a silvered ear curiously as he listened to her speak in silence. He was curious if she'd mention the divide in the clan, or if any of the others had felt it as well. -- Cloudwatcher

Leafstorm wondered if Sootpaw could catch anything this time. --Leafstorm

"This is a hard time for TundraClan, and for all of us. But we will stay united," Swiftstar continued, trying to address the divide in the Clan without mentioning it outright, "and we'll make it through. BreezeClan will survive." -- Swiftstar

Many, many moons ago...

Breezecloud stared at Willowbreeze. "Are you mad? How could we leave ThunderClan?"

Stormstreak padded up to stand beside her sister. "Hey, just saying, I think it's a good idea. I think the others will agree."

Breezecloud turned her blue gaze on the young gray she-cat. "But...ThunderClan is our home. How could we leave just to make new Clans? Why do we need new Clans? Also, I don't think Caveshadow or Swampclaw will agree, either."

As Willowbreeze cocked her head, Breezecloud elaborated. "Well, you did say that your vision said that they needed to go. But Caveshadow's in WindClan. And Swampclaw lives in RiverClan. That said, the Gathering's tonight, and you could share your crazy plan with them. But hey, I'm down. You know? Like honestly, Doestar's sick, Pineheart's slacking, and the greencough bout isn't getting any better. Let me ask Swiftpaw and see what she thinks."

Breezecloud padded over to the apprentices' den, thinking about Willowbreeze's idea. ThunderClan is my home...but maybe I should go with her and Stormstreak. She called to the little she-cat. "Swiftpaw? We need you!"

The dappled black-and-white she-cat came padding out of the apprentice's den. "Yes?"

The long-furred tuxedo she-cat guestered with her tail. "This may seem like a bad idea, but...We're leaving the Clans. Ask Willowbreeze about our plan."

The apprentice raised her amber gaze to Breezecloud's own. "'m coming. I've had a vision, too."

A half-moon later... we are. We're going. Willowbreeze stared at the group of cats she was leading. Swampclaw, Caveshadow, Breezecloud, Thorntalon, Stormstreak, Skypaw, and Seapelt, as well as a few others. "Let's go."

Several moons later...

Breezecloud, Willowbreeze, Stormpelt, Seapelt, Caveshadow, Thorntalon, Swampclaw, and Tundrasnow gathered around the pale willow tree under the light of the moon. Tundrasnow and Stormpelt had joined them either on the journey or at the new Clans, and had been elected with a few others to be the leaders of the new Clans. Willowbreeze, boldly, was the first to step foward. She touched her nose to the tree.

Several more moons later...

Breezestar sighed. "Hm. No...maybe I'm doing this wrong. Thistlepaw, perhaps we could try and hunt rabbits! How about that?" -- Breezecloud(star) & Willowbreeze(star)

Present time...

Firepaw wolfed down a fat squirrel all by himself. He was growing, with legs that seemed a little too long for his body that was yet to catch up. Nowadays, the red-furred apprentice seemed to eat half of the pile all by himself. But, in his defense...he was an expert hunter. -- Firepaw (BC)

Vinepaw glanced at Firepaw and leaned forward to grasp a vole. - Vinepaw

Leafstorm frowned, continuing to watch Sootpaw hunt. --Leafstorm

Hey, Silverkit. Wanna play? -- Dapplekit

Whiteflame went over to Rowanbranch. uh, hi, she said. -- Whiteflame

"Hi!" Rowanbranch greeted his clanmate. "How are you?" -- Rowanbranch

Fidgetkit was one step ahead of his sister, and raced after Dapplekit. "No, but I do!" -- Fidgetkit

Hawkpaw padded up to Firepaw. "Wanna go hunting? Deepclaw said I could but also says you need to ask Cedarleaf." -- Hawkpaw

The large apprentice sent a small glare in Vinepaw direction before pulling his leftovers closer, as if he thought the she-cat was going to try to steal his meal. As Hawkpaw approached, he finished off the squirrel with a few big gulps before looking at his friend eagerly. It appeared that eating a huge meal didn't bother him at all. "Yeah, let's go! Cedarleaf's napping I'm pretty sure, but since when did we ever listen to what others had to say?" -- Firepaw (BC)

Sootpaw made sure the wind was blowing in his favour before creeping forward, licking his lips. He immediately recognised the scent of squirrel. --Sootpaw

Vinepaw frowned and finished her vole in a few quick bites. Then she headed into the apprentice's den to wash. - Vinepaw

Leafstorm smelled the scent too and made sure to not make any noises. She didn't want to scare off the squirrel. --Leafstorm

Vinepaw slowly cleaned her spine with small, swift licks. A calico pelt flitted by, and Vinepaw scented Runningcreek. The brown-and-white apprentice scrambled out of the den. - Vinepaw & Runningcreek

Crowpaw padded to Swiftstar once more. "Swiftstar, I've been training for as long as Smokesong and i think i'm ready to be made a warrior, i promise." He tried.-Crowpaw

Half-face looked to Venomfang before stalking a rabbit and chasing it over the moorland. - Half

Sootpaw raced forward, attempting to pounce on the squirrel. The squirrel didn't see him coming and Sootpaw killed it with one strike! "Yes!" smiled Sootpaw as he picked the squirrel up in his mouth. --Sootpaw

Whiteflame went into the nursery. -- Whiteflame

Leafstorm walked up to her apprentice and licked his ears. --Leafstorm.

Goldenkit squirmed. She woke up and sneezed. Then she danced around and charged into Whiteflame's front paw. She peered out of the nursery, and saw her father walking around. "Hey, can I go see Venomfang?" she hopped up and down a little more. -Goldenkit

Smokesong lashed out at Crowpaw. “Go away Crowpaw!” She hissed. He’d been trying to follow her all day, why couldn’t he go away? He hissed. “Why! Copperpaw is a worse cat than me!” He confessed a lie, he just wanted her to love him! “I don’t love you! Get over it!” And with that she dashed out of camp. Heading to the heather fields.

Crowpaw staggered back, anger and sadness clouded his gaze. What was with Smokesong he couldn’t see? He NEEDED her to love him, they could have a family and.... he knew what he needed to do, but could he do it? Could he really manipulate her emotions? He shook his head as dark thoughts clouded his mind. He knew exactly what to do. - Smokesong & Crowpaw

Whiteflame woke up from a nap to Goldenkit charging into her paw. "Okay, you can." -- Whiteflame

Littlekit nosed Goldenkit's flank. "Can I go too?" -- Littlekit

Sootpaw smiled and said, "That was easy! Can we continue to hunt?" --Sootpaw

The stranger walked across the territory, his pastel blue eyes lifted to the trees as he parted from a dark tunnel beneath BreezeClan's earth. "It all feels the same, but at the same time..." The seal point tom eyed every rock, every blade of grass, taking in and trying to note what few changes there were. "The rocks feel smaller." The white-patched tom decided before glancing back over to his companion, with adoration that only a son could have. "Do you think they'll accept us, Breezestar?" -- ?????

Smokesong narrowed her eyes as she awake from mercy. A weak thing. Baypaw was weak. She got to her paws under the moonlight glistening on her Smokey black fur. She closed her eyes. WillowClan. “BreezeClan will NOT be weak.” She growled. “If Swiftstar won’t accept fate, then I’ll just need to have the clan decide for her.” She meowed. Looking to where camp was, she turned and padded the way back, only to hear a rumbling above her, she looked up and immediately gasped. A boulder had dislodged itself and was crashing down for her, she stared in horror before turning and dashing away from it, away from camp, away from home, though it gained speed and almost caught her tail, she yowled in fear as she had been gripped by the scruff and swooped away from the scene, to only see the Boulder land in a shallow pool of drying water. She looked with unsheathed claws to her savior. “C-Crowpaw?” - Smokesong

Tabbypaw looked to the moon. “C’mon Chevy! We’re gonna be late!” She called to her mentor.” - Tabby

Runningcreek sat at the entrance to the warrior's den, letting the wind ruffle her fur. She thought about the past events, doing her best to not let her paws shift anxiously in the dust. - Runningcreek

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