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CaveClan is the eastern clan originally founded by Cavestar. During the Great War, they were allied with WillowClan.

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries Alliances
Hawkblossom45 Silverwhisker Silverwhisker Active Greenleaf N/A StormClan (formerly)

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Situated in rocky terrain, CaveClan's home is most certainly a strange one. They are located directly next to StormClan, practically sharing a camp with the mountainous clan. Except, CaveClan lives underground in a series of caves and navigate tunnels. In essence, StormClan owns most of the land above ground, whereas CaveClan dominates the land below the earth. They hunt whatever prey they can get their paws on. Warriors usually catch birds and mice above grounds, whereas tunnelers find all sorts of oddities within their tunnels. CaveClan cats are semi-nocturnal. Considering that they live underground, they do not always know when it is dark outside. Warriors who hunt above ground find it easier to catch prey when it's dark and they're asleep. 

Allegiances Edit


Batstar - tall tabby tom of an oriental descent; lives 9/9. (Whiskers)


Ambershade - blue cream ticked tabby she-cat. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Crowpaw

Medicine Cat:

Brightpaw - red-and-black shaded she-cat. (Whiskers)


Vultureclaw -long-furred black tom. (Silvery)
Apprentice: Berrypaw
Stagfall - snow bengal she-cat. (Willow)
Apprentice: Paintedpaw
Coalblaze -Black tom (Hawk)
Brownwing - brown tabby she-cat, adoptive mother to Flintkit. (Adoptable)
Apprentice: Pantherpaw
Leopardheart - dark bengal she-cat. (Willow)
Sunrise - ginger tabby she-cat (Willow)
Thunderclaw - tortoiseshell tom (Moon)
Blacktail - white she-cat with a black tail (Hawk)
Duststream - A ilac she-cat (Delta)
Amberdawn - russet tabby she-cat (Stork)
Apprentice: Troutpaw
Shadowfang - brown and black calico tom. (Wolfy)


Mossheart - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Lunapaw
Autumnfrost - pale gray tabby she-cat. (Adoptable)
Apprentice: Solpaw
Sleektail - silver tabby tom. (Silvery)
Growlstrike - blue-and-white tom of an oriental descent. (Whiskers)


Flintpaw - smoke she-cat. (Willow)
Lunapaw - a calico she-kit (Willow)
Solpaw - a tortoiseshell and white tom kit (Adoptable)
Berrypaw - light brown tabby she-cat (Adoptable)
Pantherpaw - brown and black tortoiseshell tom (Moon)
Pauk - chocolate-furred she-cat (Adoptable)
Crowpaw (CC) - lynx point she-cat (Willow)
Paintedpaw - tattooed sphynx tom (Willow)
Troutpaw - brown spotted tabby tom (Stork)

Queens & Kits:

Rivershade - dark gray she-cat, mother to Thunderclaw's kits (Moon)
Shadowkit (CC) - black and gray kit (Moon)
Wolfkit (CC) - small black tom (Moon)
Maplekit - A reddish chocolate she-cat (Delta)
Silverbreeze - silver and white she-cat (Snowy)
Petalkit - dark ginger she-cat (Snowy)
Minnowkit - dark brown she-cat (Snowy)


Pebblestorm— a golden spotted she-cat without her left arm. (Willow)
Nightshade - old blind black she-cat. (Whiskers)


Cavestar, Boulderstorm, Stonestep, Nutstreak, Pantherback,

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Dawn would be soon, so the cats of CaveClan would be settling in to welcome sleep. Batstar, formerly Batwings, was returning from gaining his nine lives with the exhausted Leafdapple at his side, escorting her leader back to camp. He hadn't been keen on having a kittypet as a medicine cat, but StarClan appeared to have accepted her and she took to the role in the clan very well....even if Batstar found her upbeat and naive personality to be obnoxious. "Almost there..." It was Leafdapple who spoke with a dramatized sigh. "I can't wait to get some sleep." -- Batstar & Leafdapple

It wouldn't take them much longer. Ambershade had been left in charge while her adopted brother left to gain his nine lives. She had buried her father, Cavestar, shortly after Batstar left to attend his leader ceremony with the medicine cat. Sleep was calling her name as the sun began to climb, but still she sat loyally by CaveClan's guarded entrance to greet her returning adopted brother. Most thought that Ambershade was Batstar's top pick for deputy, but Ambershade...she thought that she was simply the best sister (even if the only one), that was all.

She could feel young Growlpaw stirring by her side, so she turned and glanced down at him with kind pastel eyes. "You best get to bed, Growlpaw. Batstar will still be here by dusk, I'm sure he won't pick a deputy until then." -- Ambershade & Growlpaw

Puting low pressure on her foreleg nub, Pebblestorm took a breath of cold air, in the caves there was nothing she’d rather do than enjoy the cool moistness of the stones and the clean water and such, but, she didn’t feel at ease, her whole life was fine, she loved mentoring cats, she misses it. Eversince she lost..... she shook the thoughts away. C’mon Pebblestorm! You know better than to mourn any longer for the deaths beyond control! Cave star was a great leader, but now was not his reign. it was Batstars, she hadn’t known the tom, but knows she’ll still die trying to save him if she must. She spotted Ambershade, a young warrior, and limped up to her. “Hey Ambershade, cold night? what keeps you awake at this hour?” She knew something just be holding Ambershade back. But what?

Stonestep was napping again! How humiliating! She was supposed to be guarding the dens, well, the camp it’s self, she got to her paws and started to pad towards the nursery full of cats, sniffed the inside, memories clouded her mind. Then she drew away. and carried on.

Pantherback was having troubled dreams; “W-Wolf?! Wolf!” His mother was in front of him, she, was alive! They’d been in CaveClan camp, in the caves, “oh Panther!” She smiled, he’d missed her smile, “Panther! Look out!” He then realized, he turned as Wolf jumped over him and as he saw, a huge fox-like figure, “no, not again! Wolf!” He tried to help fight off the snarling dogs, but, his paws where glued to the smooth rocky cave grounds, “NO!” And then he awoke with bristled fur. Breathing swiftly, but then slow to a sigh. “Just a dream....” he yawned. He knew it was still dark, he should probably look presentable for when Batstar arrives, he padded out of the warriors den and leaped onto a higher ledge and started grooming himself. Reminding himself that his mother, Wolf, was dead.Pebblestorm, Stonestep & Pantherback

"Batstar asked me to be in charge until his return. He should be back any moment now." Ambershade responded to the retired she-cat's question, her eyes resting on the horizon as it slowly turned to a creamy pink. "You may return to sleep, he won't be picking a deputy until dusk, when everyone is awake. Dawn is upon us, he has plenty of time to think over his options." -- Ambershade

Growlpaw stalked past the warrior's den on his way to his own nest. He could spot his older brother, Boulderstorm, asleep in the back of the den with the rest of the warriors. Normally, the apprentice didn't stay up until sunrise, he typically fell asleep far before then, like most cats. Sometimes, he wondered what it was like, living in clans like SeaClan when they worked when the sun was up and slept when it disappeared. But CaveClan cats- they did their work under the security of the moonlight and slept when the sun was high. That was simply how it had always been. Shrugging the thought off, Growlpaw pushed his way into the apprentice's den to go to sleep. -- Growlpaw & Boulderstorm

Pebblesgorm dipped her head, “worried about him at all? He is a loyal warrior, but there must be many things StarClan plans for us.” She looked up at the dawn.—Pebblestorm

Vultureclaw sat outside the cave, waiting for Batstar’s arrival. “Who is he going to pick as deputy?” Vultureclaw always wanted to be deputy, but he wasn’t the one to decided. Vultureclaw’s pelt bristled, but then laid flat as he recognized his mate’s pelt next to his. “I think he will choose you as deputy.” Brownwing mewed. Vulture law purred and rubbed his muzzle with his mate’s. Vultureclaw’s eyes grew sad. “If only we all could celebrate together.” Vulturelcaw was thinking of his son who he lost many months ago, Scorchkit. (Surprise! Dun dun dun!) Brownwing twined her tail with his. “We must not lose hope. Scorchkit was very brave and always found a way, odd for a kit. I am sure we will find him soon.” Vultureclaw hoped so. Vultureclaw wrapped his tail around another shape that had come to join them. Their other son: Coalkit. They all mewed together, “Scorchkit we will find you soon.”--Vultureclaw, Brownwing and Coalkit

Stonestep glanced around and met Vultureclaws dark pelt. “Uuuuuh, hey, Vultureclaw! Whatcha doing, um, outside the cave? Batstar isn’t to arrive til dusk, right? Oh, an hey Brownwing, Erm, is there something you all aren’t telling? You all look so sad....” she didn’t know much about Vultureclaws family, but she did know Vultureclaw had known her father, but her mother didn’t approve. She was pushed away from Vultureclaw by Meadowleap and he took Brownwing as a mate, but her best friend had died soon after. She shook her head. “Erm, I also overheard something about Vultureclaw, being, deputy? Not to be rude, but hasnt he just become a warrior? I’m pretty sure new warriors need more experience was it? And training an apprentice is just the thing to do, I’m sure more apprentices will come sooner, I mean, you can’t apprentice your own kits, putting the clan first is all the same.”—Stonestep

Flintkit suddenly leaped onto her fathers tail, all the fur was long and soft. She knew Vultureclaw didn’t really approve of her, but she liked a goof fight. “Haha! Take that!” She squeaked, for a 4 moon old kit, she was oddly smaller than usual. She is always a little self conscious though, and not a doubt like a normal kit. — Flintkit

"I'm never worried about him, especially now that he has nine lives to spare." Ambershade, albeit a kind and level-headed cat, was always too brutally honest for her own good. Her brother always showed his own twist of aloof confidence- he had been one of the best tunnelers in the clan before being picked as Cavestar's deputy. With her eyes still locked on the horizon, the ticked tabby tunneler squinted at a faint pair of forms rising over the rocky hills. "Speaking of, it appears he's back. We should all get our rest now, so Batstar may find his peace." Ambershade slowly backed out of CaveClan's entrance and turned to find her place in the tunneler's den. -- Ambershade

Batstar twitched his tail irritably as Leafdapple continued to ramble on. He respected her skill and soft approach towards his warriors, they all seemed to like her. But her incessant babbling? It got under the leader's skin. He would be thankful to return to camp and take a nap, and finally rid himself of the burden by the name of "Leafdapple". -- Batstar & Leafdapple

“Very well then.” Pebblestorm padded back to her ledge and fell asleep, she didn't need any distractions, not til dusk. — Pebblestorm

Pantherback sighed, he couldn’t sleep, not with these dreams, he decided to pad up to Stonestep and help her with her camp guarding duty wile Batstar was gone. “Hey Stonestep, nice seeing you here, mind if I tag along on you patrol?” He asked politely. —Pantherback

Stonestep yawned. “Huh? Oh! Hey Pantherback! Sure you can tag along, just don’t wake anyone up, you may answer my questions another time, Vultureclaw.” She dipped her head and they both patrolled near the entrance. “Wait.... I think I can see some pelts, that must be Leafdapple and Batstar, ok, I think we may patrol only a little longer.” She looked to Pantherback, he looked distressed. Is he tired? Thats why? “Pantherback, your kinda quiet back there, wanna talk?” She asked. He shook his head, “oh! Um, sorry Stonestep, but lost in thought, nothing too big to worry about....” he yawned. “I’m gonna try and get some shuteye, um, sorry for the quick time I’ve been here,” he padded back to the warriors den. “It’s fine, not like you look distressed or anything....” Stonestep muttered in anger, “what are you not telling me?” —Stonestep

Vultureclaw flicked his tail at his adopted child. Vultureclaw stared at Stonestep with narrowed eyes. Vultureclaw thought, "I have been a warrior for 3 moons! And it isn't her bussnies on becoming deputy!--Vultureclaw

Growlpaw poked his head sleepily from the apprentice's den when Batstar entered camp, watching as his older brother silently stalked towards the leader's den to welcome his sleep. The eager apprentice was hoping for some big story, but knew that his brother was his polar opposite and would do no such thing. Just more training, more hardwork, more "pondering". Ick. When Batstar passed by and did not glance in Growlpaw's direction, the apprentice returned to his nest to go to sleep. -- Growlpaw

When he entered camp and passed by the apprentice's den, Batstar finally dismissed Leafdapple with a quick swish of his thin tail. The medicine cat immediately departed from her leader's side and instead welcomed herself into the warm atmosphere of her medicine cat den. Meanwhile, Batstar silently stalked onward until he made it into the leader's den and collapsed in his nest, making it obvious that he had no interest in speaking to his clan at the time. Rest- it was dawn and the sun was rising, so it was time for all to sleep. Leading a nocturnal clan was strange, but it...well, it worked. -- Batstar

Stpnestep sighed, then padded back towards Vultureclaw, “phew, ok, did you say anything Vultureclaw? Sorry, duty is duty.” She meowed with a smile. this made some warriors lighten up. —Stonestep

Vultureclaw, Coalpaw and Brownwing stared at Stonestep. “I you listened you would have known!” spat Coalpaw. Brownwing slapped her tail over her son’s mouth. Vultureclaw mewed, “I think what Coalpaw was trying to say was that I have not just become a warrior and I am ok with not being deputy. There are many other chances. And Batstar has to do it soon, remember the truce?”--Vultureclaw, Brownwing and Coalpaw 

By the time the medicine cat settled in her nest, she could see the creamy light of dawn starting to come through the CaveClan camp. StarClan, it's late. Leafdapple lowered herself into her nest after she finished storing the traveling herbs and finally fell asleep, same as her leader. At dusk, the clan would awake, and Batstar might make his choice of deputy. -- Leafdapple

“yes, okay, I’m very sorry if I’ve offended you, it was wrong of me to speak my mind.” She yawned. “Okay, I’m thinking we all need rest, well, I do. So, see ya at dusk.” She purred, then ran into the warriors den and fell into a deep sleep.—Stonestep

Vultureclaw, Brownwing and Coalpaw stared at Stonestep. Coalpaw muttered angrily, “Who do you think you can boss around! Not every cat is tired!” Brownwing signed and Vulturelcaw murmured, “Don’t disrespect a warrior. Stonestep has had a long day.” Coalpaw growled, but said nothing. The family was thinking about how the Clan was still going on but without Scorchkit.--Vultureclaw, Brownwing and Coalpaw

(They don’t know that he is having the time do his life! Haha!)

Flintkit pounced on her fathers tail again, “hah! Pinned ya!” She laughed.—Flintkit

Vultureclaw shook his tail away from Flintkit. Brownwing purred. Coalpaw gently leaped at his adopted sister and mewed, "No I pinned ya!"--Brownwing, Vultureclaw and Coalpaw

Flintkit giggled. “Okay! Okay! You win! Don’t squish the life out of me!” then she looked at Vultureclaw. “Who was that?” She asked watching the black spotted she-cat disappear into the adults den.—Flintkit

Vultureclaw mewed, "That was Stonestep, a warrior. Why do you ask?" Coalpaw play growled, "Maybe Flintkit wants Stonestep to help beat me!" Brownwing purred and lick her kits.--Vultureclaw, Coalpaw, and Brownwing

“She looked kinda sad.” Flintkit meowed as she climbed on her brother and started biting his ears with her sharp kitten teeth. —Flintkit

since the last resort didn’t work, now Pantherback had to stay awake, which might be had for him, so he decided to find a very high ledge that no one could see him on so he’d get his mind strait. Wolf was dead, and there was nothing he could do to help with that. Then suddenly he spitted his apprentice, Coalpaw, he hadn’t gotten close to him though, which he was ashamed of that... so he took a pause to greet his apprentice and his apprentices family.—Pantherback

Ambershade was struggling to find sleep, tossing and turning in her nest in the empty tunneler's den until finally faint paw steps caugt her attention. She peered out of the den to see Batstar returning and heading in the direction of the leader's den. Seeing her adopted brother alive and well brought her solace, so the daughter of Cavestar turned and returned to her nest, where she was finally able to fall asleep. -- Ambershade

Coalpaw saw his mentor padding towards him. Uh why does that cat have to come here? Coalpaw waited to see what his mentor wanted.--Coalpaw

“Erm, hey Coalpaw, so, have you been sharpening your skills lately?” Pantherback asked, flicking his tail with nervousness.—Pantherback

Coalpaw felt his family moving away. Coalpaw spat, "I would be dead if I didn't!"--Coalpaw

“Coalpaw.” He narrowed his eyes and took a stern tone with this childish apprentice. “Do not snap at me, I was checking if you’ve been practicing, that’s all, but since you obviously want a challenge, maybe it would be fine if you change the bedding in the warriors den and clear your head,” he growled at his apprentice. If Coalpaw wanted to ever be a warrior, he should stop being so docile and angry all the time. He narrowed his eyes and stared into Coalpaws eyes.—Pantherback

Coalpaw growled, "Fine! At least they might know how to shut up!" Coalpaw turned away from his mentor and padded to get a pile of moss.--Coalpaw

“Ugh, juts try and be more respectful!” Pantherback shouted behind his apprentice. He didn’t know why Coalpaw was like this.—Pantherback

Brownwing looked at her mate as they saw Coalpaw stomping towards the warrior's den. "Vultureclaw you have to say to Coalpaw to have more respect to his mentor!" But Vultureclaw shook his head. "Coalpaw needs this enegery if he wants to survive on his own. This is who is his Browning."--Vulturelcaw and Brownwing

Stonestep hissed as her tail was stomped, “ack! Hey I’m trying to sleep!” She snapped. Coalpaw had stomped on her tail as he had moss in his mouth. She sighed and licked her tail a bunch.—Stonestep

Coalpaw thought, "I can't have some old warriors be quiet!" Coalpaw quickly put down the moss before padding out and giving himself a groom.--Coalpaw

“or maybe some apprentices should learn to have more respect!” Stonestep hissed as she padded out of the den to a ledge.-Stonestep

"Not to a warrior that is acting like a kit!" Coalpaw ran to oviod more talk with Stonestep--Coalpaw

Stonestep hissed behind him, “me acting like a kit, your the one to step on tails mourns brain...” she muttered as she observed her tail. She narrowed her eyes as she saw Vultureclaw smile at his son.—Stonestep

Vultureclaw watched Coalpaw. "See Brownwing? Coalpaw needs it to be great!" Vultureclaw met Stonestep's gaze. If Stonestep was going to be angry, so let her.--Vultureclaw

“Ugh, toms.” She murmured. Then she plopped next to Pebblestorm and fell into a more peaceful sleep.- Stonestep

Growlpaw was struggling to sleep through the daylight, tossing and turning in his nest as he thoughts were clouded by adventures with his friends. Nobody knew about it, right? It wasn't wrong to have friends outside of CaveClan, correct? It doesn't matter- I can be friends with whomever I'd like. Not like my brothers would care, anyways. -- Growlpaw

Brownwing shook her head. "How about we do a boded patrol?" Brownwing led Vultureclaw and Coalpaw towards the WillowClan border. They reset the scent markers. Coalpaw froze. A scent taht was slightly familiar hung in the air. The three cats ran to the border.--Browning (Vultureclaw and Coalpaw)

Growlpaw tossed and turned in his nest for several hours, up until the light began to slowly fade from the sky. Finally, the apprentice began to drift into a decent sleep. -- Growlpaw

Coalpaw nodded goodnight to his family. He made sure that everyone was asleep before running out of camp to meet Scorchpaw.--Coalpaw

Coalpaw ran back from see Scorch. "There is no way a rogue she-cat can beat me!" Coalpaw curled up in his nest.--Coalpaw

Coalpaw looked around before padding out to fight this Flame.--Coalpaw

Stonestep yawned as she stretched her paws. She woke to the familiar fur next to her. “Pantherback?” She whispered. She smiled. Though leaped down and scented the damp cave air.—Stonestep

Pantherback lay silently. He was awake. But he didn’t do anything. He was trapped in a daze as he watched camp from his ledge after Stonestep had gone. He watched as cats came and went as they pleased, wile he pleased.—Pantherback

It's time. Growlpaw told himself as he cracked open a single eye before slinking out of the apprentice's den several moments later. He felt proud of himself, so conceited because of the secret in which he held. She's crazy for me. -- Growlpaw

Sunrise stretched in dusk light, well, really she wasn’t used to the CaveClan ways, She looked back to her five moons old kits. She smiled warmly at them. Though, Berrykit was grumpy looking, and Sunrise knew why. She wasn’t an apprentice quite yet. “Move over!” Lunakit squeaked to her brother. “I want to save it!” She meweled as she reached over to save the time beatle Solkit was about to crouch under his bare paws. Sunrise sighed as she saw Nutstreak staring from a tree outside. He wasn’t himself these days.—Sunrise

Coalpaw came back, his eyes defeated. A rogue really beat me! A she-cat beat me! Coalpaw frowned as he ignored his family and curled up in his nest.--Coalpaw

Coalpaw!” Flintkit left onto her brother. “Gat ya!” She purred as the kit she was.—Flintkit

Coalpaw smiled a little and cuffed his little sister around her ears. "Can't you let me get some sleep? How about when I wake up we can play?"--Coalpaw

“awww! Alright....” she noticed. “Why is your fur red?”—Flintkit

Coalpaw thought quickly. "Ouch you hurt me! Now I am bleeding!" Coalpaw shooed his sister out of teh apprenitces den before curling into sleep.--Coalpaw

”oh no! I didn’t mean to!” She yipped with fear. —Flintkit

Coalpaw purred as he closed his eyes, "It is ok. Rest will help me."--Coalpaw

Flintkit sighed with releif. “Ohhhhhh! Ok!” She then padded away so this ‘rest’ can do its magic.—Flintkit

Coalpaw stretched as he padded out of the apprentices' den. His fur drew back over his wounds, so he looked like his normal self. He spotted Pantherback, and veered away. Coalpaw started to pick up a mouse when a weight flopped on his back. "FLINTKIT!?"--Coalpaw

Brownwing and Vultureclaw both stared at Coalpaw. "He is soon to be a warrior." Brownwing nodded agreement. "If only Scorchpaw could be here." Vutureclaw pressed against his mate. "Scorchpaw had his own destiny. He will always be our son." Brownwing smiled as she laid her head on Vultureclaw's shoulder.--Brownwing and Vultureclaw

Batstar had risen, quite possibly in order to hold the needed deputy ceremony since the sun had begun to set. He was sitting outside of his den, wide-ears perked and then immediately pinned against his narrow skull when he spotted his younger brother and apprentice, Growlpaw, trying to secretively slink back into camp. Of course, he wasn't sneaky enough, and the leader swiftly approached the bicolor tom with long, purposeful strides. With his hackles raised, Batstar immediately began to chew the apprentice out. "What were you doing out of camp, Growlpaw?" -- Batstar & Growlpaw

Flintkit laughed. “You are healed! Now we can play!” She laughed.—Flintkit

Pantherback purred in amusement as he saw his apprentices sister attack him. “So. I guess battle training first?” He laughed. Though he caught sight of the familiar black spotted she-cat and stared at her. Stonestep yawned. “I see I wasn’t asleep alone?” She purred. “Erm. Yeah.” He admitted.—Pantherback

"I was er- hunting!" Growlpaw lied pathetically, but clearly his older brother wasn't falling for it. Shoving the apprentice along with his slender shoulders, Batstar forced the tom into camp and towards the meeting area, hackles raised out of irritation. "Along the thunderpath? You stink of thunderpath filth- go clean yourself up for the ceremony, and start cleaning the elder's den. You'll be doing that for a moon because of your actions." Batstar wouldn't tolerate any immaturity from his little brother, he got on his nerves enough. With that taken care of, he made a beeline for the meeting place. -- Batstar & Growlpaw

Stonestep yawned again. “Well nice to know I wasn’t alone.” She purred as she stalked to the fresh kill pile and grabbed a mouse or two.—Stonestep

Coalpaw drew his lips back at his mentor before bending down to his sister and whispered, "C'mon. Let us sneak away." Coalpaw quietly padded away with his sister behind him. When they were out of earshot, Coalpaw asked, "Now, where were we?" Coalpaw hopped on his sister and playfully bit her ear. "Ha, I won now!"--Coalpaw

Growlpaw hissed to himself as he retreated towards the apprentice's den. "Don't play near the thunderpath, Growlpaw. Don't have friends, Growlpaw! Whatever," the blue-and-white apprentice kicked a stone as he continued to mock his older brother. "I'm done with Frostypaw anyways..." She made him feel good enough with how much she admired him, but visiting her? It took too much, too long of a walk. He couldn't risk getting compromised again- it'd be easier to see she-cats in closer clans. -- Growlpaw

Leopardpaw leaped up as high as she could to catch a spider on its thread of web. She gently grabbed it with her jaws and landed on her paws. “Well done!” Stonestep meowed for afar. She realized she was being watched. “Oh....”—Leopardpaw

Growlpaw continued to groom his pelt in hopes of removing the smell of the thunderpath and lake from when he had visited with Frostypaw. He finished just in time to overhear Batstar's voice thunder across the camp in order to summon the clan. "May all cats old enough to burrow in the tunnels gather below the Highledge!" -- Growlpaw & Batstar

Leopardpaw turned embarrassed to her leader. As did many warriors. Pantherback felt nervousness fell his belly. This was deputy closing time. As did Stonestep though she was confident. And a little doubtful.—Stonestep, Leopardpaw, Pantherback

Coalpaw got off Flintkit and mewed, "Race ya to Vultureclaw and Brownwing!" The two ran to their parents and sat beside them as they waited for what their leader would announce.-- Coalpaw

Vultureclaw stared at his leader. Would he be deputy? Nervousness and pride rolled in his stomach, but slowed as Brownwing pressed against him.--Vultureclaw and Brownwing

((Since nobody else offered up cats to be killed for the plot, I'll be using my own)) Batstar waited patiently as the cats began to gather below. He had thought long and hard, and he somewhat regretted his decision. They never got along well, was a wise choice no less. "I have thought long and hard about the clan's new deputy." The tabby tom began, allowing his gaze to sweep over the eager faces. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of CaveClan is Boulderstorm." It was obvious that Batstar had never liked his brother, considering their long history of fighting with each other. However, he had traits that Batstar didn't have, traits that the cats of CaveClan needed to counterbalance. -- Batstar

Growlpaw blinked in surprise. What? He picked their brother? But Batstar never liked Boulderstorm! The bicolor apprentice shifted awkwardly, allowing his gaze to drift among the other cats to seek out their reactions. He noticed that Mossheart was twitching, and their was something malicious in her gaze. However, as soon as it appeared, it was gone. She's weird. -- Growlpaw & Mossheart

Stagfall raised a brow. “What a shame.” It wasn’t anyone else. He She sighed. She wondered what would happen and she liked the looks of the future. Odd gal.—Stagfall

Boulderstorm blinked in surprise, not expecting his littermate to be so forgiving so soon. "I accept," the blue ticked tabby responded with a raise of his chin. Growlpaw snorted obnoxiously loud behind him. -- Growlpaw & Boulderstorm

Stagfall padded by her sister. “Hmm. Perhaps you’d be qualified enough next time.” She smiled. “Hold your breath Stagfall. Other things are better than being in the higher power.” She meowed. Spotting Pantherback. She smiled. eerily.—Stonestep

Brownwing frowned as Coalpaw grew his lips back and Vutureclaw was still, who was congratulating Boulderstorm. But she knew very well that Vultureclaw would make a great deputy. "Calm down Coalpaw. Vultureclaw has many more chances." Brownwing pressed against her family.--CoalpawVultureclaw and Brownwing

Leopardpaw yawned.—Leopardpaw

"Arrogant furball," Growlpaw coughed underneath his breath, earning a glare from Boulderstorm. Batstar had dismissed the ceremony, and so Boulderstorm went off to enjoy the spoils of his new promotion by assemling border patrols and sending out the tunnelers. -- Growlpaw & Boulderstorm

Stagfall raised a brow as she met eyes with Mossheart. This was going to be fun.-Stagfall

((//Ominous grin// Brightpaw here, reporting for RP!)) -- Hawk

Brightpaw yawned. It wasn't the ruddy ticked she-cat's style to wake up before dusk, but she wanted to go get some coltsfoot before the deputy was selected. Yawning some more, she padded out of camp and down a large hill to the coltsfoot patch. -- Brightpaw

Leopardpaw yawned.—Leopardpaw

Brightpaw padded up to Leopardpaw. "Hi!" The ruddy ticked she-cat yawned. -- Brightpaw

Leapardpaw winced. “Uh.... hi....” and she stood and padded to a ledge and lay there. She didn’t like social interaction.—Leopardpaw

"Hm," Brightpaw had a knack for guessing feelings and emotions- and Leopardpaw didn't seem to want company. "Okay. Well, see you around," she flicked her ginger, tan, and black ticked tail in farewell and trotted over to her mentor, Leafdapple. "Hi. I collected some coltsfoot!" -- Brightpaw

It felt good to be deputy, to share some of the power that his brother had and never quite deserved. Boulderstorm? He had earned it. The blue-and-white eagerly sent out patrols, getting a sort of all-mighty sensation with the ability to boss everyone around. -- Boulderstorm

Two moons later...

Brightpaw bounced up to Boulderstorm, not caring in the slightest that the blue-and-white ticked tom was sending out patrols. "Hi! Great job on your deputy-ness!" -- Brightpaw

((IMPORTANT: Please move along to the Gathering in the Main Roleplay!!)) -- Hawk

Already, the gathering had arrived. "Brightpaw, Growlpaw, Boulderstorm, Stonestep, Stagfall, Leopardpaw, Vultureclaw, and Autumnfrost, come with me to the Gathering." -- Batstar


As the sun began to climb in the sky, the cats from the Gathering found themselves going to sleep with their clanmates. However, ambitious Boulderstorm found himself restless. While his clanmates slept, he walked the stony corridors of camp, imagining what it might be like if it all belonged to him. However, from behind him, there was a disturbance, the sound of skittering cave pebbles beneath paws... -- Boulderstorm

Stonestep curled with Pantherback as they both fell asleep. Mentor apprentice. And more.—stonestep

A certain sensation of discomfort fell over the new deputy, and he turned and bolted for one of the tunnels. Boulderstorm, however, was no tunneler and was practically incapable of safely navigating them. It felt like he ran into a big circle until finally whatever had been chasing him caught him. -- Boulderstorm

Brightpaw bounced around Leafdapple again. "I'm bored!" she announced gleefully. -- Brightpaw

Leopardpaw yawned as she watched the camp from afar.-leopardpaw

When the sun began to set and the nocturnal clan of CaveClan began to stir, it became apparent that their clan deputy was missing. Leafdapple was particularly curious- where would Boulderstorm have run off to? It wasn't like the blue tom. "Batstar, I think a search party needs to be sent out. He's been gone too long." -- Leafdapple

Two moons later...

Coalpaw sulked in the shadows.—Coalpaw

Leafdapple had pronounced the newest deputy, Boulderstorm, dead. It was a personal event, as the tom had been Batstar's brother despite the pair never really warming up to each other. Family was family- and even he couldn't change that. "May all cats old enough to run the tunnels join me beneath the High Rock for a clan meeting." Batstar didn't scream the words on top of his lungs like most leaders would- he spoke softly, but loud enough so that he could be heard. As the cats began to gather, he continued on. First, the good news. "I, Batstar, leader of CaveClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn. Coalpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I grant you your warrior name. From this moment forward, you shall be known as Coalblaze, in honor of the fire in your heart." -- Batstar

Coalblaze dipped his thanks. “Thank you.” After being congratulated, Coalblaze prepared for his vigil.—Coalblaze

((@Willow remember that she needs to be killed)) Batstar moved on to announce his brother's death. "Our newest deputy, Boulderstorm, has joined StarClan after an unfortunate accident in the tunnels. I now announce Stonestep as the new deputy of CaveClan, in hopes that the spirit of Boulderstorm will approve of my choice." -- Batstar

Coalblaze scowled in the shadows as he finished his vigil. My family should be chosen. Not that old elder!Coalblaze

Vultureclaw dipped his head. “Congratulations Stonestep.”—Vultureclaw

Brownwing drew Flintkit close and started to clean her.—Brownwing

Stonestep dipped her head and purred. Though, she didn’t feel she deserved this..... she shook her thoughts and giggled as Pantherback actually smiled for once than frowning.-Stone

Nutstreak sighed as he grumbled to himself. And another point I thought we shouldn’t join clans again.... he hissed before sending a glance to Lunakit and Solkit. He always wondered why Sunrise named them after her parents. It was wierd. He rolled his eyes before meeting the gaze of Vultureclaw, yeah, the tom really wasn’t fond of Nutstreak no matter whta clan he is in. He shivered and looked to his kits. “Soon.” He muttered.—Nutstreak

Lunakit giggled as she tumbled with Flintkit. “Pinned ya!” She giggled cheekily. Though something was up, BUT Flintkit pinned her again before she even knew it. “Now I’ve got you!” The kits where now about 6 moons? Flintkit was the oldest kit but Sunrise’s kits where here for awhile. She wondered if she was ever gonna be an apprentice.-Lunakit

Batstar summoned his clan once more. There was a weird aura in camp, and more often than not, it felt like the leader was holding meetings. But today was not a new deputy- it was new apprentices, and a new warrior at last. -- Batstar

Coalblaze narrowed his eyes and hid in the shadows.—Coalblaze

Leopardpaw frowned at the kit’s, how come they came here? Why did they come here?-Leopard

Batstar looked at the kittens. He'd start with them. "Lunakit, Solkit, Berrykit, and Flintkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lunapaw, Solpaw, Berrypaw, and Flintpaw. Your mentors will be Mossheart, Autumnfrost, Vultureclaw, and Nutstreak, respectively. I hope they will pass on all of their knowledge." Moving on, he looked to the two oldest apprentices.

"I, Batstar, leader of CaveClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these two apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Leopardpaw and Growlpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I grant you your warrior names. From this moment forward, you shall be known as Leopardheart and Growlstrike." -- Batstar

Flintoaw’s grin melted to a frowned. She got the traitor for a mentor? Nutstreak of WillowClan? She sighed as they touched noses awkwardly. Though she glanced to see Lunakit touch with Mossheart.

Lunapaw purred. “Hi!”-Flint + Luna

Vultureclaw smiled as he touched noses with Berrypaw.—Vultureclaw

Coalblaze sneered. Perfect.—Coalblaze

Leopardheard shyly dipped her head before dissapearing into the warriors den to make her nest.-Leopard

Coalblaze slipped down the rock and crept around camp.—Coalblaze

Flintpaw sighed. “What are we gonna do....” and looked to Coalblaze for help with this undeserved mentor.-flint

Coalblaze battered at his sister. "What do you mean?"—Coalblaze

Nutstreak rolled his eyes. “Oh and you’re the one to ask.” He grumbled. “We hunt obviously at dawn.” He growled. Though she felt bad because she hated the sun....—Flint

Coalblaze bristled. "Actually you are supposed to get comfortable in the apprentices den and then get to know the territory." He glared at Nutstreak.—Coalblaze

Nutstreak laughed. “Heh. Not for me. we do all the training during the day and sleep at night.” He growled. Making Flintpaw gulp. She didn’t want to stay awake all day.... it was bright! And CaveClan cats where nocturnal so....-Flint

Coalblaze growled, "This isn't WillowClan. We live in the dark."—Coalblaze

Nutstreak grumbled. “And that’ll be your downfall.”-Nut

Coalblaze spat, "If you have a problem with that you can leave this Clan. If not then do it our way." He turned and padded away.—Coalblaze

Nutstreak huffed. If CaveClan thinks being the ONLY nocturnal clan then that’s their thing, he was gonna do things his way, the right way.-Nut

Stonestep then had set out the patrols. “Nutstreak, Flintpaw, Vultureclaw, Solpaw, for hunting” she’d said. “And Coalblaze, lead a border patrol with whomever.” Though she then decided to take a walk with Pantherback. She purred. “Well, what do you think?” She asked as she showed him the view, he wasn’t really a morning person but the sun always warmed him up. Though his eyes are being forced to not squint. “Wow!” He purred though accidentally touched tails with his mentor. “Oops!” He said nervously. She purred it’s okay.” She meowed. Though her whiskers twitched. “Why don’t you go hunt, I’ll be over here.” She meowed.

Pantherback sighed and turned as he scented some mice to catch. He Purred as sooner be caught it, though he also caught a large piercing yowl in his ears which made him flinch. He gasped from where it came from and dashed to where he’d last seen Stonestep. But. She wasn’t there. “Stonestep! Stonestep! Where are you!?” He yowled with terror until he saw a chipped ledge and looked down the steep cliff to see the body of his mentor soaked in blood. He gasped and stared in horror, he then remembered the hunting patrols and dashed to where they where sent, he ran up to Vultureclaw. “Vultureclaw! Vultureclaw!” He rasped breathless, his eyes still round as boulders.-Stonestep + Pantherback

Vultureclaw grunted as a sparrow flew away. “What?!”—Vultureclaw

Coalblaze looked around the camp. “Leopardheart.” He slid out of camp.—Coalblaze

Leopardheart flinched as she was chosen to go on a border patrol with Coalblaze. Alone? She shivered at the notion though followed his lead.-Leopard

Pantherback didn’t close his eyes. “Stonestep’s dead! I need your help carrying her back to the clan! She, I don’t know whta happened! She!” He whimpered. “She was found at the bottom of a cliff! And we both know she’s a good climber! Someone must’ve done this!”-Panther

Stagfall ran to the source of the sound without turning back and looked around for the crackle of the cry and as she’s been here before. She knew the cliff was different. As she looked over the cliff and saw the body of her sister.-Stag

Vultureclaw growled, “Stop being a kit. Stay calm.” He padded until he found the deputy lying dead. He bowed his head and picked her up by the scruff. “Keep hunting and then come back to camp.”—Vultureclaw

Coalblaze came to the border. He reset the markers and noticed that Leopardheart was very quiet. He stiffened as he recognized a faint scent.—Coalblaze

Pantherback hissed. “No way am I letting you take her back alone! She was my mentor and..... I can’t leave her.” He growled. though he then caught sighed of Stagfall and sighed. “I’m sorry...” Stagfall narrowed her eyes. “Pantherback. You where with her weren’t you? Why didn’t you save her.”-Panther

Vultureclaw spat, “You aren’t in my patrol we’re you?!” He waited impatiently for the tom.—Vultureclaw

Pantherback hissed. “I never asked your patrol. I asked you to help me take her back to camp. Unless you think you’re so tough.” He growled. Stagcharge hissed. “Pantherback you stupid tom. Why’d you leave her alone!”-Stag

Crow crouched as she then leaped on a leopard printed she-cat and threw the she-cat across the clearing, though her claws where sheathed. “Rogues—!” Though she paused as she saw the two cats. (Coal + Leopard)-Crow

Coalblaze leaped at the she-cat, putting his paw on her next ready to sink his claws into her neck. “Who are you kit?”—Coalblaze

Crow hissed. “Oh please, I’m not afraid of you.” She hissed. “And I’m not a kit!” And she kicked his belly with her hindlegs to get free. “I want to speak to Batstar.”-Crow

Coalblaze sunk his claws into the she-lot’s ribs. “I never wanted you to fear me. I want an explanation instead of a stupid kit attacking my Clanmate.” He felt weird calling Leopardheart his Clanmate.—Coalblaze

Crow tried not to flinch and leaped back. The pain stung her side. “Fine. I am Crowpaw of WillowClan and I want to talk to Batstar. There you go.”-Crow

Coalblaze rolled his eyes. “Why did you not wait at the border? Why attack us when we are in our territory? Don’t you have a nose?“—Coalblaze

Crow blinked. “Not like you actually mark your territory. Who’s the deputy around here? The territory wasn’t marked.” She grumbled. Leopardheart sighed. “Erm, maybe we should let Batstar take care of this instead of cause trouble. Coalblaze.”-Crow

Coalblaze snapped, ”I take orders from cats higher than me.” Turning to the cat, he growled, ”That is why we are here she-kit. It is called border markers.” —Coalblaze

Leoaprdheart sighed. “That’s a young apprentice Coalblaze....” Crow flicked her tail. “I don’t think trying to baby a future ally is a good idea. Coalblaze was it? Oh and I’m pretty sure you are only trying to ‘baby” me to tick me off and start a fight. And I know toms like that, don’t worry I’ve fought since I was 3 moons old. I can take a warrior like you but not right now. I want to discuss things with your leader.”-Crow

Coalblaze stepped forward. “Like I would want to tick a kit like you. And I have fought more things than you.”Coalblaze

Crow rolled her eyes. “I don’t have time to fight a ‘want to prove yourself’ tom. I need to speak with Batstar with or without escorts.”-Crow

Leopardheart sighed and flashed an uneasy look to Coalblaze. “Coalblaze....”-Leppard

Coalblaze rolled his eyes at Crow. “Ok ‘Thinks I am so stuff’ she-kit.” He turned his glaring eyes at Leopardheart. “Leopardheart.”Coalblaze

Leopardheart sighed. “I’ll go fetch Batstar. You watch Crowpaw.” And without another word she dashed back to the caves.-Leopard

Crow sighed. This tom was acting like a kit. She clawed the dirt beneath her.—Crow

Coalblaze narrowed his eyes at Leopardheart. “How do you know this kit’s name?” He glared at the annoying cat.Coalblaze

Leoaprdheart turned. “She said she was Crowpaw of WillowClan right?” Then kept running.-Leopardheart

Crow Yawned.-Crow

Coalblaze spat, “And you believe such a rat.” He grunted as the warrior ran and finished the border markers himself, watching Crow.Coalblaze

“Batstar! Batstar!” She dashed time the leader. “Some WillowClan apprentices has requested an audience with you.” She meowed.-Leopard

The leader, who was having a discussion with a tunneler patrol, narrowed his eyes in a scrutinizing manner. "Bring them in." -- Batstar

Leopardheart nodded. “Okay! I’ll go get her.” And she turned and dashed back to the two cats.-Leopard

Crow stretched as she saw Coalblaze eyeing her again. “Whta?”-Crow

Coalblaze sneered, “Oh sorry I meant dirty Crow.” He pushed Crow to follow Leopardheart. When they entered camp, he dipped his head. “Greetings Batstar. This so called WilloeClan apprentice crossed into our territory and attacked Leopardheart.” He shoves her to stand before the slim leader. “She wants to join, but obviously didn’t present herself in a very good manner.”—Coalblaze

Leoaprdheart then grabbed Crow and brought the apprentice back to camp. “He’s over there.” She meowed. Crow dipped her head in thanks. Though she wasn’t sure and OF COURSE Coalblaze was speaking his mind to Batstar, everywhere she looked her eyes needed to fox to the darkness as she padded up to the toms. “Greetings Batstar.”-Crow

((Coalblaze literally said when they entered camp))-Rowan

(oh, oops, I thought Leopard took them back XD I’m so blind)-Willow

The thin-boned tom twitched an ear. He never did like younger cats, he considered them to be a nuisance with their obnoxious drama and loud tendencies. However, his clan needed more members no doubt, and stealing that from WillowClan? It was a win, even if they didn't have a rivalry at the moment. "What can you provide my clan, apprentice? What makes you worthy?" -- Batstar

Crowpaw was lost in thought. “Protection. Great Hunting, Uh, another warrior?” She froze. “I wanted to join This Clan because I felt I don’t belong with WillowClan surrounded by.....” Flameheart. “I felt I belonged here, well, would belong here.”-Crow

((Fear the Flame burning inside. Flames burns cats thrive. Lol))-Rowan

(XD oh no)-Willow

"Well, this isn't just any clan, this is CaveClan. Here we hunt at night and sleep by day, run tunnels like you run the woods. We will decide of you belong." Batstar nodded to a blue ticked feline. "Ambershade will mentor you." -- Batstar

Crowpaw dipped her head. Hunting at night? She was a pro. Though, tunnels? Maybe not so much... she dipped her head to her new mentor,-Crow

Coalblaze scowled at the dirty crow. He growled so Crow could not hear him, “Next we will be welcoming a rabbit into the Clan.”—Coalblaze

Afraid to see whta Types of apprentices there where, she looked into the apprentices den to see younger cats than she was playing with moss, though disturbed as they saw her. “Oh great...” she’d be surrounded with kits! She padded up to a den in the far corner though the smoke she-cat warned. “There are always bugs near there like centipedes and spiders.” Crow didn’t really care as long as the nest was soft and unused. She plopped down in it and sighed as she groomed the WillowClan scent off of her. Wondering if Wolf was okay without her. Though the Smoke she-cat and the others ran up to her. “I’m Flintpaw! This is Berrypaw, Solpaw, and Lunapaw.” Crow wrinkled her snout, whta was a ‘Luna’ or a ‘Sol’ She shook her head before thinking to say, ‘I’m Crow’ she meowed. “Crowpaw.” No one needed to know her past here.-Crow

That night, well, yes she wasn’t used to the nocturnal ness of these cats, as she’d been proded awake by Flintpaw. “C’mon! Training!” And Crow was a bit grumpy, though she had eaten before paring up to Ambershade and with a yawn said. “So, what’s the first day’s plan? Trust me I can be behaved.” She meowed.-Crow

Coalblaze scowled in the shadows.—Coalblaze

"Batstar assigned you to me, which therefore means you're going to become a tunneler like myself." The ancient rank special to CaveClan was going extinct, more and more cats preferred to become warriors and disrespected the importance of the digging cats. "You're going to have a long couple of days learning about tunnels and where they all run." -- Ambershade

The voices were in Mossheart's head...again. -- Mossheart

Crowpaw stretched and flexed her claws. “Okay. Sounds fair enough since I’m guessing there are tunnels everywhere here.”-Crow

Lunapaw bounded up to Mossheart. “Mossheart! Mossheart! Are we gonna train today too!”-Luna

Vultureclaw padded into camp with Pantherback behind him. "Hold on Batstar," He dropped the deputy's body. "Stonestep is dead. Unknown though."—Vultureclaw

Pantherbaze wailed as he dug his nose into his mentor’s fur. He growled as he stood up. “First Boulderstorm and now Stonestep? Both deputies.... they where killed so quickly.” He muttered. “This can’t be accidental.”-Panther

((@Willow Panther's the next dead deputy, right?)) Batstar closed his eyes. The suddens and unpredictable deaths of his deputies was becoming a concern, and he was hoping that his kittypet of a medicine cat could find some reason behind the deaths. Maybe it was just coincidence, maybe the slim tabby leader was being nothing more than paranoid. "Leafdapple," the CaveClan leader turned to his medicine cat with an irritable twitch of his tail, demanding that she investigate the body of Stonestep. -- Batstar

(Yep) Pantherback frowned as he felt great sadness rush through him, this was never meant to happen, not even a little.... he held his breath as he grieved.-Pantherback

Silent, Leafdapple stepped forward obediently to investigate the body of Stonestep, in hopes of finding a clue as to what might have caused the deputy's death. Another cave-in? No, her body was not crushed like that of the others. In fact, the damage seemed to be minimal...until she noticed a particularly gruesome neck wound- not so much a laceration, but a bruise. Her neck had been snapped. Who could have used such a battle move? CaveClan knows of no such things...a cat from another clan, perhaps? -- Leafdapple

Stagfall growled as she glared at Pantherback. “Pantherback was with her, right? Maybe he could’ve done this, there’s no reason she’d just walk off a cliff!” She hissed.-Stag

The medicine cat cast Stagfall a grim glance. "Batstar and I will be discussing the situation surrounding Stonestep's death in private." From what she could tell, it was certainly no accident...but she highly doubted that Pantherback was capable of killing the former deputy in such a brutal fashion. Nobody taught such moves anymore, at least not in CaveClan. -- Leafdapple

Pantherback took a step back but considered this was his fault, “it’s true, I, I was with her.... but, she told me we should hunt! So I did exactly that, but, I heard the loudest noise and came back to see her dead.”-Panther

Leafdapple took Batstar into his den before turning to her leader with a serious gleam in her eyes. "Batstar, the methods used to kill Stonestep...they don't belong to a CaveClan cat." The thin leader soaked in her words before nodding slowly. The killer had finished off the former deputy in what appeared to be a brutal fashion, something he'd never seen in CaveClan. -- Batstar & Leafdapple

Blacktail padded out of the warrior's den and started to groom. --Blacktail

"We'll be extra vigilant and try to catch the killer by increasing the size of patrols, we need to make sure that not a single cat leaves on their own...otherwise, we should expect them to return dead, if they even return at all." Batstar mused before rising to his paws, a thoughtful gleam in his sharp green visionaries. "I'll pick the next deputy immediately." And so, the leader left his den and summoned his clan. -- Batstar

Blacktail wrapped up her grooming and moved towards Batstar. --Blacktail

"The wounds that Stonestep has were not from a CaveClan cat- it was an outsider." Batstar decided to get straight to the point as he began the clan meeting. "That being said, no cat may leave camp by themselves. Patrols will be doubled in size." With that out of the way, he returned his focus on his next deputy. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of CaveClan is Pantherback." -- Batstar

Pantherback flattened his ears, “Wait, What!?” He felt a tsunami of stress wave over him, how could be be deputy!? Why was he deputy!? What.... he shook his head before sighing, “Erm, of course.” He meowed, though he wasn’t comfortable with being deputy as all of them have died.-Panther

Batstar stepped down from the meeting place once his announcement was finished. He glanced towards the tunnels, that were yet to hint of any light. For now, his nocturnal clan was safe in the darkness of night, but when the sun rose? It appeared that all of their troubles reared their ugly heads. -- Batstar

Amberdawn dipped her head with respect to her leader and the new deputy, then heard her apprentice muttering something to himself. "What's that you're saying, about how you want to be deputy one day?" At her words, he froze, then stopped talking. "Show some respect to your Clan, Troutpaw." I realize he's my first apprentice, but really... I don't want to make a bad impression on anyone, especially not new kits who might look up to me. Does anyone even do that right now? - Amberdawn & Troutpaw

A unknown cat stalked around in the wilderness shivering in the cold his collar scratching at his neck as he walked across the cold mossy ground. --Unknown

Crow rolled her eyes as she huffed. “Yeah, so, do you have different hunting techniques or something?” She asked Ambershade.—Crow

Troutpaw let out a huff and gave his mentor a dirty look. She can't tell me what to do! I'll be deputy one day, I just know it! He twitched the edge of his tailtip aggressively for a moment, then sighed. Whatever. I'll get there with time. "Who's the new deputy?" he hissed to his mentor. --Troutpaw

Pantherback looked away knowing something would go wrong, all the other deputies Batstar appointed died, he’d have to be ready for the consequences, maybe it was punishment for Batstar, maybe the lives lost where by StarClan. He sighed.-Panther

Crowpaw rolled her eyes as her mentor didn’t answer her and padded to sit, well, A distance away from Troutpaw and Amberdawn only to answer his question. “Pantherback.” She growled. “He won’t last one day as deputy as cowardly as he seems.” She muttered.-Crow

"Well, for the record, we hunt underground for the most part. Sometimes the warriors go out to hunt above ground, but we prefer use what we have to our own advantage, and that is the tunnel system." Ambershade flicked her diluted tail in Crowpaw's direction to communicate that the apprentice was to follow. "Hunting will come later. You cannot hunt in these tunnels if you do not know them. Else, you'll be left for the dead if you lose your way. We aren't the only creatures that walk what lies below the earth." -- Ambershade

Crowpaw felt a shiver down her spine, “what else could be able to live under here?” She blurted. “All I see are rocks. And caves,”-Crow

The unknown cats stomach started growling but he had no hunting experiance what so ever. The unknown cat continued walking through the wilderness. --unknown

Troutpaw's ears twitched as he heard the deputy's name. "Hah, I'll bet I'd be a better deputy!" The statement could hardly escape before Amberdawn gave him a disapproving stare. "...when I'm ready," he muttered afterward, catching her gaze. --Troutpaw & Amberdawn

The unknown cats stumbled across a large tunnel thinking maybe i can stay here for the night. He didn't sent any bears or foxes, but scented cats. But cats don't live in forests it must be my own scent. --Unknown

Crow looked back. “Then we have a competition to he held? Because I’m gonna be deputy one day and lead the clan.” She barked.-Crow

Troutpaw chuckled to himself. "One day, I'll be up there, and maybe I'll let you rule by my side, as a sort of... co-deputy? I don't know. 'Co-deputy' doesn't sound as fun." Amberdawn, listening quietly, twitched her ears approvingly. At least he's now focused on what might happen in the future. She studied him for a moment. Maybe if he settles down a little, he'll actually be a decent deputy. --Troutpaw & Amberdawn

Crow shrugged. “Let’s see if all these deputies stop dying before the first day then,” she meowed back as she then finally followed her mentor out of the main cave, not outside though. She muttered to herself. “So, what do you guys even eat?” She asked her mentor. “Hopefully not Bugs and rocks like everyone says,” she joked.—Crow

Unknown walked around the cold ground sniffing a mouse. He followed it but each time he tryed to leap on it he failed. --Unknown

Troutpaw rolled his eyes. I won't be dying in a day. Amberdawn moved her tail to tap his shoulder. "C'mon, Troutpaw, let's go train. You wanna learn some battle moves?" He nodded quickly, excitement in his gaze. Battle moves!! -- Troutpaw & Amberdawn

Nutstreak hissed. “You stupid she-cat. You need to learn to hunt any day, in light or not!” he scuffed Flintpaw’s ears and unsheathed his claws. “Come on, show me what you’ve got.” He growled. Though she whimpered as she took several steps back from him as the scar on her eyebrow hurt, she growled. “No!” As the blood rushed over her eye as he slashed it again. “I guess I’m gonna have to teach CaveClan a lesson then!” He growled as he turned to dash back to camp, leaving his apprentice. Though a crack in leaves over his head made him gasp, and when he turned around....—Nutstreak

(i'm assuming you want that to continue, so i'll do a small post w/ amber and trout ^^) Amberdawn lead her apprentice out to a clearing. "Now, Troutpaw, we're gonna learn about intimidation tactics." He watched her with a steady gaze, clearly engaged in his mentor's teachings. "Show me what you know." --Amber & Trout

(^^) Flintpaw shrieked as she heard her mentor wail, dashing to the scene and gasping at the blood she took several steps back in fear someone was watching her was she studies Nutstreak’s wounds, “those aren’t.....” she shivered, “a cat did this!” She looked around before dashing back to camp, her bloodied eyebrow hurting like a bee sting as she dashed to Leafdapple. “Leafdapple! Leafdapple! I, when we where training! He, Nutstreak’s dead!” She cried, trying to see through her bloody eye, “a cat killed him!”-Flint

Troutpaw raised his fur up a bit, arching his back slightly. He held his tail out, untucked, to help him balance, and slowly curled his lip to snarl at his mentor. "Good. But I'm not intimidated." He relaxed a little at her counter, his lip returning to normal. "Flare your fur. Flare it. Arch your back more. Lash your tail against the ground and show your opponent your rage." He furrowed a brow and fluffed his fur out, arching his back further and curling his lip back. He unsheathed his claws and flicked his ears back, slowly growling. "Much better." --Trout & Amber

Can someone find my cat.)) --Skylia

(doing something w/ amber and trout rn, but if you want to, they could hear something) "When you're in a group, you shouldn't try to intimidate unless you're in the front." Amberdawn flicked her tail for her apprentice to follow behind her. "See how I'm bigger than you? Flatten your fur and relax to your smallest self. You might have broad shoulders and a muscular form, but you're still on the smaller side." He almost spat a retort at her, only for her to glance back at him. "I'm being honest. Don't tell me you haven't noticed." --Trout & Amber

"If we ate rocks, we'd be dead." Ambershade responded flatly to Crowpaw's mention of rumors before her ears angled over in the direction of her adopted brother, who appeared to be doing nothing but nonesense. It'd be safer to have two experienced tunnelers with the fresh meat, in the event that they get split up. "Growlstrike!" She called to the blue oriental, who flinched and audibly grumbled several curses under his breath for being picked. "You're coming with us. Batstar always was one of the best tunnelers, let's see if it runs in your blood as well." Ambershade smiled as the bitter tom approached before she returned her attention to Crowpaw. "We eat what we can catch, and we're grateful for it becuase it's better than starving. Mice are pretty common, but if the day is unkind...yes, insects are better than an empty belly." -- Ambershade & Growlstrike

Leafdapple perked her ears. "Did you see the killer, Flintpaw?" -- Leafdapple

Crow wrinkled her snout. “Ugh.....” gross. She muttered. Then looking to Growlstrike. “Heh, the leaders Brother?” She meowed, not taking her eyes off the path. “So there are Tunnelers?” She asked her mentor.-Crow

Flintpaw shook her head, shivering,. “I saw that he’d been bitten deep in his scruff and, and I got scared and came back here.” She meowed, “I only heard him yowl before I started to investigate.” She meowed.-Flint

Troutpaw flattened his ears, but didn't argue. "...Yeah, you're right." He met his mentor's gaze again. "You heard me earlier, right? About how I wanted to be deputy? I was just thinking about it, when you mentioned my size... do you think I could be there one day?" She turned to face him; she hadn't seen this side of him that much. --Trout & Amber(dawn)

thx whoever plays amber and trout))--Skylia

Unknown was ready to give up when he heard voices in the distance. Unknown steped back ready to run snapping a branch. --Unknown

"I am Growlstrike, I do not live under my despicable brother's title. Only my own." The blue oriental spoke in a scoff before he raised his chin. Ambershade ignored her adopted baby brother's arrogance and focused instead on her apprentice. "Uh, yes... I'm a tunneler. You're training to be a tunneler." -- Growlstrike & Ambershade

Crow raised a brow. “I’m guessing Tunnelers dig tunnels.” She muttered. Sending Growlstrike an odd glance, weird tom. Though she couldn’t understand what it was like to be said good at something because of who your big relative was and such. Gets annoying of all the expectations.-Crowpaw

Intel padded over to the fresh-kill-pile. - Intel

Amberdawn twitched her ears as she thought. "Hmm... I think you could. Your size has no meaning when it comes to being deputy. What matters, Troutpaw, is your ability to be a valued member of the Clan. Keep working hard, and maybe you will get there." She finished speaking just as a sound caught her ears. "...Someone's nearby. Someone unfamiliar." Her apprentice was already flaring his fur, just as she'd taught. Good. --Trout & Amber

Growlstrike sniffed bitterly and held Crowpaw's strange glance with a glare of his own, as if accepting her challenge. He prepared to spit out some cruel comment in her direction before Ambershade thankfully cut back in. "Yes, tunnelers dig. We also navigate and maintain them, in addition to using them to hunt and battle when needed. The other clans never stand a chance." -- Ambershade & Growlstrike

Crow grinned to Growlstrike as she barked. “Mmmmhmmmm so what if a cat used this tunneling training to kill others? You know, like all the deputies are dying? Maybe someone can navigate the caves quicker and cave them in.” She meowed, then added. “—just a thought.” She Flicked her tail.-Crow

Troutpaw let out a low growl as he heard a branch snap. "Come out and face us!" Amberdawn, on the side, seemed like she wasn't treating this incident as serious as her apprentice was, her fur flat against her body, but instead she was watching his reactions. If he does something wrong... it's my fault. --Amber & Trout

Stagfall grew impatient. “Walk with me. We need to discuss and reason out our sides of my sister’s death.” He she sighed. Pantherback gulped before following her out of camp.—Stagfall

"Oh? Well, you're the only stranger in these parts- I think that'd point all signs to you, fox-breathed outsider." Growlstrike curled a lip and leaned forward on his slim limbs, hackles raised as he prepared to pick a fight. Ambershade, however, pushed her tall adopted brother aside with her shoulder. "Growlstrike! I didn't invite you over here to pick a fight. Let's get moving." -- Ambershade & Growlstrike

Unknown followed the scent of cats thinking they must have food and came to a camp of wild cats. --Unknown

Brightpaw glanced up at Leafdapple with a concerned glow in her mint-colored optics. "Leafdapple, what's going on?" She understood the suspicion surrounding the sudden deaths of clanmates- they were no ordinary wounds, Leafdapple had taught her better than that. I want my clanmates to be safe, it's my job to save them, can I do that when I don't even know what's killing them? Brightpaw bit her lip as Leafdapple stared at Nutstreak's form. "...It's probably ThornClan or something. Don't worry about it, Brightpaw." -- Leafdapple & Brightpaw

Crow barked a laugh. “No no, if he’d like to fight I can totally have one.” She meowed politely to her mentor. “So, you’re saying me, a cat who knows Nothing about digging, eating bugs, and being crushed into darkness, knows how to cause a cave-in? And kill cats?” She chuckled. “You’d be bee-brained to even think I could even touch a bug, or live in rocks. Speaking of which, Fox-breathed Insider.” She paused. “I’d imagine you of all cats would have more sense. Being said to be a better digger than me.” She grunted. Digging her claws into the dirt. Reminding her of her own Brother, was he okay? How could she forget him like that? Se cursed To herself.—Crow

Flintpaw kicked in, “but, isn’t ThornClan all the way across the forest? How would they be able to find out passages and travel safely without a cave in or stalagmites falling on their heads?” She burst.-Flint

"Crowpaw," Ambershade spoke in a low tone, a strong hint of warning in her voice. "That's enough. We accepted you into CaveClan only recently- make a good name for yourself. Batstar's patience runs thin, understand?" -- Ambershade

(fyi, amber & trout aren't in camp, they're out training) As the unknown cat caught his gaze, Troutpaw's growl increased. "Who are you and what are you doing here? This is CaveClan territory!" Amberdawn watched him with a narrowed gaze, keeping herself from stopping him and waiting for his response. --Amberdawn & Troutpaw

The ruddy apprentice bit her lip. She could tell that her input wasn't desired, nor did Leafdapple want to discuss the case any further due to the prying ears of clanmates. The former kittypet didn't want to upset them- but Brightpaw felt that it was necessary in order to protect them. I want to get to the bottom of this. Brightpaw silently promised herself before she helped her mentor prepare Nutstreak's corpse for burial. -- Brightpaw & Leafdapple

Batstar drowned out the sarcastic remarks of Growlstrike as he tried to pick fights with clanmates. Why did mother and father ever think that a second litter was a good idea? The thin-boned tom thought to himself bitterly as he retreated into his den to think things over. -- Batstar

Sorry i wasn't that active yesterday))--Skylia

Unknown walked backwards "Sorry i was just passing through." Unknown said shivering. --Unknown

Amberdawn's tailtip stopped Troutpaw from reacting further. "You must've smelled the Clan scent. Most loners go running when they realize they're close to Clan territory." To her right, her apprentice sighed and stared at the unfamiliar cat with confusion in his gaze. For a moment, he stared in confusion. That's a weird coat. --Troutpaw & Amberdawn

Crow muttered. “Fine.” She meowed. “But I never back down from a challenge.” She meowed. Then growling to herself -Crow

Ambershade twitched her ear before ignoring the bitter comment. "Let's go, we're burning moonlight." The blue ticked feline murmured before escorting Crowpaw and Growlstrike from camp and into the tunnels. -- Ambershade

"Sorry i'm not a loner.... I'm a cat, i ran away from my owners. I smelled you guys and thought maybe you can help me...." Unknown said submisivly --Unknown

"Well, of course you're a cat, but I'm assuming you're a kittypet? I don't think either of us can help you, but our Clan leader might." Amberdawn's level tone differed from her apprentice's held-back response, and for a moment he stared in confusion, then bowed his head in respect to her. He sighed and shifted out of an aggressive position, leveling himself next to his mentor. She almost chuckled to herself for a moment; he only reached up to her shoulder. --Troutpaw & Amberdawn

Vultureclaw narrowed his eyes. He muttered, “First young deputy and now death.” He glanced around as Coalblaze was sulking as usual and Brownwing was fussing over Flintkit. He sighed.— Vultureclaw

Flintpaw hissed. “Mooooooom! It’s Flintpaw! Not Flintkit!” She growled before the body of Pantherback was dropped before her, she shrieked and leaped back. Only for Stagfall to be panting heavily. “Batstar!” She yowled. As she saw him appear she drew in a breath. “I took him out to mark the borders, t-the StormClan border.” She huffed. “But we’d been attacked and they’d dragged us into their territory.” She growled. “They killed Pantherback!” She yowled. Then Flintpaw wrinkled her nose. “StormClan smells bad.”—Flintpaw

Unknown gulped as the cats lead him to their leader. --Unknown

Amberdawn and Troutpaw lead the unknown cat back to camp, only to pause as they spotted the commotion inside. Amberdawn curled her lip in disgust. "Someone's died." Her apprentice nodded, holding in his high-strung attitude and loyalty. "What, no indignant response? You're acting less like yourself than usual." --Amberdawn & Troutpaw

Not even the faintest whiff of StormClan on his fur... Batstar thought to himself as he hovered over Pantherback's fallen form, atlhough he didn't admit to his thoughts. It would only concern his clan, make them lose confidence in their leader. He couldn't afford that. "Leafdapple, come look him over." -- Batstar

Brightpaw cast a worried glance towards yet another deceased deputy, but kept her position beside the blind black-furred elder, Nightshade. "Reminds me of dark times," the elder rasped with her sightless eyes narrowed in thought. The red-furred apprentice turned to the aging she-cat, curious of what she was getting at. "...Do you have a story to share, Nightshade?" -- Brightpaw

Stagfall shrugged and licked her claws. “Right as I had ALMOST caught a rat.” She grumbled.-Stag

Troutpaw cast a look at his mentor. "The deputy's died. As much as I want to yell... I'm gonna hold myself back." Which I will promptly get out later on... --Troutpaw

"You remember my granddaughter," the elder began, and like most stubborn seniors, quickly forgot that she had a grandson and refused to acknowledge otherwise. "I'm sure you remember it, you always were very observant. Badgerpaw was training under Batstar, and I was so proud. But that no good, rotten Mossheart...she always went on about how she was better than Badgerpaw, as she had been trained by Batstar first and deserved to be leader. But as you remember, the clan always loved Badgerpaw's serenity and passion for tunneling regardless of all the hounding..." Nightshade rambled onward while Brightpaw listened intently while a pair of admiring, keen eyes rested on the elder. -- Brightpaw

Coalblaze sulked in the shadows as usual.—Coalblaze

Amberdawn dipped her head at Troutpaw's statement. "I'm gonna have to pull you from yelling off of a cliff, aren't I? There's no way you're doing this without preparing to rant later on." At this prediction, her apprentice flattened his ears. --Amberdawn & Troutpaw

Crowpaw yawned. “So how long are these tunnels and caves?” She asked out of her pure boredom. It was absolutely NOTHING like the forest, and ng she tried to catch scrambled away into their holes. Leaving her embarrassed and a bit doubtful she’d ever get the ways of CaveClan.-Crowpaw

"There's no knowing," Ambershade responded simply as she lead the way, with Growlstrike taking up the rear with a resting bitter expression on his features. "There's so many out there that even our ancestors were yet to explore." -- Ambershade

Brightpaw tucked her paws in closer to her chest as she listened to Nightshade's story go on and on, and slowly, her eyelids grew heavy. Nonetheless, she partially soaked in what the elder was saying. " was a cave-in that took that little apprentice, StarClan rest Badgerpaw's soul. Unexpected, it was very, very strange. You're no tunneler, you probably wouldn't understand but...y'see, you can usually feel it in your paws, in the tips of your whiskers when the ground is no good. But, nobody could predict that cave-in." At last, the elder seemed to have finished her tall tale. -- Brightpaw

Troutpaw, now bored since his mentor had left for the Gathering, lounged in his nest, looking up lazily at the sky. Why did Patherback have to die on the first day? Something's going on, I know it, but... whatever, I should relax. He narrowed his eyes after a second. But I'm so BORED. I should've gone to the Gathering. --Troutpaw

Leafdapple allowed Brightpaw to have the privelage of attending the Gathering by herself, to understand what it'd be like as a full medicine cat reporting to the others for her clan. The tortoiseshell-tail'd feline was walking outside of camp into the moonlight, to look for herbs. However, she walked with caution when she found Mossheart outside of camp, acting rather...bizarre. -- Leafdapple

Troutpaw sighed and stretched out of his nest. I wonder what Amberdawn is doing. I suggested I stay back to process my feelings. Blah blah blah, "whatever you say, Troutpaw." Ugh. How lame. There is nothing weird going on. Nope. --Troutpaw

Leafdapple was about to give away her position, quietly ask the warrior what she was doing before she realized that Mossheart was talking to someone. Yet...nobody was around? "...Yes, Badgerpaw, they're dead. What more do you want?" .... "Deputy. Yes, we want to be deputy. Now, Ambershade is in our way." -- Mossheart & Leafdapple

Troutpaw rolled his eyes. I wonder what the Gathering is like today. He stared up at the sky, shifting onto his back. The clouds are nice, I guess. --Troutpaw

Could she be...? No. Impossible! Leafdapple, as a former kittypet, always had a loose belief in Starclan. They continued to astonish her with their secrets and methods, but didn't seem holy at all. Leafdapple crept forward to better hear the unusual warrior, to see what she and the dead were planning, but...she snapped a twig. She felt a shudder run down her spine before Mossheart's soulless gaze fell on her. The medicine cat felt a world of hurt, before finally she felt nothing at all. -- Leafdapple & Mossheart

Troutpaw swore he heard a sound, but as there wasn't anything to suggest it was unusual, he shrugged it off. Probably just a kit. They like to play together and yell like that. --Troutpaw

Unknown trembled as he heard leafdapple and mossheart talk about dead cats... --Unknown

((Moss and Leaf are out of camp, and their conversation is private, nobody else is supposed to hear it...and Leaf isn't talking about dead cats.))

(can we move forward with the tundraclan plot?) - Stork

Bubblesplash sneaked into CaveClan territory covering herself with mud to hide her scent and apperance ugh i can't belive i am doing this! well at least i am smarter than the others. She then sneaked into CaveClan camp snatching up three cats that seemed kit sized one was a little bit heavy maybe it was a fat kit. (This is Troutpaw, wolfkit, and shadowkit that are being stolen.) --Bubblesplash

Troutpaw's head hit something on the way out, knocking him out until he reached TundraClan. -Troutpaw

With the Gathering over, Brightpaw returned to camp to find it surprisingly still. Batstar stopped beside her, mumbling something about potential tunnel patrols before he disappeared into his den to process the Gathering. Slowly, the little red she-cat crept into the medicine cat den, only to find it empty. The apprentice felt her stomach tense, and immediately her mind went to the worst possible scenario: Leafdapple had been killed by the mystery cat. No, Brightpaw, don't think of such things! It's moonhigh, I bet she's just fetching herbs. -- Brightpaw

Amberdawn returned along with the rest of her Clan, but didn't spot Troutpaw in camp. Eh, maybe he's just out somewhere. He's fine. He's absolutely fine... --Amberdawn

“Uh, hey.” Pantherpaw prodded his mother, who had been sleeping during the gathering. “Where are Wolfkit and Shadowkit?” “Huh?” Rivershade woke up “oh, no! Shadowkit!, Wolfkit! they disappeared! Batstar!” - Pantherpaw, Rivershade

Silverbreeze padded into the clearing with her kits. -- Silverbreeze

Sleektail's silver fur bushed out. "Missing kits?" he gasped. - Sleektail

Brightpaw couldn't settle without knowing that her mentor was ok, but no matter how hard she searched around camp or the beginning of the tunnels, she couldn't find the medicine cat. "I can't find Leafdapple either!" She protested in her typical quiet tone before deciding to head out of camp on her own. The apprentice quickened her pace when the metallic tang of blood bathed her tongue, only for Brightpaw to find Leafdapple dying in the grass by the border. "Leafdapple!" She gasped, darting to the medicine cat's side, leading the crumpled feline to stare softly into her apprentice's eyes. The blood-covered medicine cat tried to speak, but it was mostly nothing but incoherent gargling. "...Flee...!" Was all Leafdapple could manage until finally she could breathe no more, and succumbed. -- Leafdapple & Brightpaw

Amberdawn, now antsy with her lack of Troutpaw's bickering, began to shuffle around camp, nerves in her skin. Where is he?! --Amberdawn

Crow grumbled as she'd eaten the last mouse she could, If NO ONE would look for the stolen cats, she would herself. She slid out of the camp cave and scampered after the stale scent, WillowClan was the best option to ask for clues as she WAS welcomed there- sort of.-Crow

Later, Stagfall huffed as she dashed into camp. "Batstar!" She yowled. Crowpaw exited camp only moment's ago and her trail had left the border. She always knew WillowClan Cats were traitors. "Crowpaw left! Her scent goes all the way across the border towards WillowClan!-Stag

Vultureclaw stood by the warriors den, frowning. - Vultureclaw

(as it is nearly time for him to come home...) Some days later, Amberdawn made her way out of camp yet again to look for Troutpaw. I can't believe he'd just up and disappear like that! There's no way he'd leave like that, would he? Ugh, if the other cats found out... oh, they'd hate me so much. Losing my first apprentice because he runs away, how humiliating...! --Amberdawn

Stagfall muttered as she watched the entrance of camp protectively. - stag

Batstar received word of Leafdapple's sudden and disturbing death. The leader sat in his den with his ears pinned, gaze resting on the ground as he contemplated the situation his clan was stuck in. Why can't we find these murderers...? The slender leader wondered, pausing to raise his gaze and find Ambershade in his den. "...Batstar?" The surviving deputy called out with a brief twitch of her ear. "...We've lost the main tunnel. It just...collapsed." -- Batstar & Ambershade

(it's time!) Troutpaw finally discovered some CaveClan scent in neighboring StormClan, following it back to the border. His ears perked up as he entered; he had to have reeked of the other Clans. He was now focusing in on a different, and quite recent scent, one that he recognized as Amberdawn.

He sniffed for her scent, only to sense danger as he heard a shifting in the tunnels, hoping it was just Amberdawn... only to hear a sound of imminent doom. "Amberdawn!"

He spotted the edge of her russet fur as she seemed to be frozen in fear, rushing forward as quick as he could. "Get out of here!" His sudden hit sent Amberdawn back into camp, right from where she'd come out of a moment earlier, and she watched her apprentice narrowly escape. He collapsed once he'd escaped, coughing as the dust entered his nose and mouth.

"Amberdawn... I'm home." --Amberdawn & Troutpaw

Batstar scoffed lightly. "StarClan just wants us dead, it seems...without that major tunnel, we can't hunt." The leader slowly rose to his paws, allowing his gaze to settle on his adopted sister. "We must go to StormClan for aid. If they do not let us in...I'm afraid CaveClan may exist no longer." -- Batstar

Ambershade looked to her adopted brother with round, bewildered eyes. "To StormClan?" The deputy echoed, uncertain with his choice. "We might be neighbors, but what if...they deem us weak? What if they refuse to help us because they know we're vulnerable? They could destroy us!" The lilac-colored she-cat kept her voice down as they spoke in private, but her eyes were narrowed into a pair of ferocious slits. "We have no choice." Batstar reminded her firmly. -- Batstar & Ambershade

Crowpaw pricked her ears and dashed to the collapsed cave, only to gasp. “TROUTPAW?!” She scented the tom, unsure if he was dead, awake, asleep. She looked around. Was he... dead? Was all this looking to find her only, acquaintance, dead? - Crowpaw

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