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"Greetings," Firepaw mewed to Willowstar. - Firepaw

Swiftshadow blinked her eyes as she saw a starry pasture before her. “StarClan!” She suddenly felt a weight lunge at her and she tumbled to see a brown handsome tom above her. “Oh my dear Swiftshadow!” Swiftshadow touched noses with the tom. “My Brambleheart. I missed you.” A strong looking black and white she-cat padded up to them. She purred, “Having fun sis?” Swiftshadow battered at her sister. “Shut up Skyshadow. You never had a mate!” Skyshadow laughed. “Never wanted one!” The group huddled close. A orange tabby tom padded up to them. “I am Fang, father of Flame.” They all smiled and ran away in StarClan’s grounds.— Skyshadow, Swiftshadow, Brambleheart and Fang

Shatteredsky padded into a green clearing where a beautiful gray she-cat and a black, orange and white tom sat. “Grayfur and Shadespirit!” He bounded over to his mate and son and rubbed noses with them. His loving mate purred, “We have been waiting for you.” Shadespirit mewed, “I wish Flame was here.” He glanced at his love’s father. “I will love her always.” Shatteredsky touches noses with his son. “I have heard about her. She is very pretty. The best you can do for her is to watch her and love her on your own.” The three smiled and padded together in StarClan’s grounds.— Shatteredsky, Grayfur and Shadespirit

Firepaw stood to her paws. "I'm going to go hunting," she mewed to the great WillowClan leader. "Care to join?" - Firepaw

maple kit padded into the clearing. he could see everything- it was all so beautiful. "wow- " he mewed softly, his tail swaying. a tall grey she-cat padded to him with a smile, a shorter brown tom behind her. "maple! your here- but so soon-" his mother mewed, nuzzling him with a soft smile. the tom-cat sat next to him, curling his tail around him. maple smiled- he had finally met his parents- but where was snail? they had promised each other that if one of them died the other would die of sadness- so wasn't snail sad? --maplekit

Graystar nodded. "Follow." She padded into the thick trees, Firepaw close behind. - Firepaw & Graystar

maple nuzzled his mother with a small smile. he looked around, slowly padding around after his mothers allowing nod. everything felt so nice, he couldn't feel the old ache of his ears from when snail had jumped on him, or the feeling of slowly freezing- he felt great- --maplekit

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Windstrike laughed. “She thinks she can leave us. We’ll make her miserable. Mark my words Mapleblaze. We will kill everyone you love as revenge.”—Wind

Lilyspirit stalked through the dark trees, drowning in self pity. - Lilyspirit

Frostfang grinned as he’d lowered to pounce on Snowlight. The two mates hadn’t gone to StarClan, but to an even better place. A place without starclna as he’d wanted. Now all they had to do was connect with a living soul and use them. “Wait.” Snowlight licked her lips as blood sapped from the open wound on her chest that she’d died to. He paused as he let her get up. “Look.” And the two padded to a pool as they looked in to see the mountains of StormClan and a certain cream and silver tortoiseshell tabby coon queen. “Oh, Lemonrose? Why her?” He growled. Snowlight laughed. “Oh you’re such an idiot. We can use one of her kits. Or literally nay kit right now.” She grinned. “I’m sure we can convince someone.” Then looking to where he’d thought WillowClan territory was. “Perhaps the once’s who’s blood comes from here?” Snowlight shook her head. “You know what? You’re not so bright.” And she stalked off into the dark. Leaving her mate to himself—Frostfang & Snowlight

Graystar had entered the Dark Forest. She could sense Nightfire's presence behind her. They padded through the undergrowth, each pawstep sending waves of fear through the huge leader's ribs. - Graystar

Lilyspirit perked her ears. Is that a cat I smell? She started prowling through the forest. - Lilyspirit

Scar raised her head, showing her green eyes like her daughter. "I will come back Flame. I am not completely gone."—Scar

Snowlight grinned as she saw Scar. “Well we’ll well. Look What the cat dragged in. The so called murderer ‘scar’“ she grimanced.-Snowlight

Scar rolled her eyes. "Don't you have anything better to do, like staying in your nursery?"—Scar

“Heh. Kits here would already be dead in my paws.” Snowlight licked her claws though her wounds dropped sour blood as she moved. “I see you look disappointed being here, and you should know. We can visit dreams.”-Snowlight

Scar rolled her eyes. "I know that furball. I have a brain." She stood up. "I don't have time talking to you."—Scar

Snowlight shrugged. “Heh, figures.” Then padded away as something pricked her mind. She turned to see a silver she-cat. “Oh? It’s the WillowClan traitor I see.” She grinned to the new trainee. Rivergaze. Though the she-cat looked terrified. Rivergaze hissed.-Snow


Rivergaze oppened her eyes with a gasp, blood sapped from her through and she looked to see her open wound, flesh shown as she looked around the misty place. No stars lined the skies and she hissed. “Well well well.” She laughed. “Flowerbreeze, you will pay.” She started to laugh though she looked behind her as she felt movement and the calico had faded. She hissed as Snowlight appeared. “Well done my apprentice, welcome to the club. - Rivergaze

Sunnyshine peered out from behind a moldy tree-trunk. Her pale amber eyes glared across the dark clearing, even though there was no one around. When she glanced up at the sky, all she saw was a large, black expanse. There weren't even stars. Sunnyshine knew where she was: The Dark Forest- The Place of No Stars. Suddenly, the golden tabby perked her ears, hearing a slight noise in the bushes. Fear bit into her and she darted away into the shadows. - Sunnyshine

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