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The leader of a Clan is exactly that: the leader. They guide their Clan through high and low, making important decisions, leading their Clan into battle, and negotiating with other Clans. They are the first cat to take responsibility in a Clan crisis, and they have nine lives granted to them by StarClan, not so that they will be worshiped, but so that they can be the first to give their lives in battle, the last to eat from the fresh-kill pile. A leader is entitled to act always for the good of their Clan, rather than themselves. Usually, leaders train only the kits of deputies, but that is not a set rule. There may only be one leader per Clan at any given time.

Deputy Edit

The deputy of a Clan is second-in-command to the leader and organizes patrols, advises the leader, and often leads battles and makes decisions when the leader is incapable, away, or busy. The deputy is to be listened to, and usually should support their leader. According to the Warrior Code, deputies must become leader after the old leader dies, retires, is thrown out (in rare cases; only if the leader is really bad, as in the case of Brokenstar), or leaves. A deputy must be chosen before moonhigh (or midnight) after the last one dies, retires, leaves, is exiled, or becomes leader. There may only be one deputy per Clan at any given time.

Medicine Cat(s) Edit

A medicine cat is a healer. Forbidden to have a mate or kits, the medicine cat knows many, many herbs, ailments, and cures. It's their job to keep sickness or injury from weakening the Clan, as well as interpreting omens from StarClan, accompanying their leader to the Moonstone, Moonpool, or, in the case of this wiki, Moonwillow, to get their nine lives. Medicine cats journey every half moon to the Moonwillow to meet the other medicine cats and share with StarClan. The known record of medicine cats per Clan is three (throughout A Vision of Shadows, Alderpaw/heart, Jayfeather, and Leafpool are all medicine cats), although there is no known limit- but medicine cats are very rare (few have the abilities required), and usually the number never rises above two per Clan.

Senior Warriors Edit

Senior warriors are older, more experienced warriors in the Clan that haven't retired to the elders den yet. Leaders ask them for advice, and they are a popular category to choose from when picking the next deputy. They are typically above forty moons- although this is debatable. Young warriors and apprentices respect and look up to them. In addition to that, senior warriors will most likely fill in a deputy's place if the cat is journeying or gone.

Warriors Edit

Warriors are the defenders and hunters of the Clan. They have many tasks to do, such as ward off opposing Clans or creatures, patrol the borders, and care for their Clanmates in any way possible. Some are given an apprentice (only one at any given time) to train in the ways of a warrior. Warriors may have mates and kits. If a female warrior becomes pregnant, she becomes a queen (see below) and moves to the Nursery.

Apprentices Edit

Apprentices are warriors-in-training. They are typically apprenticed to one warrior, who teaches them to fight, hunt, patrol, and respect StarClan and the warrior code. A kit (see below) is named an apprentice after six moons. Apprentices take assessments every so often for their mentors to see their progress, and after roughly eight moons, apprentices have a final assessment. If they pass- the test is usually hunting- they become a warrior.

Medicine Cat Apprentices Edit

Medicine cat apprentices are medicine cats in training. Around the age of 6 moons, sometimes younger (as in Goosefeather in Goosefeather's Curse), they are apprenticed to the current medicine cat. Like medicine cats, they go to the Moonwillow every half-moon, or two weeks, and share tongues with StarClan in their dreams. Medicine cat apprentices' training periods are substantially longer than a warrior apprentice's.

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