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Redstar padded into the moonlit area. Surprised none of the clans where there yet, he had leaped on his favorite branch of twotrees and started to warm up. He grinned as he saw his clan make way. ThornClan was strong- until he forgot what he had to say. Oh StarClan! Uh, Frostycloud and Frecklenose- um, more kits! Uh, Mintgaze has bore my litter of four kits. And uh, Lostwhisper was exiled- What to say was harder than he’d thought recalling this had been his first gathering.—Redstar

Fleetfoot sat near her apprentice. “Stay close to me and talk to no one. This is your first gathering (right?) so you need to pay attention to the other clans. But since there aren’t any clans here you can go talk with the other apprentices for a bit until they come.” She meowed with a flick of her tail. Then drawing in a breath, she had watched as the tangled trees filtered the moonlight onto the forest floors.—Fleetfoot

Quillstar approached the meeting place with his clan, carrying his head low. He knew WillowClan looked somewhat dreadful in comparison to their bold entrance the moon before. His warriors were marred with wounds still healing from their recent fight. But we're still strong. The massive hybridized feline reminded himself. -- Quillstar

The journey from camp to the meeting place left Stonetooth's leg feeling stiff and painful. I knew I should've begged Ripplepool for poppy seeds before we left... The tom thought regrettably as he winced minorly with each step. But it was the hope that he'd see Riverstone alive and well with SeaClan that kept him going, that and, although he was yet to admit it. -- Stonetooth

Naturally, Foxstar walked with pride as he stepped into the meeting place. As usual, his clan was fat with fish, atlhough the rain had been somewhat hindersome. Oh- and their little "pest" was somewhat concerning, but it wasn't a problem he's share with the other clans. For all they knew, SeaClan was prospering well. -- Foxstar

Lightningstrike padded behind Foxstar, his head held high with pride as him and the rest of SeaClan made their way to Twotrees. SeaClan was well, even if Frostpaw had broken her leg, and the storms had been pretty bad. And two apprentices had died. But SeaClan was strong, nonetheless! - Lightningstrike

Lionfrost sat under Twotrees among the other deputies, as Redstar leapt up onto the branches. - Lionfrost

Fangflame followed Quillstar to Twotrees, looking up. This was her first time being deputy at a Gathering. - Fangflame

Wolfpaw looked at Twotrees. He hadn’t been to Gatherings many times. - Wolfpaw (WC)

Birchpaw and Cedarpaw followed in the crowd of their Clan and others, awed by the sight of all of the other cats. Neither had been to Gatherings often, and Birchpaw glanced over at his sister as she began to shiver. "It's okay, Cedarpaw, you're safe..." --Birchpaw & Cedarpaw

"Hi!" Spottedpaw bounded over to Birchpaw and Cedarpaw "I'm Spottedpaw! SeaClan! What are your names?"

"...Birchpaw, and this is my twin sister Cedarpaw." His chocolate tabby sister struggled to stop her shivering, but still managed to keep herself collected. "We're both from WillowClan. Please, don't mind my sister; she gets quite nervous around large crowds." At this, she flattened her ears in embarrassment. -- Birchpaw & Cedarpaw

Batstar lead CaveClan to the gathering, and once more, he showed up with a different deputy. He had elected Ambershade for the day, and he'd make his permanent choice once they returned to camp. However, he was already pleased with his adopted sister's progress as temporary deputy. -- Batstar

Salmontooth felt somewhat better, so naturally, Foxstar forced him to attend the gathering. 'Socializing will be good for you' he says. 'It'll be fun' he says. The bicolor tom thought bitterly, although his temper only flared when he saw his half-brother, Quillstar, standing so confidently up there with the other leaders. It made the SeaClan tom snarl under his breath. Wouldn't he have made dad so proud...! -- Salmontooth

Amberdawn, arriving with her Clan, stretched as she settled to watch the gathering. Troutpaw wasn’t with her - he’d insisted he’d stay home to deal with his feelings about Pantherback. I sure hope he’s okay back there... —- Amberdawn

Crowpaw knew she shouldn’t go off to WillowClan’s side to look for Wolf, he was here right? She might have Batstar eye on her still. Probably one of those ‘Wait, are you sharing secrets!?’ Kind of things. She just sat and looked around.-Crow

BreezeClan padded into the clearing, Swiftstar and Cloudwatcher at their head. The Clan's leader nodded a greeting to Quillstar, leaping up onto the left oak. "Is all well with WillowClan?" The feline's sharp green eyes didn't miss the drastic reduction of their numbers at this Gathering. -- Swiftstar

Redstar shuddered. Well, WillowClan was totally well! He thought sarcastically. Though Swiftstar seemed to avoid his gaze, “anything wrong?” He asked to the leader. “Not with your clan of course! But, you seem troubled by ThornClan.” He meowed.—Redstar

Wolfpaw caught sight of Crowpaw. - Wolfpaw (WC)

Corwpaw kept to herself really. She had started to groom herself.-Crowpaw

Crowpaw looked over at Smokesong, is it weird to be crushing on a new warrior? Well  it won't be for long once i become a warrior. If Swiftstar lets me. --Crowpaw (BC)

Appleberry shifted her paws and looked around, scanning the crowd for just one familiar face. - Appleberry

Wolfpaw felt conflicted about seeing his sister at the Gathering. Should he go talk to her? Would she even want to talk to him? Had she forgotten about him already, like Ember and Gale must have? Did he even want to go over to her? After she left WillowClan, and sided with Rivergaze? He didn’t know what to do. - Wolfpaw (WC)

Venomfang didn’t know why, but he kind of wished that Half-face had been chosen to come to the gathering too. - Venomfang

Swiftstar was loathe to reveal crucial information, but this could be an opportunity to gain some knowledge of her own. The oriental she-cat shifted her paws, considering her next words. "Some of our warriors have been discussing the legitimacy and reason of taking the cure to the plague. They point out that they don't want to owe favors to WillowClan." -- Swiftstar

"I can handle myself, Birchpaw," Cedarpaw murmured, still shivering. "I-I-I'll be okay." Her brother raised a brow but didn't argue, instead refocusing to listen to the gathering. --Birchpaw & Cedarpaw

"We suffered a heavy attack," Quillstar admitted with a heavy heart, his eyes darting to his paws. "We defeated the Pack, but...ScarClan's still out there. We lost many of our warriors, particularly our senior members." He then listened attentively with his feathered ears perked as Swiftstar shared her concerns regarding politics in the cure. "No- BreezeClan doesn't owe WillowClan anything. Why would they think that?" -- Quillstar

Batstar sat in his place impatiently with a twitch of his tail. "What's taking SwampClan so long? We're burning valuable moonlight." The bitter oriental tom grumbled as he shifted his lean form from where he sat. While the other clans were probably unbothered about wasting "sleep time", CaveClan lived in the night. They were missing out on hunting opportunities. "Emberstar's never this late." -- Batstar

Frostycloud beamed at all the new faces as she walked after her fellow ThornClan warriors. Finally- she was a warrior, at the Gathering! Would Redstar announce her name when he shared the news? Was she that special? Would the others like her new name as much as she did? -- Frostycloud

Streakedfur settled down by a bush and waited for the Gathering to start.--Streakedfur

"I really don't know..." Swiftstar sighed. "Ah, well. We'll soon calm it down, I'm sure." She met the WillowClan leader's gaze. "I'm glad to hear WillowClan hasn't been defeated. BreezeClan is thankful for the cure, no matter what some of our medicin- warriors say."

Turning to Batstar, she nodded in agreement, cocking her head. "I wonder what's taking him?" -- Swiftstar

In a distance Redstar gasped, making many ThornClan cats turn. “How!” He growled, bristling and widening his eyes. It was him. The black tom grinned. “Oh Redstar. Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill you.” He rolled his eyes. Yet. Redstar thought. He flatter his ears as scrawny looking TundraClan cats trembled as they followed behind him, a few cats looked rebellious, but. Redstar growled. “You should never have come back Lostwhisper.” He hissed. But the tom chuckled. “Loststar.”—Redstar & Loststar

Stormsong watched the leaders. - Stormsong

Deepclaw watched in shock, mouth agape. "Lostwhisper.. no, Loststar is back?! This cannot be good....." - Deepclaw

Swiftstar narrowed her sage-green eyes at the black tom. "Lostwhisper..." the name sounded faguely familiar, but not so much so that she knew who this new "leader" was. Nevertheless, the elegant BreezeClan cat decided to take the lead and attempt to take stock of the situation. " What is your business here tonight?" -- Swiftstar

Loststar barked a laugh. “Same as all of you, Swiftstar. To discuss clan affairs, and news.” He meowed but the tension in his claws were killing him, he wanted Redstar dead. “TundraClan is with me.” He meowed. Before Redstar burst. “You were exiled! You killed Shadowstar! You almost killed your own apprentice and you killed your first apprentice!” He yowled.-Redstar & Loststar

Crow grinned as Wolf was staring at where she ‘had’ been. She then pounced on him, laughing. “What’s up Wolf.” She meowed happily.—Crowpaw (CC)

He stared up at her, not sure what to say. Not sure if he should say anything. But eventually he smiled and said, “Nothing much. Just training. You?” - Wolfpaw (WC)

Crow shrugged. “Uh....... well I was promised to be a ‘co-deputy’ by Troutpaw, uh, TOTALLY made friends with Growlstrike, apprenticed to Ambershade, Uh, and.” She paused, whispering in his ear. “Don’t tell anyone, but like, all the deputies are being murdered on the first day. Really sucks.” She meowed. Not realizing how much she’s missed him,—Crow

Birchpaw and Cedarpaw listened at the sounds of the two leaders arguing. "What happened before?" she hissed, and her brother shrugged. --Cedarpaw

"Clearly, something major," he replied. "Something about killing past leaders and apprentices, intentionally or not." He paused to think. "Would anyone intentionally kill us?" he wondered out loud, scaring his sister. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, shh..." --Birchpaw

Ripplepool stared uneasily at the sky. Clouds fluttered the stars, he wondered if it was a sign, “We should start.” He meowed. Not looking away from the clouds. “We can’t keep StarClan waiting again.” He meowed.—Ripple

Wolfpaw’s eyes widened with surprised. “Really?” He gasped. “And I won’t tell anyone.” He added, in a whisper.

Crowpaw nodded. “It’s freaky.” She muttered. “But it is a bit more eventful than WillowClan I think.” She meowed. “No offense.” She meowed to wolf.-Crow

Quillstar cast a glare in Loststar's direction, but bit his tongue. He could sense something ominous in the air, and glanced up to see the clouds threatening to cover the moon. So, to hurry things along to get back to camp as soon as he possibly could, Quillstar stepped forward. "WillowClan is recovering well from a recent attack endured by ScarClan and a popular rogue group, The Pack. The group has since been disbanded following the death of their leader. Nonetheless our nursery is flooded with kits thanks to our hardworking queens: Ashbreeze, Mothfeather, Dewshine, and Danita." The leader did not mention Juniperberry, considering that their situation was...against the code. -- Quillstar

(hawk has given me permission to post for swiftstar, so...) The tabby leader flicked her tail. "BreezeClan is pleased to introduce our newest apprentices, Hawkpaw and Firepaw. We have also welcomed Whiteflame's kits to the Clan." --Swiftstar

Birchpaw and Cedarpaw listened on in silence, and Amberdawn spotted the two apprentices sitting together. What a nice relationship they share. --Amberdawn, Birchpaw, & Cedarpaw

"Prey is running well in SeaClan. Our water levels are growing dangerously high, but regardless, our clan flourishes with kits and apprentices. With time, we will have an impressive number of warriors once more." Foxstar kept his report brief, considering that there wasn't much occuring in his clan. Things seemed half-decent since they received the cure. -- Foxstar

"Things are well in CaveClan." Batstar seemed even more brief, and clearly, he was hiding something. Hiding something he refused to disclose during the Gathering, a situation much too private and dangerous. "We welcome a small pawful of kits and a new apprentice: Crowpaw." He stepped back into the shadows. That was all the slender tom would reveal. -- Batstar

"That's an overused term around here, isn't it? 'Well'?' The voice came unexpectedly from the edges of the Gathering place. Some cats half-expected it to be SwampClan, running late, but it certainly wasn't Emberstar's voice. From the shadows stepped a tom with mocha-colored fur, mottled with neat leopard-like rosettes. Behind him came a number of gruesome, battle-hardened warriors that walked with confidence in their stride. "I can tell you now that SwampClan's far from 'well'- in fact, they aren't anything at all. They're dead. SwampClan has been disbanded." The stranger raised his chin as familiar hisses of mistrust sounded from WillowClan's side. They recognized him- was he surprised? "But ScarClan is thriving well. I have come to reassure the clans that we will be ever-present and ever strong. But, of course, like in moons past under Scarstar's reign...our loyalty can always be temporarily 'purchased' by means of goods." ---- ???? of ScarClan

Wolfpaw heard the voice, and whipped around, unsheathing his claws, and letting out a hiss. “Who are you?” He heard Lightningstrike demand. - Lightningstrike and Wolfpaw (WC)

"Muddyfang, ScarClan's new leader." The rosetted tom took a shameless step forward, resting his unblinking gaze on SeaCan's newest deputy. "You all remember the stories you heard when you were kits, of how ScarClan once took claim to the thought that it was just to keep you from sneaking out of the nursery at night. It's not, I can promise you. ScarClan has the lineage of the Elites in its camp once more. You all have been warned." -- Muddyfang

Lightningstrike glared at Muddyfang. - Lightningstrike

Redstar glared before flicking his tail to steal the attention from the ScarClan cats, “well, ThornClan is thriving well, with my first litter of kits, along with lots, and strong warriors. Lionfrost is the new deputy, and we have Frecklenose and Frostycloud as new warriors.” He meowed, not taking his eyes off of Muddyfang. “And we’ll me marking the borders more to the northwest sides.” He meowed, shifting his gaze to Loststar and Muddyfang.—Redstar

Loststar laughed. “We’ll see.” He grunted before flexing his claws. “Well, Huh, TundraClan has nothing to inform the other clans other than to watch your borders and be prepared. I’m sure ThornClan will take this message to heart.” He meowed, flicking his tail with a yawn.—Loststar

At this response from Loststar, Amberdawn's fur raised in a mix of anxiety and anger. Birchpaw and Cedarpaw, some distance away, huddled together, the latter pressing into her twin's side. "What does that even mean...?" she whispered quietly, and he shook his head. I don't know what that means. I don't think anybody does. Nervously, the twin apprentices cast a look at Muddyfang, then back at each other. --Amberdawn, Birchpaw, & Cedarpaw

Quillstar held Muddyfang's gaze, who seemed ominously cool under the pressure. At last, WillowClan's leader broke off eye contact to look up to the sky. Clouds were slowly forming over the moon. "I think StarClan has spoken. The Gathering has ended." The hybrid leader spoke tensely before he glowered over at Muddyfang and Loststar. Even StarClan does not approve of their presence. -- Quillstar & Muddyfang

Loststar grinned as he flicked his tail and TundraClan ran back to camp, though knowing the clans would obviously expect him to have taken their kits. He knew what he had to do, and if it meant killing Sycamore, so be it.- Lost

”well, I guess that’s done” Oakpaw sighed. then he turned toward the rest of WillowClan and followed Quillstar back to camp. - Oakpaw

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Icegaze decided not to follow her clan, she hid behind a tree and once everyone was gone, she came out. She couldn’t take anything anymore, she needed to be with Mossystone. To her surprise he was there too. He padded up to her. “I told them I wanted to hunt.” He muttered. She sighed. “So.” She drew a breath. “What now?” He looked around. “I don’t think a little hunting would be so bad as long as you’re in.” He grinned. She chuckled. “As long as you teach me to climb tree’s That is.” He added. then they both raced around the twotrees and had their fun until dawn.

As the sun rose Icegaze found herself and Mossystone sleeping on a thick tree branch together. She flinched. “Mossystone.” She muttered. “We have to go.” Even if she loved the long night with him. She knew that they where still from different clans. He nodded as he stretched. “Think you can get down?” She asked as she leaped the quickest way down. He gulped. “I hope I’ll remember.” As he did it she held her laughs, that was the most clumsy thing she saw him do. She sighed as they both hit the floor.

“Mossystone, will you meet me here tomorrow night? When everyone's asleep?” She asked. He yawned. “of course I will.” He murmured. She smiled. “Alright!” Then she dashed back to where the other WillowClna cats vanished. leaving Mossystone to his thoughts. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” And padded back towards SwampClan territory, crossing the Thunderpath and finally going home.Mossy x Ice

"I'm so excited!" Cinderpaw bounced in her step, albeit somewhat cautious and nervous about breaking the rules and heading out night to meet with other cats her age. She twitched anxiously, although that eager gleam remained in her sage pools as her gaze trained on her littermate, who walked on and seemed solemn per usual. "I'm also frightened about breaking rules, still feels good, so secretive and cool! I hope we can make lots of friends and have plenty of funny." Cinderpaw purred, but hesitated as she paranoid-ly looked behind herself for the hundredth time. Truth be told, due to her Dark Forest heritage and stories from the elders, Cinderpaw was terrified of the dark. She feared that the Dark Forest monsters would emerge from the shadows and drag her into the depths. If Leopardpaw hadn't gone along with her...she wouldn't have attended the secret apprentice-only meeting. She would have been too scared.

Leopardpaw twitched his whiskers as he protectively sat next to his sister in the empty Gathering place, his fur touching hers in order to comfort his littermate. "Looks like we're the first here." He commented in a silent tone, battle-scarred ears trained on the empty darkness. However, scents rode on the wind, foretelling the approach of several other apprentices. -- Cinderpaw & Leopardpaw

Vinepaw approached the clearing, her sleek fur shining. - Vinepaw

Nettlepaw slipped from under a beech, her calico pelt shimmered as dew lined her fur, She flinched as she saw the first arrivals and smiled wildly, padding up to them and shaking her pelt of the dew. "Hi! i'm Nettlepaw! From StormClan! No one told me WillowClan would be here!" She purred with amusement to herself as she approached the two WillowClanners.- Nettle

"I overheard the older apprentices gossiping about it, so I came over to see if the rumor was true." Cinderpaw admitted, still feeling somewhat guilty over breaking the clan's rules about leaving unaccompanied. "My name's Cinderpaw and this is my brother, Leopardpaw!" The rosetted she-cat purred, although her brother was silent and seemed generally disinterested in being at the meeting. What if ScarClan decided to roll around? -- Leopardpaw & Cinderpaw

Firepaw had no interest in waiting around for Hawkpaw and her slow paws- he had trouble to create! The large ginger apprentice did his best to sneak along, but he had forgotten how big he was getting and wasn't the best at stalking in the shadows. It was then that he happened across CaveClan's medicine cat, Brightpaw. She seemed awfully pretty and calm, but he couldn't resist the opportunity to scare the distracted she-cat. He jumped from behind a boulder and shouted on top of his lungs so even StarClan could hear him. "BOO!" -- Firepaw (BC) & Brightpaw

Nettlepaw flinched at the yowl. "ugh. BreezeClanners... So odd." She shifted before turning back to Cinderpaw and Leopardpaw. "Hi Leopardpaw! You seem awful quiet." she meowed. - Nettlepaw

Leopardpaw, with no interest and mingling, helped himself into a tree in hopes of finding peace while his sister did her "social butterfly thing". Cinderpaw turned, quick to cover up for her brother. "...He's not feeling well." -- Cinderpaw & Leopardpaw

Vinepaw perked her ears, overhearing the voices of some cats talking. She padded over. A snow mink rosetted she-cat, who smelled of WillowClan, was speaking to a StormClan apprentice. A WillowClan tom was up in a tree. Vinepaw surveyed the three, before mewing, "Hello." - Vinepaw

Birchpaw and Cedarpaw had snuck out of camp, waiting until dusk (and until their mentors were presumably asleep) to escape from WillowClan, and entered separately from the other apprentices from their Clan. Upon spotting the other Clans' apprentices, Cedarpaw swallowed nervously and began to shiver. "It's alright, Cedarpaw... there's no need to be scared, this is a friendly Gathering." --Birchpaw & Cedarpaw

"It's alright. I have those times since my mentor is deputy, it's like he's too busy to train me. And we don't really socialize other than me taking orders and such." Nettlepaw shrugged before turning to the other BreezeClanner. "Hi! I'm Nettlepaw!" - Nettlepaw

Mosspaw looked around at all the other apprentices, unsure of what to do. - Mosspaw

Hawkpaw padded up to Mosspaw. "Hey. How're you?"

She turned to the mass of apprentices. "Also, Swallowpaw said he couldn't attend, just wanted to let you guys know!" -- Hawkpaw

“Fine.” Said Mosspaw. - Mosspaw

Vinepaw dipped her head. "Hi, I'm Vinepaw," she replied to Nettlepaw. - Vinepaw

"This is SO cool!" Nettlepaw turned to leap back as a large black she-cat clouded her path. "Mhm" Moonpaw grumbled. Sunpaw decided she needed rest for more training with Lionfrost? Moonpaw was convinced she LUUVED her mentor. Bleck. She ruffled her fur looking like a shadow in the night. "Sorry! Didn't see ya there.." moonpaw grumbled as the she-cat before her looked for a name. "Moonpaw." She meowed. - Moonpaw

"You don't seem very enthusiastic," observed Hawkpaw. "I was just made an apprentice three sunrises ago, so I'm pretty excited to be here." -- Hawkpaw

Moonpaw rolled her eyes as she padded under a clump of herns to groom herself. - Moonpaw

Nettlepaw purred happily. "So what's the plan!? are we just gonna sit here or...?" She practically exploaded with excitement. - Nettlepaw

Leopardpaw sat on the branch, tucking his paws underneath his slender form to keep his balance, but also hopefully find his peace. He kept a close eye on his sister, but decided to drown out the chatter nonetheless. -- Leopardpaw

Firepaw stepped forward and puffed out his broad, white-furred chest. "Let's spar!" The large red tom from BreezeClan barked vigorously, clearly hoping to boast his few learned skills. Brightpaw shuffled into the edges of the gathering place cautiously, flicking a red-shaded ear. "...I'll" The quiet-natured feline decided. -- Firepaw (BC) & Brightpaw

The scent of TundraClan drifted over the meeting place as Driftpaw slowly made her way inside. Despite being eight moons old, she kept her posture proper, as if she was a warrior held to high respects. The lapis-eyed apprentice sent a scournful glance in Firepaw's direction. "Of course a brawny mouse-brain like yourself was suggest such a topic. Nobody wants to watch you make a greater fool out of yourself." Driftpaw leaned against the bark of a tree coolly. With the recent events in TundraClan, Driftpaw didn't expect her presence to be well-received. But what did she care? She thought herself perfect.  "Hunting would be a much more reasonable activity." -- Driftpaw

Cinderpaw quivered in excitement. "Let's do all of those things!" She blurted out cheerfully, despite the arrogant attitude that Driftpaw appeared to carry. "We have the whole night to ourselves! We could hunt, and spar, and share stories..." -- Cinderpaw

Spottedpaw hopped up and down. She raced around in circles, and then fell down, and got back up. She did this a few more times and then sat down and said "I'm bored. When is all the fun stuff going to start?" She ran around a little more and then sighed. -Spottedpaw

Vinepaw flicked an ear. She glanced at Firepaw. "I can spar," she mewed. The adventurous she-cat was also eager to try out battle moves. - Vinepaw

Firepaw's grin was ear to ear. Vinepaw was one of his own clanmates, but that didn't mean he couldn't wow the other apprentices by boasting his sparring skills. "Let's do this!" The chutzpah-comprised feline challenged without a moment of hesitation, quickly taking a bold step forward. -- Firepaw (BC)

Spottedpaw's pelt stunk of SeaClan fish, but Cinderpaw wasn't one to discriminate against potential friends. "We could go hunting, and see whoever else wants to tag along?" The rosetted feline offered, noticing that Driftpaw stepped forward with the intent of tagging along. Cinderpaw glanced up at Leopardpaw in his tree, hopeful that her brother would be willing to give the strangers a chance. -- Cinderpaw

Nettlepaw closed her eyes to think, "HMMMMMMM" she mumbled, "Why don't we get some honeycomb! I love honey! So sweet, it'll be fin cause we need to run from the bees! I'm WAY faster than those yellow bugs!" Nettlepaw suggested, "Or flower picking for kits or others!" She added. there was nothing wrong with a little flowers right?" - Nettlepaw

Vinepaw narrowed her eyes and launched herself at Firepaw, careful to keep her claws sheathed. - Vinepaw

With the other apprentices playing around them, the pair of brown tabby siblings finally broke into a play-fight, careful not to accidentally scratch each other. --said brown tabbies in question

Firepaw, eager to prove himself a capable fighter before the collection of multi-clan apprentices, rolled with Vinepaw to the ground. He kept his claws sheated (for now, at least), but did his best to use his superior size to his advantage. -- Firepaw (BC)

Leopardpaw twitched an ear before slinking out of his tree as apprentices interacted around him. He was still cautious- who knew what ScarClan spies might be out there, eager to take him back? -- Leopardpaw

Vinepaw kicked her back legs into Firepaw's belly in hopes of knocking the tom away. - Vinepaw

In hopes of getting revenge on his sister for winning their last play-fight, Birchpaw quickly pinned his sister to the ground, just as he had the last time. Cedarpaw seemed to sense a tension in his body and froze, allowing him to think he'd won. "You're not even going to fight back?" he murmured, confused.

"No." He relaxed. "Just kidding." She quickly pushed him off again, tackling him to wrestle. --Birchpaw & Cedarpaw

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Archives: Quillstar's Nine Lives Ceremony, Juniperberry’s Medicine Cat Ceremony,

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Ripplepool skidded to a hault as he looked up the pale tree, the Moon Willow. though a breeze blew some of the leaves off as he looked to a storm oon SeaClan territory, he then turned back, climbed the tree, and fell asleep. Waking in mild darkness, "Hello? StarClan, i need your guidence!" He yowled an echo. a figuyre stared before him. his breath left him and tears come to his eyes.

Rainsplash felt warm as she saw her son once again. "Ripplepool, you don't need our guidence." She meowed. "You've guided yourself, you've been brave-" "I can't, ive lost everything, everyone i loved..." he cried. She padded up to him and let him dig his sniffly nose into her fur.

"How can i decide what i want, knowing everyone i get close to..." Rainsplash's breath rest on him. "Ripplepool, we're all behind you. right here when you need us, walking with you in every pawstep. We're always there for you, I'll always be here for you." She nuzzled him. "We will alwasy be here for you." She meowed. he looked up from his mother and... he watched as Dewshine, Tidekit, Juniperberry, Dustypaw and an odd tom appeared. "Are you... Hawktalon?" He asked in amazement. He nodded.

Rainsplash felt herself breathe, "You haven't lost everyone." SHe reminded him, "You have Dewshine's kits and your own." "Baykit" He brerathed. Rainsplash nodded. "You have your clan and the powers of the stars with you. No one could ever break that." She then licked his forehead as the others vanished.

"And once you've followed your destiny to the end." Ripplepool felt her tears on him. "We'll be right here when you come here, "I'll be right here."

Ripplepool blinked away the tears, feeling... at peace again, "Mother." He started as she started to fade."I love you." He purred as he pushed into her fur a last time, and she murmured back. "I love you too." Before he woke with rain droplets scattering his fur, and confidence growing in his chest. he closed his eyes, right before he leaped off the tree and made a run for camp. he was ready for what StarClan laid for him. He had a clan to protect. - Ripplepool & Rainsplash


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Brightpaw was without her mentor since Leafdapple's gruesome death. She lay down before the willow, praying that Starclan could shine light on the troubles of her dying clan. -- Brightpaw

Ripplepool without question padded to the tree, he climbed it, he wanted answers right away, he knew StarClan was awaiting him. Even if no one was here, this was for the sake of his clan. He lay on the branches of the tree and touched the bark. Instantly feeling himself instantly vanish from the world and go into his dreams, he found himself standing alone in darkness, “StarClan?” He asked, he knew someone Must be listening, “I need you! WillowClan has fallen to madness, Cedarpaw and Birchpaw don’t deserve this!” He yowled again. - Ripple (for Cavestar whiskers)

Cavestar stepped from the undergrowth. "StarClan sees all, Ripplepool." The red-furred tom murmured, although he didn't quite clarify as to what he meant with "all". He swept his massive tail to the side. "WillowClan must exile Cedarpaw and Birchpaw. Go- that's all you must know." -- Cavestar

Ripplepool stared in disbelief, “what?” They did kill Jaystripe... how could two apprentices... WillowClan has had some issues with rogues in the past. Haunted by Dustypaw’s death, he looked to the leader as Cavestar started to fade. “Wait! I don’t understand!” Though no response made him fume. Though he wondered quietly to himself. If that’s what StarClan wants... he woke and off he went. - Ripple

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Jumped into the air catching a wren. Landing he dragged it across the forest floor to his tree hideout. --Sleet

Dewshine lifted her head as she scented something.... it was dead... a wren? She growled as she then followed the trail of blood and hissed as she saw the huge white tom. “Hey!”—Dewshine

Sleet quickly wipped around seeing Dewshine "Hey." Sleet said puffing out his chest. --Sleet

Dewshine growled. Was this tom stupid? Was he really thinking to get her out of his fur with some nonsense charm? She hissed. ‘This is WillowClan territory and that is WillowClan prey, you will pay for taking that in these stupid hard times!” She flattened her ears and wrinkled her snout.-Dew

"Hard times!" Sleet laughed "Well clearly then you aren't hunting in the right spots! The forest is abundent with prey now that it is newleaf. Your cute when you are mad." Sleet said --Sleet

Dewshine hissed. “Are you kidding me! My mother just died to stupid foxes! You rogues are so annoying! You care about yourselves! Ungrateful pieces of dung!” How could he be so happy if everything wasn’t happy? Though he wasn’t there. He would never understand. She growled as she crouched to attack him.—Dewshine

Sleet flinched "Well seems like you needed an outlet." Sleet walked toward Dewshine winding his tail around hers. --Sleet

Dewshine pulled away and raked her claws on his muzzle. “Stay away from me and leave this territory you mangy fleabag!” She hissed. Bristling.—Dewshine

Sleet teared away in suprise licking around his nose to catch the blood. "Heh, got i firey attitude to..." Sleet turned around looking back at her "I'll spare you today... Oh, and i am going to keep this." Sleet grabbed the wren and stated to walk away. --Sleet

Dewshine hissed as she flattened her fur and made sure he left. Then sighed and padded back to camp.-Dew

(ok, we can stop here til next time)-Willow

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Dewshine froze as she saw him, “you!” She hissed.

Sleetstorm grinned handsomely, “why hello, we meet again.”

“Go away!” She hissed.

“Uh Huh.” He grumbled

“I guess I’ll go.” He shrugged and turned, though grinned as she said, “okay, wait.” As a sigh. He turned again with a willing look.

“What?” Sleet said, swerving around.

“Can we! Sort of—have a chat?” She meowed, looking to her paws. “Sure.” He said. Laying his tail over his paws... “I like you.” She admitted. Looking to her paws.

“Same here.” He said, padding next to her to brush against her. “I can’t be in my clan without you.” He meowed. She wondered, “clan? I thought you where a rogue..” “I joined TundraClan...” he said, embarrassed. She sighed. “Maybe we should just keep meeting here.” She sighed.—Dew x Sleet


What in the name of StarClan am I doing? The SeaClan deputy questioned himself over and over as he made the trek to the distant border of WillowClan. It was quite a walk from Minnowsplash's SeaClan home, and he knew that cats would question his sudden disappearance. When he returned, he planned to lie, because that was all he could do. If they knew that their deputy had fallen for a cat outside of his clan, let alone another leader, they wouldn't know what to think of him.

Eventually, they'd have to know the truth, they'd find out one way or another. But now was not the time. Minnowsplash continued to pace outside of Willowclan's border, hoping that it would be Mistystar who found him. That'd be some dumb luck, but one can only hope... -- Minnowsplash

Mistystar pelted to the entrance of camp ((not in accordance with the WillowClan roleplay, but I guess that is fine...?)). I'm late! She sped to the border as fast as her dark brown legs would carry her. Thankfully, her Clan's border with SeaClan was fairly close to WillowClan's camp; the chocolate point she-cat didn't have to travel long to arrive. A flame point pelt caught her eye. "Minnowsplash!" --Mistystar

The deputy stopped in his path, immediately pricked his ears and swiveling around on his paws to face the chocolaty she-cat. "Mistystar!" Minnowsplash greeted with glee in his tone and warmth in his sky-blue eyes. "How are you? Have you recovered? How's that kit you found?" He didn't mean to dump a hoard of questions on her, but...he honestly missed her company, despite his initial bitterness. -- Minnowsplash

"We're good. The kit is fine. How is SeaClan? Guess what! Shadowchaser found the cure to the plague! I don't know if this is old news... I've not been up-to-date for a while..." Mistystar grinned. -- Mistystar

"I don't think we've received the cure yet, but I'm glad to hear that all is well on your part." The SeaClanner responded with a kind smile, waving his tail before he slowly settled into a seated position. "We haven't been hit too bad by the plague, thankfully. Although, I've received word that one of our warriors seems to be ill now." -- Minnowsplash

"Really? I'll have Shadowchaser send the cure as fast as possible. Nightfoot, Echolight, and Snowstorm are dead..." the chocolate point she-cat trailed off. "...And... Flamepaw killed two of her Clanmates. Two of her Clanmates. And a ThornClan apprentice. I- I exiled her." Mistystar looked down at her paws. "Being a leader is so hard sometimes..." -- Mistystar

"I'm sorry for your losses," Minnowsplash dipped his head respectfully. "But I think you made the correct decision, Mistystar. StarClan knows what could happen next- and if ThornClan found out? WillowClan and ThornClan have been at each others' throats for generations." He attempted to rest his flame-colored tail on the pointed leader's shoulders. "It's hard, I understand. I'm deputy and not leader, but I acknowledge the stress you carry. The decisions you make aren't easy, and it can affect so many cats- but I can tell that WillowClan flourishes under your control. You should be proud of what you've accomplished." -- Minnowsplash

"Thanks... But she killed my niece- now I want to kill her but I know I shouldn't... Skyshadow loves her so much," Mistystar confided. "I hope she can leave the Clans in peace. I don't want to kill her, but I never want to see her again... Anyways. How are you?" -- Mistystar

"Killing is against the code- I understand that you're upset, but stooping to her level would only make matters worse." The tom responded honestly, removing his tail so that he could curl it around his ginger paws. "I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. Just..." Minnowsplash struggled with the words. How could he put it? Was it to soon to admit that he'd really, really missed her? It was making him struggle to focus on his duties. -- Minnowsplash

"Yeah..." Mistystar smiled. "Thanks." What am I doing? Meeting a SeaClan cat? But I can't seem to stop thinking about him... -- Mistystar

"Yeah..." The SeaClan deputy trailed off, staring at his paws as he shuffled them about in the dry dirt. What was he to do? "Mistystar, look." Minnowsplash began, although he wasn't sure as to where he should continue. -- Minnowsplash

"Minnowsplash... I don't know how to say this, but... I just can't seem to stop thinking about you- I can't do my duties properly," Mistystar confessed, dropping her blue eyes to the ground. -- Mistystar

((awkward moment lol)) -Hawk

The flame point tom blinked his pale blues in shock. "I..." He trailed off, more or less surprised that she knew exactly what he was thinking. "...You stole the words right out of my mouth, Mistystar." Minnowsplash admitted after several moments of silence, bowing his head before glancing up at the WillowClan leader innocently. "What do we do now?" -- Minnowsplash

"I don't know... I know I can't keep seeing you because I feel like I'm betraying my Clan... But I can't do anything properly..." Mistystar sighed. -- Mistystar

There was no hiding the hurt that clouded the deputy's sky-blue gaze. "You don't mean...are you saying that we should stop seeing each other?" -- Minnowsplash

"I- no! It's just... Well... I don't know." -- Mistystar

Minnowsplash was dedicated towards duty, but his loyalty...well, he had always found that it rested in his few friends, rather than just SeaClan. He liked Mistystar, and he didn't want to let her go. The idea was far-fetched and impulsive, not typical of the responsible tom, but they were running out of options. "...We can run away. Far away, to the other clans, where nobody can tell us that it's wrong to be together. They won't know us there." -- Minnowsplash

"I..." Mistystar was surprised that she agreed to this plan. "Yeah. Shadowchaser will be a great leader- Skyshadow hates me. I think the Clan can manage fine even if I'm gone." -- Mistystar

Half of him hadn't expected Mistystar to agree to his plan- most would call it foolish and far too spontaneous to be safe. But Minnowsplash knew that he was overjoyed to hear that Mistystar would run away with him, despite his initial grumpiness when they first met. The flame point bowed his head with a sweet smile. "I'll do whatever it takes to make you the happiest she-cat ever known." -- Minnowsplash

Mistystar grinned. "And I'll do whatever it takes to make you the happiest tom who ever lived. I just need to say goodbye to Stormstreak- we can leave tomorrow?" -- Mistystar

The tom shifted to convey his interest, perking his ears in the process. "Certainly, as long as that gives you enough time to say your goodbyes." Minnowsplash murmured. Unfortunately, the flame point had no family or close friends of his own to bid his farewell too. In fact...he sort of considered faking his death in SeaClan. If he admitted that he was seeing a cat outside of his clan...well, he didn't want to risk having SeaClan try to hunt them down. -- Minnowsplash

Mistystar raced up. "Okay... Ready." -- Mistystar

((Without a second glance back two major authority figures mosey off to who knows where, XD)) -- Hawk

((hm... It's been a while since this has been RPed- how about we roleplay their journey down in "The Far Cats" section...?)) -- Hawk


Pebblekit in SeaClan...

He kept walking until he found a huge rock. He gaped in awe, and started to climb it. Woah, he thought. He continued to scale it, and stopped to get a view of his surroundings. He saw nothing but forest for what seemed like forever, and... water? He smelled odd water, and turned. He gasped as he spotted a giant lake, surrounded by odd dirt. I gotta go that way! he realized. Heading towards it, he began to feel hope.

A few moments later...

Pebblekit was feeling more tired than ever, and paused to take a break. Then, he heard a noise.

Frostpaw felt sad, but then she smelled... WillowClan? Those mangy, two-faced trespassers! She leapt through the bush and landed on.... a kit? What was a kit doing here? "What are doing here, kit? The sea level is extremely high, it's not safe for you here." - Frostpaw

Confused as to what she was talking about, Pebblekit decided to be assertive. "See if I care! All I'm trying to do is find my father. I don't need to worry about a 'sea' anyway!" -Pebble

Frostpaw ignored the the kit's rants and picked him up by the scruff to carry him away from the edge, ignoring the squirming. "I'm not gonna watch another cat die." She said. - Frostpaw

"Get off me!" Pebblekit groaned. Using the move that Brookpaw taught him, he tried to push her off. "What are you trying to do? I don't even know where I am, don't try to steal me!" Thrashing hard, he managed to push the she-cat off of him. "Now we're on even ground. What do you want?"

"I'll tell you what I don't want. You to die. Now, if you want, just leave. I'm leaving soon anyways. I'm not gonna stick around when the camp floods, most likely resulting in death. You should leave too.." - Frostpaw

"Yeah, right. If you're so scared to let me die, then you should at least make sure I get out of here," Pebblekit said. "Just let me go already, I just want to find my father, my mother's dead!" He froze as he realized what he had just said. To avoid more conflict, he turned and walked in another direction. She wasn't supposed to know that, why did I tell her that?-Pebble

Frostpaw looked him with interest. "It's fine.. I don't have any parents either. They died when I was super young. And TundraClan took what I had left. Well, you look pretty sorry. How about I take you back to the camp, so you can eat and rest. Then we can go." - Frostpaw

"And why would I- Oh, fine." Knowing he wouldn't get another offer like this, he reluctantly followed the she-cat. "I still haven't introuduced myself. I'm Pebblekit. What about you?"

".... Frostpaw. Well, if you wanna leave, I'm coming with you. I can't leave you alone. I owe it to Wildpaw, and to Splashkit." She murmured that last bit under her breath, making sure he didn't hear it. - Frostpaw

He thought he heard the Frostpaw murmur something else beside the fact that she was coming with him, but dismissed it. -Pebble

"Alright, this way." She set off, Pebblekit next to her. - Frostpaw

As they walked, Pebblekit began to wonder why Frostpaw was helping him at all. "Why are you even helping me anyways? Don't feel guilty just because I'm a kit," he said scornfully.

"Cause I need to get out of here." She stepped in puddle, and she looked down, and saw her reflection. She looked... mad. But... she couldn't see anything in her eyes. Was that how she felt? She stopped, just staring down at the puddle, seeing emotions that wasn't her. She looked sketchy, frightened, angry. Why....? She tried to look away, but her eyes stayed locked on her reflection. - Frostpaw

Pebblekit realized how mean he sounded, and saw Frostpaw feeling... guilty? Angry? He didn't know what to say. "L-look, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. Let's just keep going."

(Continues in SeaClan)

(Ok, we are back here! Pebblekit and Frostpaw are RUNNING, and being pursued by Crystalshine.)-HUDAman/Raystar

Pebblekit looked behind him and Frostpaw. "Oh, no..." he said. "Crystalshine is chasing us! This isn't good, we need to hide so Wrenkit doesn't find us again." -Pebble

Seeing that Crystalshine's footsteps had stopped coming from behind them, Pebblekit figured she'd stopped chasing them. "Let's shelter in that tree for now. It looks hollow and somewhat spacious." -Pebble

"Sure, that'll d-" Frostpaw was cut off at a hacking cough in her throat. She ushered him in, getting in herself and curling around him. She began licking his fur the wrong way to dry him off. "Goodnight.." - Frostpaw

I said spacious, for a TREE. Pebblekit thought, rolling his eyes. "Good night," he said before snoozing off. -Pebble

Continues under Journeying Cats


Icegaze arrived at the border to the river waiting for her tom to meet her, well, they’d been meeting a little bit ago, but she knew he wanted to see her. He finally lept out of the river, splashing her gorgeous snow coat. “Hey!” She laughed. “What?” Mossystone yawned. “You got me wet!” She exclaimed. “oops.” He smiled. “Why are you at the border again? I thought you didn’t want to converse anymore because of WillowClan problems.” Icegaze felt guilty. “I had to see my best friend again. How’s Pondripple?” Icegaze yawned. “She’s fine.” He paused. “Are you fine?” Icegaze froze. “Well, the clan is falling apart Mossystone.... most of them are just leaving, I’ve been hearing they decided to join Flamepaw....” she sighed.

Mossystone looked to his paws. “You’re always welcome to join SwampClan anytime you know. It’s safe. Away from most of the clans, and we are aligned with TundraClan, they need serious help. Or, or—.” “No Mossystone. I need to stay with my clan. We both do. But, I would like to spend a night with you.” Mossystone gave her a goofy grin. Dang had he ever noticed how pretty her pelt was? Muddy or not? “Alright. Hmm. Maybe a fishing tutorial and swimming would be best?” He meowed. She laughed. “We can sneak into the BreezeClan meadows and pick some flowers.” She added. This warmed his heart. “Erm, flowers?” “C’mon!” And both dashed silently to the pitch waters and had the time of their lives before they had to return to their clans.Icegaze & Mossystone

Bass finally arrived across the river. Washing the blood off her pelt. “Bass!” Pondripple gasped as she and Mossystone emerged from the bracken. “Who did this?” She asked. Bass giggled. “Oh u just decided to join some random group of cats called the DarkMasters and tried to knock some sense to their leader. Turns out the only language she speaks is through claw. Heh.” She Michel her shoulder and wiped her throat. “Alright. I’ll gather some herbs.” Pondripple padded back to look. Leaving Bass with Mossystone. Mossystone looked nervous.

Mossystone paused. Erm.... so, they used to be WillowClan right?” He started. “Yeah. Yet judging cats of their former home for being of WillowClna. Ugh. All like kits, so pathetic.” She hissed. “Oh....” he murmured. “I haven’t seen you this hurt since.... since—.” “I know. But if they speak claw then I’ll have to return the favor. They think they can just lash out if they don’t like something.” She hissed as Pondripple returned. “Why don’t I teach you more?” She purred dropping bundles of herbs. “Yeah, and I can teach you more fierce fighting moves. Just in case. I never teach Newtpaw these for the sake of the Clan. Dang, he is a determined little one...” Bass smiled. “I’d like that. Very much.”—Bass, Pond, Mossy

“you know joining us is still a thing Bass. We could really use your sense of order in SwampClan.” Mossystone sighed. “I can’t Mossy. I don’t belong in any clans. Nor where I am. I just need to wait for something to happen that’s actually right. Like. No claw violence for once in any rogue group.” she sighed. “But I will still keep the offer to myself.” She sighed. Pondripple was now washing the herbs off. “There. Done. There should be no more blood now. Remember to be careful Bass.” She sighed. “They can kill you.” She added. Bass chuckled. “It they did I bet half of the group wouldn’t want a leader to kill for her own kind of order. I’m always careful. It’s them who think I’m not.” She growled. Itching her ear as then Mossystone Pointed out some fireflies nearby, “oh? Odd little bugs.” She murmured. Though she started to fish. “She never told me her stupid rules. And it’d they think they can turn me into their own pet to control I’ll turn on them. I’ll kill for myself. And they will remember the name Bass.”—BassBass finally arrived. Geez Flame Is a stupid furball. She washed her paws and flicked an ear. She paused with a breath as she was then leaped on by a small tortoiseshell and white tom. “Mossystone! It’s a rogue!” He hissed back. Oh no... bass cursed quietly until he arrived. He gave her a worried grin. “Oh, Greta job Newtpaw. Let her go so she can explain herself.” He meowed. Newtpaw hissed to himself. “But- !” He then met his mentor gaze and obeyed. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

Bass shrugged. “Just washing my paws. No need to attack me you Clan cats!! She spat to Newtpaw. Newtpaw bared his teeth. “Hmm. Well I’m gonna have to report to Emberstar about this, but I’ll be RP sure to chase you off the next time you come back!” Mossystone sighed.

Bass nodded and turned to leave. Newtpaw frowned. “Who was that?” He asked. Mossystone froze. She’s been killing cats.... “I don’t know Newtpaw. I really don’t know.” He sighed.—Mossystone, Bass, Newtpaw


Icegaze trotted hopefully and quietly down the path towards Twotrees, as she arrived she yawned as it was a little cold out tonight.... she shook her fur and climbed the tree, the tangle branches and looked over the territories. Though a call from below startled her, not of fear though, of joy that he remembered.

Mossystone purred as Icegaze climbed down quickly. “You remembered?” She purred nuzzling him. He raised a brow. “How could I forget.” He meowed. She purred. He looked to the trees. “I’m sure we’re gonna stay a night right?” He murmured. She shook her head. “Not this night, I don’t want to worry Dewpaw. She meowed. He dipped his head. “Yeah, Newtpaw depends on me.” He yawned. “Well? What now?” He asked. Icegaze thought. “Maybe we can hunt together in the end? And for now we can just talk.”

Icegaze and Mossystone both had helped making a nest in the trees as they did once before, talking about clan life, their problems, and how they feel about really everything. Near the end, Mossystone asked. “I’ve been thinking... I know it might not be good.... but, can we keep it between us? Will you be my mate?”Mossystone & Icegaze


Lizardfnag laughed as she saw the Thunderpath, of course her brother wouldn’t expect it and she ran over, as a Monster came by Newtpaw gasped as he realized it was too late to go back and was hit by the monster, Lizardfnag laughed as she then saw Pondripple on the other side, eyes wide. Lizardfnag grinned as she leaped over and fought with Pondripple, blood spilling blood Pondripple gasped for air as Lizardfnag sank her teeth into Pondripple’s throat. Killing her, and heading towards WillowClan for Icegaze next.-Lizard

A while after Bass left the kits she gasped. She knew it. She sobbed as she saw Pondripple and.... Newtpaw? Both dead but Newtpaw... who’d do this!? She hissed as she licked Pondripple once more and buried her sister. Though did the same for a newtpaw and followed the scent of murder to WillowClan.-Bass


WillowClan/ThornClan Edit

Sunnyshine stopped at the border. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost padded at the ThornClan border, thinking about Stonetooth. He needed to rest at camp. He wondered when Redstar would tell Quillstar and choose the new deputy. - Lionfrost

She sniffed the air- a vole! She sprang onto it, biting it's neck before realizing she was on ThornClan territory. Whatever... She padded deeper into ThornClan land, spotting a mouse. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost caught sight of a cat on ThornClan territory. He pounced, and leapt on the cat, overpowering them with his weight, pinning them down. “Hey!” He growled. “Prey-stealer! Explain yourself!” - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine yelped as a cat bowled into her. She unsheathed her claws into the cat's fur. She rolled to her paws, her fur bushed and lips pulled back into a snarl. "Hey!" she spat. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost batted her face, and kicked her away. “That was on ThornClan territory!” - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine bristled. "It's my vole though! I caught it!" - Sunnyshine

“On our territory!” He hissed, unsheathing his claws. - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine bit her lip. He had her there. She dropped the vole (in the mud), and turned to stalk away. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost watched her, coldly, before picking up the vole. “I won’t report you.” He murmured. “At least you gave it back.” - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine flicked her tail. Huh. He won't report me She narrowed her eyes. "Meet me back here at midnight..." Then she bounded away, back to WillowClan camp. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost frowned, as she ran off. “Okay. . . .” He said, before padding back to camp with the vole in his jaws. - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine padded to a halt at the border, peering around for Lionfrost. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost appeared at the border, to see Sunnyshine. “Hello.” He said. “Why did you want to meet me here?” - Lionfrost

"I don't know. Cats are attacking WillowClan camp," Sunnyshine mewed. - Sunnyshine

Really? Do you need me to get Redstar?” He asked, eyes wide. - Lionfrost

"No, we're fine." Sunnyshine sat down and curled her tail around her paws. It was odd. Being around Lionfrost-, everything seemed tranquil. Around Spiderfang, well he was annoying and she wanted him to go away, but with Lionfrost things felt different. "How are you?" she asked the ThornClan warrior. - Sunnyshine

Lionfrost nodded. “I’m fine.” He said, sitting close to her. “What about you?” - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine licked her paw. "I'm fine. How are things in...ThornClan?" It felt weird to sit beside a tom from a rival Clan. - Sunnyshine

“Pretty good.” He said. “Although we found a WillowClan cat named Stonetooth washed up on our territory. Didn’t look too good.” - Lionfrost

Sunnyshine stood stock still, her legs rigid. Stonetooth's alive? "What?" she spluttered. "We-we thought he was dead!" She took a shaky breath, and then turned and ran. "I have to go back to camp! Bye and nice meeting you!" - Sunnyshine


Shadowchaser paused when they reached the outskirts of the territory, his hazel eyes flickering across the landscape. They had reached BreezeClan's border. "It's probably best that we wait for a patrol to find us- running into their territory with a bunch of plants probably won't give them the best idea." The deputy murmured to his two companions. -- Shadowchaser

Ripplepool dipped his head as he sat and checked the bundles he’d backed, licking a paw. Silent as he was, he was hoping for a sign of sorts tat would show him the way.—Ripplepool

Morningglade bounced up and down, all her energy on high. This was so exciting! "So... do we just go in?" She asked, looking up at Shadowchaser, but also sliding a paw slowly over the border. - Morningglade

"No," Shadowchaser quickly responded to the enthusiastic warrior, waving his tail to ensure that she didn't march off. "That'll send the wrong message- especially if they see a warrior walking onto their territory. We'll wait for a patrol." The deputy finished before narrowing his eyes at what seemed like a distant form of cats. -- Shadowchaser

Silverwind padded along the border, lost in though. Suddenly, the silver she-cat's head whipped up- WillowClan cats! She raced along the border, gray-green eyes searching for signs of cats. There they are! She confronted the salt-and-pepper tom in the lead and glared at a ginger she-cat with a paw across the border. "What are you doing here?" -- Silverwind

Shadowchaser stepped closer to Morningglade, to defend her in case the stranger decided to become violent. However, he recognized her as a senior warrior, and expected that she'd act differently. With age came wisdom. "I found the cure to the plague, and WillowClan wishes to share it." -- Shadowchaser

Morningglade looked up in awe at Shadowchaser. He was so cool, defending her, and acting so professional. She tried to put on a face like his, though it looked more like an irritated badger. She quickly went back to an normal grinning her face off expression. "Yeah!" She exclaimed. "That way your clan won't get the plague! After all, cats dieing from the plague is not very fun!" Then looked up at Shadowchaser for approval. - Morningglade

Silverwind stared at Shadowchaser. The deputy looked serious. Really..? Silverwind knew her Clan needed the plague- but she didn't want to admit it. Swiftstar had lost a life, and her sister Brooklight nearly got it but was insisting she could go about her duties. Tabbypaw was in over her head trying to keep the plague out of BreezeClan. "I'd better take you to Swiftstar," Silverwind suggested. She looked at Morningglade and smiled apologetically. The ginger she-cat grinned back. -- Silverwind

((Move to BreezeClan RP?))


Wandering down to the thunderpath had been more or less a lucky guess in Muddyfang's situation. He knew that his former home had spies everywhere, around every corner, living fake lives in every clan. The regular clan cats were just too thick-skulled to realize that. And so the warrior knew he was taking a risk, seeking out the company of his own "kind" to get his answers. Any intelligent ScarClan assassin would take him out on the spot. But fortune had been in the mocha tom's favor once more, when he noticed a familiar tortoiseshell-and-white pelt plodding along in BreezeClan's turf.

"Chevy," he had called out simply in a passive tone, although his seafoam gaze rested firmly on the spy. He watched as the fake BreezeClan medicine cat froze at his call, hackles raising as she slowly yet surely turned on her paws to face Muddyfang. He was supposed to be dead.

"...I thought Smokestorm terminated you moons ago." Chevy growled with a curled lip, shifting so she could square up her shoulder's with Muddyfang's, despite the thunderpath that divided them. Her glare was cold, meeting the tom's gaze and refusing to break off contact. She was prepared for a fight to the death- except, that wasn't what the WillowClanner came for.

"I'm here for answers, Chevy. Ashbreeze- er Ashpaw to you...the silver spotted cat from WillowClan. Why does she seem familiar?" The sensation of familiarity had been far before WillowClan, back during the times of kithood in ScarClan. He never remembered seeing her in the nursery, but then again...Muddyfang's memory proved faulty. Her coat, her fur pattern, it was all strikingly familiar. But suddenly, his questions seemed to take a darker turn as his future plans became his priority once more. "...And how can I regain the respect of my clanmates? My bloodline means nothing to ScarClan now. To them, I am filth. Strong, but filth."

Chevy looked at her paws. The latter part hadn't been a question she had been expecting, but neither had the former inquiry. Why would he want the respect- oh. Oh, no. It all made sense now. Chevy was typically cool under pressure, but something about the tom made a chill run down her spine. She understood- and refusing to give Muddyfang information could spell death for her. "...Sit down, Muddypaw, for this will be a long explanation. To start, let me tell you about what ScarClan once considered a royal bloodline..."

-- Chevy & Muddyfang


Once she was in the clear, Frostypaw spotted a slender gray form in the distance, and so she made a run for it. It felt like she was walking on air as she approached the CaveClan apprentice, who smiled smugly in response It didn't bother Frostypaw, of course- she thought she was head-over-heels in love with the rebellious tom. "Growlpaw! I missed you." She purred with an excited curl of her dense white tail. Growlpaw seemed to puff himself up at her praise, like he was a god receiving worship. But of course, Frostypaw was nothing more than a servant in his eyes. Her duty was nothing more than to make him feel good about himself, in addition to being an excuse to break some rules.

"Yeah," he responded while raising his chin to bask in his own sensation of triumph. However, her sudden silence made him pause and glance down at her with a confused expression. "What?" The CaveClan asked with his head tipped to the side.

"...You missed me too, right?" Frostypaw asked with her pastel eyes round with concern. Didn't Growlpaw feel the same way? Her question left him shifting from side to side as he desperately tried to make up for his silence. He probably didn't like Frostypaw as much as she liked him, but he didn't want to lose her. Who else would compliment him all the time?

"Oh- of course, of course I did." The oriental tom assured the ThornClan she-cat, flicking his tail before rising to his paws and pacing around the lake. "Anyways," he quickly attempted to change the subject, "let's play a game, eh? It was a long walk, we might as well have some fun. How about we see who can kick a pebble the farthest into the lake?"

"Sure!" Frostypaw immediately rebounded into her typical up-beat self and eagerly trotted after Batstar's apprentice with her snow-colored tail waving. And so, the pair played with pebbles by tossing them into the lake until finally they grew tired of their game.

If only Frostypaw understood that he'd never quite feel the same way. -- Frostypaw & Growlpaw

Rogues/TundraClan Edit

Bass sighed.-Bass

"So... we need to go to TundraClan," Ember said. "Then go a bit farther then that- I heard there's a twolegplace where we could scavenge." -- Ember

Tawnykit padded up a hill. Wolfkit, Wolfkit... where've you gone...? Her black ears pricked up at the sound of approaching cats, and her wide electric blue eyes found them immediately. Three cats- a dark tabby, and two small kits, a flame point and a lavender. Hm... -- Tawnykit

"Alright... so- where are we going? Should we stop for the night?" Ember asked. -- Ember that Rises from Ashes

Tawnykit crept up on the cats. "Rawrrr!" the long-haired tortie pounced on a small gray kitten. -- Tawnykit

Ember's head shot up, pointed ginger ears picking up the sound of an attack right before a long-furred tortoiseshell adolescent pounced on her sister. "Gale!" -- Ember

Sparrow padded beside Onyx, smelling the air. - Sparrow

Tawnykit stared up at unforgiving silvery eyes belonging to a flame tabby point female. She thinks I was trying to hurt the other one! "I-I... Tawnykit... of TundraClan..?" the young feline ended her sentence in a questioning tone, as she really wasn't sure if she was "of TundraClan" anymore. "I- I didn't mean to hurt the gray kitten! I was just playing! All my littermates love playing..." a pang of longing pierced Tawnykit's heart. -- Tawnykit

Sparrow pricked his ears, and heard something. “Onyx, over here!” He said. He bounded over to the noise, to find three kits, along with an adult she-cat. - Sparrow

"Let me handle this," Onyx whispered to Sparrow. She wasn't sure how tactful the ruddy ticked tom was, but she was made of tactfulness. "Greetings. I come in peace. Who are you?" she asked, casually separating a flame tabby point kit from a long-furred tortie, who was pinned down.

Tawnykit rose gratefully, grinning at the flame point and then padding over to a ticked tom who was next to the dark brown-black-ginger she-cat. "Hi! Who are you?" -- Tawnykit

“I’m Sparrow.” He said. “And this is Onyx. And who are you? Why are you all the way out here?” - Sparrow

Bass rolled her eyes and snarled. “Of course some stupid reunion. Can we go now!?” She snarled, glaring at Tawnykit and the others.-Bass

Onyx sighed. "This city is monitored by a group of cats, and no one crosses them. The Icekeepers. You can either join them, leave, live separate from them in the city but owe allegiance to them, or die. That's how it is," the russian topaz she-cat admitted. She wasn't fond of Casca, the group's leader, but no one crossed him and lived to tell the tale... unless they could run remarkably fast. -- Onyx

Sparrow nodded. “I’ve heard of them once or twice.” He said. “Their leader’s name is Casca. Or Slayer is his real name.” - Sparrow

Bass rolled her eyes. “Do I look like I care?” She grumbled.-Bass

“You should!” Growled Sparrow. “You have no idea what they’re capable of. More than you are, I’m quite sure.” - Sparrow

“They can try and lay a claw on me. I sure the cat you’re talking about is just a piece of foxdung who thinks he’s sooo strong. I can probably take him.-Bass

Onyx shuddered. "You're wrong. You look like you could take a wild boar on single-handedly, but not Casca, and certainly not the Icekeepers. But they never seem to kill anyone..." she trailed off, meeting Bass in the eyes. "They never kill anybody. They take prisoners. And- and... every leafbare, they pit ten adolescents against eachother in a frosty arena. Only one survives... it's called the "Frost Trials". Anyone who can't compete, they will kill. So, you should probably leave..." -- Onyx

((Alright, have this light a fire under Bass and Ember's ego and they go check out the Icekeepers?)) -- Hawk

Bass shrugged. “So he uses useless cats to kill each other for entertainment? Sounds just as crazy as some bloody murderer I knew.” She huffed.-Bass


Sparrow frowned. “You knew someone like him? Eh, whatever, I don’t wanna know.” He said. - Sparrow

Gale narrowed her eyes at the two strangers when they spoke of the Icekeepers. She didn't like the sound of the group, considering that she and her sister were slowly growing older. Would they force the pair of them into the trials? Were they old enough for that? -- Gale

Ember, as it turned out, was having the same thought as her sister. "But they can't put us in the trials, can they?" -- Ember that Rises from Ashes

((Sorry for spelling & grammar mistakes - I am on mobile again)) -- Hawk

"No, little one. Nine to fifteen moons. Now come on, you're going to see Phoenix or Casca." -- Onyx

((everyone to the Icekeepers RP!)) -- Hawk

WillowClan/The Pack Edit

Cardinal paused before Cobaltsky. “Alright. What did you want now?” She asked.—Cardinal

"You said you would teach me some of your fighting moves." Cobaltsky grinned sheepishly. -- Cobaltsky

“right.” Cardinal sighed. “Well, I’m sure we can tussle a bit first.”-Cardinal

WillowClan/The DarkMasters Edit

Archives: WillowClan VS The DarkMasters Battle

Bass silently padded through the treetops her ears pricked as she scented fresh WillowClan scent. If Flame is gonna wait this long, I might as well warn them. She smirked as she saw an odd black she-cat with a red tail and underbelly. She smirked and looked down, crouching, ready to pounce.

Dawnbelky sclawed at the trees to mark the border. Though her whiskers twitched in warning as she then looked around. She flattened her ears. “Coming for round two Shadowfall!” She spat. Then, suddenly from above a dark tabby she-cat pounced onto her. She hissed. “Who-!” She gasped as she yowled in pain when her eyes where clawed. She whipped her tail as she clawed at where she felt soft fur was and the other cat yowled as she opened her eyes and pounced on the tabby. “Talk! Now!” She hissed.

Bass smirked. “Well, I’m here to do this.” She bit at Dawnbelly’s throat surprised Dawnbelly couldn't pull away As her paws where glued to the ground she felt her vision blurring and she saw blood splash onto the dark tabby’s flank. She blinked a few times and widened her eyes, she—she. She felt her vision go black as she felt to the ground. And woke in the stars.

Bass grinned as she slipped out of under the she-cat’s body. “Weaker than I thought.” She yawned. “Well. I hope your fine if I just leave you here for the crows.” Bass smiled as she turned. Her flank of this WillowClan blood. The she-cat was dead, and bass felt a rush of liking rush through her. Well, one down. Many to go. And returned to camp as the crows had gone to feast on Dawnbelly.—Bass and Dawnbelly

Journeying Cats Edit

(@Whiskers, please roleplay Minnow here for their journey) -- Hawk

He hoped Mistystar thought that she made the right choice- he knew that he did. Everything was new and strange, but it was sort of like a happy ending. The duties of clan deputy...they had tied Minnowsplash down. How else could he get to see the rest of the world, with the cat that he loved by his side? -- Minnowsplash

"Hm... I think we should head over there," Mistystar suggested, pointing her deep chocolate tail at the hills rising beyond BreezeClan territory. -- Mistystar

The flamepoint tom glanced in the direction that Mistystar had recommended, ginger ears perking in interest. "It'll make for sore paws, but I bet that the sunset from up there is to die for..." -- Minnowsplash

"Yeah," Mistystar grinned. -- Mistystar

The pair of cats trekked onward until their paws felt like heavy stones, with Minnowsplash's head held low. "We've made  a lot of progress," the former deputy murmured as he slowed his pace. "Maybe we should rest here for the night." -- Minnowsplash

"True..." Mistystream panted. "Let's head over there," the chocolate point she-cat pointed to a copse of trees. -- Mistystream

((Yep- she's Mistystream now, lol)) - Hawk

The flame point nodded at the collection of short trees and approached it slowly before he laid down. Already there was a pile of comfortable, dry leaves from seasons past, which would provide itself as perfect bedding for the evening. -- Minnowsplash

Mistystar curled up beside him, head on her brown paws. I wonder how Stormstreak is... -- Mistystream

The former SeaClan deputy rested his ginger head on Mistystream's shoulder as he watched the sun slowly set and sky fade into nothing but darkness and twinkling stars. This is where I want to be. Minnowsplash decided before he allowed his eyes to slide shut. -- Minnowsplash

With Mistystream by his side, Minnowsplash had climbed over the great hills of the beyond until they seemed to be a in different land. Together, they had been traveling for a moon or so, until they had come across the old territories. This was where it had all started with main clans, like ThunderClan, and this was where "KitClan" had supposedly come to live. He knew Mistystream was itching to rediscover that "Sandkit" cat she'd been talking about. Hopefully, the kit was still alive. -- Minnowsplash

"We're here!" Mistystar twitched her whiskers, taking in all the new sounds and scents. "Remember... remember that Sandkit I mentioned? I think she may be close..." a pang of longing pierced Mistystar's heart as she remembered her niece's two sisters, both killed by Flamepaw. That monster... -- Mistystream

Mistystream and Minnowsplash headed down the bank, towards a small pine island that looked like it could be used for shelter. The former leader's aqua eyes were darting around, looking for possible threats, and she found one- well, at least, they found her.

A lightly built pure-white she-cat and a long-haired silvery white tom were picking their way throught the marshes, talking quietly. Suddenly, the tom's head shot up, hazel eyes widening. "Intruders-" he cut short, as if thinking that he wasn't entitled to say that. Mistystream jumped back. "Minnowsplash? Look!" -- Mistystream

((Alright- that's Harelight and Icewing, the two RiverClan cats that the canon Mistystar exiled in VoS. I'm thinking we can have some humorous irony with the fact that Mistystar shares the RiverClan leader's name. Sounds good?)) -- Hawk ((Yep!)) "We must've arrived," the flame point tom commented briefly, taking his place beside Mistystream to protect her if necessary. He was cuirous as to which of the main clans they belonged to. -- Minnowsplash

"Who're you?" Mistystream asked, and both cats narrowed their eyes. "Who are you?" The she-cat countered.

"Um...I'm Mistysta- Mistystream," replied the former leader, and the two 'intruders' seemed to recoil and glanced at eachother. Mistystream shot a questioning look at Minnowsplash.

"Mistystar? What?" The tom twitched his ears skeptically.

"Mistystream. Just Mistystream," corrected Mistystream. "Now who are you?"

The two cats, visibly trying to mask their growing confusion, replied. "I'm Harelight," said the tom.

"Harelight? That's a warrior name," said Mistystream.

"We are warriors," the she-cat replied, straightening. "And you can't be Mistystar... she just exiled us."

Mistystream now had no idea what was going on. "...uh...? Help?" -- Mistystream

"We aren't from your clans." The former deputy cut in quickly, to assist his mate with the matter. "Although, you would be lying to claim yourself warriors if you were exiled from your own clan. Technically, that would make you loners." Minnowsplash didn't mean to be nitpicky so suddenly with strangers that seemed semi-hostile, but...well, he couldn't help but to point out the flaws in their argument. "We're looking for a small group of kits. They came from Mistystream's clan several moons back." -- Minnowsplash

Mistystream silently thanked Minnowsplash. "Okay...let's start over again. We're from the eight Clans far to the ((thinks of a random direction)) west. ((Wait that's accurate...we live at the sun-drown place)) "The sun-drown place," she hurried to add, as the two exiled warriors were looking bemused. "I'm Mistystream...I used to rule WillowClan, so I was Mistystar. Have you ever heard of our Clans? Two cats known as Rainsplash and Hawktalon once sheltered with..." she racked her brain, "WindClan. And my friend Stormstreak once met two cats known as Willowshine and Mothwing. Any of this make sense?"

Harelight's head was spinning. Well...they did mention those Clans...Mothwing said if we were to meet them, we should be friendly. So here I go. "Yeah...Mothwing's our medicine cat. And yes, we're sheltering the "KitClan" group. I've only heard fragments of conversations about your Clans. But some of our cats..." he paused, thinking of Bramblestar and his current condition. "Some of our cats came to the sun-drown place, once. We can't really...invite you to RiverClan...Mistystar exiled us." -- Mistystream & Harelight

"You don't need to invite us in, all we need is for you to point us in the direction of KitClan, or RiverClan. We can ask them to escort us the rest of the way." Minnowsplash forced himself to remain calm, although the innate urge to protect Mistystream was still there. -- Minnowsplash

"Um...well... I don't know if we should..." Icewing was surprised to find some extent of loyalty for her Clan left in her, despite wrongdoing by Mistystar. She shook herself. "Actually... yeah, it's just past the river and the island," she pointed her snowy tail towards the direction she was mentioning.

"Thanks. And...I'm sorry you got exiled," Mistystream didn't know why they were exiled, but was sympethetic nonetheless.

"Nothing," Harelight muttered, bitterly. "We didn't do anything. It's all Bramblestar's fault...all his fault..." Not the real Bramblestar, though...this new cat.

Mistystar cocked her head, but decided against pressing the two RiverClan ex-warriors further. "Let's go, I guess..." for the first time, she felt anxiety fluttering in her chest. What if they're gone? -- Icewing, Mistystream & Harelight

The situation that the pair of cats had gotten themselves stuck in seemed sticky, but still the flame point didn't want to get involved. This was his escape with Mistystream, and throwing themselves back into stressful politics? Not an interest of his. Minnowsplash rubbed his forehead against the she-cat's shoulder reassuringly. "We'll find them, I promise." -- Minnowsplash

"Yeah..." Mistystream knew she couldn't have asked for a better friend...and mate. She sighed and started walking. -- Mistystream

((Okay...move this to The Far Clans Roleplay, RiverClan?)) -- hawk


Here begins Pebblekit's journey!

Pebblekit decided to head upstream, hopefully he would encounter a cat or shelter. Eventually, he was so tired he paused, catching his breath and reevaluating his options. After realizing that the river was leading him nowhere, he decided to head more into the forest. (continues on Willow/Sea)

Pebblekit yawned, before seeing it was only dawn. Next to him, he saw Frostpaw sleeping. She kinda looks cute when she's sleeping... he thought. Never mind. I'm a WillowClan cat anyway. Quietly as to not wake her up, he snuck out of the tree to get fresh air. -Pebble

Frostpaw stretched and woke up, instantly noticing that... Pebblekit was gone! "Pebblekit? Pebblekit!! Where are you?" She called frantically. - Frostpaw

Pebblekit heard panicked yelps from Frostpaw. "Relax, I'm out here," he said. "You can come out too, if you want." He swished his tail, wondering why she cared so much. -Pebble

Frostpaw calmed down quickly, satisfied that he was safe. Why was I so scared? I should have been, it's stupid.. But, I don't wanna lose anyone anymore.... She looked at Pebblekit playing so innocently outside. I swear... as long as there is breath in my body.. I'll protect you. - Frostpaw

"Come over here!" Pebblekit said. "The sun is rising, and it's really pretty."

Frost smiled, and exited the makeshift den and padded over to him, watching the sunrise. About five minutes later, she wrapped her tail around his, and let him lay his head on her shoulder. She closed her eyes, so content. - Frostpaw

Smiling, Pebblekit asked Frostpaw, "Where do you think I should go next? I mean... you should go back to SeaClan, right?" he regretfully said. -Pebble

Frostpaw shook her head. "I'm gonna protect you to my dying breath. I swear. Now, what's your dad's name? Maybe I know where he is?" - Frostpaw

"You'd really do that?" Pebblekit asked. He felt excitement and happiness that she would do such a thing. "But the thing is... I don't really know my dad's name. All I know was my mother was Dewshine." -Pebble

"Well, I know a tom that looks like you, kinda. His name is Sleet, and he lives in TundraClan. That's where my... friends are being held." She said, thinking of Wildpaw. But... now she felt the way towards Pebblekit that she felt towards Wildpaw. Was she.... No. She gave her heart to Wildpaw, it wasn't fair to him. But... - Frostpaw

"Something on your mind?" Pebblekit asked. "You seem awfully reserved." -Pebble

Frostpaw gasped. "well.. There's this one cat in TundraClan... Wildpaw. I... I said I loved him before he left. Now... I'm not so sure.. But.. I gave him my heart. It's not fair to reject him.. I don't know what to do!" - Frostpaw

Pebblekit laughed. "If you made him a promise, you should keep it! As long as you really love him, of course. And if you do break your promise, I'm sure he'll understand. You seem pretty easy to forgive to me!" Pebblekit

"Thank you. Let's head off!" They began walking towards TundraClan, and it got colder, as well. - Frostpaw

"Brrr, it's cold!" Pebblekit complained. "When do we get there, anyway? I can't stand this for much longer." -Pebble

"Hop on my back, my fur is pretty warm." She bent down, letting him climb onto her back. Soon they reached snow, and she could smell TundraClan.  "We're here..." - Frostpaw

"Woah..." Pebblekit was just as speechless as Frostpaw was. Climbing off of her, he grunted as he fell on a white powder. "What's this?" he wondered aloud. -Pebble

Frostpaw giggled. "That's snow. And that means where at the edge of TundraClan territory. My pelt should be pretty good at blending in, seeing as I'm grey and white. Lets keep going." - Frostpaw

"Hmph! I'll blend in just as easy," Pebblekit reminded. "My pelt is light grey!"- Pebble

(Moving this to TundraClan)

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