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Hi, everyone! This is Hawkblossom, the founder of this wiki! This wiki has been going for around six months, and only because of y'all! Thank you all so much for contributing- we're at four hundred, sixty-two (and counting!) pages! --Hawkblossom45 (talk)


Hey! It's a brand new month, June, and we hope to have a fresh start! -- Silverykittencat (talk)

Yes! We actually just reached five hundred pages- oh, my gosh. I never imagined this wiki would be so huge when I started it! Special thanks to Willowleafwing, Silverwhisker, DaBigE770, and Silverykittencat for being our top contributors. The Rules just had a massive update, and I would appreciate it if y'all could review them- we've added Terms of Adoption and Clan & Group rules, not to mention a bunch of other things! Not to mention we've now reached over seven months that this wiki has been going. Thanks! --Hawkblossom45 (talk)

We have a new user! Please welcome MoonClaw32 to the wiki!
--Hawkblossom45 (talk)

On that note, please welcome Rumati12 to the WillowClan Roleplay Wiki! --Hawkblossom45 (talk)

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July, if you celebrate it! -- Silvery

7/9/2020 Please welcome Kuna to the wiki! --Hawkblossom45 (talk)

7/16/2020 We have a Discord server! Talk to Silverwhisker for info, and feel free to join! --Hawkblossom45 (talk)

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