Banished Rogues Roleplay Edit

Note: this is where y’all roleplay the banished rogues from this plot.

Darkstorm hissed as once again, Bubblesplash was yearning on to him about Sleet.-Darkstorm

So Darkstorm you seem like you were banished for hansome resons." Bubblesplash flirted --Bubblesplash

Darkstorm hissed. “I’m sure I would’ve been deputy if Lilyfire hadn’t ratted next out. I swear I’ll kill her when I can!” He grumbled. Then finally sighing with relearn as Sleet came into the clearing with a wren in is mouth and bloodied nose. “You look like you fought that Wren hard.” He joked.-Dark

Sleet dropped the wren "No just a stupid clan cat. Anyway you wanted me to come here what did you want." --Sleet

Darkstorm rolled his eyes. “We’re gathering a group of rogues to get revenge on the clans. Though there are a few of us. I would suggest we plan to get more members before plotting an attack.” He meowed. “Most of us where formerly from the clans. Like this annoying she-cat.” He glanced to Bubblesplash.-Dark

"Oh your just jelouse that you couldn't get all the lady cats. But you can get this one." Bubblesplash said batting her eyes. --Bubblesplash

“Yeh." Sleet said "Why did you invite her!" Sleet whispered loudly --Sleet

Darkstorm rolled his eyes. “I didn’t invite her. She decided to follow me.” He grumbled.-Dark

Bubblesplash stuck her head inbetween Darkstorm and Sleets heads "WHEN ARE THE OTHERS GOING TO GET HERE!!!!" Bubblesplash whinned --Bubble

Darkstorm shrugged. “On their own time.” -Dark

"UGH I AM SO BORED!" Bubble screamed. Sleet glared at her "Well me and Darkstorm are trying to catch up so why don't you just scram!" Bubble sat down frowning. --Sleet and Bubble

Sarge flicked his tail in disdain, as he paced back and forth, bitterly. - Sarge

"Oh well hellow. Young Tom.." Bubble said --Bubblesplash

Darkstorm dipped his head to Sarge as he bristled at Bubblesplash with annouyance.-Dark

"Oh, don't worry your just as young and cute." Bubblesplash purred --Bubble

Beta hissed, peeling back her lips. - Beta

"Ugh what is your problem." Bubblesplash said. --Bubble

Darkstorm grumbled as he disappeared behind some brambles. Though AWHILE later he then came through again. “well, I see we have another member of our group?” He then revealed the grey she-cat. Rivergaze hissed as she narrowed her eyes and came through.-Dark & River

Sarge caught sight of Rivergaze. “Who is she?” He growled. - Sarge

“Rivergaze of WillowClan.” Rivergaze meowed. Licking a paw. Her ankles had ached from the night before. The clan misunderstood her and of course she needed revenge.-River

Sarge narrowed his eyes. “Well I’m Sarge. Formerly Foxstripe of TundraClan.” He said. “Why are you here, if you’re a WillowClan cat anyway? Did you leave or get exiled?” - Sarge

Rivergaze snorted. “Heh. Both.” She growled. ‘They think they can accept murderers back into the clan withought punishment. They deserve to die, and so do my kin.” She sighed,-river

“In that case they’ll probably except you back.” Said Sarge. “But I’m guessing your talking about that Flamepaw? I’ve heard about her.” - Sarge

“Oh yes. That traitor. Saved from a badger by a once great and powerful leader and turning Thta leader against her clan. And then killing her clanmates and making a literal group to kill all clans. And then ends up killing more to get back into the clan.” She hissed and flexed her claws. “And they think she can ever be normal, teh.”-River

"Looks like i am surrounded by murders." Then he looked at Bubblesplash "And idiots." --Sleet

Sarge snorted. “I almost have no doubt that she’ll turn on Quillstar and the rest of WillowClan along with anyone else who was in her former group. Like your sister.” He saw her eyes widen, and he said, “I travel around a lot. No one really notices me. I don’t blame them. TundraClan would probably do anything to forget about me. Probably wouldn’t even report it if I strolled right on to their territory. Or they’d be dead before they could report.” - Sarge

“hmmm.” She grumbled. “Odd.” She then flicked her tail. “Stormsong never deserved to live. Not the second litter.-River

“Your not half bad, Rivergaze.” Said Sarge. “Most cats I meet are either weak idiots, or wusses. But you seem to have a taste for blood.” - Sarge

"Do you have a taste in she-cats?" Bubblesplash asked --Bubble

Rivergaze shrugged. Though this tom was interesting. Not Ravenclaw Interesting. But interesting. She licked a paw. “Well I do have my ways, you should hear i set a trap for Flame.”-River

“Oh really?” Said Sarge. “What kind of trap?” - Sarge

“Hah. Led her to a Badgers den. I do say, it worked, she’s severely wounded. It was a mother and her young adult cubs.” She grinned. “Used a useless kit to lure her. Thorns around it.”-River

“Ha! I’m surprised she would have went help a kit in a badger’s den!” - Sarge

“Me too. And of course I knew she has a heart for the once’s she ‘likes’” she grinned. “So, what is this group for again?”-River

Sarge shrugged. “Eh, I sorta forgot. Something about being exiled from the Clans to do something, or whatever.” - Sarge

We are going to take over TundraClan" Sleet said --Sleet

“hmmm. Interesting.” Rivergaze rolled her eyes and then padded onto a tree and curled up.-River

Sarge followed her. “You probably think it’s stupid that we think we can take over TundraClan.” He said. “But think about it, what do we have to lose? We’ve already lost everything. We’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain in this attack. And maybe I’ll be able to get my revenge on a certain few cats.” - Sarge

"Don't worry i have lots of things." Bubble said wrapping her tail around sarge's --Bubble

“hmmm.” Rivergaze though really felt the flirty Bubble girl was annoying. “You weirdo.” She hissed. Though sighed. “I guess. I think that was the smallest clan though.”-River

Sarge jumped down from the tree, and padded on to a rock, stretching out on it. Rivergaze really isn’t that bad. He thought, as he drifted off. - Sarge

Rivergaze then looked to Sleet and Darkstorm. “Toms.” She muttered.-River

Sleet grunted annoyed at Rivergazes adittiude. --Sleet

aRivergaze stared down at the others, ideas of bloody revenge echoed in her head annoying her, the image of the clan staring in horror and confusion to her. She hissed and leaped from the tree, why was she being haunted by that? Flame deserved to be dead for wasting her chance. Though part of her wondered what StarClan was gonna do about it. Until she came to something, a huge silver Twolegthing. (Foxtrapppp)—River

A little while later, Sarge came over to find Rivergaze and a hug silver thing. “What is that?” - Sarge

Rivergaze muttered. “Dunno.” She prodded it with a paw before getting an idea, she grabbed a twig and jabbed it as the jaws quickly closed, she leaped away into Sarge. “Odd....” she growled before hearing rustling of the brambles, she turned. “Who’s there!” She yowled. And two cats padded out, a black tom, and a grey tabby and white she-cat. “Your ticket to taking over TundraClan.” He answered.-River & Lost

Sarge leapt back, bristling, and bared his teeth. “Who are you?” He snarled. - Sarge

Rivergaze squinted. “Wait, I know you, you where That Lostwhisper guy Darkstorm kept rambling on about.” She turned to Sarge. “He said this was the guy who created the idea of this useless group....” she muttered. “Useless? No, you just had to wait for now.” Lostwhisper grinned. “Whiterose, get them ready. We will be going to take TundraClan shortly.-Lost

Sarge’s eyes flashed. “TundraClan? That’s my former Clan. Weak.” He rumbled. “But I’ll gladly help you take control.” - Sarge

Lostwhisper dipped his head. “Then what are we waiting for?”-Lost

(we could maybe RP on TundraClan now?)-Willow

(Sure) - Wolfy

He no longer had a home, since they had lost their spines and had forgotten what it was like to be true clancats. Surviving the wasteland of TundraClan all by one's self was no easy task, but Fadingfrost was left with no choice but to at least try. Loststar was a fool, and he'd highlight that point if needed. The tyrannical leader had chosen to exile the loyal TundraClanner, and so...he'd take advantage of the opportunity. Now, he could find help for his clan. -- Fadingfrost

Rogue & Loner RoleplayEdit


The divine one, Moor, sat on the face of a cliff with her eyes narrowed into slits. It had been several moons since the disappearance of her holy son and successor, Dusty. Without his presence in The Pack they would be weakened, and left without their proper heir should something happen to Moor. "Alabaster!" The tortoiseshell point finally called out, failing to remove her eyes from the foggy horizon.

"Yes, great one?" The soft voice came from the seal point queen, sister to their shaman. She stepped out of the undergrowth calmly at the beck and call of her littermate. Had Moor come up with a plan? Would they be saved? Would they save the Clan cats from their false religion known as "StarClan"?

"Your kits, are they weaned? ScarClan awaits- without our alliance, we cannot possibly disband all of the clans. It is dire that we send them for training as soon as possible." Their leader instructed her sister without once bothering to glance in her direction. Alabaster was used to it- nor did it ever bother her. She was simply honored to share the blood of Moor.

"Soon." Alabaster promised. -- Moor & Alabaster

Stalker padded into where the others slept he wasn’t in a good mood since he lost that useless she-cat.—Stalker

Wolfpaw had spotted a strange-smelling cat while attempting to follow Muddyfang, and decided to puruse the stranger for his own amusement. That, and he was hoping for a fight, so that he could put Muddyfang's lessons to good use and take out some bent-up anger. However, he lost the stranger, and in turn, they found him instead. "What're you doing, wandering out of your own territory, clan kitty?"

It was a chocolate tom with a black face and paws, speaking in a rather relaxed and disconnected tone as he leaned against a sturdy tree trunk to glare in Wolfpaw's direction. The spiky-furred apprentice swiveled on his paws to face the stranger, curling a lip to reveal his pointed fangs. It was a bold move, challenging a loner in turf that clearly belonged to him. "I saw you near WillowClan's territory! As an ambitious apprentice, it's my duty to challenge any outsiders." Wolfpaw sounded awfully cocky as he spoke, and flexed his claws to make his point. "What're you doing so close to clan territory, anyways? I could hardly breath in the forest- your loner stench was making me gag."

"I was looking for my son." The sepia tom raised his chin and narrowed his pair of lime orbs at Wolfpaw. "My name is Renegade- I'm a member of The Pack. My mate, Moor, is of a higher power. Our son is the heir to the throne, our next shaman, so he's very sacred to us. We believe one of these clans have stolen him in order to use his divine powers against us." The stranger, Renegade, seemed to be spitting nothing but nonesense.

Regardless, Wolfpaw was curious.

"...Tell me about 'The Pack'..." -- Wolfpaw & Renegade

Cardinal entered where the pack called home licking her bloody paws to red of the blood of the crow she caught in midair. Pretty soon if anyone’d see her. She hissed quietly to herself. -Cardinal

Wasppaw padded along a stream, pondering over her leave. She shook her head. She didn't want to think about it, although a small claw pierced her heart as she thought of her small sister...Lilacpaw alone with their abusive father...Nevermind! she though sharply. She's weak anyway! A faint scent, strong wafted toward her. The DarkMasters? She picked up speed. Sure enough there was a glint of gray fur, the sign of that traitor Stormpaw! - Wasppaw

Bass decided to hunt, of course she wasn’t gonna go back and grovel at Flame’s paws. No. Way. Would she ever beg to that messily piece of bile. She rolled her eyes as water splashed her face and the fish escaped. “Ugh!”-Bass

"You know you shouldn't be here, kit." Renegade narrowed his eyes at Wolfpaw as the thick-furred apprentice crossed over his territory once more, ignoring the sounds of chaos behind him as Scar's group waged war with the exiled WillowClanners. The Pack member wasn't expecting to see the apprentice back so soon, although he was pleased to know that he'd brainwashed another outsider. He just wouldn't admit that. 

"My mentor abandoned me." Wolfpaw responded gruffly without a moment of hesitation, his sharp pair of visionaries holding Renegade's own. "I am here because I seek training. I know what The Pack is capable of." That wasn't it, however. Perhaps Sproutstripe's teachings were nothing more than a pile of mousedung, but the apprentice was also there to gain their trust. He had a plan brewing in his mind...he would create a storm on WillowClan, and it make it train chaos down on their happiness for what his mentor had done, to get revenge on his pitiful clan. 

"So be it." The sable tom finally responded to Wolfpaw, stepping to the side. "This way." -- Wolfpaw & Renegade

Rivergaze grumbled to herself as she’d made a camp in a tree, most likely no one could find her. If Sunnyshine was Still in the clan then maybe— “Hey!” She pricked her ears and drew back her lips in a snarl. A brown tom was below her on the forest floor. Rogue. She guessed. “I haven’t seen you aren’t these parts!” He yowled again. She hissed. She then ran down and leaped on him. Holding her claws to his neck. “Whoa!” He flinched. “not a morning person I see...” he muttered. Though he flung her off as he then did the same as a surprise to her. “I can do that too.” He hissed. She growled. “Oh really.” And both fought.-River

Rivergaze hissed before she staggered back. “Who!” Then he grinned. “Heh. I’m Darktsorm.” He grumbled. “And I’m sure you scent of WillowClan. No?”-Dark


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Gorse's shoulders hunched as he padded toward the Twoleg Place. Moons had passed since Silver's death, but grief still ate raw in his heart. Why? Why did she have to die in such a blood thirsty battle? He didn't know the answer to his never relenting questions. He could only imagine. The tabby tom came to a break in the trees. Standing on a jagged bluff, he could see for miles in every direction. In the distance, a spotting of dark smudges meant he was close. Close to home. - Gorse

Gorse picked his way slowly down the hill, careful not the slip on the rocks. He landed in a wide field. The grass stretched from the bluff to the Twoleg Place. The loner sprinted forward, reaching the Twoleg Place just as the sun was rising over the trees. The hot rays burned his fur, but he ignored them and dove into the cool shade under a maple tree. Just a few fox-lengths away, was an oh, so familiar fence. - Gorse

Gorse sighed. He was home. He remembered those days as a kittypet, before he ran off with Silver to be a loner. The everlasting food (although they looked like rabbit droppings, now that he thought of it), and that delicious warm milk. He licked his lips, but doubt lingered inside. Are my house-folk still there? What if they don't like me? He pushed away his thoughts, mustered up his courage, and leaped onto the top of the fence, with some difficulty he might add. - Gorse

It was still here. Everything from his kithood rushed back to him. Standing on the fence, Gorse overlooked a small backyard with a stone patio. A huge umbrella shaded the area, along with a few sleek black tables and chairs. And the pool... Gorse shivered, recalling slipping in a time or two. He swallowed hard before leaping down onto the hot grass. He picked his way past the pool, as if the shimmering clear water might leap out and pull him in. But it didn't. It stayed perfectly in the wide rectangular container, lapping hungrily at the sides. - Gorse

Gorse was just about to step onto the stone patio, when a rough voice made him freeze. "Hey, who are you?" - Gorse

Gorse spun around, his tail fluffed. There stood a plump orange-and-white tabby tom with piercing green eyes: a kittypet. "Who are you?" the stranger repeated, more harshly. The unknown tom padded toward Gorse, expression cold. - Gorse & Unknown tom

"I-I'm Gorse," stammered the tabby tom. "Who are you?" The stranger unsheathed his short claws. "I'm Percy," he snapped. "And you're on my territory." Gorse took a step back, his eyes widening. Then he knew. "This...this was mine though! I lived here-" - Gorse & Percy

Percy rolled his eyes, sitting back. "I heard you were the cat who left," he growled. "To be a loner?" As Gorse nodded, the orange-and-white tom continued. "Well, your house-folk adopted me as replacement." Gorse felt as if a rock had landed on him from above. A replacement? he thought. Well....I was gone for a long time, he added regretfully. He turned to Percy. "Oh, okay-then. I'll...just go." He made a step toward the fence. - Gorse & Percy

"No, come on inside," Percy meowed. Gorse stopped, surprised. Percy narrowed his eyes, a scowl still on the tom's face, but perhaps less so. "I need more company, but don't get comfortable," he added sharply, when Gorse's shoulders relaxed. "You'll be leaving soon." Gorse nodded, obligated, and stepped inside his former home. - Gorse & Percy

The air was warm and the light was bright in Gorse's eyes. The sunlight reflected off the cool glass tables like rays of fire. Percy trotted into the living room, Gorse on his heels. "The housefolk are gone today," Percy mewed. The long-furred kittypet flopped on a soft, satin pillow, leaving Gorse standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. "So..." Percy rumbled after a few silent moments. "What brings a traveler like you here?" - Gorse & Percy

"Nothing," Gorse began, then cut off. He swallowed hard, feeling emotions well up. Well, not nothing. A lot of things, actually, he thought. But he didn't say that. "I'm was just looking for my old housefolk, but I guess you took them," he meowed finally. Percy frowned. - Gorse & Percy

"Well," Gorse meowed finally. The sun was starting to dip below the trees, casting a deep indigo light through the window. "I'd better be going now." He started to edge toward the door. Percy didn't follow, but instead yawned and rolled onto his side. Gorse slipped out of the cat door and padded out into the forest, letting the shadows swallow him. - Gorse

Flip crept through the forest, with her eyes watching her surroundings alertly. She smelled the scent borders, but, well, she wasn't anywhere close to them. Besides, she wouldn't want to run into any of those wild cats. --Flip

Wasp trotted alongside a swift-moving stream, watching the clear water stream past her. Hunger gnawed at her belly, but she refused to stop. Not yet. - Wasp

Muddyfang walked alongside Morningglade as they left WillowClan, the tom seemingly in stunned silence. The optimistic she-cat was eager to lift his spirits, but she wasn't certain as to how she should go about that. He witnessed the death of a clanmate, a specific she-cat he'd been meaning to apolgize to for moons. At least, it was good closure between the two, right? Ashbreeze had forgiven him. The red-furred she-cat lifted her tail as a smile crept across her features, leading the former WillowClanner to nudge the ex-ScarClan-leader eagerly. "Hey, how about we catch ourselves a nice lunch?" -- Morningglade & Muddyfang

Gorse was back on the road. His paws dragged and his tail drooped. He wasn't even sure where he was really going, but always kept his eyes on the horizon. He padded over a sloping hill, observing a jewel-colored bird flap by. His stomach growled, reminding him of more important matters. Maybe that bird would be tasty... - Gorse


Sycamore lept off of a fallen tree she balanced over and scented around. After all these years and moons and every moment. Something was wrong. Had she chosen wrong? Had Sigma decided wrong? She knew it wasn’t Sigma. But Oak. He had left her right before an assignment! And for this. She will find him and kill him when she thinks the time is right. She just kept stalking on aligned to the borders of TundraClan territory.-Sycamore

Questing CatsEdit

Shadowchaser followed after Danita in silence with his head bowed, mulling over all the information he had processed in just a matter of hours. He could hardly believe that he had clan blood after all- his father was deputy, of all things. Or at least, he had been previously. Was his mother proud of him now, for figuring it all out and hopefully finding the cure? Shadowchaser had walked on in silence for several moments until finally he noticed Danita abruptly stop in he tracks, so he stopped himself to prevent running into the silver tabby. She glanced back at him and motioned to the enormous rock with her tail. "That's Outlook Rock. You had quite the impressive home, Shadowchaser." She murmured while watching the salt-and-peppered tom trot closer to the boulder to observe it.

Memories flooded back into his mind, of days and nights he spent outside with his mom playing under the safety of the light of stars and sun. He could remember her bristly, chestnut-and-platinum fur, and the her sweet scent that always had the hint of milk and flowers. Those plants he played in as a kitten, when he and his mother played hide and seek...he'd never seen them before anywhere else. Shadowchaser paused, removing his attention from Outlook Rock and instead glancing over the unique flowering plants. It had tiny, star-shaped white flowers. Something about it... "Danita, do those have any...medicinal purposes? What's it called?" Shadowchaser called over his shoulder to the charcoal-dusted she-cat. Danita perked her ears in interest in padded up to his side to investigate.

As a loner, she'd dealt with her fair-share of herbs, just not so...often. She was no medicine cat, but she did have a thing for plant identification. It was more of a hobbie, really. "Oh? That's a Starflower, they're extremely rare in these parts. I've only ever seen them grow up here on Outlook Rock, actually. They're very strong herbs, can cure all sorts of things- that's why they're so rare. Cats used to overuse them for respiratory problems and belly aches, just because they worked so well.'s just really hard to find Starflower." Danita explained to the dark tom, before watching in shock as he began to snatch them all up.

"This is the cure, Danita, don't you see?! This'll stop the plague! We just have to grab what we can and take it to camp with me, and plant some of the others to help it grow." Shadowchaser spoke with great enthusiasm and seemed more lively than he'd ever been. Sure, he had a horrible headache from his fall and felt extremely physically broken, but they found it! His clan could be saved!

"We?" Danita echoed while narrowing her eyes at Shadowchaser to give him a not-so-certain expression.

"Please- I need you to help me carry all of this...will you please come with me and help me, Danita?" Shadowchaser was practically begging her- he needed to save his clan. Sure, he never fit in well, and some cats were awfully rude to him, but...that didn't mean they deserved to die. "Please," he asked her again with a small frown. "Help me save my clan, they need this."

The silver tabby loner hesitated. Danita had just lost her entire world- that being Salmontooth, her mate, who unofficially broke things off with her. Now, Shadowchaser was also asking her to leave her home, her own stomping grounds, to help some snobby clan. "...Fine. I'll do it- but they better not pull that whole 'arrogant-clan-cat' attitude with me. -- Danita

Kittypet Roleplay Edit

Onyx sighed. -- Onyx

Sparrow heard a cat sigh, and padded over to a Twoleg Den. “Hello?” - Sparrow

"Hey. Who're you?" Onyx asked, cocking her head at the tom. -- Onyx

Sparrow’s tail floated lazily from side to side. “I’m Sparrow.” He said. “I’m just a rogue wandering the area. What about you?” - Sparrow

Suddenly, the dark she-cat spotted a few cats entering the town via the twolegs' gates. This town was always well fortified, and the cats vowed to keep it safe from intruders. "New people!" she said, pointing a sable tail at the gate. "Let's go check them out." -- Onyx

((Alright, move to the "Rogues/TundraClan" interaction in Main Roleplay. Then, I'll direct the entire crew towards the Icekeepers RP after Onyx mentions it and suggests hypothetically joining it- it's infamous in the city.)) -- Hawk

where is that?

Thorn was bored. "Coal, do you ever wonder what's out there? you know, past the fences." he asked her. "Yeah, I do." She answered. Thorn replied "maybe we could go out there for a day, or two." what if we get lost?" Coal asked him. "Now your'e acting like Flame," Thorn said. "I'm game for LIVING out there." "Alright, I'm coming with you." Coal said. "I'll go tell Flame. Flame came out. "Did someone say my name?" Coal replied, "Yeah, I did, and, Dun dun dun... MeandThornaregoingtoliveinthewild!!!" Coal said in one Breath. "WHAT?!?!?!" Flame yelled. "I'ts dangerous out there." "Scaredy cat." Thorn said. Coal said to Flame, " It's ok, Flame, Just do what you want to do." and then she and Thorn leaped over the fence, and they were gone.

“Where should we go first?” Coal asked. “Hmmmm, how about that thorn forest over there?“ Thorn said. “Alright, let’s go!” Coal yelled. The cats started running toward the forest. -Thorn, Coal, & Flame

Flame sighed. He missed Thorn and Coal. It was time to go out and find them. He jumped over the fence and headed toward a snowy place that he decided he should search first.

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