1. Be polite and respectful

  • Please treat users and their content with courtesy. Criticizing other people's creations, characters, etc is not tolerated, nor is being blatantly rude or disrespectful. If constructive criticism was asked for, that is fine.

2. Do not discriminate

  • Everyone deserves respect for who they are. Attacking or discriminating against any individual or group of users is prohibited and you will be punished accordingly.

3. Keep everything PG-13

  • Although you must abide by FANDOM's ToU to use this wiki, please keep to mind to keep content PG-13. Please refrain from linking or creating anything inappropriate, suggestive, or graphically gory content.

4. Use civil language

  • Swearing is not encouraged, but allowed if censored with multiple asterisks.

5. Do not excessively advertise

  • Please don't advertise anything excessively, be it on a thread, an article, etc. 3 or 4 times is enough.

6. Do not spam

  • Please don't repetitively post the same or similar content multiple times in a quick fashion.

7. Do not edit anyone's else character page

  • Do not edit other users' OCs' pages without permission. Adding categories is fine.

8. Don't edit anyone's userpage without permission

  • If you have the right perms, you may protect your userpage against outside edits.



1. Be respectful

  • Remain civil at all times. Please do not harass or private message for the sake of insulting.

2. Do not spam

  • This is an essential rule in the live chat. Spamming repeatedly may get you kicked from the chat, and is prohibited.

3. Private messaging

  • Private messaging, of course, is a useful feature; but we ask you don't abuse it and PM solely for the sake of harassing, spamming, or gossiping behind another user's back.

4. Respect chat mods

  • Chat moderators are to be listened to and have authority in chat.


1. Be respectful

  • Remain civil at all times. Please do not yell, harass, or insult others.

2. Keep roleplay threads on topic

  • Please don't use roleplay threads as discussion threads; move it to another thread to prevent clogging the RP thread. Similarly, always use double parentheses ((like this)) when not roleplaying but instead talking or noting something. On that note, please keep discussions threads on-topic.

3. Respect thread mods

  • Thread mods are to be listened to and have authority.




1. Do not add unessecary categories

  • Please do not add meaningless categories. To see a list of current categories, view below.

Character Pages

General categories

  • Characters (Mandatory)
  • Clan/Group (e.g. WillowClan, SeaClan, The Icekeepers, The Ally Cats, etc.)
  • Status (Living or Deceased)
  • Gender (Toms, She-cats, or other)
  • Rank (e.g. Warrior, apprentice, kit, etc.)
  • Afterlife Occupation (if applicable) (StarClan, The Dark Forest, or Unknown Residence)

Former Occupation/Residence Categories

  • Former Occupation (e.g. Former Loners, Rogues, Kittypets, etc.)
  • Former Residence (e.g Former WillowClan, TundraClan, etc.)

Other Categories

  • Half-Clan (For Half-Clan characters)

Clan/Group Pages

General categories

  • Organization (Clan or group)
  • Roleplay (if applicable)


1. Do not powerplay

  • Please refrain from controlling other user's roleplayed cats. Please wait for their response, especially in an important conversation or battle scene. Do not put words in the mouth of other peoples' OCs.

2. Be mindful in battle scenes

  • During a battle scene, do not powerplay the other character straight away. This includes pinning down your opponent in what the roleplayer calls "inescapable", killing the other cat, and simply proclaiming that your character "won" in the first paragraph. This will be considered a form of powerplaying. (This rule only applies if you are battling another cat with a different roleplayer other than yourself).

3. Do not edit anyone's else's roleplay

  • You may not ever edit other people's roleplay. Even if it is your group/Clan, it's their OC and they reserve the right to do what they want with their cat. Violating this rule will result in various levels of punishments, depending on the severity of the rule-breaking.

4. Make interactive plots public

  • Please post your plots on the comment wall, where everyone can see it. This way the Roleplay doesn't get confusing, and users can pick out their own characters plots aside from everyone else's. However, this rule does not apply to personal plots or plots involving only one or two cats. Please be sure to work out your plot with everyone who owns any of the cats directly involved in your plot. Don't get mad if someone "destroys your plot", just build around it.

5. Do not make wiki-wide plots without permission

  • Creating plots such prophecies or other related wiki-wide involvement without the powerusers' permission is strictly prohibited. Creating Clans or groups without permission is also not allowed (see "Clans & Groups below for more info). You must ask a bureaucrat before making a wiki-wide plot, prophecy, or similar. However, you may make a personal plot without asking- but if it directly involves other peoples' OCs, you must notify the other roleplayers.

6. Group Roleplay

  • For smaller groups of rogues, loners, kittypets, etc, please carry them out on a thread and name them [Group Name - Roleplay]. For Clans or Tribes, please carry them out on pages and call them [Group Name].

Character Creation

1. OC Rights

  • Users reserve the rights to do what they want with their OC- within reason (talk to a Staff member for more info). Regardless of who owns the group, Clan, or Tribe that user's OC is in, the user owns the OC and has rights to roleplay him/her as they like- again, within reason. The exception lies in if the OC in question is majorly disrupting plots, killing/mauling other OCs without permission, or other related actions (again, talk to a Council member for specific situations and information).

2. OC Adding

  • You must ask to make characters. Make a request in the comments of the Clan you wish to join. If you wish to add a loner, kittypet, or rogue, simply contact an admin (Hawkblossom45, Silverykittencat, or Willowleafwing) with the cat's info and wait for it to be approved.

3. Keep your OCs original

  • Nobody likes their work to be copied, be it an OC here or a canon character from the Warriors books. We ask that you don't replicate another character, as on this wiki we appreciate users' work to be original and creative. Name prefixes/suffixes are fine, as they are commonly used twice.

3. OCs must be legitimate

  • Please do not create overpowering or godmodding characters. Do your best to avoid Mary Sues. Every legit cat must have flaws along with strengths. (if you are having trouble, contact Silverwhisker) Roleplaying someone as "terrifying", "immensely powerful", "perfect", or similar without a reason is discouraged, while putting your cat as the "savior" or "prophecized hero" really isn't allowed without a plot- that's been approved by the Plotmaster- to go along with it.

Clans, Tribes, & Groups

1. Do not create Clans or Tribes without permission

  • Clan adding is currently closed. Tribe adding is currently closed. You may add a kittypet, loner, or rogue group if it is approved by the Staff members, but under these conditions:
    • You are fairly active on the wiki. If not, please appoint someone to take over the group if you go inactive.
    • The group must be on a subpage to your userpage called "/Groups" (e.g., Hawkblossom45/Groups, Wolfy10/Groups). This way the wiki activity won't get clogged up.
    • The group must differ from a Tribe or Clan- you may not exploit this rule to sneak in another Clan. (Talk to Hawkblossom45 or Silverykittencat if you need help).
    • Roleplays must be carried out on threads or on blog posts. Please refrain from doing so on articles.

2. You may not disband Clans, Tribes, or groups without explicit permission

  • Please ask the owner of the Clan/group if you have the thought of this, and notify the Plotmaster of your idea. If it is approved, please be sure to include all members of the wiki in this wiki-wide plot.

3. Clans, Tribes, and Groups should be relatively natural

  • No special abilities or powers, although natural skills are allowed- without permission. You may make a "joke Clan" or similar with weird or humorous powers, but this requires an appeal to Hawkblossom45, who will take it into notice.

Terms of Adoption

1. If you are giving up your character for adoption...

  • If you'd like to give your character away because you're going inactive, don't want the OC, or other related causes, you may a) ask a specific user- preferably an active one- to adopt the OC (if they don't want to, please don't pressure them into it!) or b) ask the community on the discussions board to adopt the OC. A user might reply, and, if you decide to give the character to them, you may a) decide on your own terms, or b) use the wiki's terms:
    • The OC is officially given to the user; it belongs completely to them. They roleplay the cat, and the former owner may never again roleplay the cat or edit its page (unless it abides by the rules- see Editing above). However, the owner may set specific terms, such as the new owner may not alter the OC's personality, description, etc.
    • The former owner may ask for the cat back, but it is completely in the other user's power to keep the cat. They don't have to give the OC back. However, if the current owner butchers the character (turning it into a horrible, annoying, bad, or a Mary Sue OC), the former owner can make an appeal to the Staff members (just contact one of the admins and they will take it to the monthly Council meeting) to get their character back.


1. Be polite

  • One of the general rules, but make an effort to be courteousness toward other Project members.

2. Be responsible

  • Please follow up on your parts in a Project.

In Closing

These Rules may seem like a lot, but we feel these rules are right and will help make the wiki a better place. However, if you feel uncomfortable with these terms, please do contact Hawkblossom45 to appeal to the changing of a rule or other important things around the wiki.

Thank you very much for contributing and following these said rules. Users are the life and breath of a wiki, and here every single one is valued.

-- Hawkblossom45 (talk)

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