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ScarClan is far-western band of cats that act as mercenaries, occasionally allowing themselves to be hired by the other clans. Nonetheless, they have no allies, and keep no promises.


The group is considered the most dangerous and most hostile, despite living a good distance from the other clans. The group does not follow StarClan. Instead, they answer to the Dark Forest. ScarClan's home is just as tough as the cats that make up their clan, with unpredictable weather and limited supplies of food and water. The cats that make up ScarClan are masters of stealth and tracking, and known for their merciless attitude yet dedication towards their family-like group. Members may either have a loner name, or a warrior name.

Most infamous of their stories is the tale of the Four Elites, a bloodline once prized by the group and feared by the other clans. They were said to have been blessed by the Dark Forest and were their "angels of death". The four were brothers by the names of Azkaban, Bors, Angelo, and Nox. Eventually, they were hunted down by the other clans and killed by patrols of their best-trained warriors. Still, their stories live on, deeply respected by the members of ScarClan. They are their idols, but since their deaths, the "Elites" are no longer an existing role in ScarClan, as their heirs never stuck around to inherit their thrones.



Petra - seal point she-cat with blue eyes. (Stork)


TBA - to be appointed by Petra.


Sandpelt - ginger and white she-cat. (Adoptable)

Guards (Inactive Mercs):

Milly - golden she-cat with a bobbed tail. (Fire)
Sirius - black smoke tom. (Whiskers)

Active Mercenaries:

Champion - black she-cat with amber eyes. (Fire)
Talon - snowshoe she-cat. (Willow)
Ares - black tom with green eyes. (Silvery)
Skull - gray and white tabby tom. (Moon)
Garnet - dark brown-black she-cat. (Hawk)
Tempest - dark gray she-cat. (Hawk)
Raven - black and white tom. (Wolfy)
Hoof - dappled brown tom. (Silvery)
Jakoba - silver tabby tom with green eyes. (Stork)
Marvel - orange tabby tom. (Halley)


Jasper - lynx point tom. (Willow)
Topaz - brown and white tabby she-cat. (Silvery)
Icora - a white she-kit with blue spots (Willow)
Dingo - ruddy ticked tabby tom. (Willow)

Queens & Kits:

Petra - see leader. (Stork)
Petra's litter:
Itocatl - silver tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Unborn, Stork)
Saskia - mink lynx point she-cat. (Unborn, Whiskers)
Mara - pale silver speckled tabby she-kit with faded paws. (Unborn, Willow)
Cahira - seal point she-cat (Unborn, Wolfy)




Scarstar, Azkaban, Bors, Angelo, Nox, Alabaster, Toxin, Sigma, Moonshadow, Lapis






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Sigma waited on the border of ScarClan's deserted landscape with her chin raised, seeking out her potential ally on the horizon. It had been a short period of time since her son, Smokestorm, had come to report any news, but it didn't concern her much. The ScarClan leader's attention was on something else, on a better opportunity. Finally, the dark-furred she-cat narrowed her eyes. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't show."

"We had things to do." Moor responded flatly, clearly not tolerating Sigma's attempt to look down upon her. The Pack's leader had a god-like complex. After all, her followers believed her to be of a higher power. "The kittens have been born. They will be delivered soon, to reinforce our alliance. The sooner they're trained, the better."

"That'll be no problem. I've received news that SwampClan's grown weak. I see a perfect opportunity for our two groups to have a little bonding-time fun, Moor." Sigma couldn't tolerate the pettiness of the other clans- how dare they refuse to share land with ScarClan? How could they leave a sizable group, consisting of cats like them, to waste away in a merciless land?

"I'll be looking forward to it." Moor finished before she turned and left the edge of ScarClan's territory, leaving Sigma to be alone with her thoughts. -- Sigma & Moor

Talon tackled Toxin as they where battle training, of course claws unsheathed as ScarClan does. She usually trained with her mother. Getting better every day for her sister. She didn’t know where Moth was, but she knew she’d fight for her sister. forever.—Talon

Two moons later...

"The kits, their training- I'm assuming it's going well?" Moor had come in to check up on the progress, more or less hoping to hear that ScarClan was prepared for their little attack on a certain puny clan. Sigma angled her ears towards the tortoiseshell point she-cat who had met her once more at the border, sitting silently for several moments. "They must grow and learn the ways of our clan before we really begin- it'd be unfortunate to lose our 'peace treaty' when they're so young." Typically, they weren't that generous with ScarClan-born kits. -- Sigma & Moor

Muddyfang padded through the outskirts of ScarClan, the rust-red dirt staining his mocha paws a strange hue. I hope I am not a fool for doing this.-- Muddyfang

Starkflight sighed as she flinched every time a cat passed the nursery den, she sighed.—Starkflight

Moor shifted, her cerulean eyes narrowed into a pair of slits as she studied the ScarClan leader before her. "Your silence is troubling, Sigma. Speak up, we must be honest with each other here. We are both shrewd leaders, no?" Except, I am divine, and you are nothing more than a mortal. Moor didn't mention it out loud, of course. Sigma drew in a prolonged breath before turning to the shaman of the Pack. "Their mother, Alabaster. She coddles them, forces weakness onto them. If we're to train them into ruthless killers, this will not do. She is reinforcing incorrect behavior." -- Moor & Sigma

Talon stalked through the rocky hills, watching the territory.—Talon

Two moons later...

While Sigma returned to camp, Moor sat on the outskirts with her sky-blue optics narrowed into a pair of sharp slits. No distractions. The Pack's leader reminded herself as she turned to an approaching figure, the slender-built queen that Sigma had privately asked to step outside of camp. While the Scarclan leader was nowhere to be seen, Moor stepped up to greet Alabaster with a small twitch of right ear. "Alabaster," Moor murmured as she slowly turned her fluffy-furred form towards Scarclan's outskirts. "...Walk with me." -- Moor & Alabaster

Topaz padded across the clearing, her fur ruffling in the wind. - Topaz

Jasper gazed around camp. His gaze locked on the disappearing bodies of Moor and Alabaster. He sighed as they went out yet again. He had no time to spend with his family, though added sourly that he doesn’t need family and that he should only value what everyone else her values. Strentgh and power. He’d be the most powerful cat in the forest,-Jasper

Starkflight frowned.-Stark

Moonshadow paced back and forth with his lilac coat bristling in fury. "Calypso is gone!" He spat, looking for his leader so that he could arrange for a search party. The kit had good bloodlines, and was the only one of her litter to survive the brutal treatment of Scarclan. She was needed for this planned war. -- Moonshadow

Moor could tell that Alabaster was nervous- the queen knew what was coming. It wasn't often that the tortoiseshell point asked to spend some quality sister-time with her only littermate. Alabaster swore that, for a moment, she caught the hint of a fleeting sense of guilt in the Pack's leader's eyes, but it was instantly gone, replaced by hardened determination. Once they were a great distance away from ScarClan, Moor turned to her sister and raised her chin. "...The Pack has no room for weakness, Alabaster." -- Moor

Jasper looked to the clouded sky and growled. Why wasn’t anyone worried about the clans? Shouldn’t they have been squashed like bugs awhile ago? He clawed the rocks below him.-Jasper

Starlkflight looked away quickly. Would she have taken the kit away? She was good natured.....-Starkflight

"Yes, great one..." The seal point queen responded with a slight quaking in her voice, adverting her turquoise eyes to her paws. She knew what Moor meant. She knew what must happen. I just wanted to love them like kits, I just wanted to be their mother... "I have gotten in the way of your divine plan, shaman. I accept the consequences." Alabaster kept her head bowed, prepared for what was next. She could only hope that ScarClan would take good care of her kittens. "Good." Without another word, without a proper good bye, Moor lunged forward and took her sister's life. -- Alabaster & Moor

Jasper widened his eyes as he saw Moor return without Alabaster. He bounded over to Moor. Though stood up tall as his mother taught him. “M-moor. Where’s Alabaster? Didn’t she come with you?” He meowed respectively.-Jasper The Pack's leader glared down at her nephew coldly. "She left, her purpose has been served. Your duty is to focus on your training." With that, Moor turned and left the kit to his own devices. -- Moor

Jasper froze as Moor left him, left? Like, ran away? Did she not like him....? Was he too weak? He didn’t cry, he didn’t even move a muscle. He sighed. “She never said goodbye...” he then screwed his eyes shut and narrowed them. But she loved them didn’t she? He put that aside. Then why did she leave?—Jasper

Sandpelt grumbled to herself as she had finally ended the Kitting Of Starkflight her kit was surprisingly strong and would be a great warrior, she left the herbs in her den and looked for Sigma. Telling the leader the good news would most likely make her day as the quicker this kit grows the quicker they’d kill her mother and use her hate for an advantage. She shook her head as she padded up to the leader. “Sigma.” She dipped her head with respect.-Sandpelt

Icora wiggled as she lay on her mother’s belly, suckling, Jasper watched with narrowed eyes, how come she got to keep her mother? He understood she was recently born, but he was born a few moons ago! How come she got to.... he ruffled his fur as Starkflight gazed at him. “Stupid ScarClan Kit...” she growled. He bristled as he then turned and climbed the red rocks he’d been on before. He lowered his head and grieved for his mother, he knew he needed to focus on training but.... it was hard when his mother left....—Jasper

A kit screamed as his voice echoed through the canyon. --Unknown

Toxin pricked her ears as she heard a squeak below her in a dip leading to cliffs and stones as a canyon, “Talon.” She dipped her head as her daughter leaped stone ledge to ledge and landed on the floor of the stone. She flattened her ears as the smell of death fill her nose.—Talon

Unknown leaned against his mother his mouth felt dry looking up he saw the shadows a unknow cats --Unknown

Talon stepped forward as her mother was at the top of the canyon, she grimaced at the body until she scented kit. She moved the mother’s body away to reveal a red tom, she wondered. “C’mon Kit, you'll be a great assassin.” And she grabbed his scruff and leaped back to her mother.-Talon

The kit thrashed around as his screams echoed in the canyon "NO NO NO!!!" --Unknown

Toxin purred as Talon dropped the kit. “don’t worry, you’re gonna be just fine, and we have plenty food.”-Toxin

The kit soon fell asleep in the cats mouth from lack of food and water he didn't want to spend all his energy. --Unknown

Toxin purred as she then picked the kit up and took him back to camp. -Toxin

Jasper wrinkled his snout as he scented an odd scent as Toxin returned with a kit. He growled.-Jasper The kit made a low growl back. --Unknown

The unknown kit dragged itself out of Toxin's mouth groomed himself a little then looked up seeing multipale large cats staring at him. --Unknown

((Not ready to be found yet, please do NOT interact with these two yet)) Leopardkit squirmed in the jaws of his captor, swinging his paws wildly in an effort to free himself. "Lemme go!" The sable rosetted tom demanded, thrashing about and swinging his tiny yet thorn-sharp claws at the chest of the ScarClan cat. Cinderkit and momma are all by themselves, I need to get back and protect them! "Put me down!" Leopardkit sharply barked at the thief once more, but yet again, he didn't receive a response. His keen turquoise eyes scanned the terrain. He was far from home, the land here, it wasn't fruitful. The earth was a void of plantlife- nothing but rocks, dry dirt, and the occasional bone. -- Leopardkit (WC) & ?????

(it’s 100% Muddyfang right.)-Willow

The stranger ignored the kitten's demands and walked onwards through the lifeless plain, pawsteps falling silent on the dry earth. Still Leopardkit thrashed in his jaws, while the stranger simply continued to think about their situation. The attack is over now...SwampClan's prisoners have settled in. The remains of ScarClan should be returning to camp from the attack on WillowClan. The thief hadn't fallen far behind. Soon, camp would be in sight. -- Leopardkit (WC) & ?????

Jasoer limped back with the others, ashamed he hadn’t killed Moor. But also annoyed Moor and Dusty, and Renegade, are dead.(May I own Topaz?)—Jasper

Willow can Toxin name unknown?)) --Skylia

Toxin dies in the battle with WillowClan-))-Willow

Nightstalker was so close to freedom of the weak ScarClan, just a little more before she’d be able to have her kits and raise them the right way— “Where do you think you're going?”—Night

Everyone can someone adopt my kit and name him Dingo))--Skylia

(couldn’t he name himself? Right?) “Heh, I’m going.” Nightstalker answered. Sycamore laughed. “Heh, not with perfect kits in that belly of yours.” She flicked her tail. Nightstalker shrugged. “And I’m sure you said that to who now? Of course I’m leaving, heck, this clan is weak. Mark my words I won’t return.” She growled before turning. Sycamore unsheathed her claws. “You aren’t going anywhere.” She hissed. As Nightstalker turned around a Sycamore opened a deep cut on Night’s shoulder, making her hiss in agony and dig her claws into Sycamore’s eye, causing the she-cat to leap in pain and shriek, giving Nightstalker the perfect escape, she then ran out and kept running.-Nightstalker & Sycamore

I don't think kits know what most animals are at his age. and he still needs someone to adopt him. Although i guess he could name himself))--Skylia

"Only conceited cowards say such things." Sigma mumbled flatly as she seated herself beside Moonshadow while the deputy cleaned out his wounds. "Not just any group of cats can completely disband a clan." The comment, of course, was in reference to the destruction of SwampClan. ThornClan and WillowClan had been at odds for countless generations, yet they were never capable of disbanding each other. ScarClan? They demolished SwampClan within a day. -- Sigma

The stranger paused in his tracks to taste the air, seeking out the faintest scents that rode the dry breeze that raced across the badlands of ScarClan. My timing is perfect. The thief continued to ignore Leopardkit's complaints as they plodded onward. -- Leopardkit (WC) & ?????

Jaseor growled as his wounds where checked by Sandpelt.-Jasper

Slowly, the stranger ducked into camp with Leopardkit dangling in his jaws, finding himself greeted by snarling cats with their hackles raised, prepared to dive back into battle. But the unknown feline glanced at them as if they were nothing but ants beneath his paws. "Coward!" The voice came from a bitter Sigma, who leaped down from her rock seating place to charge up to the stranger in an aggressive manner. "How dare you show your face here again?" -- Sigma & ?????

Jasper growled bristling as he saw the stranger enter camp. He had possibly heard of this tom. And now he has a challenge with that stupid scrap of fur in his mouth. He sent the kit a challenging glare through his scarred muzzle. Ready to just attack the cat.—Jasper

The drifter held his ground, ear twitching dismissively at Sigma's aggression that was clearly directed towards him. "I show my face here again because it is my right by birth. Besides, I'm no mouse-heart like the gray furball that stands before me." He held Sigma's gaze coolly as ScarClan began to surround their leader and the stranger, curious of the commotion and eager for a good fight. The dark gray leader dug her claws into the ground. "...Is that a challenge?" -- Sigma & ???????

Jasper yowled. “And you bring a furball with you?!” He growled.-Jasper

The stranger glanced over at Jasper with a pair of serious, pastel eyes that were narrowed into a pair of slits. "You dare to insult a kit of lineages like no other, when your blood has proven itself nothing more than lies? Moor was a dud- she's dead. An immortal 'divine' cannot die, and Quillstar and Stonetooth...they shredded her." The drifter's attention immediately snapped back at Sigma, immediately dropping Leopardkit and leaving the exhuasted kitten to stumble away. "And yes- that's a challenge, Sigma. Are you deaf- or just a stupid, ignorant furball?" The challenger provided the irritated gray she-cat with a sarcastic grin that was ear to ear. "...I'll make you eat those words, Muddyfang." -- Sigma & ??????

Jasper growled. “Moor was weak and brittle.” He growled lowly. then hissed to himself. “If Moor makes my reputation drop. I’ll just have to become a killer and never die.” He grumbled. Then hissed To Muddyfang, “We’ll see if you of al cats can take on Sigma. You’ve always been weak.” He growled. At least in the stories—Jasper

He had been waiting for most of his life for this one moment, for this one opportunity to have his revenge on not only Smokestorm for tormenting him, but the clan that turned its back on him as well. Sigma treated him like swine...he'd make her pay for that. He'd make her pay for using the Pack on the one thing he had loved: WillowClan. "You've ruined ScarClan, Sigma. It was once great under Scarstar- a refuge for cats like him, with no allies, only temporary promises to get by. You're trying to wrap all these cats up in alliances and wars...just because you don't like WillowClan." He was the monster that they had created, and so it was time that he made them regret it. "Do your worst, Sigma." Muddyfang curled his lips back into a snarl before the gray leader and rosetted tom locked themselves together in a fury of claws and teeth.  -- Sigma & Muddyfang

Jasepr flinched. “Wait.” Sigma made ScarClan all wars. “ScarClan wasn’t all about wars?” He then flattened his ears as he watched. Then seeing the kit. He leaped down and growled to the kit. “And who are you then?” He grinned, baring his teeth.—Jasper

Moonshadow watched the brutal fight keenly, understanding that his future might depend on it, but he didn't hesitate to step between Japser and Leopardkit. "Don't waste your time on this furball," the lilac deputy rumbled to Jasper before glancing down at Leopardkit, whose hackles raised. "He's nothing more than WillowClan spawn." -- Moonshadow

Muddyfang proceeded to wrestle Sigma to the red-colored ground, with the crimson dust staining their paws and coats. Both cats were dotted with their fair share of tender wounds, but he had finally taken the upperhand and managed to pin ScarClan's leader. "You turned this clan into nothing more than a copy of the others. It's time that it returns to its original greatness, and turns away from alliances." Muddyfang growled coldly before he snapped Sigma's neck and took her life. The chocolate rosetted tom stepped back with a bitter expression on his features. "Now, Smokestorm has paid for his crimes." -- Muddyfang & Sigma

Moonshadow stepped forward, narrowing his eyes at Muddyfang. "You may have the respect of the young and inexperienced through this 'display', but the revered senior members of this clan will not let you lead us. You have not won our respect yet, Muddyfang." The deputy warned with a raise of his chin, almost as if challenging the rosetted tom to another battle. Yet, the chocolate tom was calm and confident in his plan, smoothly turning around on his paws to face the lilac deputy. "Perhaps my skills may not have impressed you, but my blood has mingled with your Elites. That kit is mine, he's the son of Ashbreeze of WillowClan and therefore the grandson of Azkaban. You cannot deny us entry. You cannot deny me what is now rightfully mine, considering that I have presented you with the greatest weapon of all." -- Muddyfang & Moonshadow

Jasoer growled to Moonshadow. “I’m pretty sure WillowClan Spawn have nothing to do with anything.” He grumbled. Glancing back to the kit. “Well, if Moor’s dead might as well mess her legacy up more.” He grinned as he then looked to the might. “You can’t own someone!” He growled. “A kit isn’t a weapon.” He added.—Jasper

Moonshadow ignored Jasper's comment, and instead curiously focused on what Muddyfang had to say. If it was true, if the furball really was of the Elite's bloodline...he had the power of the Dark Forest. Their blood and blessings ran in him- they could control the clans once more. "And how do we know that you're not lying, Muddyfang?" The deputy challenged. To his surprise, it as not Muddyfang that answered his probing question. "Because I'm his witness." -- Moonshadow & ??????

(MORNING?) Jasper sneered. “So what makes this stupid dark forest so special Anyways? Seems like some stupid belief to me.” He meowed. Licking his claws.-Jasper

(Good idea, but nope) "Smokestorm?" Moonshadow sounded baffled as he took a step back to allow Sigma's son to take center attention. The gray tabby's blind eyes drifted across camp, a solemn expression apparent on his features. His mother was dead: Muddyfang had gotten his revenge. He accepted it, as that was all he could do. Muddyfang had won. "I was snooping around WillowClan frequently, using those ears of mine. I heard WillowClan mourning, whispering rumors of a traitor fathering Ashbreeze's kits. Muddyfang is indeed the father, and I can assure you that this kit...he fosters the bloodline of the Elites." The blind tabby admitted in a bitter tone, bowing his head almost shamefully. Muddyfang raised his chin before turning to Moonshadow, who seemed to almost cower. "I am your rightful leader now, Moonshadow. You can no longer deny it." -- Smokestorm & Muddyfang


Following the Gathering, Muddyfang could be denied his leadership no more. With his potential control over their only known remaining Elite, the opportunity was too great to pass. He had gained the respect of the dutiful senior members of the clan. But now, he had work to do, things to correct, plans to develop. Strangely, Muddyfang made it a point to avoid Leopardkit as he tossed the kitten into relentless training, in hopes of forcing the inner dangerous Elite of the delicate kitten. He was only four moons old...but it was a ripe age for a ScarClan trainee. No mercy. "Lapis," the rosetted tom began as he passed by the dust-ridden training area with his head bowed. "...Begin." -- Muddyfang

Jasper watched the fighting, raising a brow at Leopardkit as he’d watched his sister.-Jasper

Leopardkit took a guarded step backwards, and swallowed a lump in his throat. Cinderkit wouldn't want me to be like this, Cinderkit wouldn't want me to be like this... It was what the tom told himself every time he was thrown mercilessly into a scuffle. He had barely recovered from the last time, and already Lapis, who had been hardly wounded, was back on him like a hawk. She leaped onto his back and rolled with the tom, mericlessly biting into his scruff to influct ruthless pain. "Fight back, coward!!" -- Lapis & Leopardkit (WC)

Jasper watched with a grin now. “What’s Wrong Muddyfang? Little furball won’t fight?” He barked. Even those of elite blood had a weakness. Everyone had a weakness.-Jasper

In the end of yet another effortless round of fighting, Lapis found herself tossing a beaten, blood-stained Leopardkit to the side. She scoffed at him as he refused to rise to his paws. "Stop playing coy and live up to your title. I know you're capable. The seniors of the clan say that we're just gonna have to break it out of you." In most ScarClan scuffles, the loser would never be spared. Leopardkit? His fate was worse than that of death- left to be covered in wounds and recover painfully and slowly. Lapis spat at him a final time when the tomkit refused to respond. "And everyone was arguing that rumor said you were a mouthy, pain-in-the-rear in WillowClan. I see nothing but a mouseheart." With that, the gray she-cat turned to leave Leopardkit in the shade. The entire side of his face was swollen to the point where his right eye was no longer visible. And his right ear- shredded from Lapis' ruthless attack. Why can't they just kill me? I don't want to be a monster...why won't they just leave me alone? I don't want to turn... -- Leopardkit (WC) & Lapis

Unknown crawled away from Jasper. No one cares about me anyway i don't even have a name.... I will just call myself Dingo fearce like a wild dog! --Dingo

His wounds had hardly healed when he attempted to flee from ScarClan in the dead of night, but if Leopardkit learned one thing that was that sneaking up on or away from trained assassins? Foolish. He had just barely crept beyond the rocky outcrop of camp when he felt a sort of shadow fall upon him. Moonshadow glowered down at the kit. "You are property of ScarClan now, kit. You belong here- nobody else." Leopardkit tried to make a break for it, but Moonshadow was quick to relentless pounce on the kitten and punish him for attempting to leave. With fur mottled with blood once more, Leopardkit found himself being forcefully returned to his quarters in ScarClan. Has...Has WillowClan forgotten about me? -- Leopardkit (WC)

Muddyfang looked satisfied, but still he refused to observe the terrors that ScarClan put Leopardkit up against. Desperately the clan tried to break the tom, to make him bloodthirsty and live up to the powerful blood that ran through his veins. But finally, Muddyfang had exacted his revenge: he had banished Smokestorm in front of the clan, before allowing his warriors to brutally hunt down the blind tom until he rest almost motionless on the border. But all the meanwhile, Moonshadow was acting odd, out of sorts. The deputy was revered for his power and the number of deaths he had dealt out in both SwampClan and the war on WillowClan. Little did the deputy know...his prey had been poisoned, and he hadn't much longer to live. -- Muddyfang, Smokestorm, Moonshadow

It was that night that Moonshadow passed away suddenly, leaving ScarClan without a deputy. It had been moons since Muddyfang had lived in ScarClan, and so it was difficult to select a new deputy. So, he decided to summon the clan to announce the death of Moonshadow, and then think over his candidates. Really, it seemed like a good idea to hold a tournament, a fight to the death...

But while the clan was gathering, the battle-scarred Leopardkit decided to take his chance. His eye was still swollen and his wounds burning like fire, but he was desperate to escape from his torture, to go home and reunite with the family that actually cared for him. His father? He was a monster. But Leopardkit's leave didn't go unnoticed- Lapis was quick to hare after him and suddenly drag him to the ground. "Where do you think you're going?" The gray-furred trainee hissed into the sable tom's face. "This is your future, your home! You cannot deny what you are, Leopardkit." Lapis fastened her teeth into his scruff and attempted to shake Leopardkit mercilessly, but the tom managed to separate himself from her. She turned to face him, blocking him from the border. "If you leave, I'll follow you- I'll find your pitiful sister and tear her apart and make you want to be the killer your destined to be." It was foolish on Lapis' part to mention Cinderkit- that was a clear sore spot. Without warning, Leopardkit pulled himself away from death barreled into the she-cat and lashed out at her viciously. "Never threaten my family!" He spat once he finished brutalizing the trainee, stepping back to let the horror set in. He had beaten her to a pulp.

Lapis smirked up at Leopardkit, but she could not stand. Slowly, she was bleeding out. "Finally. Look at the monster you've become...ScarClan will be proud." She mustered those words out before she went limp, and left Leopardkit blindly and desperately stumbling through ScarClan's borders. What have I done?! He was impressed that it had felt so easy, but horrified at himself for thinking of such a thing. He came onto Smokestorm, who was severely wounded but still living. Desperately, Leopardkit pulled Smokestorm along and out of ScarClan's territory, praying that the exiled tom could help him find his way home again. -- Muddyfang, Leopardkit, Lapis, Smokestorm

Milly stalked into the camp, throwing a piece of prey onto the pile. Her mistrusting eyes darted from side to side, watching her back at all times. Her long blood-stained claws sliding in and out of their sheaths, itching to be ripped through her enemies flesh. Her fur was fluffed up, hiding the battle scars she had earned from countless moons training in the Dark Forest. One day, I shall take over this Clan... and eliminate anyone who dares to stand in my way. She remembered the blood-curdling shrieks of her brother, as she leapt on top of him, tearing the life from his weak body with one slash of her claws. She remembered the fun she had dumping him in the river, and crying back to ScarClan about how "My brother slipped into the river!" She had been hoping for the chance to get her next victim... and soon. --Milly

Jakoba twitched his ears as he heard Petra mumbling, something about how she wanted to prove she wasn’t a kittypet anymore. “Miss, I hate to bother you, but could I come along while you’re at it?” A devilish look entered his gaze. “You won’t regret it, but you sure will miss out on all the fun we’ll have together!” —-Jakoba & Petra

Milly overheard the tom, Jakoba, and hissed. "Stupid tom.." --Milly

Tempest lingered at the rogues' border with her older sister, Garnet. "Are we really sure about this?" Garnet asked, not for the first time that day. Tempest, definitely the more innovative of the two, sighed, meeting her best friend and kin's worried amber gaze with her own sage one. "Yes, sister. I know...they aren't very...noble, but this is what we have to do."

Summoning her courage, she walked across ScarClan's border, and Garnet followed behind her. Worried she might lose her nerve, Tempest began pelting along the sun-hardened ground, towards ScarClan's camp. -- Tempest

Ares glared at Milly, unsheathing and sheathing his claws. - Ares

Milly slid out her claws, hoping for a battle. "You got something to say, weakling?" She challenged Ares. Her muscles rippled underneath her battle scarred flank and she spit at his face, trying to provoke him.

Ares scowled and advanced, itching for a fight. But before he could attack, he heard Hoof padded up aggressively behind him. - Ares & Hoof

Garnet's plumy brown tail streamed out behind her as she raced after Tempest. Hope this is the right thing... she pulled up as the gray shape in front of her stopped. "Well, here we are..." Garnet sighed and stepped into the rogues' camp. "...Hello?" -- Garnet

Raven looked at Milly, irritably. What a mouse-brain! Always looking for a fight. He thought. - Raven

Milly growled and slashed Hoof's face. "Stay out of this. Only one of you has to die..." --Milly

Hoof unsheathed his claws and attempted to sink them into Milly's shoulder. - Hoof

Milly easily dodged, seasoned from her Dark Forest training. She went low, and sank her teeth into his leg, pressing harder and harder and until her teeth scraped bone and he yowled. "Weak." She muttered, spitting out blood. "Fight back!" She shouted. "Or are you too scared?" She sneered. --Milly

Raven fought back a laugh as he heard Milly. - Raven

Milly glared at Raven. "Please, Raven. If you have a problem, come share it." Milly said, with feigned concern, cringing inwardly. --Milly

“I don’t have time for this.” Said Raven, as he began to pad away. “Call me a coward if you want! I’m not fighting a psycho who likes to look for a fight!” - Raven

Sirius seated himself dutifully outside of Muddyfang's quarters to leave the leader to his thoughts. The guard personally protested the tom's sudden gain in leadership, but who was he to deny the respected senior members of the clan what they thought was right? He had brought along an Elite, after all- ...wait....where was Leopardkit? -- Sirius

Hoof hissed and limped away. Although he was tough and ambitious on the outside, he knew when to back down. The blood dripping from his leg stained the ground scarlet, and there would probably be a scar on his ankle for moons to come. - Hoof

Milly cooed mockingly. "Thats right, limp away, Hoof. The little kitty doesn't want to get his pelt dirty." Milly then streched, and padded off to her nest, ready for another delightful night of training in the Dark Forest. --Milly

Jakoba ignored Milly's calls and instead continued to taunt Petra. Eventually, the seal-point she-cat hissed at him and flattened her ears. "If you're so into killing kittypets, go kill some yourself!" --Jakoba & Petra

Milly was on her way to her nest, as she overheard Petra's talk about killing kittypets, and she got excited. She wanted to ask if she could go with them, but she realized that she would have a hard time, seeing as what she had just done... "Nghhh... I'll just do it myself, wherever they aren't. I don't need anybody." --Milly

Raven went and laid down, just outside of camp, by himself. Thoughts whizzed through his mind. I wonder how Harley’s doing. He thought, before shaking his head to himself. I should be thinking about my own kits if I’m thinking about kits at all! He thought. But Harley and his siblings were like my own kits. He decided not to give it anymore thought. Harley and his siblings were far, far away. He would probably never see them again. - Raven

Milly stalked to her nest and was delighted when she woke up to the beautiful stench of decay. "I'm ready to train, Mother..." --Milly

Tempest twitched her tail irritably. A couple cats were rough-housing in the corner, but no one was even acknowledging her. "Hello!" -- Tempest

Milly woke up and stretched, irritably flicking her bleeding ear. One of the Dark Forest warriors had gotten lucky.... but their luck had quickly run out. She hadn't slept in forever, but it didn't bother her. Sleep was for the weak. She saw Tempest in the corner, but rolled her eyes. Idiot.. She padded over to the barrier, to hunt for food. --Milly

Tempest was now thoroughly annoyed. Strolling into the clearing, she padded up to the nearest cat. "HELLO? OI! Show me where your leader is." -- Tempest

Milly didn't see Tempest come up behind her, and she whirled around, claws unsheathed. "What?!" She spat. "I will claw out your throat and laugh as you die.." Milly wasn't good at making friends, it seems. --Milly

Raven hesitantly padded up to Tempest. “Ignore her.” He said, flicking his tail to Milly. “She’s a bit of a psychopath. But I’m not sure you should have come here. Muddyfang isn’t always welcoming.” He flicked his tail to where Muddyfang was. - Raven

Milly hissed and swiped at Raven. "I suggest keeping your tongue to yourself- unless you want it cut out?" She growled. --Milly

Raven easily dodged it, and ignored her comment, before stretching. “Good luck.” He told Tempest, before padding back over to his spot. - Raven

Garnet didn't like the look of this. "Calm down, calm down! Hey, could you tell us where the leader of this group is?" -- Garnet

Milly whipped around, hissing again. "Don't tell me what to do... You'll have to kill me first, mangy furball." --Milly

Raven sighed, and left camp. Why did I ever join this Clan of psychopaths? - Raven

Garnet arched one eyebrow. "Honestly. Do you have to act like a kit, getting upset at everything?" She sighed. "I was asking you." -- Garnet

Milly rolled her eyes. "Geez, just shut up. He's over there. Go away.." She growled, angling her ears towards the direction of Muddyfang. --Milly

Muddyfang casually sent a side glance in the direction of a seal point pelt. "Petra," the rosetted tom mumbled simply. "You're the new deputy." How long the she-cat would survive the position, he didn't know. Moonshadow had been like a rock, but then again, he had quite the...impressive number of murders underneath his belt. The leader then narrowed his seafoam orbs at the strangers. "What makes you think you're worthy of joining ScarClan?" -- Muddyfang

Hoof padded over into some shade and licked his foot. He tasted blood. - Hoof

Tempest lifted her head. "We're tired of city life, and living in the wild is where we belong. I don't care what I have to do to get into ScarClan- I'll fight one of your Clanmates if I have to." -- Tempest

" Get up!" Talon spat to Dingo, first day of training and he was a wreck, "Get up i said!" She hissed. as he backed away, blood dripped from his eyebrow. - Talon & Dingo

Dingo finally released his anger and launched himself at Talon, shredding her scruff with undheathed claws, the prettiest tabby pelt caught his eye which made him freeze as he saw Topaz. He gasped as he was flung off and pinned to the ground at his neck. "You idiot! No destractions!" She growled. Then as soon as she raised a paw Icora bounced into Talon, knocking her off, as she let Dingo to his paws. "Thanks." He murmured as Talon hissed asn smacked Icora. "We're finished here." She hissed, turning to the prey pile and snagging half a crow. - Talon, Icora, & Dingo

Jasper stared from his ledge with a snarl among his lips. He hated ScarClan. It was all Moor's fault he was here. And where was Alabaster when he needed proper support? He shook his pelt as he turned to see the lush shade of greens of the forest beyond this red wasteland. He flattened his ears as he watched talon go for his kill. He lowered and leaped from the boulder onto her and threw her off. "Going somewhere?" He hissed. - Jasper

Champion shook her pelt, having just woken up from a nap. She stretched luxuriously, her pelt rippling in the green-leaf sun. She padded out of the camp, hoping to get some hunting done. Soon, she came across a rustle in the bushes, which, by smell, she found to be a mouse. She crept up and killed it swiftly, bending over the warm body of it and devouring it in swift bites. She buried the bones under a dying bush, the branches sagging low and brittle. --Champion

Talon hissed at the tom. "I think that was my kill." He meowed, raising his muzzle. Talon chuckled. "Well, last i heard we all share." SHe then added. "But i'd much rather fight for this scrap than hand it over." SHe then lowered. "Agreed." Jasper grinned as he too crouched and fighting comensed. - Jasper + Talon

"Fine." Muddyfang replied surprisingly simply to Tempest's request before he turned away from the she-cat. "If you can survive a day here, then you can stay." The rosetted tom twitched his tail and made his way out of camp. Sirius, as a guard, was eager to follow, but the leader ordered the tom to remain behind. He then continued to venture out on his own, a strange sensation bubbling up in his belly. This guilt, this sensation of'd been eating at him since he left WillowClan, and had become more prominent since he finally exacted his revenge on Smokestorm. I need a walk. -- Muddyfang

Slowly, the leader made his way out of camp, his eyes narrowed on the ruddy earth at his paws. Selecting a new deputy took plenty of weight off his shoulders, yet the tom was still incapable of understanding why he felt so crummy. For so many moons, he had been fueled by nothing more than a desire to exact his revenge, to make ScarClan and Smokestorm suffer from their moons of torment. But was all done. Just like that. What more did he have left? Better yet, he had practically watched as his own son was torn to pieces. Muddyfang flattened his ears. What do you care, anyways? You're no father to them. The lonely path is your only path. You are no team or family player. He practically growled to himself stubbornly before he hesitated, twitching an ear when he heard the disturbance of loose pebbles. "Who goes there?" -- Muddyfang

"Muddyfang?" The voice came out in almost a whisper as a red-furred she-cat finally stepped from the shadows, her eyes round as they picked up every detail on the mocha tom's face. "...I-I've been trying to find you, I never thought I'd find ScarClan's camp..." The she-cat shuffled her paws while the ScarClan leader narrowed his eyes sharply. "...I...what are you doing here, Morningglade? Don't you know what I've done?" Muddyfang stammered, taken back by the she-cat's loyalty. -- Muddyfang & Morningglade

OOO) - wilow

The somali dropped her gaze momentarily, but like always, she returned stubborn. She glanced Muddyfang in the eyes once more, only for her eyes to soften. "I do, but...I know that's not you, Muddyfang. I know there's a good cat in there, it's just that nobody else was willing to help dig him out." Morningglade took a bold step forward to join him on ScarClan territory, standing so that her forehead just lightly grazed the tom's powerful chin. "I want to be the cat to help you change. Muddyfang, I love you, I left WillowClan to be with you. I know they'd never take me back, but I don't want them to do the taking...I want you to take me, accept me- let me help you. Let me love you." He had always seemed so untouchable with his cold exterior, but there she was- whiskers away from the ScarClan leader, holding her breath. -- Morningglade & Muddyfang

In the end Jasper held Talon by the throat, "And this seemd like a well done, no?" he hissed into her ear. - Talon

Muddyfang stood before the former WillowClan warrior, stiff, awkward, and uncertain of what to do. He never let anyone get close to him. Everyone he'd been close to had perished. "Everyone's I cared for has died, Morngingglade." It took him several silent moments to search for a response. Instinctively, Morningglade crept closer to touch her forehead to his chin. "...I won't let them take me out, then. You know I'm tough. I won't go down, but if I do, I'll go down fighting for you." -- Muddyfang & Morningglade

With Petra occupied with her new duty as deputy, Jakoba had grown incredibly bored. "C'mon, Petra, let's just go have some fun!" The seal-pointed she-cat glanced up and flattened her ears. "We'll go kill that kittypet you keep muttering about." The silver tabby tom stretched and slunk up to her. "C'mon. You know you want to. It'll help improve your record here."

The deputy turned her gaze to the slippery tom. "Fine. But don't expect me to enjoy going out with you." He smirked and flicked his tail to challenge her. "You don't seriously expect me to challenge you? A flimsy trainee?"

"I wouldn't be serious, except you're taking it as a challenge," he replied, a slick tone in his voice. "C'mon. You know you want to challenge me. We'll go kill a few cats and come back as heroes. Plus, if we work together, we might actually make a decent team." He wasn't planning on flirting, but the last sentence really sounded like it...

Petra flattened her ears. "Let's just get this over with. C'mon, foxdung, let's get going." --Petra & Jakoba

For the first time in moons, Muddyfang couldn't resist a humorous smile after Morningglade's comment on being "tough". There was no shaking her, was there? She was insistent on finding him and sticking by his side through thick and thin, even if her company wasn't wanted. The thing was- Muddyfang...he did want to be with her. There was more to life than revenge. "....You're as stubborn as they come. No...N-No wonder you so much." -- Muddyfang & Morningglade

Morningglade's eyes widened, and their emerald irises appeared to gleam with delight. "You do?" She sounded breathless, for her own excitement had taken the wind right out of her. Yet another small smile grew across Muddyfang's features. "Yes...let's go home, Morningglade." -- Muddyfang & Morningglade

As the pair exited towards the kittypet homes, Jakoba's aerodynamic body took the lead, practically skipping among the brush. "Geez, are you on something? You're jumping around like you've never seen the world before." Petra clearly didn't seem too pleased to be hanging out with him, but he didn't seem to care.

"No. I just like going out. Since you've been deputy, you've been so boring, my dear." Another flirtatious jab. "No response? Are you too embarrassed to respond? Heheh..."

"Shut up or I'll bring your body home and say someone killed you." The seal point froze as she heard a noise. "Hang on a sec." Jakoba glanced over his shoulder back at her, then followed behind her as she poked her head through the bushes. "Look."

The two were focused on a fat, seal-point kittypet sitting on the edge of the fence. The deputy narrowed her eyes. "That piece of... ugh." She sighed and blinked at the kittypet. "That's my sister."

"You have a sister?! What??" She smacked him with her tail, sighing as she nodded. "Hm. Is her plumpness natural, do you think?"

"No. The reason why I left is because I desired a new experience, and she's... stayed. I wonder how boring her life has been." She blinked at the kittypet and finally analyzed a way. "When I say go, you leap."


"Just do it." --Petra & Jakoba

Raven looked around camp, flicking his tail from side to side. - Raven

The deputy watched the kittypet balance on the fence, then settle back down. "Steady now... steady, steady... now. Go." The silver tabby tom shot forward and leaped up, struggling at first but eventually laying his claws on her side.

The seal-point approached her sister with a glare. "Petra?! Why are you doing this?! And who is -"

"You betrayed me, Saki!" Petra was letting Jakoba do most of the work, but stopped him as he neared the finishing blow. "You told me you'd come follow me! And what did you do instead?!"

"Petra - Petra, I'm so sorry - do you remember our neighbor?"

"That stupid indoor-outdoor tom who only came out to try to flirt with us?"

"Yes, him, I -"

"Why are you making excuses, Saki? You betrayed me!!" The deputy flicked her tail to Jakoba. "Hold her down." The silver tabby froze as she performed a finishing blow, cutting off her sister's speaking. "Let's get out of here, Jakoba." --Petra & Jakoba

Hoof watched Raven through narrowed eyes from the side of camp. - Hoof

Petra and Jakoba would return, but with no Muddyfang in sight, the seal-point deputy cocked her head in confusion. Hmm. I wonder where his mousebrained self went off to. The silver tabby tom, meanwhile, took a whiff of the air. "...Muddyfang's scent goes right out. Guess if he doesn't show up... your turn, princess." The deputy shook her head. I became deputy so soon. Her eyes narrowed. Bet the crowdung jerk did it to get a load off. Whatever, I guess. Maybe Jakoba's right... for once. --Petra & Jakoba

Sometime later on, the seal-point deputy narrowed her gaze, realizing that she'd have to take charge. Idiot. "Jakoba." The silver tabby looked up from his perch below her, confused. "You're a mercenary now."

His eyes widened in surprise. "But - Petra -"

"No buts. Muddyfang's clearly gone... which means I have to take power now. Also." She flicked her tail towards the newly-made mercenary. "I've got a confession to make, Jakoba... I think I'm expecting your kits."

His already wide gaze couldn't get any wider, and his mouth hung open in shock. "Holy... Petra, you've got to be kidding." The seal-point leader shook her head and chuckled.

"I wish I was, Jak." --Petra & Jakoba

Marvel stared out across the land, snarling. Someday the pathetic Clan cats would need him. For now he would wait. -- Marvel

Claws raked Talon’s sheer as she pushed off with her hind paws. Kicking Jasper off of her and getting to her paws. “Enough you sobbing ball of hatred! What else do you want? Muddy fang is gone now, you can take your stupid bird.” She hissed. Though she knew what had really bugged him, she had watched the day Alabaster was slaughtered. She never told a soul since. She looked away and leaped to a tall peak of stone, watching like an eagle from above. “Moth.” She meowed. “I know clan life isn’t for you.” She sighed. Looking into the forest. - Talon

Petra's eyebrow furrowed in her own indecisiveness. She still hadn't decided on a deputy, plus she could feel the paranoia in her body that the rest of her group would discover her secret. They'll react even worse once they know the litter's Jakoba's. Sighing, the seal point began to pace, just as a certain silver tabby glanced slickly in her direction, a smirk on his face. "How's leadership like, Princess?"

"Horrible," she growled immediately, sighing at his sly comment. "And you being here doesn't make it any better."

"Relax, willya? Besides, you being a grump looks amazing for us." His voice didn't drip with sarcasm like she'd expected. "Aaaaaand, you've got kittens coming soon too! I'm sure the rest of the Clan will be all over who the father is!"

He sounded a little too excited to be in that position. "Not so loud!" Is it really that obvious?? "...Is it really obvious that I'm, uh." He nodded slowly, and she groaned. "They'll think I'm weak." --Petra & Jakoba

Hoof limped over to the fresh-kill pile, spotting Ares close by. Ares glanced back, nodding his head curtly. Hoof licked at his hind paw, reminding him of the skirmish between he and Milly. - Hoof

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