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SeaClan is the northern clan originally founded by Seastar. During the Great War, they were allied with WillowClan, but have since grown neutral and silent during the great plague outbreak.

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries Alliances
SwiftShadow777 (currently inactive) Silverwhisker Silverwhisker Active; Apprentice/Queen/Kit joining is CLOSED Green-leaf N/A N/A

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The clan happens to ironically be the northernmost, and as their name might suggest, are situated on the cliffside above the sea. They are excellent fishers with talents rivaled by none, and are known to be large cats capable of fighting against the sea's dangerous waves. SeaClan has since grown silent and prefers neutrality, infamous for their wisdom that they seldom share during times of war. While the others might call them cowardly for avoiding war, these cats are in fact very brave, thanks to the monsters they face in the ocean.

Allegiances Edit


Foxstar - massive silver tortoiseshell tom; lives 7/9. (Whiskers)


Lightningstrike - brown and white tabby tom. (Wolfy)

Medicine Cat:

Saltycurrent - gray tabby tom with blue eyes. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Sweetpaw


Salmontooth - black-and-white tom. (Whiskers)
Stoneskip - dark dilute tortoiseshell she-cat. (Whiskers)
Seawhisper - silver she-cat with blue eyes. (Willow)
Cloudyshine - white she-cat. (Musical)
Fishleap - calico she-cat (Willow)
Conchsong - ginger-brown tabby tom. (Willow)
Ambersky - fluffy orange tabby tom. (Ivy)
Duskbramble - silver shaded tortoiseshell she-cat. (Hawk)
Sunshadow - long-furred calico she-cat. (Silvery)
Stormytide - gray tabby she-cat with folded ears. (Dawn)
Riverfrost - long-furred white tom. (Moon)
Tigerfang - ginger tom. (Moon)
Dawnflame - ginger she-cat with brown eyes. (Snowy)
Marshclaw - gray tom with yellow eyes (Breeze)
Shorepool - gray she-cat with gold and black stripes (Garnet)
Ploverswoop - silver spotted she-cat (Vinegar)
Owlpool - orange she-cat (Mushroom)
Crystalshine - white she-cat with amber eyes (Raystar)
Pearleye - light gray tom with blue eyes (Raystar)
Blackstripe - brown and black tabby she-cat (Wolfy)
Whitefeather - gray tabby tom (Moon)


Spottedpaw - gray-brown bengal she-cat. (Moon)
Sweetpaw - cream she-cat with melon eyes, medicine cat apprentice (Fire)
Ribbonpaw - light gray tabby she-cat (Sketch)
Foxpaw - long-furred gray tom (Sketch)
Sharppaw - gray tom with long fur and blue eyes (Sketch)

Queens & Kits:

Waterleaf - brown she-cat with fluffy fur, expecting Pearleye’s kits. (Fire)
Hailkit - dark platinum tabby tom kit (Willow)
Ghostkit - Pure white she-kit (Fire)
Foamheart - lynx point she-cat with amber eyes, mother to Conchsong's kits. (Willow)
Flurrykit - starch white she-kit (Wolfy)
Whisperkit - gray she-cat with white tabby markings (Delta)
Sharkkit - silver tabby she-cat (Stork)
Blisterdust - brown she-cat with yellow and black eyes (Breeze)
Starkit - tabby she-cat (Breeze)
Riverstone - gray-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes, mother to Foxstar's kit. (Whiskers)
Hazekit - silver and red tortoiseshell tabby she-cat. (Whiskers)




Seastar, Shellheart, Splashclaw, Frostpaw, Blizzardkit, Gullfeather, Starlingpaw, Crabpaw, Tidepaw,


Pebblekit, Minnowsplash,

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Duskbramble stood up, trying to ignore the pain in her upper spine, and dragged herself across the medicine den floor. She'd had some practice, and her forelegs were getting much stronger. Summoning her courage, she crawled out of the medicine den and into the main camp...and the gazes of her many Clanmates. -- Duskbramble

Waterleaf felt bad for Duskbramble. She hurried over, and said kindly, "Hey! I'm Waterleaf, would you like to eat some prey?" - Waterleaf

Duskbramble cocked her head. "Sure..." -- Duskbramble

She smiled, walking back over to the pile, grabbing another minnow and a slamon for Duskbramble. " Here! You must be famished." - Waterleaf

Stoneskip had limped back down to the medicine cat den to find that Saltycurrent had returned to his quarters. She had been meaning to get some poppy seeds, since her ribs were starting to drive her mad, but she decided that it was a perfect time to deliver the message. "Foxstar said to reinforce the medicine cat den, along with all the others." The dilute calico murmured, tense from the rib-pain. "We see a huge storm on the horizon." -- Stoneskip

Sweetpaw was out gathering herbs they might need for all the incoming kits. Borage for milk... Burnet for strength... what else? Chervil! - Sweetpaw

Pearleye walked over to Waterleaf. "How are you feeling?" he asked. -Pearl

Waterleaf looked up halfway through her minnow to say hi. "Hey Pearleye! These kits are so hungry! Maybe we should go hunting in a few minutes?" - Waterleaf

"I don't know... You might get hurt." -Pearl

Waterleaf sighed. "I'll be careful, I promise." - Waterleaf

"Ok. Just don't overexert yourself." -Pearleye

Wrenkit had dug herself a little den under a fallen palm frond, fear clung to her pelt like the rain that had blown her across the beach, she shivered as she tried to get comfortable, she knew it’s been too long. Pebblekit wasn’t looking for her, and now she was stuck without directions, how could she have known her brother would lie to her? She was scared and knew she couldn’t look at Pebblekit again the same way she had before Dewshine was killed. She closed her eyes only to hear a loud rumble from the skies, she shrieked and back into the darkness and pokes of the frond. She felt like it was over, was this where she’d rot over time? Or would the storm drown her and fling her pelt into the mountains if StormClan? - Wrenkit

Waterleaf touched her nose to his. "Don't worry, I'll be safe." She got up, and padded out, heading down to the few remaining tide pools to fish for minnows, coming up with a couple until it had started raining again and the ocean was begininng to creep back up the beach towards her, at which point she gathered her prey and started back to camp. - Waterleaf

"How was it?" Pearleye asked Waterleaf as he saw her walking back into camp. -Pearl

Waterleaf batted his shoulder lightly and said sarcastically, "Oh, A fox bit all my limbs off. I'm fine, don't worry so much!" She nuzzled him, breathing in his scent. "Now, lets go put these-" she motioned to the minnows on the ground, "On the fresh-kill pile." - Waterleaf

"Ok. Just please try not to get hurt. If you get injured, I'll never forgive myself." -Pearl

Saltycurrent twitched his ear in response to Stoneskip's comment. "I felt the wind change earlier, I knew something wicked was brewing." The gray tabby commented before he left the den to find some reinforcements, such as bracken or branches. As he exited the den, he flinched when he felt a raindrop land on his nose. He squinted at the horizon, noting that the sea appeared foggy. Heavy rain. Great. -- Saltycurrent

Waterleaf sighed. Pearleye was being a bit protective, but she didn't want to snap at him. She took a deep breath and said, "Yeah, I'll be careful." She grabbed the minnows and walked in, placing the minnows on the piles just as the pouring rain started. She sat there for a while, breathing in the humid air, feeling calm and collected. - Waterleaf

A terrible thought entered Pearleye's head. What if... the flood... He stopped and shook his head. -Pearleye

Waterleaf could see something was on her mates mind, so she padded up to Pearleye, rainwater dripping from her whiskers, and wrapped her tail with his. "What's wrong?" - Waterleaf

Pearleye froze. "N-nothing," he replied. -Pearleye

Waterleaf flicked his ears. "Stop lying. I'm your mate. I'm having your kits. Please just tell me." - Waterleaf

"It's nothing. You don't have to worry so much about me." -Pearleye

Waterleaf looked down. "Alright. Sorry for pressing." She pressed herself into his wet fur, wondering what could be on his mind. - Waterleaf

"It's fine." Pearleye plopped down in the warriors den, tired. -Pearleye

Waterleaf curled up next to him, lulled to sleep by Pearleye's scent and the patter of rain on the branched above. - Waterleaf

The next day or something, Pearleye woke up and stretched. He went over to the beach and caught a salmon (yum :P) -Pearleye

Waterleaf could feel the kits moving around in her stomach, and she felt really sick. She scrambled to her paws, barely making it to the dirtplace before she vomited. "Ugh.." She groaned, the taste of bile in her mouth. - Waterleaf

Saltycurrent continued with fortifying his den when he picked up a cry on the howling wind. He was surprised to find Foxstar barreling into him. "Saltycurrent!" The leader tried to yell over the intense wind as the rain continued to come plummeting down. "Riverstone's kitting!" -- Foxstar & Saltycurrent

Sunshadow flattened her ears against the rain. Her pelt was soaked and the wind raged in her ears. - Sunshadow

Waterleaf stumbled out from the dirtplace, and was greeted by a huge boom of thunder and the crackle of lightning, and she prayed Pearleye was safe. He still hadn't returned from hunting, and she could only imagine the horrible things that could happen to him out there.. - Waterleaf

Pearleye struggled to make his way back to the camp. It was raining, only a prelude to the disasterous flood that would come soon. -Pearleye

Waterleaf couldn't take it anymore, and decided to go look for her mate. She slipped and slid over to the barrier, the lashing rain stinging her face. She burst from the barrier, taking a few steps before her paws slid out from under her, hurtling her down he muddy slope. - Waterleaf

Sunshadow, with the rain in her eyes, slid into the warrior's den. - Sunshadow

Pearleye saw a shape tumbling down the cliff. He raced over and attempted to grab it, and recognized... Waterleaf? -Pearleye

Waterleaf kept tumbling down the hill, getting whacked in the side with loose rocks and rouge branches. SHe kept scrambling to her paws, only to slip back down. She did her best to protect her kits by taking the blows with her paws and back. Eventually, she skidded to a stop, bruised and bleeding, with pebbles and mud tangled in her soaked fur. - Waterleaf

Pearleye became cheesy and yeeted over to save Waterleaf. -Pearleye

Waterleaf felt as if she had just been dropped from the cliff a hundred times over, but she didn't care. As long as nothing had hit her children. She sighed lightly. - Waterleaf

Sunshadow watched the rain stream from the sky, and the fierce wind snag her pelt even though she was in the warrior's den. - Sunshadow

Waterleaf got up, every bone in her body aching. The rain had slightly ebbed, but it was still coming down pretty hard. Waterleaf could feel the babies moving around in her stomach, and she could feel they were in distress. She wobbled her way back up the hill, falling over countless times, before reaching the camp entrance. There were puddles all over that were growing steadily bigger, and she stumbled over the the warriors den, almost tripping over Sunshadow, before realizing that Pearleye was still out there. Well, he'll have to get back here himself. I need to look after the kits right now. - Waterleaf

Wrenkit narrowed her eyes. She was NOT gonna let fake visions and winds and cold and dark take her down, she came out of her spot though it was cold, and dark, and wet. She shivered, looking for somewhere else to shelter until the palm frond had blown off of her, she looked around, the skies grew cloudy, waves crashed to the mud, wind whipped her ears making her Wanna claw them off, she closed her eyes. Silence. She took a deep breath before opening them back to the winds and water. She padded up to the waters and leaped back as her paws felt cold and wet. She looked to the sky before turning and running underneath a fallen palm. She needed to be brave. For Dewshine. - Wren

Sunshadow moved aside to allow more space for Waterleaf. The howling winds outside made her nervous. This is a very fierce storm... - Sunshadow

Lightningstrike pinned his ears back against his head, and let out a hiss as the rain pattered down. - Lightningstrike While Saltycurrent had run off to the nursery to assist Riverstone in her kitting, Foxstar had raced to the medicine cat den, as asked by the medicine cat. He went to seek out some borage, but the rain was coming down heavy- so much that it was blinding. The humidity, combined with the pelting and bouncing rain from the storm, had created a sort of haze. That was what Riverstone and Foxstar had agreed on when it came to at least one name for a kit: Hazekit, in honor of the storm. If only they knew what tragedy it would bring. As Foxstar pelted in the direction of the medicine cat den, he felt the muddy ground slip and give way beneath him. -- Foxstar

Sweetpaw was panicking. She was stuck in some mud, and the rain was pelting down on her. She kept screaming for help, but the winds drowned her cries. "Please! Help me, someone! I don't wanna die!!" She struggling faster and faster, but it only made her sink lower and lower in the mud until it had almost completely swallowed her chest. She began screaming louder. "HELP!" - Sweetpaw

Where is Foxstar with those herbs? Saltycurrent thought to himself bitterly before giving Riverstone a small nod. "A she-kit. Just one, but plenty strong like her parents." The medicine cat nudged the silver-and-red-swirled kitten towards its mother before glaring over his shoulder. StarClan, Foxstar's slow. He dashed out into the rain to get herbs himself, but was shocked to find his apprentice taking a...mud bath. The former kittypet balanced himself on a stable log to grab Sweetpaw by the scruff and free her from the sucking mud. "What're you doing, laying around? We have work to do!" -- Saltycurrent

Sweetpaw felt as if she was about to die, when Saltycurent yanked her free from the sucking mud. THen he started critizing her? "I was abput to drown! I was not taking a mud bath." She was still pretty shook, but the pouring rain soon washed all the mud from her fur and she looked over, just now wondering why her mentor was outside in this weather. "Why are you outside anyways?" She asked, bemused. - Sweetpaw

"I'm fetching herbs for Riverstone and her daughter. Foxstar takes a lifetime and a half to get anything." Saltycurrent mumbled flatly as he squinted against the rain, trying to spot the leader's red pelt. However, he was nowhere to be found near the medicine cat den. -- Saltycurrent

Foxstar found himself tumbling down the slopes as he flailed about, trying to get a grip on the muddy ledges of SeaClan. Slowly he was being pulled down towards the cliffs which lead to the tumultuous sea, where the waves crashed against the cliffs at unbelievable heights. No! The tom sunk his claws into the earth, trying to prevent himself from falling into the sea. I haven't even gotten to see my kits! He thought he was done for until he felt a pair of sharp teeth pierce his scruff. Foxstar was shocked to glimpse up and see Salmontooth, of all cats, trying to save his life. "StarClan, you're ridiculously heavy!" Salmontooth grumbled through the leader's fur. However, Foxstar's heft was simply too much for the two cats to handle. Slowly, they were both sliding down the slopes and towards the edge. "Salmontooth." Foxstar said in all seriousness, recalling the deep care he still held for his moody former apprentice. "...Let go. Just let go of me." Still, Salmontooth tried to pull up Foxstar, to save his mentor's life. "That's an order, Salmontooth!" The bicolored warrior held on still, only for both Foxstar and Salmontooth to fall into the tempestuous sea together. -- Foxstar & Salmontooth

Sweetpaw's eyes widened. "She's having kits?! Well, i'm a go take a nap cause I don't wanna roleplay anymore." - Sweetpaw

The sound of the crashing sea rang in Sunshadow's ears. She crouched against the wall of the warrior's den, feeling the rain lick her whiskers as some of it sprayed inside. - Sunshadow

Waterleaf was crouching in the corner, dirty and shivering. She saw Sunshadow getting lashed at by the rain, so she decided to ask, "Hey, how about you come back here? It's a lot dryer, plus there aren't as many leaks." She waved with her tail over to the shadowy corner of the den, where there was more protection. - Waterleaf

Sunshadow nodded a thanks to Waterleaf, and moved to huddle in the corner of the den, where it was drier. - Sunshadow

Waterleaf tried to sit still, but she couldn't shake the feeling that Pearleye was somehow hurt out there. She looked over to Sunshadow. "I'm going out to look for Pearleye. I'll be back soon, hopefully." She got up, back out into the pouring rain. The camp was a huge mess, mud and water everywhere. Waterleaf sighed and padded outside again. At least the rain helped soothe her nerves, and cleansed her cuts. - Waterleaf

Wrenkit looked behind her one last time before gasping as a wave had crashed over her. She shrieked as she’d been pulled to the sea but pushed back on the beach. Her pelt felt cold and fear cling to her, along with a sniffly nose, she turned to race back to SeaClan until another wave did a number and really took her out. Grasping for air she was sucked into darkness. - Wrenkit

Sunshadow padded to the entrance of the den. She could hear the waves crashing on the shore. - Sunshadow

(Wait, is the plot staring? And will we do the mare stellarum thing on the main roleplay page?) - Fire

(it’s meant to be on a thread once whiskers starts it.) - Willow

(I'm an idiot. What's a thread?) - Fire

(A message wall. It'll be on my message wall once we begin the roleplay in Mare Stellarum) Saltycurrent glanced around as he attempted to locate Foxstar among the storm, yet, the red tom was nowhere to be found. He couldn't have gotten...swept away, right? He decided to move forward with the thought. "We need to evacuate camp." The medicine cat decided. -- Saltycurrent

Waterleaf padded out and heard Saltycurrent talk about evacuating the camp. "You don't really think it's that's bad right..? I can't find Pearleye anywhere, but I don't wanna go to far out and get my babies hurt. I could help with the evacuation if you want." - Waterleaf

Lightningstrike leapt on the Highledge, and yowled above the roaring wind, “Everyone we have to evacuate camp! NOW!” He looked at Saltycurrent and nodded. - Lightningstrike

Waterleaf gasped. This was all going so quick! She looked around confused, as yowls of confusion and panic arose from the clearing. She rushed in, hoping to help anyone she can. She rushed over to the nursery, wanting to help Riverstone and her kit first. - Waterleaf

Pearleye gasped. The waves were coming in fast. Before he knew it, one came from behind him and swept him away. "No!" he gasped. -Pearleye

Waterleaf was about to enter the nursery, when she heard a yowl that sounded a lot like.. Pearleye! She then caught a glimpse of the light prey pelt of her mate being swept off. She yowled, "Pearleye!" She raced off in her direction, no rational thought for what she was gonna do. She was running blindly, skidding into objects, but she didn't care. She couldn't lose him, too! She was halfway down the hill when the wave that had swallowed Pearleye had come crashing down on her as well, scooping her up and sucking her into the current. - Waterleaf

Sunshadow stumbled through the pouring rain, her paws slipping on the mud. Water seemed to swell up around her, and she narrowly missed being smothered by a wave. - Sunshadow

Foamheart gripped Flurrykit with her life, as the waves flushed her She saw the distant bodies of cats in the waters, Boeing sucked to sea, she braced herself for a StarClan until she felt teeth on her scruff. - Foam

Through the haze of rain, Sunshadow spotted Foamheart being washed into the sea. Sunshadow across the slick, pebbly ground to her Clanmate's side. She sank her teeth into Foamheart's scruff, doing her best to pull the she-cat to shore. - Sunshadow

Foamheart tried her best to help the she-cat pull her up, though with a kit in her jaws, it wasn’t easy. - Foam

Sunshadow gripped the pebbly ledge with her front paws and slowly lifted Foamheart up. - Sunshadow

owl screeched as she tumbled down the hill, a wave swallowing her in one big gulp, pulling her out to sea. --owlpelt

Pearleye hopelessly flailed for help, the storm completely sucking him up. Giving up, he just focused on getting air. His eyes stung from the salty seawater, but he managed to grab onto some driftwood and fell unconscious. - Pearleye

Waterleaf, once she got balanced, was doing fairly okay. But the kits were dragging her down, and sh was afraid of what could be happening to them. She looked around, scanning the horizon for anything helpful, when she can across what looked like an uprooted palm. She clambered aboard, shivering but alive. - Waterleaf (If anyone wants their cat to join her, there is plenty of room on the palm.)

Sunshadow dragged Foamheart onto the ledge. Sunshadow released the she-cat's scruff and turned her eyes up toward the dark sky. Rain pattered down, harder than before, and she could barely see through the haze of rain. The rocks below her felt oddly unstable, as if they might crumble at any moment. - Sunshadow

Lightningstrike saw Blackstripe beginning to tumble into the sea. He raced over to her and tried to help his Clanmate, but the ground gave away, and the two tumbled into the ocean. Letting out a yowl, the deputy flailed about, trying to grab on to something stable. He began to take a breath, but a wave sucked him under, and he swallowed a mouthful of seawater. Resurfacing, he was gasping for air. With all the water he had swallowed, he could only get so much air into his lungs. He spat and vomited up the salty water. - Lightningstrike

Sweetpaw raced into the camp, unsure of what to do. She looked despretely to her mentor, rain pounding in her ears. -Sweetpaw

Sunshadow glanced through the haze of rain, just in time to see the wave. The rocks beneath her paws vibrated as a massive wave crashed against the ledge. Sunshadow turned, screeching, clawing to safety, but it was too late. The ground beneath her fell away in a show of sharp shards, and she plunged into the sea. She struggled paddled to the surface, and took a gasp of air. Water crashed around her, and through the thundering rain she could see the ledge where she had fallen off. Then a wave slammed over her head, and she knew nothing more. - Sunshadow

Waterleaf was trying to locate anybody else, to see if she could help. She was about to give up when she saw what looked like a cat not too far away. She did her best to maneuver the large piece of driftwood in the cat's direction, and when she was close enough, she gripped her teeth in the their scruff, and tried hauling them aboard, but she almost slipped off herself. She gave another large pull and pulled the cat up onto the palm, and the cat was Sunshadow! She took a deep breath, and waited for the half-drowned warrior to wake up. - Waterleaf

Pearleye woke with a start. Where am I? he thought. Tired and even more exhausted, he barely managed to stay awake. Eventually, he spotted something. It began to come closer, and he saw... Waterleaf! She spotted him too, and said something inaudible. He decided to swim to her. When he was close enough, he dived in the water and tried to push his way towards her. -Pearleye

Waterleaf yowled to her mate. "Pearleye!" She saw him dive in and reappear a little closer. She reached out to pull him in, but the kits unbalanced her, and she stumbled off, the icy water and mountainous waves overtaking her quickly. "Help m-!" was all she got out before her head was swept under. - Waterleaf

Pearleye swam over to Waterleaf and YEETED her back up to the tree. He climbed on too. YEET! -Pearleye

Waterleaf clambered back onto the palm, shivering. She shook out her pelt and sat down, feeling her kittens in distress, which hurt her more than anything. She looked at Pearleye, who looked equally as bedraggled, and licked his ear. "I didn't need help you idiot." She murmured playfully, trying to keep their spirits up. - Waterleaf

Pearleye just yeeted onto the floor. -Pearleye

Lightningstrike gripped on to a piece of a branch, gasping for air. He looked around. “Stoneskip!” He yowled. “Foxstar!” - Lightningstrike

Stoneskip always had a feel for the ocean, in her moons spent growing up beside it. She had moved to higher ground as soon as the order to evacuate was given, but she had found that her companions had gone missing. Her lungs screamed as she fought against inhaling beads of sharp rain, but she was desperate to locate her clanmates. The dilute tortoroiseshell cautious paced along the outer banks of camp, only to spot a familiar tabby pelt. "Lightningstrike!" She called from downshore, promptly scaling the edges of the ragged cliffs to get closer to the tom and attempt to save him. -- Stoneskip

Lightningstrike looked up at her. “Stoneskip!” He gasped, feeling a wave of relief that she was okay. “Thank StarClan you’re alright! Where’s Foxsta-“ He was cut off as he was shoved under again, the branch flipping from his grasp. He opened his eyes under the water. It stung, but he kept them open. Which way was up? He began to go the way he thought was up, but was just pushed farther under. His heart was pounding, and a tingling sensation began to fill his limbs. He clawed at the water. Black spots appeared in front of his eyes, but he managed to surface, take a deep gulp of air, as the odd numbness went away, before being pulled under again. He clawed at another piece of wood, so he didn’t go as far down, and was able to float back up. - Lightningstrike

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, particularly when she watched his head vanish underneath the relentless pounding waves. "Lightningstrike!" Stoneskip cried out once more, despite knowing that it was pointless due to the deafening noise of the stormy waves. She paced along the banks like a mad woman, squinting against the combination of brine and rain that burned her eyes. She saw him resurface again, and instantly leaned down to fasten her teeth into his scruff and pull, praying that the muddy earth wouldn't give out beneath her mottled paws. -- Stoneskip

Lightningstrike felt her teeth pull his scruff, and dug his claws into the earth, trying to heave himself up as well. He tried his best to help pull and push. Finally he toppled over on to the solid-ish ground. His stomach heaved and he vomited again. - Lightningstrike

Her maternal nature reared its head as she cautious stepped around the vomitting tom to check him over. However, she reminded herself of the more important matter at hand: getting away from the water before it sucked him back down again. "C'mon, we have to move you." Stoneskip spoke quickly as she began to pull the tom further away from the shore. -- Stoneskip

Lightningstrike followed her, as the shock began to set in that he had nearly died. “Where’s Foxstar?” He said, his voice a bit shaky. - Lightningstrike

The warrior tried to steady her breathing to ease the pain in her ribs. "...I don't know. I-I can't find him." -- Stoneskip

Lightningstrike took a few moments to process what had happened, and forced himself to stop shaking. He stood up straight, and looked around. Everything was gone. Destroyed by the flood. - Lightninstrike

She drew in a deep breath. "We have to see all of who made it." Stoneskip decided in a mournful tone, acknowledging the fact that SeaClan could have lost several beloved members. -- Stoneskip

Lightningstrike nodded in agreement. - Lightningstrike

Owlpool spit up water, clinging to a branch for dear life as the icy ocean jabbed her with waves. -owlpool

A tired and scared Pebblekit finally came near the SeaClan territory,,, and it was flooded! Water had completely covered what used to be the camp, and a terrible thought crossed his mind. Wrenkit! How long had he been gone? How long had she waited for him? Where was she now?! Defeated, he dragged his way back towards WillowClan territory. -Pebblekit

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