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StarClan is where cats go after they die. Not all Clan cats end up here- evil or cruel ones go to The Place of No Stars, also known as The Dark Forest. When a cat dies, a family member or a someone they were close to, that lives in StarClan, will guide them to StarClan's grounds. StarClan cats often provide prophecies. In StarClan, it's very peaceful. Cats from other Clans live in peace and there is always enough prey.

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StarClan has been around for awhile and pretty much is the warrior cats and any version of cats much like these Clans’s religion, they are deeply offended if any other cat insults their ancestors. This could lead to punishment if harassed. Though, StarClan is real to those who Believe in it.

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1. Rain will Destroy the Hawk
It was hard to believe for Rainpaw(Splash) at first, she didn’t know what it meant, though she fulfilled it by killing Hawktalon in a thorn vs Willow attack. The prophecies actual keening of :

Rainsplash will kill her mate as she was about to have kits who changed WillowClan forever.

Which is true, Ripplepool as a medicine cat has changed things with the clan when everyone else never knew it. Dewshine on the other paw. Needs some work.

2. The Veil of Loyalty
Maplepaw(Blaze) was given a dream of chance, meaning she has dark futures ahead, she must only chose one path though she’s still in the middle of her destiny. She took half of the dark path of loyalty to the Dark Forest, Desiring revenge on the clan for doubting her.

Or the path of devotion to the stars. Meaning she would help vanquish the darkness and bring the light. Though she was dragged into the dark and now is in a shadow between.

3. StarFlower Plague
Shadowchaser, a mouse, the prophecy says, turned into a lion? How? You may ask. Well, he took the journey to save the clans from a vicious plague-like cough. He had gained confidence and spirit as he returned with the Starflower, the cure to the plague, found in his childhood birth place.

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4. Beware the Fire burning inside, Flames burn, Cats thrive
Given to Ripplepool about where Flamepaw’s loyalty lays. Weather she will chose WillowClan and save the forest from her own shadow. Or to follow the path of the shadow and become the monster Scar made half of her become?

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