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Grayspark45 (currently inactive) DaBigE770 (Formerly), Silvery DaBigE770 (Formerly), Silvery Active Greenleaf N/A CaveClan (formerly)

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StormClan is bordered to the west by WillowClan and to the west by CaveClan. Their territory is on a mountain plateau. There are a few shrubs here and there and the climate is mostly hot. Hunting is difficult here because they can not stalk their prey without being spotted, so StormClan have evolved to have long legs to chase their prey and excellent hearing so they can hear their prey scrambling underground. They eat mostly mice and have learned to work together to corner a mountain goat.

Territory Edit

  1. The Stream - The only stream in StormClan's territory is slow moving and lazy.
  2. The Rapids - The opposite of the Stream The rapids tear up and down sharp rocks ready to kill cats
  3. Cliffside - The highest point in the territory has a steep climb to get up there. Apprentices are taken here sometimes to strengthen their legs.
  4. Camp - Their camp is at the base of one of the mountains near a stream.
  5. The Abandoned Twoleg Nest - Near the shore lies a abandoned two leg nest. Medicine cats come here to look for herbs.
  6. The Cave - Apprentices are warned not to go here only because of the bear that lives in it.
  7. The Mountain - The biggest mountain in the territory that marks the CaveClan border.

Allegiances Edit


Coldstar - grey and white she-cat with yellow eyes. (Silvery)
Apprentice: Ratpaw


Copperfang - ruddy ticked tabby tom (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Nettlepaw


Blondepool - blonde she-cat with blind blue eyes. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Amberpaw


Tigershade - brown spotted tom with amber eyes. (Adoptable)
Apprentice: Thrushpaw
Lynxpelt - ginger tom with a white chest and paw. (Hope)
Apprentice: Snowpaw
Silverpool - silver spotted tabby she-cat with long legs. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Rainpaw
Shadowclaw - black and white tuxedo she-cat. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Pinepaw
Lavendertail - pale ginger tabby she-cat (Silvery)
Apprentice: Twigpaw
Wavespirit - ginger she-cat with back spots (4KunaiSkrill4)
Marshfang - tall dark brown tabby tom (Whiskers)


Pinepaw - ragged brown black lykoi she-cat, apprenticed to Shadowclaw (Willow)
Thrushpaw - light brown tabby tom with greenish-amber eyes, apprenticed to Tigershade (Adoptable)
Rainpaw - dark grey she-cat, apprenticed to Silverpool (Moon)
Snowpaw - white tom, apprenticed to Lynxpelt (Moon)
Amberpaw - ________; medicine cat apprentice, apprenticed to Blondepool (Hawk)
Nettlepaw - calico she-cat, apprenticed to Copperfang (Willow)
Twigpaw - brown tabby tom with white chest, apprenticed to Lavendertail (Moon)


Blossomfield - pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with pale blue eyes (Silvery)
Acornkit - black tom with yellow eyes (Adoptable)
Leopardkit - spotted golden she-cat (Silvery)
Talonkit - brown tabby tom (Silvery)
Flashkit - ginger and white tabby she-cat (Stork)
Brackenflower - golden she-cat with green eyes. (Queen Snowy)
Honeykit - golden she-kit with white chest and ears and striking blue eyes. (Queen Snowy)
Shadowkit - black tom with brown eyes. (Queen Snowy)
Lemonrose - pale tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes. (Hawkfrost)
Dotkit - gray she-cat with a white eye spot. (Willow)
Badgerkit - small black and white she-cat. (Wolfy)
Charcoalkit - dark gray and white tom. (Whiskers)
Fiercekit - white and ginger she-kit (Sketchy)
Appie - brown she-kit with a white tail-tip and emerald-green eyes (Catgirl)


Jayfur - ragged blue furred tom (Dawnpaw)


Blackfire, Lilyfire

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Shadowclaw groomed her fur. --Shadowclaw

Dotkit had squeaked with alarm as she felt herself be pulled closer to a warm milk scenting form, as she then looked up at the queen, and then squirmed closer to the source of milk. Then realizing there were bigger forms beside her. Though she could recognize the scent and size of her siblings.—Dotkit

Nettlepaw had then forgotten what this patrol was, feeling hot embarrassment pulsing through her. She sighed as she slowed to be at her mentor’s speed and lowered her voice. “Is this a Hunting patrol? Or is it a Border patrol? I forgot.” She said a little bashfully. Yet if she was ever gonna be leader like Copperfang will be, and Coldstar, she needed to pay more attention than playing with her peers.—Nettlepaw

Urging herself through her bloody shoulder, Nightstalker growled as she’d stopped by a pool of water, the blood dripping into the clear pool to reveal the swirls of red. She shook her pelt from the wound. Some hawk decided she was a 3 in one snack, and lost pathetically as she revealed her fury and rage. She’d had the best meal in moons since then. And now she had entered StormClan territory, a ScarClan Refugee expecting kits of a rogue. Not very surprising. Then again the other clans aren’t as experienced as ScarClan was. As she lifted her head from the pool, she pricked her ears. “A StormClan patrol.” She muttered. “This will be easier than I thought.”—Nightstalker

When the right time was to strike, Darkstorm had done his job in taking the kits. StormClan was weak, only a few kits- until he’d seen the huge mob of kits by one Queen he was shaken and then as he tried to grip more he’d fled as he knew he’d be spotted, only two kits wouldn’t satisfy anyone...—Darkstorm

Jayfur woke up from his nap going to the nursery to tell the kits some more storys. "FOXKIT AND AMBERKIT ARE GONE!"--Jayfur

Snowpaw rushed over to the nursery “OHSTARCLANFOXKITANDAMBERKITAREGONE! big deal, we still have Leopardkit, Talonkit, Flashkit, Acornkit, Dotkit, Charcoalkit, Honeykit, Badgerkit, and Fiercekit. Lots of kits.” - Snowpaw

"And me." Pinekit said disappointed and mad at Snowpaw for forgetting her. --Pinekit

Oh, yeah, one more, Pinekit. see, Jayfur? StormClan has SO MANY KITS!

Jayfur squinted his eyes "Are you disrespecting your elders Snowpaw! Well because the stupid medicane cats are now slackers you can deal with my ticks!" --Jayfur

Snowpaw bowed his head. "I'm sorry Jayfur. Should I go get the mouse bile?" -Snow

Where is Marshfang now? Coldstar wondered as her paws crunched through the leaves of the forest. - Coldstar

Suddenly she perked her ears. Cries coming from the camp! She raced back, hearing Snowpaw's wails. "Foxkit and Amberkit are gone?" she growled. - Coldstar

"What happened?" Coldstar bushed her fur, calming down. She saw Snowpaw and Jayfur. She padded over. "What happened?" the leader repeated. "I heard kits were missing." - Coldstar

Lavendertail glanced around for her apprentice, Twigpaw. They ought to train. Then she saw Coldstar run into camp. - Lavendertail

Lavendertail rushed over. - Lavendertail

Nightstalker stared at her belly of sucklling kits. "Slash and Viper. Welcome to the cruel world." She grumbled as she then waited til nightfall to take herself and the kits to stormclan's doorstep. - Nightstalker

Crossing over into StormClan territory from WillowClan, Troutpaw sniffed around for more CaveClan scent, finally catching a fresh whiff. It smells like someone I know... Crow? He cocked his head and blinked at the ground for a moment. "Why would Crow be crossing through here...?" he murmured aloud, and as he realize he'd done so, froze and glanced around.

He sighed after a few moments of this and shook himself. Focus! I just gotta get home and find Amberdawn. --Troutpaw

Copperfang was out on patrol with his sister, Silverpool, drowning out the noise of her obnoxious boasting. He had felt a little uneasy on his paws as of late, mostly because he found himself frequently tripping over them. He couldn't focus- not ever since he set eyes on CaveClan's lavender deputy during the last Gathering. Maybe next time, I'll have to talk to her. The deputy thought to himself with a small smile, only to abruptly slam into the silver fur of his sister. "What're you doing, mousebrain?" Silverpool hissed as she glared over her shoulder at her kittypet brother, hackles clearly raised. Copperfang blinked several times before stepping back, only to find Silverpool facing off with none other than a battle-scarred tom. Is that....? I thought SwampClan was destroyed, completely!! -- Copperfang, Silverpool, ??????

"Is everything alright?" Coldstar mewed to Lavendertail. Lavendertail replied, "Foxkit and Amberkit are missing." Coldstar bristled. - Coldstar & Lavendertail

"I...Marshfang?" Copperfang stared at the tom, flabbergasted. "I...I thought all of SwampClan was killed by ScarClan. How are you...?" -- Copperfang

Coldstar sprang up on a rock. "Let all cats gather here for Clan meeting!" she yowled. - Coldstar

"I need to see Coldstar," Marshfang responded quickly, so as not to give the duo of StormClanners a chance to ask questions about the war that he faced. "Please....I need to see her." -- Marshfang

Lavendertail approached the rock. She turned to Twigpaw. "Come and see what Coldstar has to say." - Lavendertail

Blossomfield carefully stood up from her nest, letting Leopardkit tumble down onto the nest. It's time they were apprenticed... but we don't have a lot of warriors... The queen padded out into the sunlight to hear Coldstar's announcement. - Blossomfield

Charcoalkit glanced outside the nursery to see cats gathering at Coldstar's word. He let the mossball roll out of his paws as he thoughtfully glanced up at the leader. Can I go out there, too? Maybe they need my help!! The smoky gray tom scrambled out of the nursery to eavesdrop, before he was quickly distracted by a beetle. -- Charcoalkit

Copperfang raised a brow at the former SwampClan deputy's demands. I'm StormClan's deputy, so whatever he has to say to Coldstar, he can say to me. However, the red tom resisted prying his way into Marshfang's secret. "...Fine. This way to camp." -- Copperfang

Coldstar began. "Two of our kits are missing, Foxkit and Amberkit. I suspect they could have been stolen." Her claws gripped the ledge. - Coldstar

Ironic that Coldstar was mentioning the loss of kits, as Charcoalkit was on his way out of camp in pursuit of his beetle. -- Charcoalkit

Copperfang turned to lead Silverpool and the stranger, Marshfang, back to camp. As he plodded along, he couldn't resist sending a suspicious glance towards the SwampClanner from over his shoulder. Did he abandon his clan? Are there any other survivors out there? -- Copperfang

Blossomfield curled her tail around her kits. I'm glad my kits didn't get stolen - Blossomfield

Leopardkit squealed and tumbled over her brother, Talonkit. Blossomfield gently nuzzled them. - Blossomfield & The kits

Nightstalker enetered StormClan camp, her 2 moon old kits in her jaws. She stay there as stares met her. She sat in the center of camp. Slash and Viper wobbled from her jaws as she waited for Coldstar to allow her into the clan. Or her kits at least.

Dotkit looked questioningly outside the nursery as she scented something new. Was that ScarClan? Was she an evil cat? She felt herself be pulled back by a queen. Though she heard murmurs of ScarClan and assumed this cat was from there, didn’t she come in peace?

Nettlepaw entered camp after a long night, she plopped into her nest but the new scent made her roll her eyes and try a den cover her ears. Annoyance struck her like a spear as she felt anger and tanking coming from her, why couldn’t she get sleep? - Nightstalker, Dotkit, & Nettlepaw

Coldstar stiffened as she stared at the newcomers. "What do you want?" she growled. "Who are these kits?" - Coldstar

Nightstalker stood upright. “Coldstar of StormClan, I purpose these kits to be raised in StormClan as your own.” She meowed. Dropping the kits. “They do come of ScarClan blood.” She added. Ratpaw appeared behind Coldstar. “Ew! We’d never trust ScarClan!” He hissed, but Nightstalker held her gaze steady with Coldstar!s. Brows raised. - Night

Coldstar thought quietly for a moment. She looked at the kits. They could train as good warriors. "Okay," she said slowly. "You and your kits are accepted." But she was still wary. - Coldstar

"Coldstar?" Copperfang called to the leader as he entered camp with his sister and their companion, Marshfang. "We have who'd like to see you." -- Copperfang

Coldstar stiffened yet again as she recognized the tabby pelt: Marshfang. "Marshfang?" she asked, her voice ringing across camp. She wasn't sure how to feel. "What happened? Are you alright?" - Coldstar

Nightstalker just dropped her kits in the nursery, looking to Blossomfield. “Take care of them.” She ordered. “They deserve the utmost respect for their ScarClan blood.” She hissed. Then turning and exiting the camp. Leaving her kits to StormClan’s aid for their safety. They’d never understand. - Night

Blossomfield awkwardly took the kits as she watched Nightstalker leave the camp. - Blossomfield

Once more, StormClan seemed to have an influx of strangers coming in and out. Charcoalkit watched them curiously as he sat by the fresh kill pile, taking a nibble out of a mouse. -- Charcoalkit

Marshfang angled his ears back anxiously before quickening his pace to approach the leader. "It's better if we talk in quiet," the former SwampClan deputy murmured softly. -- Marshfang

Coldstar nodded silently. "Clan meeting dismissed!" She headed into the leader's den, flicking her tail at Marshfang to follow. - Coldstar

With the meeting dismissed, the battle-scarred outsider slowly trekked after Coldstar to meet the she-cat in her den. He could feel his heart fluttering in his chest, and he imagined that it was for numerous reasons. Not only was he madly in love with the she-cat he'd been meeting with for moons in secret, but...he was ashamed. He was a coward. He had abandoned his clan when they needed him the most, all out of shame. -- Marshfang

Blossomfield nudged the kits inside the nursery. Talonkit pushed Leopardkit over in his dash for the nest. Leopardkit squealed and followed her brother. "No fighting," Blossomfield mewed gently. She glanced at Nightstalker's kits. - Blossomfield

Coldstar settled in her nest, curling her fluffy tail around her paws. She looked at Marshfang. "What is it?" she meowed. - Coldstar

"I was wondering if I could join StormClan." The brown tabby tom shuffled his paws around in the presence of the she-cat. "...Obviously I don't have a home to go back to anymore. Everyone I knew is...dead." He didn't want to get into the details about it- it was a sensitive subject for Marshfang. He wasn't ready to admit that he had been a coward, even though he had already admitted it to himself. -- Marshfang

Coldstar gazed at the tom. "Of course you can join," she meowed."You'll have a home here." - Coldstar

A small smile warmed Marshfang's expression. "My home is wherever you are." -- Marshfang

Coldstar let out a brief purr, before padding out of the den and leaping onto the rocky ledge. Even though the former Clan meeting had been dismissed, she hoped cats could still hear her. "Everyone," she meowed. "Please welcome a new member of StormClan: Marshfang." - Coldstar

Copperfang narrowed his eyes at the former SwampClan deputy. He didn't trust the stranger, even if Coldstar did...for whatever reason. Maybe they talked at Gathering plenty in the past moons. Either way...he wasn't going to let his eyes off of that Marshfang guy. -- Copperfang

Lavendertail looked to her apprentice, Twigpaw. "Would you like to go hunting?" she asked. - Lavendertail

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