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Info Edit

The DarkMasters are a group of loners ruled by Flamepaw otherwise known as Flame That Burns Blood, a cat feared by her own Masters. The DarkMasters were originally part of WillowClan, but after Flamepaw was exiled, her friends, Stormpaw, Scorchpaw, and Nightfire followed. They created a group called the DarkMasters. Then they let Twilightpaw, now called Twilight of The Darkest Night, Sky That Streaks The Clouds and Bass That Fights The Currents join.

Personality Edit

They are fierce and always prepare. The DarkMasters are wary of WillowClan, and they have set up a perimeter to patrol. They are always on the lookout for their former Clanmates.

The day after the DarkMasters fled WillowClan, they started battle training. They know they had to prepare for war.

Territory Edit

The DarkMasters live on a piece of land claimed by no Clan. They reside on a flat stretch of oakland. The trees are tall and the undergrowth is thick. There is a thin layer of leaves to muffle their footsteps when they hunt. The prey is plentiful; they hunt birds, mice, voles and almost anything they can catch.

  1. Camp-The DarkMasters made their camp in a small hollow surrounded by trees and bushes. There is a wide, flat rock in the center where their leader, Flame That Burns Blood, makes her announcements. A large oak tree lay fallen on the side of the clearing, the back open as an entrance. This is where The DarkMasters sleep. Their nests are made of soft bracken leaves.
  2. The Stream-There is a thin stream in the east where they drink and gather water from.

Former Allegiances Edit


Flame That Burns Blood or Flame (Rowan)
Apprentice: Wolf


Scorch That Works With Fire or Scorch (Rowan)
Apprentice: Crow


Night That’s Darker Than Fire or Night (Wolfy)
Storm That Rages The Sky or Storm (Silvery)
Sky That Streaks The Clouds or Streak (Ivy)
Twilight of The Darkest Night or Twilight (Ivy)
Bass that Fights the Current or Bass (Willow)
Apprentice: Ember


Stream That Drowns The Soul or Stream (Whiteout)
Shadow That Looms in The Hollow or Hollow (Dawnpaw)
Sun That Turns to Dawn or Dawn (Dawnpaw)
Tabby That Portrays Stripes or Tabby (Silvery)
Apprentice: Blossom
Wasp That Kills Mercilessly or Wasp (Silvery)


Wolf That Runs in Darkness or Wolf (Wolfy)
Gale of the Thundering Storm or Gale (Whiskers)
Crow That Flies at Night or Crow (Willow)
Ember That Rises From Ashes or Ember (Hawk)
Blossom Glowing in the Sunset or Blossom (Silvery)


Feather of The Diving Swallow or Feather (Willow)
Flareflight (Whiteout)

Theme Song: Edit

This song really explains everything on how dark the DarkMasters are:

Ra and Tomine Harket

Ra and Tomine Harket

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Flame scanned the territory and remarked the borders with Wolf.--Flame That Burns Blood

Storm padded over to Scorch who was standing guard.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Crow sighed and was yet, still lost in thought. what if someone killed Flame? Didn’t Flame attack anyone who had feelings? Hmmm, would this group even go on? Where’d she go if she died? How come she wants nightly of everyone else that she needs to attack her peers to get it? Would she be next? Wouldn’t be surprising if Queen Flame actually attacked Crow for not killing a butterfly on command. Or, or not killing anyone on command. Right?--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch didn't move as Storm stood beside him. He pricked his ears. "You need anything?"--Scorch That Works With Fire

I thought we were going to leave camp! Gale bit her tongue, but continued to look for beetles. Worse came to worse, she could just place them in someone's nest, and see what happened. Might get some entertainment that way.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

Crow entered camp when Scorch wasn’t looking and padded into the nursery-like den. She sighed and curled up in a ball to sleep. She really didn’t want to find out what was on the tips of Flame's claws if she’d stayed out of camp any longer.--Crow That Flies at Night

(XD She already was in camp but kittos are too small)--Rowan

One day, I will know what's out there. Gale decided with a sensation of pride welling up in her chest before she continue to dig for her beetles.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

"No," Storm replied to Scorch.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Scorch twitched the tip of his tail. "Are you sure? You don't sound ok......"--Scorch That Works With Fire

Ember once again joined her sister in the quest for the beetle hidey-hole, digging furiously with her tiny paws.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Dawn woke her face hurting screaming with pain. She currently couldn't see out of one eye that was puffy from an infection starting to occur. Dawn had always wanted to do everything herself but she knew she needed to have medicale attention. She creeped over to the den to ask for help.--Sun that turns to Dawn

Bass raised a brow, she wished she’d kept sleeping but. “Over here roadkill.” She spat. Leaping from her tree to see a Dawn with cobwebs in her mouth. “I’m sure you’d want help, no?”--Bass that Fights the Current

Wolf helped mark the borders with Flame.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Dawn walked to Bass looking away and groaning "Yes..." Dawn hated the fact that she had to get help from Bass.--Sun that turns to Dawn

Bass yawned. “Just put these on the blood and this paste on the open wound. That simple.” She put the cobwebs and leaf plant, paste stuff in front of Dawn. Smirking.--Bass that Fights the Current

"I've tryed that already!" hissed Dawn. "The blood has stopped by there is an infection."--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Bass rolled her eyes. “Then put the paste on there. By the way, you really shouldn’t mess with herbs without having proper, training by cats who know how to use them or you might as well eat holly and kill yourself thinking it was juniper.” She spat. Pushing the paste into the cuts and scratches.--Bass that Fights the Current

"I taught myself when I was 6 moons old." Dawn grumbled.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

“You can‘t teach yourself without testing yourself meaning you aren’t properly. Yeah, PROPERLY, trained. And again, can kill yourself.” She hissed. Teaching yourself. How stupid. She muttered.--Bass that Fights the Current

"For your information, I was abandoned at birth and look at me I’m still here! So I must be doing something right that you aren't." Dawn said quickly.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Bass faked a smile “I don’t really care.” She spat. “No one does here. Like, I have no feelings about ‘oh poor you: being abandoned at birth sooooo sad!’” She hissed. “And trust me, I was trained by a professional you don’t even know.”--Bass that Fights the Current

"You know what i'm done with this I challange you to a battle!" Dawn announced so that all the members of The DarkMasters could hear her.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Bass raised a brow. “Okay.” She really didn’t care. “You should know that your still wounded and what a fool you are but whatever, I’m up for giving you a beat down.” Bass yawned. Padding to scratch her tree to sharpen her claws.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame padded into camp to hear what Dawn had said. She narrowed her eyes, then shrugged. If they wanted to die, let them die.--Flame That Burns Blood

"This is nothing like when I was completly blind and attacked by a raccon!" Dawn said retrakting her claws.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Hollow come into the clearing where he heard Dawn challange Bass "What's happening Flame?" Hollow asked.--Shadow That Looms in The Hollow

Flame mewed over her shoulder, “I don’t really know, but it looks like Dawn and Bass are going to fight.”--Flame That Burns Blood

"Oh. OOOHHH! Why? Also why is Bass so mean? Why are they fighting? Why am I here?!“ Hollow screamed.--Shadow That Looms in The Hollow

Bass rolled her eyes. “Oh please. Telling me your cute little backstory is pathetic. You actually want me tot are pity on you.” She laughed swishing her tail and unsheathing her claws. Dawn was another one that bites the dust.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame drew her los back into a snarl. “You were the one that asked to join, not me. This is what you asked.” She dropped her moss and crouched. “I can easily fix that for you.”--Flame That Burns Blood 

Dawn quickly leaped out of the way then slid under the larger cat‘sunder belly raking her claws under neath Bass, leaving clumps of fur on Dawn’s claws.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Bass hissed and looked around calculating Dawns pounce she quickly slashed at the she-cat’s eyes and bit at Dawns throat.--Bass that Fights the Current

Wolf was back at camp with Flame. He watched Bass and Dawn in awe. Go, Bass! Kill that kittypet! He thought.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Flame glared once more at Hollow, the hissed at Wolf, “Go to your father and stay there. Leave the moss in the den!“--Flame That Burns Blood

Wolf nodded, and left the moss in the den, and sat by Night to watch the fight.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Flame made sure Wolf was with Night before asking, “I can make you leave Hollow as quick as a twitch of a whisker. The question is if you want that to happen. You asked to join The Masters, not me.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Wow, Ember thought, curling her lip as she paused her digging. Flamepaw doesn't even have the sense to stop them. Not only is her ego as big as an overgrown twoleg monster, but her brain is correspondingly small... More injuries and they'll all be dead, what with no medicine cat. Oh well. Not that I care. "Go Bass! Teach that worthless, overdeveloped protoplasm a lesson!"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

((idk if cats know what a protoplasm is... To be fair I don't really know either ;'>)) -- Hawk

Scorch looked away from Storm and glared at Ember. That kit should be in that fight now. About to be dead!--Scorch That Works With Fire

Ember caught Scorch glaring at her. The flame point she-cat turned silvery-blue eyes on the dark tabby and grinned fully back. "Hi. Can I help you?" The scrappy kitten wasn't ready to turn down a chance to annoy the "deputy".--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch narrowed his eyes as Storm just watched her dumb kit. He didn’t respond to Ember. Might as well get used to having her dead.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Storm flicked her tail. She grasped Ember's scruff and padded over to the nursery.--Storm That Rages The Sky

The flame point curled her lip in disdain at the dark tabby tom. Idiot. As if he could be of any use in a real Clan. But back to more pressing matters-and by that the feisty kitten meant teaching this excuse for a pile of fur that was her mother a lesson. "Let me go, you bee-brained excuse for a cat!“--Ember that Rises from Ashes

((Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes- I'm on a kindle, not used to RPing on it)) Hawk

Storm twitched her tail. "Do not speak to the deputy like that. And I am your mother. Do you want to be kicked out of The DarkMasters?"--Storm That Rages The Sky

Gale glanced over in the direction of her sister, mother, and Scorch. How could momma pick another cat over her kittens? Especially when they're mean and threatening to some of us? Or when they even killed her before? The gray she-cat bit her tongue. She didn't like this situation, not one bit.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

"Yes, I do, in fact-this poor hollow isn't ready to have such idiots living in it; I pity it. And I wasn't speaking to the apprentice. I was speaking to you. You call yourself our mother! How can you gravel at the feet of your killer!" Ember wriggled out of Storm's grasp. Dropping to the ground on four ginger paws, she walked over to join Gale.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch thought, Please do leave dead rotten no-good rat! He beckoned Storm back to him. "Something is wrong isn't it?"--Scorch That Works With Fire

Gale turned to her red-point sister as she approached her, and offered her littermate a warm smile. "Don't worry, Ember, I still love you." The lavender-furred feline purred before playfully aiming a swat at her sister's nose.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

"I love you too," Ember was surpised to realize she really meant it. Nevertheless, she returned the swat.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Dawn clawed at Bass’s thought, making Bass let go. Dawn creeped into the shadows and leaped, knocking Bass over and pinning her down "Have you had enough?!" Dawn asked triumphant.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Storm watched slowly as her kits tumbled together. Then she turned back to Scorch. "There's nothing wrong," she said briskly, although she felt a shiver run through her as she remembered the terrible past experiences she'd witnessed.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Scorch narrowed his eyes, then shrugged. “Only tried to help. But whatever you say Storm.” He turned to watch the fight as he guarded camp.--Scorch That Works With Fire

"Wanna sneak out of camp?" Ember breathed to her sister. "Maybe Bass will take us." The flame tabby point then proceeded to yowl the end of her sentence: "Once she beats the kittypet once and for all!"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch rolled his eyes at Ember. “One you start listening one and for all.” He muttered, even with Storm nearby.--Scorch That Works With Fire

"Listen? I beg your pardon, Scorchpaw. You're mistaken. I don't listen to idiots. But it's okay. I understand that you can't help being stupid, that's why I tolerate this apprentice group formed from impulsiveness.” Ember tried to look kind and innocent.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch turned his amber gaze on Ember. “I wasn’t talking to you mouse-brained. And it is Scorch dummy. And if you don’t listen to idiots, you shouldn’t be listening to yourself!”--Scorch That Works With Fire

Bass sneered. “Make me have enough.” And she kicked Dawn into the air with her legs and bit so hard into her muzzle she felt blood bubble as she sank her fangs into Dawns muzzle.--Bass that Fights the Current

Crow hissed. “Be nice to Ember!”--Crow That Flies at Night

Wolf looked over at his sisters, and rolled his eyes.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Feather watched as Bass was letting blood roll through her mouth and spill onto the ground and she placed a paw to her thought, as if to cover it from harm.--Feather of The Diving Swallow

Flame rolled her eyes. I think you need to switch it around Crow. She broke apart Bass and Dawn. “As much as I would love to see more of this, it is an unfair and stupid match.” She nodded at the two she-cats and padded away.--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass licked her bloody lips and turned. “Also Dawn. I beleive you mentioned teaching yourself medicines. I hope you choke on Deathberries.” She then leaped up her tree and licked her paws clean.--Bass that Fights the Current

Feather flattened her ears. Bass wasn’t a cat she’d mess around with.--Feather of The Diving Swallow

(Indeed Feather XD)-Rowan


"Hope you do too." Smerked Dawn licking the blood out of her fur. Hollow ran up to her. “Are you okay!” "Yeh I'm fine." Dawn answered. Hollow blushed happy that she was still alive.--Sun That Turns to Dawn and Shadow That Looms in The Hollow

Bass rolled her eyes as she swayed her tail fresturatedly. This stupid she-cat thought she could beat Bass of all cats. She really wasn’t a fan of literally any cats here. Really, all fight for the glory and stupidity of wanting to be known. Scorch, Flame, Dawn, and who’s nest? Bass would be the one to determine that, she spat to herself. “Useless slugs.” She muttered. She slipped down the tree, a dark idea forming in her head as she grinned and exited the cmap once again, heading to the WillowClan border.--Bass that Fights the Current

"Well, you're an apprentice, so I'll call you Scorchpaw, thank you very much," Ember grinned and then, seeing Bass slip out of camp, followed the dark tabby she-cat. "Hey, Bass! Wait up a moment, please," the brown she-cat whom Ember admired so much paused. "Hi. What are you gonna do?" Ember asked.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass had then returned to camp. Blood on her flank, lips and claws. She heart Crow shriek. She yawned ansd looked around at the eyes which burned into her pelt.--Bass that Fights the Current

"What did you do, Bass?" Ember bounced up. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL! Hm...I hope she didn't murder anyone else. But I don't blame her-hanging around these kittypets already has made me want to murder them.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass yawned. “Ah, just sent a warning to WillowClan because some leader I know is taking her sweet time with mates and kits instread of executing a plan.” She spat to Flame then turned. “I just killed a WillowClan cat. Your welcome.”--Bass that Fights the Current

"Naw, Quillstar is the leader," Ember's heart sank. She killed...A WillowClan cat?! But I thought she hated the DarkMasters...Maybe she isn't cool after all!--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Ember followed her. Once they were out of earshot, Ember tapped Bass lightly with her ginger tail. "Bass... why did you kill a WillowClan cat? I thought you didn't like the DarkMasters, but you did that for them? WillowClan is against them- and that means you should be for WillowClan! But you killed a warrior...For no apparent reason. My plan is to leave and go to WillowClan as soon as I learn some survival skills- and I thought you would go with me..."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

The dark ginger leader ordered Bass and Ember to come back. Flame narrowed her burning eyes. “Did you just say I am not executing a plan?” She snarled. She had been busy talking with Scar and Shadepaw.--Flame That Burns Blood

Ember heard Flame calling, but didn't look back. This is a private discussion, kittypet...I need to know.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass paused. “I’m sure you are planning. But it’s taking all the time. I’d suggest stop waiting for kits and scare the Clan.” She spat to her leader.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame dug her claws into the ground. “I would be telling my Masters the plan if you weren’t spending your time on fighting stupidity, disappearing and talking to rats!“ She snarled.--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass shrugged. “Better company than any of you.” She yawned before turning again. “I’d suggest picking up the pace because I’ve sent a warning.” She didn’t look back.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame groweled, “And there you are Bass wasting time by taking an useless walk. Why even join The DarkMasters flea-brain?!”--Flame That Burns Blood

"Maybe she's actually smart and has a purpose other than planning attacks that will never happen, let alone succeed!" Ember retorted. "Good idea, Bass. Hey, could we start training today?"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass shrugged, ”To try and learn the ways of working together.” She turned. “Maybe to see what being in a group feels like? Maybe trying to change!? But I just get another group of killers worst than the first one.” She spat glaring into Flame‘s eyes.--Bass that Fights the Current

Night curled his lip. “Bass, your no better than any WillowClan cat!”--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Bass shrugged. “I mean, you might not be wrong but it’s not like I’ll ever join them. And once this group will obviously lose. I’ll be the one to leave. And I’ll be free of you. and your stupid little imaginations of killing everyone you hate like a coward. A real cat would talk instead of blood violence.” She raised her chin and turned back to her path.--Bass that Fights the Current

Night laughed. “Says the one who always comes back to camp, covered in other cats’ blood, while bragging about how they killed kits and rogues on their way here!”--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Bass shrugged. “I’m following orders though kit. I’ve killed all who wronged me, and helping you get your bloody revenge on WillowClan because they just kicked you out for killing one of their own.” Bass flattened her ears, sending a look to Flame.--Bass that Fights the Current

"won't be joining in that revenge-maybe I'll be on WillowClan's side. But I admire you, Bass, I just hope that you won't support these idiots when the time comes."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass paused. “Oh trust me. The time I join them is when I die.” She smirked.--Bass that Fights the Current

Feather flattened her ears. “Hmmm.”--Feather of the Diving Swallow

"I'm glad to hear it," Ember raised her muzzle, happy that Bass was on the right side.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass rolled her eyes. “Now if you excuse me. I want to go wash off.” She turned.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame laughed in her mind. Bass and Ember are more stupid then I thought! She shrugged at what Bass said and purred, “Whatever Bass. After that, go have your little play-date with Ember. Have fun!” She padded away and beckoned Night, Scorch, Storm and Twilight to her. Scorch was already padding at her side.--Flame That Burns Blood

Night padded over to Flame.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Bass shrugged. And padded onto the path to the river.--Bass that Fights the Current

Ember padded back into camp. "How's our quest going?" She asked Gale.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Bass returned to camp. Sopping wet because of that mousebrained apprentice of her brothers. She flattened her ears as she felt heavy when she climbed her tree and water dripped down on Tabby as the she-cat was still sleeping and recovering..--Bass that Fights the Current

Suddenly, Storm That Rages The Sky picked up a scent. It was vaguely familiar, and she finally remembered when the cat sprang out of the bushes: Wasppaw!? Storm whirled around.--Storm That Rages The Sky And Wasppaw

Bass narrowed her eyes. So Flame thinks she can toy with me eh? Well, she should know I’m on no ones side and like to execute orders weather from her, or any leader. That’s what nay loyal cat would do, yet deciding to treat Bass as a kit will be her downfall. As with all of them..--Bass that Fights the Current

Ember glanced at the now-dark sky. The Clan cats must be having their day I will be there with them!--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Night glanced up at the full-moon, thinking about WillowClan at the Gathering. He felt a tug of sadness and longing, but shook it off, thinking, I’m in the DarkMasters now. I don’t need the Clans. But still, he couldn’t help feeling sad that he was missing it.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Dawn trotted up to her leader "So after my amazing battle where I defeated Bass, I was wondering if I could train a kit once they aproch apprenticehood?"--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Wolf flinched away from Dawn. He didn’t want to be trained by that kittypet.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

"I have shamelessly destroyed countless families of that disgraced beetle." Gale looked up from her digging to make the announcement proudly in the presence of her sister. She sloppily semi-filled the several holes that she had created around camp. Well, hopefully cats were capable of watching where they stuck their paws- it wasn't her fault that she couldn't have her entertainment outside of camp. They wouldn't let her. "Now what do we do?"--Gale of the Thundering Storm

"Excellent! Let's get Bass and go outside!" Ember, ginger tail held upright like a flag, trotted over to the dark tabby which she spoke of. "Bass! Me and Gale want to go outside and learn. Can you come too?"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Flame twitched her whiskers at Bass and the kits. Have fun on your play-date. She narrowed her eyes at the back and white apprentice that had entered camp. She whispered, “We can talk about that later Dawn.” Even thought that is what I was going to talk about with my senior Masters. “Make sure that cat can’t escape Dawn.” She ordered her Masters to guard the camp and padded to Wasppaw. Flame snarled, “What are you doing here?”--Flame That Burns Blood

Wasppaw narrowed her eyes. "I want to join you," she growled.--Wasppaw

Ember narrowed her eyes at Wasppaw. "Hey. I understand, but I wouldn't recommend this group to anybody. Their idiot leader thinks that she can beat a Clan with about six times the amount of cats in it-and she expects everybody to fear her. Which nobody does. Other than her mate, victim/best friend, and my father."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch drew his lips back at Ember.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Flame sunk her claws into Ember’s tail. “First of all I have no mate! And why don’t you just leave rat?! Oh and NO Clan would accept such a dead animal so I hope you are crowfood! I am not scared of a rotten rabbit!” She growled, “You should have been born dead.” She sink here claws deeper into the kit‘s tail before turning to Wasppaw. “Why? What do you think you could do for me?”--Flame That Burns Blood

"Idiot. Don't tell me you haven't seen Scorchpaw looking at you. The poor tom seems to have suffered extensive brain damage. Well guess what, I wasn't born dead-and that's your problem, not mine. No, I don't think a Clan would accept me-I believe they learned their lesson letting you in. But they just might give me apprenticeship if I tell them all about you. Which, to be honest, I just might do."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Flame looked away from Wasppaw and glanced at Scorch, but he was snarling at Ember. “Thanks to me you are alive Rat.“ She laughed. “Tell them about me please. Like they would believe such a stupid kit. Now go and play around with Bass you rat!” With that she ignored the kit, she glared again at Wasppaw.--Flame That Burns Blood

Wasppaw glared back at Flamepaw and slid out her claws.--Wasppaw

Flame That Burns Blood crouched. “Try me.”--Flame That Burns Blood

"Thanks to you? Oh, you've got to be kidding. I think that's the stupidest thing you've said all day. And we're not playing-we're plotting when to go tell WillowClan. When, not if. And you've just decreased the countdown by a significant number," Ember padded off triumphantly.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch twitched his whiskers. What a rat! Well have fun playing around rat! He grinned, but then focused on the WillowClan she-cat.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Ember grinned with superiority at Scorchpaw, then scampered towards Bass. "Can you train us now?"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Scorch rolled his eyes. Yes Rat go to your granny.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Wolf couldn’t help grinning at his sister as she scampered away. Okay, I guess Ember’s cool. He thought.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Wasppaw curled her claws. Stuck-up Flamepaw! So regal and thinking she's the boss of everyone! I'll show her who's the best! Without another thought, she sprang forward, her teeth gleaming. She raked her claws across the ginger cat's shoulders.--Wasppaw

Flame glared at Wolf, who shrank back at her gaze. Another rat too? I might as well kill all the kits! Flame then saw Wasppaw leap at her and claw her shoulders. She sunk her teeth into the she-cat’s tail and held it tight. She spun around in circles, with the cat flying around. She then let go and flung her to a tree. Flame leaped at her and dug her claws into her back. She showed her bloody teeth and growled, “You sure you want to fight me weak one?”--Flame That Burns Blood

Ember smiled at Wolf. "Hi! Do you want to join me and Gale? We're going outside!" the flame tabby point decided, from now foward, Wolf was officially cool.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Wolf nodded. “Sure!” He said. I still like Flame, but I’m not going to fear her, and agree with every single decision she makes. And plus, that was pretty awesome what Ember did.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Storm leapt to her paws. Wasppaw lay bloody on the ground. But her kits are leaving camp! She turned and raced toward Ember. She picked up her kit by the scruff. "You can't go outside!" she cried, speaking around the white-and-ginger fluff. She stopped Wolf from running out with her tail.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Wolf let out a whimper. “Why?” He whined. When Storm relaxed her tail, he bolted, springing out of camp. He saw some stepping stones in a river, and leaped on to them. But he slipped and fell. Luckily the river was pretty calm. He let out a yelp of surprise, before clawing on to a branch. He saw Storm. “OVER HERE!”--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Wasppaw scrambled to her paws, panting. Blood soaked her fur. Flame glared over her.--Wasppaw

Storm screeched in fear. She grabbed Wolf's scruff and hauled him onto the bank.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Wolf looked up at his mother, trembling, his fluffy fur soaked in water. “Why-why-why did you g-g-get me?” He stammered. “I-I-w-w-was j-j-just s-s-swimming.”--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Flame leaped again at Wasppaw and sunk her claws deeper, feeling the bones. “Keep going and see your blood at my paws.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Storm sighed. She took Wolf back to camp. Then she went and got Ember and Gale.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Wasppaw felt pain ripple up her spine. Fury burned in her gut, but she knew she would die at the claws of Flame if she rebelled. She she went limp. "I would like to join," she said submissively. "I will not defy you again." She felt anger rising as she said the words.--Wasppaw

Dawn saw Wolf come back into the camp. She remebered how he kept saying she was a kittypet when she was in no way related to them. She also thought of the other members of the DarkMasters. Dawn thought I need to talk each and every one of them. She followed Wolf cornering him.--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Wolf completely ignored Dawn, and padded to sit down by his mother, Storm, deciding to stay by her the rest of the day. He wasn’t in a very good mood.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

(Every plz look at this)-Wolfy

Flame let go of the she-cat’s body, her claws dripping with blood. “I hope so. If not you will die.” She licked her paws and gave Wasppaw some healing herbs. After that she introduced all her Masters. “I am Flame That Burns Blood, preferable Flame, leader of The DarkMasters.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Dawn turned frutrated that the kit just turned away. Dawn went to find Bass to talk to her about her situation. Dawn wanted to try to smooth things over with The Masters. Dawn sat at the camp entrance thinking Bass doesn't have that many friends...maybe I can!--Sun That Turns to Dawn

Bass lay in her tree, her let observing sunlight as calm as she was.--Bass that Fights the Current

"Let me go!" Ember turned and bit down on Storm's tail with tiny kit teeth. While she barely drew blood at all, it was painful enough to make Storm drop her. Ginger tail high, the flame point trotted over to Bass and sat down beside her. "Hey," she looked at Dawn, who was heading their way. "Hi to you too. Did you want to talk to me?"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Wasppaw glared at Flame. She lapped up the healing herbs. "What's the group even?"--Wasppaw

Flame narrowed her burning eyes at Wasppaw. “The DarkMasters hate all the Clans, but we still follow StarClan. We will soon get our revenge on the cats who wronged us, and then take over more.” She slid out her claws. “Did you change your mind? Do I need to chase you out?”--Flame That Burns Blood

Wasppaw peeled back her lips. "I will stay." Her wounds stung, but the herbs were helping.--Wasppaw

Bass huffed. “Heh. Sure Flame.”--Bass that Fights the Current

The dark ginger leader glared at Bass. “Shut your muzzle and play with your rat!“ Flame thrust her muzzle close to Wasppaw’s. ”Talk like that to be and see what happens!” She sunk her claws into Waspaw’s paw, deeper every time Wasppaw challenged her.--Flame That Burns Blood

Wasppaw sprang to her paws. Anger burned inside, but no one could tell but her. She kept herself cool and under control. "So do I need to change my name?" she growled tightly.--Wasppaw

Flame smirked at Wasppaw’s paws, worse than before. She snarled, “No rabbit gets any name. No rabbit joins my group. I suggest you watch it or your body will look like your shredded paws.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass hissed. “You don’t tell me what to do.” She spat. Licking a paw and swaying her tail. “And I’m sure if anyone’s a rat it’s your leading style.” She added.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame drew her lips back at Wasppaw before looking at Bass. “Says the cats who wanted to join ME, wanders everywhere and has play-dates with a Rat. I think your Rat is there asking you to play again.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass blinked. “Huh?” Whta in the forest was she talking about? She didn’t see any rat anywhere and if there ever was a rat then she’d probably have killed it by now. “Rat?” She bared her teeth. “I don’t have ‘play-dates!’” she hissed.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame twitched her tail and rolled her eyes. “Yeah play-dates. You always disappearing when YOU asked to join me and always is playing around with sweet, little Ember. In fact, Ember is right there. Go ahead now and talk to her.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Night bared his teeth at Flame. “How dare you!” He spat. “My daughter is not a rat! In fact you are a rat, for even assuming that, Flame!” He heard gasps around him, but he didn’t care. “You can go ahead and bully everyone else, but how about you just stop making everything about you! How about you let me handle my kit, ON MY OWN!“ He roared.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Storm stiffened, startled, but was proud of her mate standing up for their daughter.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Wasppaw hissed. Wow, I thought Flame was a coward. But she's more aggressive than I thought..--Wasppaw

“Now then Flame. I’m sure your happier than your so called ‘Masters’ aren’t happy with you? I’m sure judging your best friends' kit would totally make anything better or worse. I’m sure you should know I’m having second thoughts about this group of untrustworthy foxhearted fleas.” She hissed. Leaping from her tree and unsheathing her claws. “And by the way, I don’t need anyone. Not Ember, not you. No one.--Bass that Fights the Current

Gale sunk her claws into her mossy bedding out of frustration. I just want to leave camp, to escape all these pessimistic foxhearts that repeatedly call my sister a 'rat' just for being curious. I can't blame her for wanting to leave, too. The gray kitten thought to herself as she proceeded to slowly shred the moss to tiny pieces to entertain herself.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

Flame snarled, “Yes please do Night. About time she was parented!” Turning to Bass, “You were the one to ask Bass, not be. That was your fault. And if you don’t need anyone, stop playing around with a little kit and listen to her if you can’t even listen to older cats.” She turned to all her angry Masters, not including Stream, Scorch, Twilight, Streak and others. “You all wanted to join ME, but please leave if you can’t stand anymore. Your mistake that you need to fix.” She would usually feel sadness when she saw her Masters mad at her, but no anger was within her. Only hatred, bloody thoughts and revenge filled her mind. She cast them all a hatful look before beckoning Scorch and Wasppaw to her. She leaded them away and did the ceremony, giving Waspse her Master name: Wasp That Kills Mercilessly. “StarClan approves as you swear loyalty to me. Welcome Wasp That Kills Mercilessly.” Flame twisted her paw as did Scorch.--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass hissed. “Okay, then I think I’ll just go.” Though it was a test, if Flame really cared she’d look for the rogue. She turned and exited camp to find a new tree near the river and finally get a moments of peace. Finally, I think we all know I was never meant to kill anymore.--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame padded out with Wasp and Scorch behind he. She noticed that all of them were glaring at her and Bass was not in camp. Bass left? Oh well, that is what she wanted. Flame leaped on her rock, making the drumming noise. “You may know that first we have a new Master, Wasp. I welcome her and am sure that she will be the best she can.” She glanced coldly at Storm and Night. “Today I was going to apprentice the kits, but after their behavior, they will be held back for a day as punishment. If they do not learn from this,” She looked at the kits, “Destruction will follow.” She mewed, “Night you take watch.” The Masters all curled up, and Storm slept with her kits.--Flame That Burns Blood

Scorch curled up beside his leader. So much for letting those other cats in. He thought before sleeping.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Corw hissed. “You can’t do that! I didn’t do anything you meanie!” She yowled.--Crow That Flies at Night

Storm's eyes widened in shock, but she held Crow tightly against her leg with her tail. Hold back the apprentices? She didn't!--Storm That Rages The Sky

Gale narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Destruction would follow? Was Flame threatening young kittens again? "I'd leave this place if I could..." She mumbled under her breath bitterly before she dusted the bits and pieces of moss away with a paw.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

Night glared at Flame, angrily, but stood watch as told. He thought about Bass. “Someone should look for her.” He murmured to himself.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Crow cried. “It’s not fair! She so mean!” She sobbed. Sniffling. She was still a kit after all.--Crow That Flies at Night

Feather padded to night. “I’ll help look for her.” She meowed.--Feather of The Diving Swallow

Night turned to Feather. “I think I saw her heading toward the river.” He said. “Maybe you could check there.” He then added, apologetically, “I can’t leave my post.”--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Feather gulped. Yeah, should’ve guessed she’d be luring herself into a fox trap. “A-alright.” She dipped her head before trembling into the forest. She looked to both sides before padding towards the river, though Bass didn’t hear, she was sleeping in a new tree she got comfortable in. Feather sighed and followed the river down, not knowing Bass was above and behind her. She padded down. She gasped as something broke behind her. “B-Bass?” She asked. Frightened. She looked to each side. “Wow, what a weak little cat.” The she-cat leaped from the shadows, her pelt was a dark gray leopard spotted she-cat, her eyes the sharpest gold she’s ever seen. Feather hissed. “Who are you!” Though the she-cat froze. “Me? Oh. I’m Sycamore. And I think we both know you where never meant to find me.” She she-cat smiled as she unsheathed her claws. “Feather shrieked as Sycamore leaped on her, but it was cut short as the she-cat ripped her throat out. Leaving the hollow body. Sycamore leaped away. Leaving Feather to a-send to StarClan.--Feather of The Diving Swallow

Bass awoke with a shock.--Bass that Fights the Current

“Oh really?” Flame lifted her head, her eyes blazing. “I can do what I want, and make this punishment longer. You can thank Ember for this. I just need to see you are what you should be and,” Glaring at Storm and Night, “parented.” Flame laid down her head. A vision broke out, near their stream was a slim dead body. Blood was everywhere and paws steps were fading. “Night you just made us lose on of my Masters.” She growled with her eyes closed.--Flame That Burns Blood

Crow hissed. “No! You did for being a big fat meanie like you are! You don’t care about anyone but yourself!” She narrowed her kitten eyes. “And you keep blaming this on Ember when she didn’t do anything! Your so against me and my siblings and it’s not fair!” She lashed out.--Crow That Flies at Night

Bass raised a brow and widened her eyes as she saw a body a few tail lengths ahead of her new tree. “Holy!” She leaped and dashed to it, turning it. She sighed. “Oh Feather. This life was never meant for you.” And she grabbed the she-cat by the scruff and dropped her at the entrance to the camp. she narrowed her eyes at Flame.--Bass that Fights the Current

And here we go! Flame heaved herself from her nest. As she padded past Crow, she spat, “And now you will take even longer to be an apprentice. Thank yourself for that!” She knew that Feather was dead, so she just nodded and Bass and dragged the she-cat to the center of camp. Flame laid her head on Feather. Goodbye Feather. May StarClan welcome you.--Flame That Burns Blood

Scorch felt Flame move and smelled death. He widended his eyes as he saw Feather. “No.” He breathed. He pressed his nose into her fur and started the vigil.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Bass narrowed her eyes. “What did you do this time you stupid lump of fur?” She stared Flame right in the eyes.--Bass that Fights the Current

Crow flattened her ears, she couldn’t take being her any longer. Flame was only holding her back because she wasn’t listening and doing whatever Flame said, it’s not about Flame though. I need to leave, weather mommy wants me or not, I don’t belong here... She stormed into the murder and started to clear away some thorns so she could escape from the devil queen.--Crow That Flies at Night

Flame sat up from her vigil and stared right back at Bass. “You found her out of camp while I was right here. So either you did something or someone else!”--Flame That Burns Blood

Dawn still waiting at the entrance knew that Bass was gone for to long and set out to find her. She hear a yowl in a tree from Bass waking up and went inside to investigate.--Sun That Turns To Dawn

Bass wrinkled her nose. “Actually I was just getting comfortable to a new life without you in it until I woke to find this stupid cat. And you should know she never acted as if she wanted to be here and stuck close to dad. Not like you’d care about your peers anyways Flame. That will be your downfall. Everyone will leave you to have a life without, you.”--Bass that Fights the Current

Flame shrugged. “Fine by me.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Bass grinned. “Then so be it.” And turned. Hoping nothing would lead her back to this place again.--Bass that Fights the Current

Crow dug harder. Gotta, get...--Crow That Flies at Night

Flame purred as she saw Bass walk away.--Flame That Burns Blood

Scorch bowed his head over Feather before padding back to the den. He heard scraping and saw Crow breaking the den. He blocked the escape. “What are you doing?“ He mewed gently. “I know you may think that Flame is being mean, but she is partly right. Partly. And I thought you were a brave girl. Brave girls don‘t run away.”--Scorch That Works With Fire

“You’re mean! You like her and you let her destroy the group! I’m leaving!” She squeezed through the brambles. “I’m not a brave girl. I just want to have a home I can love.” She sighed and dashed through the forest, though her stubby legs made it hard to go faster.--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch stared after Crow. He turned around and padded back to Feather. Storm and Night want to parent, let them parent.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow wondered what she was doing. She was too small to be out for 4 moons, but she was determined to leave her home behind and start a new life without The DarkMasters, despite how bee brained they where. Their leader is ruthless and a killer who only uses her peers as killing tools to help her finish her job. And Crow hated that. What was Scorch talking about?! Flame just obviously hated her best friend‘s so-called’s, kits......a better reason to run away and never come back.--Crow That Flies at Night

Night followed his kit into the forest. He stopped her easily, picking her up. “Crow, stop.” He said, flatly. He looked at her, directly in the eyes. “I know you want to run away. So do I. That’s why I might talk to your mother about possibly leaving this group.” He said, softly. “It’s not for sure, but it’s a real possibility. Don’t tell Scorch or Flame I said this.”--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Crow nodded. “Okay...” she sighed. It was good her father and mother where thinking about it. Maybe Bass was right. That scared Crow the most.--Crow That Flies at Night

Storm sat on the ground, shocked at the startling news. Her kits weren't becoming apprentices yet!?--Storm That Rages The Sky

Crow frowned as she was taken into camp, not meeting anyone’s eyes and drooping.--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch blinked from his vigil as dawn approach.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow sighed.--Crow That Flies at Night

Night sat beside Storm, bitterly.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Twilight walked up to Flame," Hello. Is there anything I can do for you?"--Twilight Of The Darkest Night

Streak looked at Twilight as she and Flame talked. Would the pretty she-cat ever like him?--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Flame looked at Twilight, rembering that the dark brown she-cat was one of her closest friends. “Yes Twilight. Help be bury Feather. I already put the herbs on her.” She yowled to Streak. “Tell Flareflight his daughter is dead.” Flame picked Feather by the scruff.--Flame That Burns Blood

Twilight picked up the other half of Feather and together she and Flame carried Feather out to be buried. Twilight was sad and mourned for Feather. Twilight would have like to be friends with the she-cat, but it was to late now.--Twilight of The Darkest Night

Streak nodded to Flame, and ran to find Flareflight. He stopped right in front of him. "I am so sorry. Feather is.......dead. Twilight and Flame are burying her if you want to join them.“ Streak was saddened even more when he saw the look of surprise, sadness, and shock on the tom's face.--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Flame dug into the ground and pressed her nose one last time into Feather’s fur. “You were a great Master, but I am sure you are greater now with StarClan.” She laid the limp body in the whole and covered it with dirt. She scrapped a Sparrow on the tree behind the grave and bowed her head.--Flame That Burns Blood

Twilight walked up to Flame and did the same.--Twilight of The Darkest Night

Goodbye Feather. Flame raised her burning eyes as a vision showed. She knew what the vision meant. She ran back to camp with Twilight..--Flame That Burns Blood

Night’s head hung in grief. Hatred burned inside of him for The DarkMasters. It was so sudden. But it was easier to hang on to that hatred than to have to let it go.--Night That’s Darker Than Fire

Crow sighed as she frowned.--Crow That Flies at Night

Ember walked up to Gale. "Leaving? You know, Crow already left. Perhaps we can grab Bass-but I don't know if she'll come."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Flame ran strait into camp and grabbed all the kits. She lined them up opposite her other Masters. Bass appeared. She dipped her head and lined Bass up as well. She leaped on her rock, thinking that no kid wanted to be trained by her. “DarkMasters, I have decided that the kits have been punished long enough. It is time for them to choose their own mentors!” Flame watched as Crow went to Scorch, Ember went to Bass, Blossom went to Tabby, and Gale went to Dawn. Wolf stood alone. Suprisingly he bounded over to Flame. She smirked and yowled, “The kits have chosen their new mentors! We will attack tonight! Let us begin training!” Flame led her Masters to the training.--Flame That Burns Blood

Scorch glanced at Crow as the ran.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow sighed. She followed him, yet was really slow because she was still a shorty.--Crow That Flies at Night

Bass wrinkled her snout. Of course she was dragged back. Ugh.--Bass that Fights the Current

Ember spoke up. "Excuse me, Flamepaw. While I positively adore Bass, I'm not having any mentor in this apprentice group. Sure, once we get crushed by WillowClan, I'll leave you all to die and then ask Bass to teach me. But for now, nope, I'm not becoming "Emberpaw" or whatever you call apprentices here. I'll pass. Thank you very much," Ember grinned at Flame, then turned and trotted away to Wolf.--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Flame rolled her eyes at the rat.--Flame That Burns Blood

Wolf looked at Ember. “What’s up?” He asked his sister.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

"Eh, nothing. You look a bit lonely, though."--Ember that Rises from Ashes

Ember sighed, twitching her ginger banded tail in annoyance. The other "apprentices" were out training. She, on the other hand, was hunting. Squirrel! The flame tabby point lifted her muzzle, opening it to scent the air. They'll make for a tree...cut off escape routes... The kitten ajusted her position until she was standing between the squirrel and the tree. Then, Ember let out a piercing mew, which spooked the squirrel. Naturally, it ran to the tree, where Ember was concealed. She pounced, killing the gray-furred animal with a swipe of one ginger paw. --Ember that Rises from Ashes

Wolf and Flame were battle training.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Scorch looked down at Crow. “Now you try to leap at me from the shadows. If I see you, I will turn and attack.” Scorch waited.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Flame mewed, “Wolf you try to attack me from the trees.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Wolf nodded, and flew into the trees. He disguised his scent, and when Flame turned her head, he leapt, mercilessly, and without warning onto the leader’s back, clawing at her, drawing a bit of blood. But not that much.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Crow sighed she padded into the shadows and crouched twitching her whiskers she sheathed her claws and leaped.--Crow That Flies at Night

Flame rolled on her back and crushed Wolf. She whirred around and sunk her claws into Wolf’s sides. “Good, but when you leap on their back they will roll over. So you must scramble around their body to avoid being crushed or throw off. Try again.”--Flame That Burns Blood

Scorch felt Crow on his back. ”Good, that was very quiet. Now you try to dodge while I attack.”--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow dipped her head and swirled back into the shadows. Then turning and leaping, dodging his claws.--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch was surprised how good Crow was. He one touched her fur a few times. “Now we switch roles!” He leaped at Crow.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Wolf went back up into the trees, and jumped on to his mentor’s back again. Moments before Flame rolled over, he leaped off, twirled around, and when Flame rolled over, he sank his claws into her belly, which was now exposed.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Flame purred. “Good. Your fighting is well. Now tell me what you can smell and hear.” She sat down.--Flame That Burns Blood

Crow shrieked as she leaped away. He was wat faster than she thought.....--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch yowled, “Dodge me!”--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow was already out of breath when he leaped onto her again. She flattened her ears.--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch stopped. “We can do that later.” He flattened his fur. “Tell me what you can hear and smell.”--Scorch That Works With Fire

Wolf stopped, and sat down, pricking his ears, keeping his eyes open. “I smell blood.” He murmured. “I can hear my sisters training. I smell the forest. Prey. Mouse. Rabbit. I hear rushing water.”--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Flame knew the things were there, but she needed to train her apprentice. So far his senses were well, since they were far away from action. “What is by the stream?”--Flame That Burns Blood

Crow cocked her head. She scented the air. “Uh....” She flattened her nose. “Something stinky.”--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch nodded his head. “It is rotten blood.” He twitched his ears. “Now I want you to bring back one bird and one land animal. Go.” Scorch watched as his apprentice padded away and his to follow her in the shadows.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Wolf smelled the air, hard. “Something dead.” He said. Suddenly pain flared through him, and he let out a yowl, falling on the ground. His claws flexed, and he spat and snarled in pain. He moved his leg a little to reveal an adder sinking it’s teeth into his leg.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Crow pricked her ears and shrieked at her brother’s howl. “Wolf!” She ran time the sound and stopped before him, the adder snarling. Crow narrowed her eyes and thought of a strategy. She bit at its tail. Letting it get rid of the grip on her brothers leg and she swayed its head.--Crow That Flies at Night

Wolf’s vision blurred, as his body spasmed and twitched. The pain was so unbearable that he couldn’t cry out. He just sat there, convulsing, his eyes glazed with pain.--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

Once the adder slipped away Crow gasped she looked around. “Scorch!”--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch leaped to help his apprentice. “Good Crow.” He paid back to Wolf as he yowled in pain.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Flame narrowed her eyes and hurried to get herbs. She placed them on Wolf and mewed, “You will live Wolf.” She yowled, “I will take Wolf back to camp. You all hunt and return.” She grabbed her apprentice’s scruff and walked to camp.--Flame That Burns Blood

Crow frowned. “Okay....” She sighed. “That snake was scary...”--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch nodded, the flicked his tail as he padded away searching for prey.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Flame noses Wolf. “Wolf. Wake up.” Her apprentice blinked. “How does your leg feel?” The tom just nodded, and Flame put more herbs before curling up beside the young tom, drifting to her dreams with Scar and WillowClan. She padded into the clearing and saw the two cats ahead of her. Both of the cats were guarding a familiar cat: Flareflight. “Why is he here?” Scar growled, “He was planning to kill you tonight and take over.” Flame looked at Flareflight. “Is this true?” The tom just snarled. Flame hissed and leaped at him, sinking her claws into his face. The tom toweled and fell dead. Flame drew her lips back at him and looked up at them. They both mewed, “Our time is very close. You will be ready.” The two cats started to fade and dreams of blood and power came.--Flame That Burns Blood (Flareflight, Scar and Shadepaw)

((Whiteout here he is dead :P)-Rowan

Bass shook herself as she saw Flame in a startling dream. “Weirdo.” She muttered.--Bass That Fights the Current

Wolf cried out, and his whole body stretched out. “Doesn’t, not not not not not hurt!”--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

((I will rp tomorrow guys. Tomorrow is the battle so get ready. Adios!))-Rowan

Crow ran back to camp. “Wolf!” She yowled, running to him. “Are, are you okay?!"--Crow That Flies at Night

Tabby shivered. The battle was close! She had to start training. She slashed her paws through the air.--Tabby That Portrays Stripes

Wolf shook his head. “No...Ah!“--Wolf That Runs in Darkness

(I won’t be on tomorrow really. Oof. Recap me when I get back!)-Wolfy

Crow didn’t know what to do. "What can I do?!” She yowled.--Crow That Flies at Night

Scorch padded back with his prey along with Crow's prey that she had dropped. He laid them down on the dead pile and padded over to the den. He saw Flame giving Wolf some poppy seeds and the young tom started to calm down. Scorch noticed that Flame had blood dripping from her mouth. He whispered, "What happened?" Flame glared at him. "Flareflight was trying to kill me. I killed him." Scorch narrowed his eyes as he saw a line of blood leading out of camp and saw a Flare drawn on a tree next to Feather's. He shook his head.--Flame That Burns Blood and Scorch That Works With Fire

Ember walked back to camp with her squirrel. "Hey, Bass. I caught this-do you want it?"--Ember that Rises from Ashes

((Hey Willow, can Bass be more nice to Ember? Ember can't stand to have her heart broken by one of the only three cats she likes- and the only one she looks up too :'>))-Hawkblossom45

((Ember is a good girl now. Me like her))-Rowan

I get yelled at for trying to explore because I'm 'too young' to leave camp, even with my mother, but now I'm old enough to be mentored? Gale didn't quite understand the logic behind it all-it was beginning to give her a headache. She was relieved to find her sister, Ember, returning to camp. She was a good distraction from all the thoughts Gale was attempting to process.--Gale of the Thundering Storm

((Sorry I was road tripping back home)) --DawnpawTheDevil

Dawn padded with prey in her jaws and smiled as she saw her apprentice, Gale, taking a break.--Sun That Turns To Dawn

Flame gave herslef a groom. She was surprised to see Wolf already jumping around and practicing the moves. She yowled, “We are ready! Everyone rest and eat to prepare for war!” She padded with Scorch to share prey, maybe for the last time.--Flame That Burns Blood and Scorch That Works With Fire

Twilight nodded to Flame and Scorch then gulped down a mouse. After eating she licked her lips and left camp. As she wondered toward the forest she found the perfect tree. She started to attack it with all her strength and did her best attack moves. She would have to practice defense with another Master. She went back to camp, quenched her thirst, lay down in her nest and started to groom. As she groomed herself, she imagined the attacks and moves she would do.--Twilight of The Darkest Night

Streak padded up to Twilight. "Hey will you practice with me? Please?" He let out a sigh of relief went she nodded her agreement.--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Bass sighed. “Maybe put it with the other prey.” She sighed.--Bass That Fights the Current

Crow gasped. “She killed someone!”--Crow That Flies at Night

After Streak and Twilight practiced for a while they were both starving. They both went to the fresh kill pile. Twilight picked up another mouse and Streak grabbed a squirrel. They sat in the shade of Bass's tree. Streak looked at Twilight and said,"Hey, I know you like hate me, but it doesn't matter anymore. Twilight I have some thing to tell you." Twilight looked at him with surprise but meowed,"Well, then tell me." Streak sighed, got up his courage, and stammered," I-I really like you." Twilight suddenly stood up and said,"OK....... um I don't know what to say." Streak saw confusion and surprise in her eyes and said, "You don't have to say anything, and you can keep on hating me. I-I just wanted you to know." Twilight finished her mouse and said, " OK I am going to tell Flame that we are ready," and swept away without another word. Streak stared after the pretty Bengal she-cat and sighed. I hope she likes me back.--Sky That Streaks The Clouds and Twilight of The Darkest Night

Tabby plucked a mouse from the pile. She could feel...that something was coming. A malevolent feeling seemed to be lurking over her. She shivered.--Tabby That Portrays Stripes

Scorch smiled at Streak, trying to cheer him up.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Flame shrugged. "Flare tried to kill me first." She just nodded to Twilight before sinking into sleep. She woke in her den and a starry ginger tabby tom stood in front of her. The tom mewed, "Hello. I am Fang. It is finally nice to meet you Flame." Flame tilted her head. "Who are you? How do you know me?" The tom touched muzzles with her. "I am your father." Flame widened her eyes, and smelled Fang. Then she rubbed against him. "Fang! Oh I have missed you so much! Have you come to fight against the Clans?" Fang's eyes darkened. "Flame listen. I loved Scar with all my heart, but she chose the wrong path. Sure the Clans mocked you when you were controlled, but what is Scar doing to you? Are the Clans really the one who wronged you?" Fang started to fade and she woke up. Scar was the one who wronged me the whole time!--Flame That Burns Blood and Fang

Bass pricked her ears. “Ember, I think something bad’s about to happen......” she narrowed her eyes and looked around.--Bass That Fights the Current

Twilight padded into her nest and fell into a troubled sleep thinking about Streak confessing his love and the coming battle.--Twilight of The Darkest Night

Streak groomed himself and then called out to Scorch, "Hey should I take watch?" He needed sometime to himself to think about what happened with Twilight. --Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Scorch shrugged. "Sure, but our time will come soon." He fell into a sleep.--Scorch That Works With Fire

Bass flicker her tail as she climbed her tree and kept watch. “I have it.” She meowed.--Bass That Fights the Current

Storm shivered. Dread seeped over her. She glanced around, knowing that her kits could be in danger. She quickly collected Crow, Blossom, and Wolf. She spotted Gale and Ember returning to camp. She hurried over and brought all her kits in with one sweep on her tail. She looked around. "Is there any safe place to put my kits?"--Storm That Rages The Sky and Blossom Glowing in the Sunset

Bass pricked her ears. “Perhaps get someone to guard the nursery, take em’ to the back of the nursery.” She meowed.--Bass That Fights the Current

Scorch murmured, "Good idea. They are apprentices now. Young Masters. They are strong, just like you and Night."--Scorch That Works With Fire

Crow frowned. “Not wolf! He’s hurt!” She padded to him and nudged him. “Wake up...”--Crow That Flies at Night

Flame purred, "I think Wolf is ok Crow. He is already bouncing around." She laughed as Wolf leaped at Crow. I know what I have to do.--Flame That Burns Blood

Streak looked up to Bass, nodded his head as a sign of respect to the older she-cat, and said,"You keep watch from up there and look into the distance, but I will keep watch her on the ground and look around down here."--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Bass dipped her head. “Of course.” She sighed she gazed around and something perked her attention.--Bass That Fights the Current

Wasp got to her paws and padded across the DarkMasters camp. Her wounds stung, but she didn't care. She took a small vole to eat.--Wasp That Kills Mercilessly

Streak saw Bass tense and whispered,"What is it Bass?"--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

She scented. “I don’t know. Something caught my eye a moment ago.” She flattened her ears.--Bass That Fights the Current

Streak looked concerned and said,"Should I go check it out?"--Sky That Streaks The Clouds

Flame rolled her eyes. "If you scented it, it was just a rabbit."--Flame That Burns Blood

Storm hurried to the back of the nursery. She shifted aside the bramble tendrils to create a small cove underneath the prickly bush. She slid all five of her kits underneath and carefully bound the entrance tightly with coarse green vines. She padded back to camp and flicked Bass's shoulder with her tail. "Can you watch me kits and defend them, please?"--Storm That Rages The Sky

Bass dipped her head. “I can’t scent from afar Flame.” She meowed. Leaping from her tree. “I think it was this way.” She muttered, she turned to Storm. “I’m not a kit person, but I’ll try to defend them with my life...."--Bass That Fights the Current

Flame shrugged. "Just saying."--Flame That Burns Blood

Storm nodded her thanks. She paced, worry sparking in her veins. She looked around for her mate.--Storm That Rages The Sky

Bass raised a brow and grinned. “You seem, a bit more alert than usual.” She commented.--Bass That Fights the Current

Blossom hunched in the shadows of the bramble bush. She nudged Crow. "Are we going to be okay?" The silver tabby squeaked nervously.--Blossom Glowing in the Sunset

Bass sighed. “If you stay in here.” She meowed. Crow frowned. “I don’t know.” She curled closer to Wolf. Worried about him.--Crow That Flies at Night

Storm padded back to the bramble bush. She touched noses with each of her kits. "Don't worry.” Then she went back to Flame and the group..--Storm That Rages The Sky

After a while, Flame stood up, as did Scorch. He nodded at her. She breathed and looked one more time at her camp. She yowled, "Yes we will. Ok everyone! Let us go!"--Flame That Burns Blood and Scorch That Works With Fire


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