The Pack was owned by Whiskers and is DISBANDED

The pack
Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries Alliances
Silverwhisker Silverwhisker Silverwhisker Active Newleaf N/A N/A

The Pack is a band of rogues that roam about the territory. They do not have any faith in StarClan, and instead believe that their Shaman is a god.


Where the clans have official territory, The Pack has no boundaries and roams wherever they please, following their Shaman to whatever task they have next. The group frequently clashes with the clans, or at least had in the past, as they've recently been more "under the wraps". The cats are said to be rugged and extremely dedicated to their leader. So dedicated, in fact, that their faith is greater than those who believe in StarClan.

Currently, the group is desperately seeking out the heir since his sudden disappearance. Since his loss, they have grown more hostile towards the clan cats, and are currently targetting several that are weak. More and more frequently they can be found outside of borders of SwampClan, their current target. They suspect that the clans had kidnapped Dustykit for his "shamanic blood", hence their strong desire to retrieve him and make the clans regret their mistake. 

Special Ranks:

The Shaman is the leader of the group, selected by the leader before them. They are a sacred cat, as they are believed to be a god by their followers. To disobey the shaman's word is to practically ask for death. Members would die for their beloved shaman, as they believe that doing the shaman favors might win them a divine blessing.

The Heir is the next shaman, a cat that is selected at birth and trained vigorously throughout their lifetime. Like the shaman, this cat is considered to be a god, and is also sacred. They, like the shaman, must be protected at all costs- to lose either would be a disaster, as the cats would have no-one to guide them.



Moor - tortoiseshell point she-cat.


Dustykit - small flame point tom, currently missing

Known Members

Renegade - sable tom with yellow eyes.
Dragon - smoky gray tom with yellow eyes.
Maple - light ginger she-cat with amber eyes.
Soldier - jet black she-cat.
Cardinal - russet she-cat with amber eyes.
Stalker - dark brown tabby tom.
Courage - silver-and-gray tabby tom.
Blaze - thin dark ginger tabby tom.


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