The Dark Forest is a place where cats go when they descend after death IF they are proven unworthy of joining the ranks of StarClan, for example, a cat who has either trained with them, depending on if that cat changes, or cats who have a known murder streak, usually cats considered ‘Evil’ go here if they don’t stop their deeds of killing and trickery.

Apprentices from each clan can be caught visiting these vicious killers, you think StarClan has the only cats who can visit the living in their dreams? Think again, Dark Forest cats are notorious for visiting the dreams of troubled apprentices, either convincing them they’d be good warriors training in their dreams, raising their ambitions, or having the dreaming mortal join their ranks as a spy on the clans, or just a full warrior of the Dark Forest.


This place had a large history of murderers as mentioned for their description, these cats are not a joke and the baddest baddies go there. Starting off, Windstrike, the semi leader of this group, of course, had started to visit Mapleblaze as an apprentice, boosting her ambitions, resulting in the dreath of her mother Cola, and an apprentice at the time, Hazelpaw, now Hazelshade in the depths of StarClan, given her name in the stars.

Not much has happened in the dark forests until most recently, apprentice Baypaw had recently joined the ranks of the Dark Forest, as she was taken under Oaktrail, a long term former SwampClanner. As same with Hailkit of SeaClan, and Smokesong of StormClan. Baypaw trains to seek vengeance on Beepaw for taking her only friend away- though her ambitions are much larger than the eye can see.

You can find their roleplay here.

Territory & DescriptionsEdit

The dark Forest. Home to villains in the Warriors series, but here? This is the WillowClan world away from the ‘far clans’. Though the dark Forest has never changed, so it seems. Their forest of course is blanketed with thick fogs and dark unseen skies, no stars are found anywhere here, the place has black barked trees with redder leaves though no one sees any colors here other than the glowing green mushrooms, though those are the only source of light, besides the cats themselves. Really the Forrest seems to go of forever, besides a large barrier of mist that separates the Dark Forest and its cats from the forest of the stars, where StarClan lurks in the light.

Cats in the dark Forest can be imagined to have kept their wounds after death, imagine their blood drips wherever they go and their wounds they’d die from never disappear. Their eyes are dark as their iris’s are the only glowing signs, imagining their outlines are red and they all look ragged and horrifying.


Members Edit

Windstrike - large silver tabby tom with amber eyes (Willow)
Viperwhisker - small pale cream tabby she-cat (Willow)
Apprentice: Smokesong
Oaktrail - Large brown tabby tom with green eyes (Willow)
Apprentice: Baypaw
Fireflight - tortoiseshell she-cat (Willow)
Apprentice: Hailkit
Lilyspirit - leopard spotted she-cat (Silvery)
Scar - scarred russet tabby she-cat (Rowan)
Lizardfang - Tortoiseshell she-cat (Willow)
Moonshadow - a dark pointed tom (Whiskers)
Mapleblaze - Calico she-cat (Willow)
Sunnyshine - Golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes (Silvery)
Finchkit - Large cream tabby she-kit (Willow)
Rivergaze - slender silver she-cat with blue eyes (Willow)
Flare- Red and white tabby tom (Whiteout)
Frostfang- red ruddy ticked tom (Willow)
Snowlight- cream speckled she-cat (Willow)
Thornstar- dark brown tabby tom (Willow)
Sunnyshine - golden tabby she-cat (Silvery)
Whiterose- White she-cat with amber eyes (Willow)


Baypaw - tabico she-cat (Willow)
Hailkit - silver snow tabby tom (Willow)
Smokesong - Smoke she-cat (Willow)

Vanished Spirits Edit

None Yet

Roleplaying AreaEdit


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