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ThornClan is the Clan of the SHADOWS and ROUGH CLIMBING, founded by Thornstar.

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries Alliances
Hawkblossom45 Willowleafwing Willowleafwing Active Greenleaf WillowClan N/A

Territory Edit

ThornClan owns most of the very dark forests of the main Clans forest. The best things to hunt are birds like owls and crows and maybe bats if lucky, ThornClan is indeed partly nocturnal, so they do better at night and that’s when they strike, they have some landmarks too:

  1. Owlplace - the one patch of the forest where most owl dens are in the trees, usually more experienced warriors go here
  2. Flooded Monster - a very old event, a car/monster accident sending the old monster into one of the ponds in the ThornClan territory, usually this is the last resort when prey runs low, the water is poisoned
  3. Training Ravine - a wide ravine area with a small creek coming from the Flooded Monster ponds, usually older apprentices train here with their mentors but the water is poisoned
  4. Thunderpath - pretty much the road
  5. The Great Pine - a single pine tree that separates the TundraClan and ThornClan border
  6. the Creek - a small creek that stretches to the frozen tundra of TundraClan and splits into the rocky hills of BreezeClan

History Edit

ThornClan happened to have started a warrior against WillowClan due to territorial disputes and prey stealing, and Thornstar was ruling since then. Aligned with SwampClan, and BreezeClan, and formerly Tundraclan, they’d been unstoppable until the second leader Pricklestar’s death. And now the third in line is Shadowstar, the first she-cat to lead ThornClan, her former deputy had died in battle so then she decided to have a new deputy, but then a horrible storm struck (yes the flood storm) and then battles with their own alliance broke down, BreezeClan fought them and killed many of their warriors ruthlessly, and Shadowstar has pint recovered with an empty clan.

ThornClan is the Clan with a climbing advantage, impenetrable paw-pads of the thorns, the easiest is a leaping assault from the trees in battle, they seem mysterious and bloodthirsty, ThornClan has roamed for long and knows the main parts of the forest.

Allegiances Edit


Redstar - red and black tom with amber eyes, 9/9 lives (Willow)


Lionfrost- yellow tom with long fur and blue eyes (Wolfy)
Apprentice: Sunpaw


Wintertree - gray and white tom with leaf green eyes (Willow)
Apprentice: Moonpaw




Timberfrost - gray tabby she-cat with green eyes (Willow)
Apprentice: Ravenpaw
Mousenose - melanistic sepia spotted tom (Whiskers)
Nightwind - black tom with amber eyes (Silvery)
Fleetfoot - white and cream tabby she-cat (Willow)
Apprentice: Bearpaw
Rosesky - orange tabby-and-white she-cat (Silvery)
Foxfeather - red tabby and white tom (Moon)
Hollyclaw - a she-cat (Wolfy)
Thornfoot — tortoiseshell and white she-cat (Hawk)
Barktail — long-haired dark brown tabby tom (Moon)
Nightclaw — big black tom (Moon)
Phantomfoot — black and white tom (Hawk)
Vixenfang — ginger tabby she-cat (Hawk)
Frostycloud - white she-cat with blue eyes (Whiskers)
Frecklenose - chocolate tortoiseshell tom (Willow)


Moonpaw - black she-cat with teal eyes, medicine cat apprentice (Willow)
Sunpaw - bright ginger she-cat with blue eyes, apprenticed to no one currently (Willow)
Volepaw - broad shouldered dark russet tabby tom, apprenticed to no one currently (Willow)
Bearpaw - gray tabby tom, apprenticed to Fleetfoot (Moon)
Ravenpaw - black she-cat, apprenticed to Timberfrost (Moon)


Mintgaze - robin coated she-cat with green-amber eyes, expecting Redfang’s kits (Willow)
Rowankit - ruddy ticked red she-kit with aqua green eyes (Wolfy)
Peachkit - peach colored tabby and white she-kit (Willow)
Cedarkit - light sun ruddy ticked tom Kit (Willow)
Gingershine - tabby and white she-cat, nursing Lostwhisper's kits (Willow)
Mistlekit - smoke tabby she-kit (Whiskers)
Jaggedkit - dark taby tom (Moon)
Bigkit - large tabby tom (Adoptable)
Calypso - platinum point she-cat (Whiskers)
Perchkit - grey Bengal-manecoon tom (Adoptable)
Slipkit - large white-grey Bengal-mancoon tom Kit (Wilow)
Thorn - tortoiseshell tom kit (Moon)



Rowankit, Finchkit, Coal, Snowkit


Thornstar, Hawktalon, Pricklestar, Scarface, Talonthorn, Snakestripe, Bluelily, Brambleheart(formerly), Ebonyberry, Grayfur, Shadespirit, Tigerflame, Cloudfleet, Tumblepaw, Wolfstride, Foxpaw, Greykit, Leopardprint, Beetlewing, Shatteredsky, Fogshine, Snowstep, Hayleap

Roleplay Edit

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Sunpaw frowned at her friend, though was silenced by a quick glance, well, more like a glare by Lostwhisper, she gulped. “Nothing, I just accidentally trained with claws unsheathed, nothing to worry about!” She meowed happily, well, fake happiness. She then nodded. “I’m gonna go see Moonpaw...” she then bounded over to Moonpaw. “Erm.... I have—.” Moonpaw rolled her eyes. “Really Sunpaw? You can’t even keep yourself out of trouble for as long as the sun is up?” She sighed as she turned back and grabbed the herbs.-Sunpaw & Moonpaw

Fogshine stepped out of camp to go hunting by himself after the ceremonies were finished. He felt satisfied with stealing/rescuing a kitten from ScarClan, the idea of getting underneath their made him feel wonderful, like he was on top of the world. But he knew that such a feeling would last. He was a fool to go out of camp and hunt. -- Fogshine

Redfang gulped as he had followed Shadowstar out of camp, though, from Lostwhisper view, Redfang was alone finally, he grinned as he swiftly followed them. “Redfang.... I have two lives left...” Shadowstar went on as they where far enough from camp. He sighed. “I know....” he meowed. Shadowstar sighed. “I think we both know your leadership Is closer than we think.” He sighed again, “maybe you could still rule for longer somehow?” He meowed, Shadowstar shook her head. “No.” She sighed. Though Lostwhisper wrinkled his snout, “weirdo.”-Lost

As he neared the border in pursuit of a scrawny hare, Fogshine found himself becoming prey rather than predator. The bitter chocolate sepia tom found himself being squished against the earth, feeling all air being pressed from his lungs and being left in shock at the sudden onslaught. He wheezed in response, dazed. "Fool!" The voice sounded somewhat familiar, at least from Fogshine's dealings with ScarClan...except, it definitely wasn't his friend, Smokestorm. No, it was the clan's deputy: Moonshadow, Calypso's father. "I know what you did, it wasn't SwampClan that stole her after all. Where is my trainee, you piece of crowfood?" -- Fogshine & Moonshadow

at the moment Redfnag seemed alone, he leaped our and hissed, as he saw Shadowstar leap before him he grinned as he lunged at her and sank his teeth into her shoulder, causing her to yowl as he then ripped at her throat. Dropping her body cold, though Redfnag stared in horror. “You! You killed her!”-Lost

Fogshine looked up at Moonshadow pathetically, but with an essence of triumph. "Gone. Gone from the miserable life you tried to force onto her. You lost." The ThornClan warrior spat as a sort of weakness fell over his entire frame. The last thing he saw was an indescribable rage in Moonshadow's eyes before he lunged forward to drive his teeth into Fogshine's neck. -- Fogshine & Moonshadow

“Ostwhisper licked his lips. “Oops. Thought it was you.” He growled before raising an unsheathed paw, though he was stopped by Shadowstar’s yowl, “get back to camp. Now!” She hissed.-Shadow

”hi calypso!” Finchkit giggled.-Finch

Shadowstar bristled as she still had been dripping blood as she called a clan meeting. “ThornClan!” She started. And without waiting she flattened her ears and took a deep breath. “Another life of mine has been lost, though not with a good cause so it seems.” She then gazed at Lostwhisper. “Lostwhisper. Had taken it, as of now Lostwhisper you are banished from ThornClan. Leave. Now.” She growled as Redfang glared after him.

Lostwhisper chuckled. “You cats think you’re okay? You think just because I’m gone that revenge won’t be coming for you? I’ll lurk around the corners, murder all that go alone, and I’ll most definitely kill.” He grinned. “Watch out. ThornClan.” He then padded out of camp. Shadowstar fell onto her paws before hauling herself up.

Whiterose grinned. “What’s wrong with accidental murder?” She yowled. Shadowstar gave her a narrowed glance. “I do it all the time!” Whiterose sneered. Shadowstar narrowed her eyes but as she opened her mouth Whiterose leaped onto the leader, wrapping her arms around Shadowstar’s neck and throwing her off the highrock, as she’d still been weak, Whiterose bit hard on the leader’s neck as she tried to pull away, she held Shadowstar there until she was knocked off of the leader by Redfang, “get out of here!” He yowled to her as she turned and followed behind Lostwhisper.-Shadow,Lost & White

Thornfoot started in horror. She yowled out for all to hear," Is Shadowstar dead Redfang?" --Thornfoot

Redfang lowered his gaze. “Yes... for good....” he looked as Timberfrost dashed up to her mother, “Shadowstar!” Redfang looked away, this was all his fault.-Red

Thornfoot still in shock called," Redfang......Your Leader!" --Thornfoot

Redfang hissed. “I can’t right now! Im still new to everything, and, and—!” He frowned. He took a few breaths before opening his eyes and looking to the clan. “I’ll try...”-Red

Thornfoot said nothing, but grieved her former leader's death. --Thornfoot

Redfang frowned as he leaped onto the high rock, he’s never made an announcement before... he gulped. “ThornClan, Shadowstar has lost all of her lives...” he sighed. “And tonight I will chose a new deputy once I return from the Moon Willow.” He meowed. Though had an idea of who would.-Red

Slipkit screamed at the sight of the blood shoving his head into Snowkits body-Slip 

Mousenose looked horrified. "Mother!" He screeched with his turquoise eyes as round as the moon, quivering underneath his thick sable fur. -- Mousenose

Calypso was eerily unnerved by the sight of a murder right before her eyes. What was the fuss about? Wasn't this typical for them as well? -- Calypso

Timberfrost scowled. “Why didn’t she tell us!”-Timber

Thornfoot quickly got over the shock and regained her stance, but inwardly she yowled her grief. --Thornfoot

Redfang sighed. “If you’re leader, no, mother, told you she had two lives left, it would’ve caused panic. And she wasn’t about to cause her clan to worry about her.” He sighed.-Red

After Wolfshade had left him for fishfood in the lake, the slowly-fading deputy had thought that he wouldn't make it. He had been slowly bleeding out in the lake before he found himself going unconscious, but when he awoke...Stonetooth was on the beach. It appeared that a current had taken him from the WillowClan side to ThornClan's half of the lake, which meant that he was on enemy ground. He was still astonished that Starclan hadn't taken him- maybe he was important, after all? Did StarClan support his march against Wolfshade? Did they have plans for him? But right now, it didn't matter much. Stonetooth's wounds were still slowly oozing life blood, and if he was left out there much longer, he'd surely bleed to death. The weak WillowClan deputy wheezed softly, incapable of raising his head due to the overwhelming exhaustion he felt. -- Stonetooth

Moonpaw pricked her ears as she heard splashes from the other side of the reeds, she gasped as she saw it was, a cat? She padded over to him, “oh StarClan!” She looked both sides before taking a breath and running back to camp. “Redfang! Take a patrol! Come quick!” She yowled. Redfang turned her direction and obeyed. “Nightwind, Lionfrost, Frostycloud and Fleetfoot!” He yowled as they followed him. Who was following Moonpaw, as they came to the body he flattened his ears and raised his chin. “He’s not dead.... yet.” He growled. “Take him back to camp. Moonpaw, get the herbs ready.”-Redfang

Frostycloud hovered around the body of Stonetooth curiously, wincing at his WillowClan stench. "Yuck- he's definitely not one of ours." The white-furred warrior recoiled. -- Frostycloud

Redfang nodded. “Well we can’t let him die without proper explaining from him.” He growled. Fleetfoot had slipped under the tom as she’d stood with him swaying in her back, “c’mon.” She sighed. Turning to go back to camp.—Redfang

Moonoaw was already on sorting herbs. “Make way!’ She hissed. as the clan got out of the way of the entrance she quickly got everything ready.-Moonpaw

Stonetooth closed his eyes, even though he'd always been curious of ThornClan's camp for so many moons. The weakness had taken over, leaving the WillowClanner light-headed. As the exhaustion continued to set in, his pain slowly ebbed away, and a desire to sleep grappled with his mind. -- Stonetooth

As they lay Stonetooth in a pre-made Moss nest, Moonoaw hissed. “Everyone out!” And began to do her work. “Okay, whta did a Wintertree say... the ointments first, but the blood—Marigold! And then, the Cobnuts....” and soon after she sighed with reload as he’d been patched up, she slouched as Redfang came in. “Is he—.” She nodded. “Shh!” She growled. “He needs rest.” She meowed.-Moonpaw

Frostycloud stood on the tips of her white paws in hopes of peering into the medicine cat den to see what was up with the stranger. Curiosity got the best of her per usual- she never mingled with WillowClanners much at Gatherings, what with Shadowstar having been her mentor. Shadowstar never did like WillowClan, so the white she-cat made it a point to avoid them. He doesn't seem so evil- then again, why was he drenched in blood? -- Frostycloud

Moonpaw padded out of the medicine cats den to see Frostycloud, “oh! Hi Frostycloud. How are you?” She meowed. Quickly running to grab a mouse and wet moss for the newcomer and then returning into her den with them, placing them by the newcomer and then going back to Frostycloud.-Moonpaw

"I'm doing good! Have you seen your sister? I was worried because she came back to camp with an awful lot of scratches the last time she was out." Frostycloud, of course, made no mention of her habit to visit the kittypet place. She enjoyed chatting with Oreo- his goofy kittypet antics were very entertaining, an enjoyable change from the serious life in ThornClan. "Is the stranger going to live? Sorry he has to stink up your den with his outsider-stench." -- Frostycloud

Moonpaw chuckled. “Nah, he’s fine. And, Sunpaw’s just resting in there too, you can come in if you would like.” She meowed. Flicker her tail as she entered her den.-Moonpaw

The jolly warrior happily entered the den, in hopes of filling it with her contagious optimism. "Sunny Sun Sunpaw!" Frostycloud chimed to her favorite companion to lift her spirits. -- Frostycloud

Sunpaw smiled. “Hey! How are you today!” She meowed. “Ive noticed.... we have a new guy. I wonder if he’s from WillowClan!? Are all WillowClan cats stinky, and bloody, for that matter? Do you think he’s gonna be okay?”-Sunpaw

Volepaw growled as now HE had to find his mentor, than his mentor finding HIM. He grumbled as he caught the faint scent of something, he growled as he looked around the area. Claws unsheathed.-Volepaw

Redstare closed his eyes as he then yowled an announcement. “ThornClan! I know the last few moons has been.... brutal. And this isn’t a proper clan meeting, but I’m leaving to the Moon Willow now. Wintertree will accompany me as Moonpaw will watch camp.” He yowled as he sighed and leaped from the highrock.—Redfang

Volepaw gasped as he did see something. “Wow, never heard of the mentor being killed first...” he growled. Then grabbing Fogshine’s scruff and dragging him back to camp. Though the passing Redfang gasped. “What!” Volepaw rolled his eyes. “Found him out cold. He’s dead.” He meowed. Redfang growled. Not before he sighed. “We‘ll discuss this when I get back.” He sighed as he padded on. Voleoaw obeyed, but if there really is someone after the clans, would he be next?—Vole

"He stinks like WillowClan," the new warrior agreed in a silent voice, observing Stonetooth's somewhat limp form. "Wonder what happened to him? He has a cool coat, I like it. I've never seen gray fur that dark." -- Frostycloud

Moonpaw nodded. “Right!” She meowed. “He doesn’t look exactly old though.” She meowed.-Moon

"Old enough for what?" Frostycloud asked with a curious tip of her head to the side, before she yelped in shock when Stonetooth suddenly awoke. -- Frostycloud

Moonpaw flinched before putting a paw on his back as he struggled to his paws. “Calm down Romeo, youre fine in ThornClan’s camp, before you ask. ‘How’d I get here?’ I’m gonna say you should thank me of course for coming to your air TWICE, I found you, I healed you as Redfang told us to take you back to camp. And now you’re safe,” she meowed, lifting her paw as he calmed down. “Now, all we need is why you arrived in the LAKE, and all BLOODY.” She meowed. “And really who you are,” she meowed. “Oh, and third for feeding you.” She pushed the moss and prey towards him.—Moonpaw

Calypso had watched the cats carry in Stonetooth keenly, memories of her ScarClan home flooding into her mind. Things are becoming more and more similar to my old home... -- Calypso

"He's alive!" Frostycloud squeaked as Stonetooth glanced around with a shocked expression. -- Frostycloud

Stonetooth took in his surroundings to ensure that he wasn't back in WillowClan. Indeed, this did seem to be ThornClan...based on the grumpy faces, at least. "...I'm Stonetooth, WillowClan's deputy. I was ambushed by our own traitorous warrior, Wolfshade, but...I don't think my clan knows what happens. I need to get back to them- now." -- Stonetooth

Moonpaw sighed. “First we need to wait, Stonetooth, Redfnag should be getting back soon, oh right, have I told you Shadowstar’s dead? Yeah, that happened like yesterday!” She laughed sarcastically. “Calm down and eat. We can discuss this with him when he gets back from getting his lives. Which won’t be much longer.” She then added. “What did Wolfshade do to you? And why?”-Moonpaw

Stonetooth caughed pathetically before glancing up at the medicine cat apprentice with somewhat of a glare. "I don't think you understand. My clan is in danger, they need me." The charcoal-and-white deputy spoke firmly, although his legs quaked from exhaustion and earlier blood loss. "I think what Wolfshade did to me is obvious- do you think he cuddled with me and said that he loved me? He tried to murder me and take my place as deputy." -- Stonetooth

Lionfrost frowned. “Does Quillstar know that Wolfshade tried to kill you?” - Lionfrost

Stonetooth's legs quivered still, leaving him with no choice but to sit down and pant from the effort. "No. That's why I need to get back immediately. StarClan knows what Wolfshade might try to do to my clan." Standing had left the WillowClanner in a daze, a sensation of dizziness making his world spin. -- Stonetooth

Calypso tried to distract herself from reality, and instead focused on playing with beetles. This is what kits are supposed to do, right? -- Calypso

“You should wait for the medicine cat to see you. For now stay here.” Said Lionfrost, gruffly. - Lionfrost

Moonpaw closed her eyes and counted to ten, as Wintertree said to contain her anger, she sighed, being angry at a warrior who wants to protect his clan wasn’t right. Especially a deputy. “Okay.” She meowed. Opening her eyes, she sighed. “I’ll try and get Redstar, juts you need to promise not to leave, I’m sure he could do something about this.” She meowed. But before exiting the medicine cats den, she looked to Frostycloud and Sunpaw. “I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is a great chance to repay a WillowClan for the starflower. We need to help.” She meowed. Then turning to go fetch the leader, weather he has his nine lives or not.—Moonpaw

Two weeks later...

The gray bicolor tom was not sleeping in the medicine cat den at dawn like he normally was. Stonetooth sat in the outskirts of ThornClan's camp with a breeze ruffling his short fur, eyes narrowed in the rising sun. Red in the morning...take warning... The former WillowClan deputy had a bad feeling in his gut. He needed to go home- now. Perhaps he wasn't fully recovered, but he was doing significantly better. He could travel, fight if needed, and so he had to find out what that sinking feeling was in the bottom of his gut. -- Stonetooth

Redstar padded up to the deputy, “Moonpaw’s told me about you, and this Wolfshade.” He looked to his paws. “Another Lostwhisper clone on the loose isn’t anything to take like a joke.” He meowed. “I’ve decided we are going to help you. Even if StarClan strikes us down, for the past. It’s today we are going to make things right.” He meowed and ruffled his fur, he then squinted out of the camp. “I can see you have much worry.” He then added. “C’mon. Lionfrost and I will make the patrols just in case something happens, and if Wolfshade was made deputy, we can say he might take open war on us.” He meowed hesitantly.-Redstar

Snowkit looked out of the nursery she looked around the camp then slowly went over to the other kits in the nursery "Hey guys! Do you want to go on an adventure?" Snowkit whispered. --Snowkit

Slipkit lifted his head "What! were not suppost to leave the nursery." Slipkit whispered loudly back "I know but that's the point!" Snowkit snapped back "Well follow me if your coming and wait for my signal." Snowkit grumbled --Snowkit and Slipkit

Mintgaze raised a brow. “Um, go get a tour guide.” She meowed to the kits. “We can hear you.”-Mint

"ARG YOUR SO LOUD SLIPKIT!" Snowkit yelled --Snowkit

Slipkit let out a small cough walking to the back of the nursery. Snowkit turned to her other siblings waiting for Mint to leave. --Snowkit

"Your 'Lostwhisper' killed but your leader and left your clan to mend. Mind you, Wolfshade's out to destroy an entire clan, and beyond." Perhaps Stonetooth was never able to learn Wolfshade's plans in-depth, but one look in the ambitious tom's eyes could communicate better than words: Wolfshade was a tyrannical beast with an unquenched bloodthirst. He would stop at nothing to have all the clans underneath his control. The charcoal-gray tom's leg groaned in muted pain, stiff from rising at dawn, but it'd have to do. He had a clan to save. "We need to get moving. Something wicked's in the air." -- Stonetooth

Lionfrost got back to camp. - Lionfrost

Redstar dipped his head. “I will lead the patrols. And we will help you.” He meowed. Leaping to the high stone, “I’d like Lionfrost, Fleetfoot, Thornfoot, Frostycloud, Nightwind, Mousenose, and Timberfrost to accompany us on the patrol we’re taking to WillowClan, oh, and Moonoaw if you’d like.” He meowed. “Wintertree is in charge.”-Redstar

Lionfrost nodded. “I’ll come.” He said, remembering what Sunnyshine had said about WillowClan being attacked. We’d better go fast. - Lionfrost

Moonpaw bristled as she leaped out of the medicine cats den, “of course I want to help! I need a volunteer to help me with the herbs I needed to take.” And too soon Sunpaw leaped up. “I will!” She meowed. Moonoaw sighed. “Fine.” And then ran into the den to gather some herbs,-Moon

Redstar flicked his tail for Lionfrost, “you seem worried Lionfrost. Is there something we need to know?”-Red

Frostycloud raised her head, blue eyes widening out of shock. She was to go on the...battle patrol? Her? Had Redstar mistaken her for some other cat? The young warrior didn't know if she should be excited or terrified, so she slowly shuffled after the others. -- Frostycloud

Stonetooth raised his chin. He could only hope that his return, in the company of ThornClan, would be well-received. The dark gray tom took a step forward, prepared to return home to WillowClan to offer up his own life for the sake of keeping his clan protected. -- Stonetooth

“Yes.” Said Lionfrost. “I saw a WillowClan warrior on patrol, and they said WillowClan was being attacked. We must go, now.” - Lionfrost

The former deputy's minty visionaries widened when Lionfrost mentioned an attack. So, Stonetooth's instincts had been correct after all. "We have to get moving, now." There was no hiding the sense of urgency in the gray tom's voice. His family, his friends...all of their lives were in danger. -- Stonetooth

Redstar nodded. “ThornClan! All the cats I’ve collected may come, though if anyone else would like to follow us!” He yowled as he turned to the exit of camp. “Alright, lets go pay WillowClan our debt.” He meowed,—Redstar

Lionfrost nodded. - Lionfrost

Stonetooth hurried out of ThornClan's camp with a darkened, determined expression on his mottled face. He raced onward until finally he glanced up at the sky, watching as it lightened into day. Today could be the day I die. The feline reminded himself, despite having thought he'd die two weeks prior when he washed up into ThornClan's territory. StarClan had spared him then, and they had to have done it for a good reason. Foiling Wolfshade's plan would be worth my life. Stonetooth decided. -- Stonetooth

Sunpaw dashed in the back with Moonpaw.-Sunpaw

——————During the Pack Attack——————

Mitngaze groaned as it was finally over, four little furballs at her side, “oh, I want to wait to name them until Redfang comes back.” She meowed to Wintertree, she sighed as she licked the little bundles. She sighed, “StarClan light the Clan’s path.”—Mintgaze

Snowkit paced around the nursery looking for something to do. "MOM! I want to do something! And Slipkit, Perchkit, and Finchkit are boring!" Snowkit whinned at Jaynose. --Snowkit

Mintgaze rolled her eyes. “Jaynose is dead. Couldn’t find her anywhere since yesterday.” She growled. Though lapping her own kits. “Now keep it down!”-Mint

Snowkit looked at Mintgaze confused "What! Are you joking with me." Snowkit laughed. --Snowkit

Mintgaze growled before Redstar came rushing in, “I’m here! Where are they—!” Before she whipped him with her tail. ‘SHHH!” She growled. Revealing the bundles of fur.-Mint

Lionfrost padded into camp behind Redstar. - Lionfrost

Rowankit nuzzled Mintgaze, and let out a whimper when Redstar rushed in, loudly, pressing against her mother. - Rowankit

Redstar chuckled uneasily. “Oops...” Mintgaze rolled her eyes. “Mousebrain.” She muttered, then turning to her kit, softly, “it’s alright, it’s daddy, he’s good.” She paused to raise her gaze “I think.” She turned her head to him. chuckling.-Mint

Rowankit slowly wriggled over to Redstar, nudging her father, before going back to her mother’s belly, and curled up again. - Rowankit

Redstar raised a brow. “Huh?” He resisted a laugh. “So, sure their—.” “Rowankit, Peachkit, Ryekit, and Cedarkit.” Mintgaze cut in.-Mint

Rowankit purred, lightly, before yawning and falling asleep. - Rowankit

Calypso had mourned in silence for Fogshine after his body had been retrieved from the forest. She had begun to see the tom as somewhat of a parental figure, after all, he had saved her from ScarClan. But now, she silently accepted that it had certainly been her own clan that had struck the tom down. How much longer will I be safe here? -- Calypso

Is Jaynose actully dead? If so someone needs to adopt Leopardprints kit. again. this also happend to Pinekit in StormClan so if anyone can adopt her or Leopards kits message me.))--Skylia

Thorn and Coal ((Kittypets)) peeked out from behind a tree, There was a red tom cat. "Woah, who are you?" Thorn said, walking out. "Yeah, who are you?" Coal said "I'm Coal, and this is Thorn." -Thorn & Coal

"Huh?" Foxfeather turned around. "Oh, I'm Foxfeather, and I live in ThornClan, And what are a couple of kits with a kittypet stench doing out in the woods?" "We left our Twolegs." Thorn said. "and now we're wild cats." "Well, do you want me to take you to ThornClan?" Foxfeather asked. "Yeah, sure." Coal said. The two kits followed Foxfeather to ThornClan camp. "Hey, Redstar, look what I found!" Foxfeather picked the two kits by their scruff, and showed Redstar. -Thorn, Coal, Foxfeather

Redstar pricked his ears at the kits. “Oh? Some kits.” He then scented them. “Kittypets.” He narrowed his gaze as he closed his eyes. “We can’t have them here, they have Twolegs who might need them.” He meowed gruffly. Though adding. “They could stay, I guess. If they want to know WHTA a true warrior’s spirit is.” He chuckled as he lowered his head to the kits. “Now, if you really wanna be the greatest hunters in the forest, you’re gonna have to watch carefully.” He grunted as a feather flew from the sky down, he lowered and pounced knowicnung it wavy in the air before pinning it to the ground. “And there’s the kill.”-Redstar

Rowankit heard Redstar outside and scented unfamiliar cats. At least their scent didn’t smell like ThornClan. She squirmed a bit closer to her mother. - Rowankit

Lionfrost looked at the kittypets. “Are you sure we should let them in, Redstar?” He asked. - Lionfrost

Redstar looked to the tom, shooing the feather away. Turning to his deputy. “There isn’t anywhere else they can go- and, I’m sure two little kits joining won’t harm anyone.” He added. “Right?” though thinking he should be more thoughtful. “Well, we do have a lot of kits in the clan. and if I do remember, the warrior code does say something about helping kits in need. And for another reason- yeah, they wouldn’t last another moon out there.”—Redstar

Lionfrost looked at the two kits, and sighed. “I guess you’re right.” He said. He himself was half rogue. Maybe they should just give these kittens a chance. “But if any cat comes looking for them. . . . or Twoleg at that. . . .” - Lionfrost

Redstar nodded. “Right.” He meowed. He thought about that. “If twolegs come.” He flicked the kits a glance. “Or any rogue.” He added. “We will see if we would hand you over or not.” He sighed. “Or we fight them off.”-Red

Slipkit pawed out of the nursery smelling the pine scented air. --Slipkit

The platinum point kitten wrinkled her nose in disgust at the strange scent of the newcomers. Their stench was sickening, but then again, it wans't like Calypso could complain- she, too had been an outsider. She probably didn't smell the greatest when she first arrived. The feline turned her attention away from the change and instead focused on exercising herself by releasing her inner ScarClan blood, by means of wrestling with a branch. -- Calypso

"RELAX everybody!" Thorn yelled. "our twolegs won't come back for us, because Flame is the one who was too scared to come. They like him the most."- Thorn

Vixenfang pricked her ears. She whispered, “Flame That Burns Blood? Isn’t she part of The DarkMasters? Forestfire told me about her...” She shuddered at the thought of the evil looking leader. Phantomfoot asked, “Could she have killed Shatteredsky?” Vixenfang thought for a moment of her good former mentor. “No. Shatteredsky had ThornClan scent on him.” They both sighed.— Vixenfang and Phantomfoot

"So, you guys are ThornClan?" Coal whispered to Thorn. "Yeah, Thorn, I think these cats are ThornClan" "Yeah, definitely ThornClan." Thorn had walked over to Vixenfang and Phantomfoot. "Were you guys whispering suspiciously about Flame?" - Thorn & Coal

Phantomfoot and Vixenfang raises their eyes as the tom approached them. “ this Flame called Flame That Burns Blood possibly?” The bristled as they waited for an answer.— Phantomfoot and Vixenfang

Redstar gave a silencing glare to the kits and the clan. “Those rumors can’t be true.” He growled. Then flicking his tail. “Come into my den kits.” He meowed. “I think we should confirm if this ‘Flame’ is what you think of her.” He sent Vixenfang a look. Before sighing.-Redstar

Lionfrost frowned. He had heard of Flame. Her and three other cats, Scorchpaw, Stormpaw, and Nightfire had left WillowClan, and formed their own group. They had returned to WillowClan of course though, after the battle with Scar. Lionfrost didn’t exactly remember how he knew. Just from Gatherings, Sunnyshine, and gossip. - Lionfrost

Thorn and Coal followed Redstar into his den. “What!?” Thorn yelled. “Flame doesn’t burn blood, if anything he would run away from it!” “Yeah!” Coal said. “He’s the one who wanted to stay with the twolegs.“ “He was too scared to come here with us.” - Thorn & Coal

Redstar muttered. “Hmm, I’m sure he had his reasons- anyway, I guess you can stay in the nursery for now. With the overload of kits, there’ll be new warriors soon.” He sighed.—Redstar

“His reasons were that he was too scared to come because he thinks it’s safer with the twolegs, and their smelly den.” Thorn said - Thorn

Vixenfnag sighed relief.—Vixenfang

Redstar grinned, “perhaps that’s what he wanted to do.” Then chuckled. “We’re all different.”-Redstar

Thorn and Coal headed over to the nursery. "so, you guys are all the same age as us?" Coal asked Calypso. "also, is this ThornClan?" - Coal

Mintgaze cuddled her newborns closer to her. Grumbling as she watched the other rogue kittens. Finchkit growled as she appeared. “Of course it is! The strongest clan ever!” She grinned and leaped on Perchkit. “I’m gonna lead it one day, and I don’t need anyone else to tell me otherwise!” She grinned again. This was her destiny, her story! Her legacy, her legend! Nothing would go wrong to making ThornClna the strongest clan of them all.—Finchkit

Rowankit let out a small mew of fear as she heard Finchkit roughhousin, and talking loudly. - Rowankit

Finchkit then snook from behind Rowankit and yowled. “Hi little baby Wormkit!” She bared her teeth as the kit leaped away. “You’re such a baby!”—Finchkit

Rowankit huddled closer to Mintgaze, letting out a whimper of fear, as her eyes were still closed, and were barely beginning to open. Not understanding the young kit decided to seek refuge by Mintgaze, and her littermates. - Rowankit

Mintgaze let out a warning grumble. “Do that again and I’ll make you lose an eye, rogue.” She growled. Raising her head in annoyance.—Mintgaze

Finchkit rolled her eyes. “Oh yea? Well when Im leader you can’t!” She then dashed up to Lionfrost and leaped on his back. “Fall deputy! I wanna be the deputy!” She cried playfully. That was until Sunpaw nervously padded up to the deputy. She narrowed her eyes.—Finchkit

Lionfrost looked at the kitten, quizzically. He didn’t have much experience with kits. But he decided to just let Finchkit play around. When he saw Sunpaw coming over, he slid the kit off his back, and looked at her. “Sunpaw, what do you need?” - Lionfrost

Sunpaw looked to her paws. “Can we go training- hunting!” as she added hunting she felt a shiver that knew he’d suggest Fighting instead.—Sunpaw

Lionfrost nodded. “Sure!” He said. “Come on, let’s go.” - Lionfrost

Sunpaw nodded as she had followed him. She hoped this training wasn’t like..... his. Last time she trained or hunted she’d almost been beaten to death. She shivered at the thought before following her mentor.—Sunpaw

Finchkit grumbled as she returned to the nursery to boast about how awesome she was,-Finch

Lionfrost looked down at Sunpaw, and flicked his tail. “Do you hear that?” He whispered. “It’s a mouse. Try and get it, by crouching down and pouncing on it.” - Lionfrost

Sunpaw obeyed, carefully lowering though saw A stick and stepped over it, with the mouse in sight- she’d Stepped on the stick with her hind paw and scared the critter away, turned quickly to Lip frost and widened her eyes. “I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me! Not like he did!”—Sunpaw

Lionfrost flicked an ear. “Of course not.” He said. “Try again. What do you hear?” - Lionfrost

Sunpaw frowned as she turned around again, why hadn’t he hurt her like Lostwhisper did? Wasn’t he mad she scared away the mouse? Through she did hear something. “birds.” She answered but then skiddering of paws made her lower. “Squirrel.”-Sunpaw

Lionfrost nodded. “Very good. Now stalk it. Get as close as you can before pouncing. Don’t give up on chasing it, if you don’t get it first pounce, either. But be careful, they usually run up trees, and you’ll have to be careful up there.” - Lionfrost

Calypso lamely lay outside the nursery with a flat-out bored expression, her chin resting against a silvered paw. This feels counter productive. It was nice to get to be a "kit" in ThornClan, but frankly, she felt useless without the training she had once endured, even if it was brutal. -- Calypso

Frostycloud returned from hunting, carrying a blackbird that tickled her cherry-pink nose. She squinted against the feathered after placing it in the fresh kill pile and feeling her stomach rumble from hunter. -- Frostycloud

Nightwind padded out of the warrior's den, spotting Frostycloud returning with prey. He padded over to the fresh-kill-pile, taking a piece. - Nightwind

I'm a new warrior, I shouldn't... Frostycloud stared at the fresh kill pile with her mouth watering, taking in the scent of every deceased prey animal. ...But I guess I worked hard, right? Somewhat guilty, the white-furred feline gave in to temptation and snagged a shrew for herself. -- Frostycloud

"Um, Fleetfoot?" Bearpaw came up to her. "Can we go training early tomorrow?" - Bearpaw

Fleetfoot nodded. “Of course.” She meowed before she heard Redstar announce of the Gathering she nodded. “Let’s follow the others and see the gathering.”-Fleet

"Ok" Bearpaw said - Bear

Redstar has then led the clan to the gathering spot after selecting the group.-Red

Rowankit finally opened her eyes fully. She glanced out of the nursery to see Redstar leaving. She looked at her mother questioningly, as if wanting an answer for why so many cats were leaving camp. - Rowankit

Mintgaze purred. ‘Don’t worry. He’ll be back soon little one.” She whispered.—Mint

Rowankit took a hesitant step out of the nursery. Her legs wobbled, and she tripped over, before getting up again, and leaping back in the nursery. - Rowankit

“So, all the cats are going to the gathering all the cats right Coal?” Thorn mumbled sleepily. - Thorn

(I’m just going to get the stealing over with) - Wolfy

Sarge crept into the ThornClan camp. Everyone else was at the Gathering. “Come here, little kits.” He hissed, baring his teeth. He darted into the nursery, snatching four kits, randomly. Alarmed, everyone was beginning to notice his presence. And plus, it was all he could carry. “Alright, time to go!” He exclaimed, sprinting out of the ThornClan camp. (He stole Finchkit, Snowkit, Rowankit (I changed my mind), and Coal. I think that was all of the kits from ThornClan.) - Sarge

Nightwind frowned and nibbled on his vole. - Nightwind

Thorn heard an intruder, and saw a strange cat with four kits in his mouth, running away. "No! Coal! No! This is impossible! Foxfeather! Redstar! anyone!"

After hearing his name called, Foxfeather dashed into the nursery, "What is it, Thorn? Oh, StarClan, Rowankit, Finchkit, Snowkit, and Coal dissapeared!" - Thorn & Foxfeather

As Lionfrost returned to camp, his eyes widened. “StarClan!” He exclaimed. “What happened here?!” - Lionfrost

Redstar stared. “What! Rowankit!” He then dashed to the nursery. “Okay this has to be Loststar! I knew he would’ve done something! I thought he was gone.... I should’ve made more precautions...”-Red

Lionfrost looked around. “And not just Rowankit. Coal, Finchkit, and Snowkit as well!” - Lionfrost

Calypso lazily raised her head when she heard the older clan members shouting about missingk its. She looked around, dazed from being disturbed from her sleep. ...Did they all run off to have fun without me? Rude. I know I'm an outsider, and I know I'm a lil weird, but... -- Calypso

Redstar growled. “Okay....” what to do, what to do.... “we should probably....” What if ThornClan thought it was weak to seek WillowClan for help? He growled and looked around,-Red

“We need to get Coal back!“ Thorn yelled. “Where did she gooooo!” - Thorn

Nightwind pushed the vole aside, perking his ears. - Nightwind

"And me." Slipkit said. --Slipkit

Naturally, Frostycloud wasn't in camp paying attention when she should have, considering that kittens had been stolen. Instead, the white-furred warrior was spending her time outside of camp, trying to converse with Oreo. She was hoping to get her best friend to join ThornClan- she was doing her best to convince him. However, he was a little more interested in showing off his new collar. "Oreo," the young warrior interrupted his gloating with a small frown. "Can we go play by the lake now?" -- Frostycloud & Oreo

Nightwind bristled as the news reached him. Stolen kits? He glanced toward Thorn, who, in Nightwind's opinion, seemed slightly panicked. The black tom devoured his vole quickly and padded across camp. - Nightwind

"Play?" Oreo scoffed at her comment and ceased his boasting, turning to face his frame in the direction of the lake before grinning over his shoulder at the pale molly. "If that's what you consider my sick fishing skills- it's so easy for me that it's like play, I guess." He raised his chin before Frostycloud stepped up to stand by his side, twitching her silvered whiskers in amusement. "You look like you're drowning half of the time." She teased him before the tom suddenly took off at full speed. "Last one to the beach is a fishbait!" -- Oreo & Frostycloud

(sry for the bad timing-)Gingershine let out a long sigh as thre kits lined her belly. she hated that Lostwhisper betrayed her, well, Loststar.... "Thank you Wintertree." she sighed. then licking her kits, thinking of names, "Mistlekiot, after the lovely leaf-bare plant, Jaggetdkit after his stripes, and Bigkit after his size. she aighed as she saw the other queen, Mintgaze glare at her, curling her tail over her newborn kits, Gingershine fell asleep.-Gingershine

Struggling to catch his breath as he slowed his pace into the unfamiliar territory, Troutpaw began wandering around to search for any sort of CaveClan scent. None here, none there... StarClan, where am I?! His usual hot-headed self had practically faded into dust; he was now lost and scared, not to mention absolutely terrified as the chilling, frozen thought entered. I'm never going to find my way home. --Troutpaw

'Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the High Ledge for a Clan Meeting!" Redstar called. He needed to reassure the clan they were safe from Loststar, knowing he would be the downfall of ThornClan if he didn't do anything.-Red

Lionfrost looked up at Redstar, and sat down beneath the High ledge. - Lionfrost

Nightwind sat down to listen. - Redstar

Redstar sighed looking to his paws. Quillstar made it look easy... "We will mark all of our borders twice in case the other clans decide to barge in with hostility." he started-Red

Nightwind flicked his long tail in excitement. - Nightwind

No matter what we do, remain hostile to the other clans even if we've helped them in the past. If they are assuming we stole the kits, we'll send them a brief message. Even if it takes tooth and claw." Redstar yowled. then turning to Lionfrost. "Patrols?" He meowed.

Timberfrost rolled her eyes, she'd love to beat up some apprentices- "Mousenose! C'mon, i wanna take Ravenpaw hunting with you, if we're lucky we'll get back before these clouds decide to rain on us! It'll be fun!" she padded to her brother swallowing the last of her fat mouse. - Timberfrost & Redstar

Lionfrost looked up at Redstar. “I’ll lead a patrol along the WillowClan border.” - Lionfrost

Redstar nodded, "Why don't we send a few hunting patrols, the pile looks bare." He added, "I'd also like to lead the TundraClan border patrol." He added.- Red

Timberfrost rolled her eyes as she then bounced to Ravenpaw, "Alright, lets go and hunt! Nightwind you can come with along with Fleetfoot and Bearpaw! C'mon!" She yowled as she dashed out of camp. - Timberfrost

Fleetfoot hissed. "Who made you leader?" But it was hidden by the upcoming mists of a future storm as she flicked her tail at Bearpaw to come with. - Fleet

Meanwhile, Hayleap was lying in his nest. The sounds of camp were faint and muffled, as if he were somewhere distant, far away from his Clanmates. He sighed. The entrance to the elder's den rustled, and his daughter, Rosesky entered with a scrawny mouse. "Like Redstar said, the fresh-kill piles are bare, so hopefully I'll go out again on a hunting patrol, but for now you can have this," the young warrior mewed. Hayleap took it wordlessly. Rosesky flicked her tail. "Are you okay, Hayleap?" Concern edged her meow. Hayleap hooked his chin on the edge of the nest, closing his eyes. His breathing was short and shallow, but oddly he felt alright. But his limbs seemed to be going numb, and silence filled his ears as he heard Rosesky's last cries: "Hayleap? I should get a medicine cat!" But the elder was already gone. - Hayleap & Rosesky

Rosesky staggered to her paws, grief welling inside. She padded out into the middle of camp, looking for Redstar. " in StarClan now. He passed away just a few moments ago, quietly and peacefully in his nest..." she rasped. - Rosesky

Redstar turned to her, sadness flashed in his eyes. "we shall set a vigil." He nodded. "He was a great warrior, and i belive StarClan will welcome him with open paws." - Red

Rosesky dipped her head. She went back into the elder's den and then gently laid Hayleap in the clearing. She hoped her father was happy in StarClan. Nightwind padded up behind her. His eyes didn't seem mournful, but they weren't twinkling in amusement like they usually were. - Rosesky & Nightwind

As Quillstar lead Stormsong and Stonetooth to the border, the WillowClan leader sat down patiently, although that familiar fluttering sensation returned to his chest. Even as a leader, he found himself awkward in the presence of other authoritative cats. Stonetooth, on the other hand, seemed equally as fidget-y. Last time he'd been in ThornClan, he nearly died. "We should wait here. I'm sure a patrol will be around eventually." -- Stonetooth & Quillstar

Foxfeather came into the clearing. He pressed his nose into his father’s fur and sighed. Then he sat down next to Hayleap and didn’t move. -Foxfeather

Lionfrost caught sight of Stonetooth, Stormsong, Quillstar as he was leading the border patrol. The ThornClan deputy straightened, and looked at the three cats. “What are you three doing near ThornClan territory?” He asked, addressing all three of them, although he was looking at Quillstar. - Lionfrost

Stormsong twitched her ears at Lionfrost's question. - Stormsong

Redstar flicked his tail as he sighed, "we should get going on our patrol before sunfall. Prey doesn't catch it's self and borders don't protect themselves." He then yawned as he padded out of camp only to flick his ear as he heard distant clammering. - Redstar

"We want to know if ThornClan has lost any kits. When we returned to the Gathering, we found a handful of our kittens missing from the nursery." Quillstar meowed in a mournful tone, feeling his heart drop when he recalled the theft and eventual death of his newborn daughter. "...I want to know if Redstar would be interested in combining a search-party, if this is the case. I think TundraClan or ScarClan might be involved." -- Quillstar

Stonetooth shifted beside his massive leader as he glanced around the ThornClan territory. He felt a small shiver run down his time as he recalled his near-death experience. Why is that I survived? Does StarClan have something planned for me? Or was that great plan now- asking for ThornClan's help, when Stonetooth had helped unite them before during the war with the Pack? -- Stonetooth

"We have lost many kits, including one of my own." he stepped past bramble vines and stood by Lionfrost. "It was TundraClan, Loststar." He added. "This search party, i agree on, but don't expect a welcoming from TundraClan. Expect bloodshed if you're ready." He meowed. He flicked his ear to Stonetooth, 'welcome back" he meowed. - Redstar

"I would expect no less." Quillstar agreed with a small flick of his tail. "But I am not going to back down from a little bloodshed- we've faced much already, but I am not going to stand around and allow our kits to be held captive." The WillowClan leader finished before glancing down at his paws. "...My daughter was taken as well, but they returned her...because she didn't make it. Not out in one piece." -- Quillstar

Redstar clawed at the dirt beneath him. "What would it look like? I'm sure Loststar has more than just TundraClan." He meowed. an image of Rowankit made him look down. - Redstar

"I'm sure he took a pawful of his followers from ThornClan when he was banished." It was Stonetooth who spoke up, twitching an ear thoughtfully as he continued on in his soft-spoken voice. "TundraClan's small, so it wouldn't have been hard to overtake them. Nonetheless, he could have gotten some cats from ScarClan, or even the occasional rogue. He may have even turned TundraClan cats against one and other to join his cause." -- Stonetooth

Stormsong listened to Stonetooth's explanation thoughtfully. - Stormsong

The gray tom seemed to ponder on something for a moment before he quickly spoke up once more. "Let me stay in ThornClan for a while again." Stonetooth offered hesitantly. Truthfully, he wasn't super fond of the clan, but it seemed like the right thing to do. ThornClan and WillowClan had been at war for years before Quillstar and Redstar took over. This would strengthen their bond. "I can help ThornClan rebuild for a few days, and then just go out on the search party. Afterwards I'll come home." -- Stonetooth

Stormsong spoke up after a moment's hesitation. "I can help as well," she offered. - Stormsong

Stonetooth shuffled his paws as he grew hot underneath his fur. Stormsong wanted to help ThornClan, along with him? He began to feel slightly nervous, and silently prayed to StarClan that he wouldn't embarrass himself. -- Stonetooth

Quillstar paused. He wasn't particularly enthusiastic to be giving up a duo of warriors, even if it was only temporary. However, he saw Stonetooth's point- it was a kind act towards ThornClan, a call for further peace. "...If Redstar is fine with it, so am I." The leader decided at last. -- Quillstar

Redstar nodded. "The wars between us are over. We will help you." he meowed, "Stonetooth, you may work with Lionfrost as you both are deputies correct? or were deputies? you both will be in charge of the camp and patrols." though he looked uncertainly, "No other ThornAClan cat joined him, but he did seem as if he had a resemblance to another cat named Whiterose who was banished after he was... Though don't think my warriors will greet you with respect..." he dipped his head apologetically. before flicking his ear as a bundle of fur bounced before his paws. making him narrow his eyes, "Cedarkit? What are you doing out of camp?" he asked his son. "uh... Peachkit dared me to!" he argues as the other one come out, "What! No way!" She spat, redstar flicked his tail for silence, "Please excuse my kits.." He sighed to the WillowClanners. - Redstar

Quillstar nodded to his pair of warriors. "Safe travels when you're back. May StarClan light your paths." The leader slowly stepped back before giving Redstar a respectful dip of his head and heading home to Willowclan. -- Quillstar

"No...I stepped down from being deputy. I wanted a slower pace at life, I guess." Stonetooth decided with a small shrug of his shoulders. It wasn't just that, but it was upsetting to see his sister leave...and, of course, it was terrifying to have another cat attempt to assassinate him for his position as deputy. "But I'll be glad to help Lionfrost out." -- Stonetooth

Stormsong watched Quillstar leave, before turning back to Redstar. "What can I help out with?" she asked, dipping her head to the ThornClan leader. - Stormsong

Redstar sighed. “Hmm, well we can start by going back to camp.” He meowed to the she-cat, then nodded to Stonetooth. “You had been a rather young tom for the job, I was amazed Quillstar gave you an apprentice on the spot.” He meowed. “You know, it takes time to get used to being a leader-ly figure, If you know, it’s hard since you must make so many decisions for your clan, hoping it’s right or wrong.” He paused as he then shook his head. “Enough with my rambling. Let’s get back to camp.” He meowed, then looking to Peachkit and Cedarkit. “You to have explaining to do to your mother.” He meowed sternly. “Stay by us until we get to camp.” He added. - Redstar

Peachkit was bursting with questions for the former deputy, Cedarkit would tell. There was just one think holding her tail so her jaws wouldn't catapult a thousand questions. Redstar. Though as Redstar led the way she started to open it slowly. “So! You were like, the WillowClna deputy? Why’d you step down! Do you have other kits we can play with? What’s it like in WillowClan? Is my dad Quillstars friend? Is he your friend!? Can we be friends? You were in ThornClan before right?! When! How? You know about that great ScarClan and Pack battle Momma tells us to keep the nursery clean? If it true! Do you-!” “Peachkit! Mintgaze told you to be wry around strangers and to not be so noisy! Too many questions can give a cat a headache!” He hissed to his sister, clamping her mouth shut. - Peachkit & Cedarkit

Stonetooth felt his stomach churn when Redstar mentioned him looking young. "No, I'm just...small." The gray warrior admitted with a small frown. "I was held back as an apprentice for several moons, actually. I broke my leg when I was an apprentice, and had to cease my training." The WillowClanner tried to explain, feeling hot underneath his fur. He cast a small glance back towards Stormsong to make sure she was ok- he didn't know why, it just felt like it was his duty to keep an eye on her. He turned, shocked to find himself approached by the kits. "Oh-uh..." Stonetooth blushed. "U-Uh no, I don't have kits. I don't have a mate, so I...don't have kits." It was such an overwhelming amount of questions that he couldn't even remember them all. -- Stonetooth

Redstar sighed. “Peachkit, behave yourself.” He sighed. “I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable.” He meowed. just as Peachkit burst. “Is she your mate?” She looked to Stormsong as Redstar gave his kit narrowed eyes, “Peachkit!” He meowed. Flicking his tail. - Redstar

"No! Well I- uh, no, no. We're from the same clan is all. Just b-because you're from the same clan doesn't mean your mates." Stonetooth stumbled over his words as he awkwardly tried to help the kit make sense of the situation. -- Stonetooth

Calypso squinted at Peachkit when she mentioned ScarClan. Before long, she found herself drifting off into thoughts. Whatever became of my ScarClan family? Will ThornClan ever find out? -- Calypso

Lionfrost snorted in amusement as he watched Stonetooth trying to answer all the kits’ questions. - Lionfrost

Stormsong hastily nodded in agreement to Stonetooth's response to Peachkit. "Yes, um, we're just Clanmates-that's all." - Stormsong

Redstar shook his head slowly. “Peachkit, just because they are in the same clan, doesn’t mean they’re together. Would you get together with Cedarkit?” He asked, his voice was unamused. Peachkit took a second before gagging. “Ew! He’s my brother! No way! He’s WAY to idiotic for me to even like!” She confessed. Making Cedarkit hiss. “Oh! So you’re like siblings!?” She asked. Redstar narrowed his closed eyes. “Peachkit why don’t you and Cedarkit run to Mintgaze? I’m sure she has some .” He paused, thinking of something to say. “Some treats for you two.” He meowed. As the kits dashed quickly towards camp. He sighed. “I’m sorry about them. Kits are a pawful.” He sighed. “Lionfrost, why don’t you take Stonetooth to the fresh-kill pile and talk strats for a sec, Stormsong, you can probably help our hunters if you’d like, if there are anymore ideas of how you can help you may, you could also help Stonetooth and Lionfrost plan if you’d like.” He meowed. “I’ll need to go and seek out their mother and speak to her about something first.” He meowed. Dipping his head as he headed through the entrance of camp. - Redstar

Lionfrost nodded. - Lionfrost

Stonetooth shuffled his way over to ThornClan's deputy, giving the tom a twitch of his ear in greeting. "Anything you need help with?" The solemn warrior asked curiously. "Hunting? Patrols? Herbs? I spent most of my apprentice moons in the medicine cat den, so I have a decent knowledge of plants." -- Stonetooth

Lionfrost hesitated. “I guess it would be nice having some help organizing the patrols.” He said. He then looked over at Stormsong before looking back at Stonetooth, questioningly. - Lionfrost

Stormsong padded forward. "I'd be glad to help," she offered. - Stormsong

Stonetooth felt his heart flutter. Nervousness about being in ThornClan, perhaps? "Sure, I can lend a paw in organizing patrols." -- Stonetooth

Stormsong padded across the ThornClan camp. "Where should we start?" she offered.

Redstar paced. “Where’s Moonpaw....” he growled. It seemed Wintertree’s caught a cough. Pacing and pacing. He was lost in thought. Loststar needs to pay, he can’t just Rome around.... rain dropped on his nose, causing him to jump, he went back to pacing and shook his pelt. I need Moonpaw to speak to StarClan! “Worried Much?” Wintertree chuckled through a stuffy nose. “You can’t go tonight.” Redstar pleaded, “you’re sick!” He added. Though Wintertree sat on the ledge and beckoned the red leader to sit next to him. “You’re confused.” He meowed. Redstar looked away. “I know I can’t beat him.” He sighed, “not alone.” Wintertree commented. Making the leader look to Stonetooth and Stormsong. “But....” What was he thinking, this was ThornClans war, no one else’s! But everyone’s involved, were missing kits, some kits might’ve died out there. Froze, or killed! And Rowankit.... he was so lost. He looked back to where Wintertree was, but the tom wasn’t there, he looked worriedly around camp to find the tom’s tail slithering into his den, he looked to the clouded dusk. “StarClan help us.” He murmured. - Redstar

"Maybe we should take out a hunting patrol first, or help their medicine cat collect herbs," Stonetooth quietly offered, clearly wanting to have Stormsong with him whever he went. He knew ThornClan, but she didn't. He wanted to ensure that she remained safe. -- Stonetooth

"Sure, we could go hunting," Stormsong replied. "If that's all right with Redstar." - Stormsong

Redstar was lost in his sorrow. Only to hear his name he looked up and sighed. “Of course, just set out some patrols too. Away from the TundraClan border, Loststar could’ve plotted an attack.” He meowed. - Red

Stormsong thanked Redstar and turned to Stonetooth. - Stormsong

"Oh, alright..." Stonetooth trailed off as he furrowed his brow. Truthfully, he didn't know many of the warriors of ThornClan, outside of the medicine cat(s) who treated him while he temporarily stayed. He glanced around to find active warriors, so he could just call them over rather than trying to awkwardly think of their names. -- Stonetooth

Rosesky noticed the two WillowClan warriors. She padded over. "I could come," she offered. - Rosesky

Was it bad that he only wanted she-cats on the patrol, and no other toms with Stormsong heading out? He didn't understand why. He squinted at a white-furred she-cat, who he recalled being nice from his previous time in ThornClan. "Hey,!" He couldn't remember her name. "Are you up for going hunting with myself, Stormsong, and..." He stared at Rosesky. Couldn't remember her name, either. -- Stonetooth

Stormsong decided to Stonetooth a hand. "Rosesky, I think," she filled in. - Stormsong

Rosesky nodded. "That's me." - Rosesky

"Sure!" Frostycloud chirped merrily before trotting over to the small patrol. She would regret not getting to see Oreo later, but that was fine. She loved to hunt. Stonetooth nodded before turning towards the exit, expecting the two ThornClanners to lead. "Let's head out, then." -- Frostycloud & Stonetooth

Rosesky padded out of the camp. She sniffed the air for scents of prey. She glanced at Frostycloud. "Which way should we go?" - Rosesky

Moonpaw entered camp, only to pause next to Stonetooth. “What!? This guy again? Redstar!” She called bitterly, though without the leader on sight she narrowed her eyes. “Why has WillowClan come back to plague us again?” She spat to the tom. Looking to Frostycloud for some clarification. - Moonpaw

Stonetooth narrowed his eyes at the conceited medicine cat apprentice. Wasn't it the duty of medicine cats to be generally peaceful? "That first time was against my will." The charcoal tom commented dryly. "We're here to help search for the kits that TundraClan stole." -- Stonetooth

Moonoaw snorted. “We don’t need help! They’re literally right next to us!” She spat. “WillowClan’s always been a HUGE pain-in-the-tail.” She added lowly. -Moon

The former deputy elected to ignore the sharp-tongued apprentice. "Well, whether you want our help or not is a completely different story. Regardless, we're here, and we're helping." Stonetooth decided at last as he ducked out of camp to pursue Frostycloud, Stormsong, and Rosesky. -- Stonetooth

Moonpaw hissed. “And I’m hoping StarClan objects.” She hissed hoping the venom from her tone would sink in as Wintertree padded to her side. “Let’s go,” he meowed in a wheeze. (He’s gonna die here in a sec-) - Moon

Frostycloud waited patiently for the dark-furred WillowClanner to catch up before she merrily trotted along. "Let's head towards the lake," the pale-furred she-cat decided. -- Frostycloud

"Alright," Rosesky replied. She trotted down a light slope in the direction toward the lake. A scent of mouse drifted towards her. She motioned her tail towards Stormsong, and the gray she-cat dropped into a crouch. Slowly but stealthily, the WillowClan warrior crept around a thicket. Rosesky stalked up behind the mouse. The prey perked its large ears and then darted away from Rosesky in fear. It raced past the thicket, and fast as lightning, Stormsong slammed her paws down on it's tail. Within seconds, they had caught a mouse. - Stormsong & Rosesky

While Frostycloud raced off to hit her favorite rabbit burrows, Stonetooth found himself wandering towards the lakeside. Was he going to try to catch fish, like when he had done so in the river with Flameheart, Stormsong, and their friends? No- he wasn't sure why his paws took him there. He eventually stood at the water's edge, staring blankly down at the shore. This is where it happened. -- Stonetooth

Stormsong noticed Stonetooth by the edge of the lake. She left Rosesky to bury the mouse, and padded beside him. "Hey," she meowed. "You alright?" - Stormsong & Rosesky

Nightwind sat at the entrance of the warrior's den, wondering why Rosesky would want to go hunt with the WillowClan cats. - Nightwind

Rosesky slowly veered away from the patrol, branching out to scent more prey. She slunk low to the ground, placing her paws lightly so she wouldn't scare any prey away. A vole scurried out from beneath a root, nibbling on a nut. Rosesky didn't hesitate. She sprang. But she must have over-leaped, because she landed a few inches in front of the vole. Her prey was gone in a flash, already darting beneath the safety of the roots. Mouse-dung. - Rosesky

Rosesky turned around, intending to lope steadily back towards the lake. - Rosesky

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