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Tribe of Howling Night is a distant tribe located far away from the main clans, placed in a redwoods forest that is bordered by intricate mangrove territory.

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The age of the tribe is unknown, but it is said to have existed since the great sequoia trees were nothing more than dainty saplings. The name of their founder has long since been forgotten, but for countless generations, all Stonetellers have been toms. The cats that make up the tribe are known for being incredibly hardy due to the dangers they must face, in addition to being brave beyond belief. Their greatest skills include tracking, long-distance sprinting, stamina, and occasionally swimming. Due to the size of the trees in their home, these cats do not climb- it's far too dangerous, and a fruitless task that only ends up wasting valuable energy.

The Tribe of Howling Night is a very religious tribe, with views uncommon to most. To them, the Tribe of Endless Hunting is only a temporary lapse, a momentary rest before the greatest of the great are reincarnated into the most graceful and intelligent of creatures: long-legged birds. Ibis, cranes, and the alike are absolutely sacred to the tribe- to hunt them is to ask for certain death. To kill one of these passive creatures is to kill a beloved ancestor, but to see one of these birds is a good omen.

Predators are constant- at night, a fog cloaks the redwood forest, and wolves roam about. Twolegs walk during the day to admire the forest, while aggressive elk, badgers, martens, fox, and owls are other great threats in these parts of the forest. Within the mangrove forest, salt water floods around the roots, making for good swimming and fishing...but crocodile and occasional dangerous ocean fish also lurk in the waters. The mangrove must always be avoided at dusk, as this is when the monsters come out of the salty water to plague the land.


Because they live far from the main clans, the tribe is welcomed to as much territory as they can handle. Their home consists primarily of a fern-blanketed redwood forest, where outsiders are in awe of the massive trees whose height seems endless. These massive trees are too tall and too dangerous to climb- nobody can reach the branches without falling to certain death. Snow has not been seen in countless generations. The air is humid, creating a fog at night that makes it almost impossible to see the hungry wolves coming. At night, one can only hear, and what they hear is the song of hunting dogs.

Another important part of the territory is the gorgeous mangrove forest, where deep crystal-blue water meets thin yet gnarled roots of mangrove trees. Hunting and herbs are plentiful here, but cats seldom lurk about- crocodiles occasionally dot the waters, so only the brave and strong can survive scaling this part of the territory. It may look like a vacation zone, but one must never let their guard done. At night, crocs walk out of the water, and will eat an unsuspecting cat without a second thought.

Within this mangrove forest is a sacred rock, one that the Stoneteller uses to communicate with StarClan. To reach it is a dangerous task- many Stonetellers have lost their lives this way. The silvered rock sits in the deep water, tall enough for a cat to sit on without being disturbed by a croc. When the moonlight hits it, the rock glows, causing the surrounding water to light up as well. The sight of it is beautiful- but also sacrilege. Only the Stoneteller may glimpse at it.

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To keep camp within the mangroves would be a death wish- water levels rise, and crocs are intelligent scavengers of the night. So instead, the tribe's home is kept within the heart of the redwoods under the largest tree around. The cats sleep within the gnarled roots of the tree, kept so close together that wolves couldn't dare penetrate it. The nursery is within the heart of the tree in an underground burrow, to ensure that queens and kits are safe at all times. The tree has partially absorbed a rock, and this is where the Stoneteller sleeps with their herb store. The tree might be a formidable home, but cats must protect it at all cost. Martens can still sneak inside, and sometimes, twolegs get a little too curious for comfort.

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Song of the Lonely Ibis (Ibis) - dusty-gray and white tabby she-cat (Whiskers)


Cliff That Shades Water (Cliff) - black and white tom (Wolfy)
Flicker of Dying Flame (Flicker) - brown bengal tom with green eyes (Hawk)
Rain That Pummels Land (Rain) - lynx point she-cat with blue eyes (Silvery)
The Claw of the Fiercest Tiger (Tiger) - red toyger she-cat (Willow)
Water that Floods Over Forest (Water) - blue-gray she-cat (Moon)
Crimson Clouds from Sunset (Crimson) - ruddy ticked tabby she-cat (Whiskers)


Deer That Runs Swiftly Through Woods (Deer) - brown spotted savannah she-cat (Silvery)
Hail Falling from Dark Clouds (Hail) - platinum silver tabby tom (Whiskers)
Shade That Cools Rock (Shade) - black tom with yellow eyes (Wolfy)
Fire That Burns Bright (Fire) - brown tabby tom with brown eyes (Wolfy)
Call of Morning Sparrow (Sparrow) - wispy light brown she-cat (Hawk)
Sun that Never Sets (Sun) - red and white tom (Moon)
Red Skies of Sunset (Red) - ruddy ticked tabby she-cat (Whiskers)


Sky that Breaks at Dawn (Sky) - thick-furred silver shaded she-cat (Hawk)
Thunder that Crackles the Buzzard's Cry (Buzzard) - brown tabby tom (Willow)
Darkness that Swallows the Sun (Darkness) - tortoiseshell she-cat (Willow)
The Fire in the Flood (Flood) - brown tabby she-cat (Dawn)
Song of Rapid Waves (Wave) - gray and white tabby she-cat missing an eye (Willow)


Wind that Whispers over the Snow (Wind) - white tomkit with pale tabby markings (Delta)
Breeze that Whistles Over Trees (Breeze) - white and ginger she-cat (Snowy)
Ice that Never Melts (Ice) - white she-cat with green eyes (Snowy)
Birch that Sways in Breeze (Birch) - light brown tabby she-cat (Snowy)
Adder That Kills Swiftly (Adder) - brown and white she-cat (Halley)
Bird who’s Wings Blow Leaves(Bird) - White and Black she-cat (Willow)
Wind who Blows Leaves to Sky(Wind) - Black and White tom (Willow)


The Bird who Flies Among Trees (Bird) - tall gray tabby tom (Mushroom)


Boulder That Blocks Pathway, Blaze of the Relentless Sun, Catastrophe that Shakes Mountain, Eagle's Talons that are Sharp as Thorns

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"...I'm sorry about your loss, Hail." Ibis approached the side of the silvered tom with silent paw steps on long pale legs. The duo stared down at the crumpled form of the previous Stoneteller, Blaze, who had passed away that morning. Personally, Ibis had a horrible relationship with her predecessor, but tried her best to respect her mentor nonetheless. "It's fine, my father lived a good life." Hail responded as he gently pressed his nose into the red fur of Blaze, doing his best to remain positive. -- Ibis & Hail

Shade glanced at Fire and Cliff, pain shooting through him. Cliff was like a father to him. He had never had a father. But now that he knew Fire was Cliff’s real son, he knew he had to tell them. Neither of them knew they were father and son. But he didn’t want to. Because he did, Cliff’s heart would naturally leave him, and go to Fire, his true son. Shade let out a moan of sorrow. - Shade That Cools Rock

The new Stoneteller slowly nodded in agreement before she stepped away to leave the tom in peace. Hail shifted awkwardly beside his father as he continued to pay his respects in silence. I know you never really loved me, dad...but I did love you. The platinum-furred tom thought to himself as he forced his eyes close before he finally said his goodbye, stepping away from Blaze's limp form. "We should bury him now, before the sun sets." -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Flicker looked at Blaze, a fresh pang of grief shooting through his heart. He was such a great leader... The bengal tom padded over to Stoneteller and Hail. "Can I help you bury him?" -- Flicker of Dying Flame

((Blaze was male)) Ibis nodded. "Do it away from the mangroves, else the crocs might try to dig him up." It was a gruesome thought, but they all knew it to be true. The crocodiles were dangerous scavengers that would never hesitate to take up an easy meal. -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

Hail nodded slowly as he took a final look at his father's form. His death had been sudden and unexpected, and he could only hope that he hadn't inherited whatever problems had ailed the tom. He douted it, however. Blaze had always complained of chest pains, but his son never had such problems. "Let's get going." The prey-hunter murmured softly as he began to pick up his father's body. -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Deer watched as Hail started to shift Blaze's body. The old Stoneteller's form was limp, his fur cold as ice, and his eyes empty, the soul drained from them. Dead. A stab of pain rippled through her as she remembered that Boulder had that same, desolate look to him as he lay lifeless in the clearing. She turned away from Blaze's body. She spotted her daughter, Rain, at the edge of camp, watching with her pale blue eyes. - Deer That Runs Swiftly Through Woods & Rain That Pummels Land

Rain was just a kit when it happened. When Boulder died. When her father died. She remembered her Tribemates hustling through the undergrowth, before they emerged into the camp and laid down a torn, bloody body. Rain almost didn't recognize it until she spotted those distinct black spots on her father's muzzle. It had started to rain, washing away the blood until they revealed two, gaping flesh wounds in Boulder's side. "No doubt a wolf had gotten him," is what her mother, Deer, had said. Boulder died later that night. Still, Rain had horrid memories and dreams of that fateful, rainy night. - Rain That Pummels Land

Deer turned away from Blaze's body and stalked through the undergrowth, feeling numb as the memories washed over her like cold, icy water. - Deer That Runs Swiftly Through Woods

Flicker followed Hail, eyes cast downwards. -- Flicker of Dying Flame

Shade turned away, numb with fear and grief. He knew he should be focused on the Stoneteller’s death, and not his own problems. But he couldn’t help it. He wondered if Cliff and Fire would hate him even more if he told them later on. He was scared. He knew he had to tell them, sooner or later. But he just couldn’t do it. Shade then decided to focus on what was important: Stoneteller’s death. He followed the other cats, outside of the camp, to bury Blaze. - Shade That Cools Rock

Sky looked up. Cats coming! She ducked behind a rock, then peaked her silver head out from behind the boulder as a patrol passed. No, not a patrol; Sky could see Blaze's red fur. They're going to bury him! The shaded to-be decided to go help them. Plus, she could see the platinum tabby pelt of her mentor, Hail. -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

Tiger frowned as she watched from afar. As they took the body of Blaze away. She yawned. Today wasn’t the brightest, really she’d wished for more sun rays on her pelt so she’d be calm and sleep more. But jobs where to be done, she groomed herself toughly as she was on the last speck of sunlight beaming from the clouds, birds sang and the wind howled as it ruffled her fur. Ah, I love being home.—Tiger

Hail walked in silence as he carried off the body of his father further into the depths of the great redwood forest. The broad-shouldered prey-hunter pushed his way through the dark green ferns until he found a suitable spot, and gently lay the body of Blaze down. "This spot is perfect." The silvery tom announced, turning to Flicker. -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

It felt somewhat relieving to no longer have to fight against Blaze- perhaps in the Tribe of Endless Hunting, when he rested but temporarily, he would find peace and understanding, accept Ibis for the cat she was. The patched feline shifted from where she sat to turn and instead drift off into the depths of her den. -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

Darkness yawned and stretched, blinking her eyes sleepily. Sunlight poured in through the canopy of leaves above her, a shade of pale green. She padded outside into the clearing, still feeling rather groggy. She needed more sleep then most cats, and nobody knew why, but she wanted to prove to the Tribe that she could survive being sleep-deprived. Blinking her eyes frantically, she shook herself and took something from the fresh-kill pile to eat. -- Darkness that Swallows the Sun

Without waiting for Flicker's response, Hail went ahead to start the digging. He worked his paws at the dense, rust-colored earth to create a decently sized hole to place his father in. Once he felt that it was good enough, he lowered Blaze into the grave and buried him in silence. -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Flicker padded the earth onto the former Stoneteller's grave, green eyes downcast. -- Flicker of Dying Flame

The platinum-furred feline patted the disturbed earth with a paw to make sure it was firm, before he continued to delve into his silence. At last, Hail broke the stillness. "...Maybe he wasn't the best father to me nor my littermates, but he was a good stoneteller." -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Tiger sighed as she looked down to meet the eyes of Buzzard. “What?” She flattened her ears as another gust of a breeze ruffled her pelt. He narrowed his eyes. “Just seein’ what your doing.” He turned and padded off. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Tiger licked a paw as something then caught her eye. Moving, she grinned as she’d come against a little gecko as she’d been basking in light. She stalked and then pounced.-Tiger

Buzzard shook his head as he headed down the red rocky hill and to where they called home. He sighed as he poked at a soggy mouse.—Buzzard

Sky, back at camp, trotted over to Darkness. "Hi." -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

((Hey, @Whiteout, remember our plan with Darkness and Sky? Right now they are enemies I think)) -- Hawk

"Hi." Darkness mewed coldly, not bothering to look at Sky. -- Darkness that Swallows the Sun

Rain returned to camp, her paws heavy as stones. - Rain

Only slightly perturbed by Darkness's coldness, Sky pressed on. "How was your day?" -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

"I slept way too late, as normal. Flicker has yet to train me." -- Darkness that Swallows the Sun

Buzzard wolfed some prey down before padding up to rain. “Hi! Can we train now?”-buzzard

Sky nodded. "Oki." -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

Deer shuffled around, her eyes scanning the camp. Grief was raw in her heart. - Deer

Hail slowly made the trek back to camp after paying his final respects to his father. He decorated his father's grave with several neat rocks, for the purpose of making the previous Stoneteller's grave memorable, and for the sake of adding extra protection against scavenging predators. He would not appreciate it if a wolf dug up his father's grave. Hail shouldered his way into camp, platinum-and-jet fur resting flat against his shoulders. He squinted up at the sky, noting that there was still daylight left. I should get to hunting, enough mourning for now. -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Tiger then climbed her hill higher so She’d see the camp. Dang it was pretty big with everyone everywhere, where’d she begin.-Tiger

The pale she-cat considered communicating with her ancestors as her first step as the new Stoneteller, but Ibis reminded herself of the dreaded sacred rock. It was the only sure way of getting access to the starry plains, but reaching the rock was no easy task...she still remembered that unfortunate day, even though she probably shouldn't have due to how young she was. You won't get washed away, Ibis. The tabby-and-white feline reminded herself firmly as she sat in her den with her head bowed thoughtfully. You were a kit then. -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

Cliff padded up to Ibis, as she looked worried. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Are you nervous about having to communicate with our ancestors?” - Cliff That Shades Water

She was the first female Stoneteller in the history of her tribe, naturally she was nervous. Her ancestors were unlikely to accept her. "No," Ibis took up her typical mature facade, refusing to allow her emotions to get the best of her. The tabby raised her chin. Their Stoneteller had to be strong and resolute, and so she could not reveal her terrors to her tribemates. "I'm fine. I shall undertake my journey alone." -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

Cliff looked at her, doubtfully, before nodding, and dipping his head. “Okay. Be careful.” He said. - Cliff That Shades Water

The Stoneteller peered out of the roots of the tree to look to the sky. The sun was still visible, but slowly it was sinking in the sky. She probably had about an hour daylight left, and so it was time to get traveling. Many Stonetellers had lost their lives while trying to commune with their ancestors. Their sacred rock sat in the depths of the mangrove's water, where crocs would jostle for an opportunity to swallow a cat whole. It would be in Ibis' best interest to get their early. -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

Sky padded up to Hail. "What are we doing today?" -- Sky

Rain looked around, yearning for a long sprint. - Rain

"I think we'll go for a quick hunt before the sun begins to set." Hail decided with a small nod, mostly to himself to confirm what he said. "Remember: 'Moon's out, doom's out'. We have to be quick and get back before it gets dark, otherwise we're crowfood out there." -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Sky nodded. "Yeah." -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

"Well then, let's head out. The sun won't wait up on us." The platinum tabby tom called over to his to-be almost cheerfully before he turned and began to trot away from the safety of the great tree. "We'll stay away from the mangroves for now, the tall ferns will have plenty of small prey for us to catch." -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Flood needs a mentor)) --DawnpawTheDevil ((Call of Morning Sparrow? Or something else... I forgot her name)) -- Hawk

Sky waved her plumy tail in excitement, following her mentor. -- Sky that Breaks at Dawn

Rain spotted her mother, Deer approaching her. - Rain

Adder scowled. Her tail flicked back and forth. -- Adder

Bird huffed, sneaking out of tree, hiding among the ferns. He was somewhat adventurous, even if he was an elder --bird

Hail walked forward with confidence, yet each step he took was inaudible to prey and predator. Once they were away from the safety of the tree, the platinum-pelted tom stopped in his tracks to peer over at his to-be. "What do you smell?" -- Hail Falling from Dark Clouds

Slowly, the Stoneteller made her way out of the gnarled roots that made up their safe home. The pale tabby drew in a deep breath. No doubt, she would not be well-received by her first ancestors, as the first female Stoneteller of the tribe, as well as being a cat open to modernizing her tribe and looking forward to change. Her ancestors were stubborn as mules with heads as hard as rocks. The conversation she'd have with would not be an enjoyable one, especially if Blaze had already made it to the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Drawing in a deep breath, Ibis took a step forward to embark on her journey to the sacred rock. -- Song of the Lonely Ibis

bird walked through the ferns. He wasnt as old as most of the elders, just shy of the youngest in the clans history, but after getting pretty hurt in a battle -and also having quite alot of wisdom on the ancestors- he became one early. He found a mouse and with one fatal bat with his claws, it was dead. He brought it to a small clearing covered in wild flowers, it was just big enough to sit down and have a foot of space in any direction. He ate the mouse quietly, listening to the birds happily.--bird

"What do you need?" Rain asked Deer. - Rain

"I'm going hunting," Deer replied, waving her tail. - Deer

the elder padded back into the camp, carrying some flowers he had found --bird

Crimson carried about her usual duties- overseeing camp, making sure barricades were well-fortified, and so-on. She half-expected Red to go out and hunt, as most prey-hunters were to do, but she was surprised to find the slim red she-cat by herself. "Red?" The responsible tree-guard called, noticing that Red appeared to be off in a day-dream. Cat-watching again, is she? -- Crimson Clouds from Sunset & Red Skies of Sunset

Wave watched as Bird and Wind had played with each other, watching through one eye was enough..... only that she’d wished she had two, it would’ve been easier to see who was next to her as she flinched and turned her head to see Buzzard by her. “Oh.” She sighed, letting her fur lie flat. “Hi buzzard.” She meowed to her friend. Buzzard sighed. “How are you lately?” He asked after nodding his hello. “I’m fine....” she sighed. “Just as happy as I usually am.” She murmured. She wondered if Ibis was in a mood, she couldn't be a tree guard OR a hunter. All because of her eye, “Maybe Ibis could give you a different job?” Buzzard read her mind. “Well I guess watching the nursery isn’t so bad....” Wave looked to her paws and shifted as she watched Wind whirl around and spring at his sister, knocking Bird over in a blow. - Wave, Buzzard, Bird, Wind

bird sat, watching wave's kits play. it made him smile- reminding him of him and his now-deceased sister orange flight- she had run away to tundraclan with her mate- never seen from again.--bird

Rain nodded and followed Deer. - Rain & Deer

Buzzard looked to his paws. “Maybe Rain could do something for you?” He suggested. Wave flicked her tail and closed her eye. “I’m useless Buzzard.... I have one eye, and no one can do anything with just one of their eyes.” She meowed. Sighing as Wind pounced back at his sister. A distant cry of birds rang in the air, making her gasp and hide behind Buzzard, clinging to his pelt. He raised a brow. She then realized... “oh....” both looked away with embarrassment. “Erm,” “yeah....” she sighed and got back to her place. “I wanna be alone...” she meowed. Not meeting his gaze. He sighed but understood. He padded away only to think of picking on his sister for fun. - Buzzard + Wave

Rain stopped at the exit of the camp, watching Deer pad away into the forest. - Rain

Deer swished through the leaves, padding deeper into the forest. As the sounds of the camp faded behind her, she started remembering a thing she wished had stayed buried in her mind: her mate's death. Boulder That Blocks Pathway, a tabby tom, a tree-guard of the Tribe. Deer was glad that Rain had followed in her father's footsteps, but part of her knew that the lynx point she-cat would have been better off as a prey-hunter. Deer shook her head, clearing the thoughts. She tried to focus on hunting. - Deer

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