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Willow Willow Willowleafwing Active Greenleaf N/A

History Edit

You’d think their history is “One of the Clans that had been here from the beginning“- nope. The original TundraClanners hadn’t. They’d actually come from far mountains where they’d been known to have blood of their ancestor Snow Leopards, originally what would happen with them, was that after all of her siblings had gone independent, Tundra, or, Tundrastar, had then trusted the Ancestors, to guide her as she too set off, unbeknownst to her she’d been followed by her old friends, and her niece. Later she’d then been guided by StarClan, seeing a cat being sent called Light of the Rising Moon, or later, Lightmoon, he’d been sent by StarClan to teach the cats of the Tundra, the way’s of the warrior. Before that though, she’d found the perfect camp, though revealing themselves, the original TundraClan members with the blood of the wild. Though they’d started to die out. Tundrastar had her son with Lightmoon, Lynxtooth, as he’d then become mates with the she-cat Frigidbreeze. To reveal Charcoalkit and Glacierkit, as then her grandkits, though later her niece’d become mates with an unnamed tom bearing, Flurryfall and Featherstorm, then as Featherstorm passed, Flurryfall bore Frostkit and Snowkit, as their father was a great warrior, Beartail. And soon Frostkit lots her life to the Thunderpath, as then Snowkit was left. Though Tundrastar’s bloodline wasn’t the only one of the wild, another couple followed her niece, As they’d had their kits not only long ago, Rainspots and Polarstorm.

Later in time after most of the clan had been wiped bu the great plague, TundraClan returned short of half the clan, but grew slowly, too slow as it seemed, as they’d then been conquered by former ThornClanners Loststar and Whiterose, with Sarge, as he killed Tundrastar, Bubblesplash, Sleet, Darkstorm, and Beta. They regained control of TundraClan and stole kits from all the clans at Loststar’s first gathering as leader. As he then returned to start training them though it’d been chaos..... though deaths scattered TundraClan’s surface, Loststar was still leader. And now as those kits are apprentices and he’d taken over the Ally Cats as more guards? It’s hard not to be afraid of TundraClan.

Territory Edit

TundraClan’s territory might not get snow in Greenleaf, but it doesn’t get real hot either, so their pelts are mot better-so for the cold and rocks, as their territory only ever gets warm if there is a drought or on the hottest day of Leafbare, out of that, they live in a nice forest of Pine land along with Some mountains of boulders and rocks.

Camp Edit


Allegiances Edit


Loststar- black tom with amber eyes (Willow)


Sarge - dark tabby tom (Wolfy)

Medicine Cat(s):

Glacierpaw - white Bengal spotted tom. (Willow)
Matcha - a fawn oriental she-cat. (Mushroom)
Apprentice: Cheddar


Darkstorm - huge black tom (Willow)
Rivergaze - grey she-cat with aqua eyes (Willow)
Bubblesplash - snow rosetted she-cat (Willow)
Sleet - huge white main coon tom (Willow)
Beta - brown tabby she-cat (Silvery)
Foxglove - a main concern she-cat (Willow)
Swift - a black and white tom (Silvery)
Goose - an orange tom with yellow eyes (Wolfy)
Chai - a cinnamon she-cat (Hope)
Frost - a blue she-cat with green eyes (Wolfy)


Glowfur - white and blonde spotted she-cat. (Ivy)
Apprentice: Bluepaw
Snowfall - rosetted cat with sparking blue eyes. (Willow)
Stormsnow - tabby She-cat with mint green eyes (Willow)
Apprentice: Faintpaw
Charcoalpatch - charcoal bengal tom (Willow)
Wolfclaw - long haired gray and white tom (Moon)
Whitefur - long furred white she-cat with green eyes (Ivy)
Snowbreeze - long-furred silver and white she-cat with blue eyes (Queen Snowy)
Rainspots - rosetted she-cat (Willow)
Polarstorm - rosetted tom (Willow)
Blizzardclaw - white she-cat (Cobra)
Volefang - striped tabby cat (Cobra)
Paleice - greyish whitre she-cat (Garnet)


Glacierpaw - white Bengal spotted tom, apprenticed to Ripplepool(Willow)
Bluepaw - brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes, apprenticed to Glowfur (Willow)
,Faintpaw - brown tabby she-kit, apprenticed to Stormsnow (Hope)
Poolpaw - oriental blue tabby tom, apprenticed to no one currently (Willow)
Driftpaw - pretty lynx point she-cat (Whiskers)
Scott - a siamese tom (Willow)
Cheddar - a she-cat, training under Matcha (Willow)
Rosemarypaw - fluffy, pale gray she-cat with bright blue eyes (Silvery)
Shypaw - tortoiseshell tom kit. (Whiskers)
Forestpaw- calico tom kit. (Moon)

Baypaw - tortoiseshell tabby she-cat. (Willow)
Beepaw - tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes (Fire)
Chestnutpaw - brown tabby she-kit (Willow)
Crashpaw - ash tabby tom with blue eyes (Whiskers)
Splashpaw - white long-haired she-cat with silvery flecks (Hal)
Foxpaw - light ginger tom-kit with green eyes (Sketchy)
Amberpaw - golden-red she-kit (Sketchy)
Rowanpaw - ruddy ticked red she-kit with aqua green eyes (Wolfy)
Coalpaw - black she-cat (Moon)
[Snowpaw (TC)|Snowpaw]] - snow Bengal she-kit (Stork)
Shadowpaw - black and gray kit (Moon)
Wolfpaw - small black tom (Moon)
Mushroompaw - a tall widowed tom with a light brown pelt and shiny green eyes (Mushroompaw2)
Flamepaw - an orange tabby tom. (Moon)
Frosty - A white she-cat (formerly rouge). (Fire)

Queens & Kits:

Irismoon - black and white she-cat, Nursing Whiteclaw’s kits. (Willow)
Verminkit - a chocolate patches and white she-kit (Willow)
Snowshoekit - a fuzzy black and white she-kit (Wolfy)
Owlkit - a black and white patched tom kit (Adoptable)
Brightgaze - grey and white she-cat, nursing Wolfclaw’s kits (Moon)
Crystalkit - white and grey she-kit (Moon)
Featherkit - white tom kit (Moon)
Maplekit - a small blind tom with a fluffy brown pelt (Mushroompaw2)



Deceased Memebers

Lightmoon, Lynxtooth, Frigidbreeze, Flurryfall, Featherstorm, Beartail, Frostfang, Snowlight, Silverspark, Whiteclaw, Tundrastar, Finchkit, Swirlkit, Iciclekit, Whiterose, Dawnrise,

Exiled Members



Snailkit - dark brown she-kit with blue eyes (Mushroompaws)

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"Sure," Rosemarypaw replied. She padded over to the fresh kill pile. - Rosemarypaw

"Stupid kit. You shouldn't have come here." Driftpaw mumbled before she spat the WillowClanner out. The last thing she wanted was more outsiders infiltrating her clan, but she had no choice. "Loststar!" -- Driftpaw

Shypaw shook his head slowly. "Thank you, b-but...I don't think there's any helping me. I-If I'm going to be's just no making my vision coming back." -- Shypaw

Beepaw grabbed a couple of mice and handed one to Rosemarypaw. "Dig in." She tucked into the mice, eating it in quick famished bites. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw sighed. “That may be but you still have your senses right? You can’t see color or cats, but you can smell and hear where things are. That’s better than nothing right?” She meowed. - Chestnut

Loststar pricked his ears. Leaping from the cliff and padding out of camp to answer Driftpaw’s call. He stalked to her and narrowed his eyes as he saw ANOTHER kit. He hissed. “I swear if I see ANOTHER kit sneaking into here I’ll claw myself to death!” He hissed. They were so dramatic and stupid! He grumbled. “Must’ve come behind those dead WillowClanners. He barked. “Why don’t you toughen this one up back at camp. I know you love to do that.” He insisted. Unless this one was anything like Shypaw. - Loststar

"Y-Yeah, but not is all new to me. I've r-relied on my sight for moons, it's n-not that easy." Shypaw shifted about and shuffled his paws awkwardly. "A-and Loststar...He wants me killed." -- Shypaw

Driftpaw shrugged and dragged the kit along as ordered. Whatever, at least she'd get more stress relief and practice out of it. -- Driftpaw

Chestnutpaw snorted. “I’m sure he wants all of us dead.” she sighed. “It’ll be fine, you’ll learn.” She meowed. - Chestnut

Blossomkit let out wails as she was taken to a strong scenting place. “Dawnrise! Shadowhollow! Help me! Momma! Papa!” She shrieked. - Blossom

Shypaw stopped as an ear twitched. Was that...? "Blossomkit!" No, he couldn't lose his sister, too! Could he fight? No, of course not, but...medicine cats had power to some degree, right? Shypaw bumped into several things before managing to dart out of the medicine cat den and hare off in the direction of his sister. -- Shypaw

Blossomkit looked around, everyone seemed so Scary! She shivered. “P-put me down!” She ordered hopelessly. - Blossomkit.

maplekit stalked through the forest, his ears flattened at any sound. "H-hello-?" he murmured, his pelt full off dense snow. --maple kit

Rosemarypaw ate the mouse. "Thank you, Beepaw," she mewed, swiping her tongue across her jaws. - Rosemarypaw

"Beepaw chuckled. "Yep." She tried her best to smile, but everything kept coming crashing down in her mind. It filled it up, until the pounding headache had returned. "Nghhh.." She groaned lightly. Inside all the pounding, she could hear it screaming, Let me out! It filled her senses, giving her ears the same agonizing ringing that had happened earlier. What's wrong me?! It continued ringing, until it got to the point she shrieked. Beepaw put her paws to her ears, trying to block it out, but it kept coming back, louder... and louder... The blood streamed form her eyes. The aching sensation yowled in her brain. Was this how she would live her life? Constantly in pain, in fear. She almost puked. - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw glanced at Beepaw, eyes wide. "Are you alright?" she meowed. - Rosemarypaw

The pounding continued, until she began trembling violently, her limbs jerking out in spasms. He eyes rolled back in her head, and foam began seeping from her jaws. Beepaw, however, felt none of this. She was in a white room this time, eerie silence stretching out for miles. She scoffed. Doesn't this thing know how to quit? She hissed. "Alright, just come out already." - Beepaw

"Drop you? Fine." Driftpaw gave the kitten a vicious shake, tearing teeth through flesh like a knife through butter before she allowed the kitten to drop like a rock. Desperately, Shypaw tried to find his sister, hovering near her blindly. It sounded painful. "Blossomkit? Where are you? A-Are you ok?" -- Driftpaw & Shypaw

Blossomkit let out a huff when she landed. “You’re mean!” She spat to the bigger cat. She looked to the tortoiseshell tom and recognized those spudders from anywhere. “Sh-Shykit?” She meowed. “Yay! Momma found you! Can we go home now? Where’s Forestkit!” She mewed innocently. - Blossomkit

Chestnutpaw dashed to Beepaw’s side. “Beepaw?” She meowed, letting herself look at her friends eyes, she leaped back as foam dripped on one of her paws. “Ew,” she meowed, looking to Beepaw through blue eyes. - Chetsnutpaw

maple shivered, a thick layer of snow formed on pelt. He padded toward them, his shiny grey eyes blending with the snow -maplekit

The tom swallowed. He couldn't lie to his sister. "M...Momma's dead, Blossomkit. I haven't seen Forestkit in a moon...I-I can't leave. They'll k-kill me." -- Shypaw

Beepaw gasped and woke up. She could see Chestnutpaw and Rosemarypaw staring at her. "What?" She asked, bemused. She then saw the foam at her feet and realized. "Ugh.. really? This thing is starting to get annoying." Her leg started burning again and she winced. "Sorry about that guys. I still can't control this... whatever this is." She sighed. She was worried what Baypaw might try to do to her next. What if she went after Chestnutpaw next? No. She wouldn't let that happen. Baypaw was insane. Nothing more then another obstacle. Her ears were still ringing painfully, but it had ebbed. - Beepaw

Blossomkit paused. She was... Dead? She felt herself drop. Then running and digger her nose into Shypaw’s fur. “I missed you.” She whimpered. “I won’t let them take you from me again.” - Blossomkit

Baypaw just stared from the ledge like she owned the place. Oaktrail appeared. “So, you didn’t kill them?” He hissed, lashing a claw against her cheek. She winced. “No.” She meowed. “I’m taking the long approach you rotting piece of flesh.” She spat. “Stopping me? I dare you.” She meowed. Getting up and leaping through him, he faded away as she landed and exited camp, only to run into Driftpaw. “Move.” She ordered. - Bay

Rosemarypaw was glad that whatever had happened to Beepaw was finally ceasing, but she couldn't help but feel worried. "Are you sure you're alright?" - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw nodded. "Yep. This curse is nothing more then a thorn in my pad. Well, it won't kill me because, if the host body dies before he can get out, then he's also dead. Well, I think it's a he. I'm not sure, cause it's too ugly to tell. So, moving on to less depressing matters, do you maybe wanna go hunting later?" - Beepaw

"Sure!" Rosemary agreed. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw rose to her paws, and buried the bones. Then she started off towards the barrier, Rosemarypaw right behind her. - Beepaw

"Where should we go first?" mewed Rosemarypaw. - Rosemarypaw

Chestnutpaw stared after Beepaw before she sighed, sitting in camp. She looked around, Baypaw met her gaze. I know Beepaw told me not to, but we need to talk. She thought. She padded up the cliff but kept a distance. “Baypaw.” She meowed. Baypaw didn’t look to her. She just flicked her tail. “Chestnutpaw..” She replied. Chestnutpaw shook her head and padded to Baypaw’s side. Baypaw didn’t even look or move away. “What.” She meowed. Chestnutpaw sighed. “I’m sorry Baypaw.” She meowed. “For what? I was the one who wanted to see your little friend land on her paws.” Baypaw mrrowed. “For making you feel left out.” Chestnutpaw then meowed. “What do you see when you look at Beepaw?” Chestnutpaw meowed calmly, looking out of camp to where Shypaw was. “A weak cat who’s nothing without her demon, who I helped to bind her weak self with the demon. A cat who took you from me, and stabbed our friendship. A cat I will always call a plague.” Chestnutpaw was a little taken back. “Well.... I know you won’t stop trying to get back at her. But we can still be friends, right?” She meowed. Baypaw barked. “Crashpaw doesn’t want me to be your friend. It’s obvious. You really think I’d risk a whisker for a cat no one wants me to be next to? I’m sorry Chestnutpaw. But I can’t. Not this time.” After the she-cat then looked at her, what was it she was in Baypaw’s eyes? Sadness, lonliness? Hatred? It was all there. Baypaw then padded down the steep rock and padded into the apprentices den where she’d cast a glance to Chestnutpaw and then entered. Chestnutpaw stared to the starry skies. “Can you hear me StarClan? Grasskit, Finchkit? Please help us.” - Baypaw & Chestnutpaw

"You need to go home, B-Blossomkit," Shypaw murmured softly, sightless eyes resting on the snow-blanketed earth. "Th-There's no way I'm going back to Willowclan, b-but maybe it's..." He tried to find the encouragement that Glacierpaw and Chestnutpaw had given him. "...m-maybe it's destiny that I stay here and b-be a medicine cat...m-maybe StarClan will tell me a w-way to get rid of Loststar." -- Shypaw

Blossomkit frowned. “But that meanie won’t let me go!!” She looked to Driftpaw. “I can’t be at WillowClan alone....” she added. - Blossomkit

"D-Driftpaw gets bored easily, just wait a bit." Shypaw murmured, detecting the pretty lynx point's scent. "I-I'll take you to my den to g-get you patched up. Y-You can meet my mentor, Glacierpaw. He's real nice. Th-then you can find Forestkit and run home, t-take him with you." -- Shypaw

Blossomkit shook her head. “We can’t leave without you. You’d have no family to help you.” She meowed. “I’m staying if you’re staying.” She meowed. “You can’t make me change my mind.” Adding that to her statement. - Blossomkit

Chestnutpaw leaped from the cliff and padded to Shypaw. “Who’s this?” She asked, seeing a new face made her feel more bouncy than usual. Even if.... she looked to the medicine cats den to see any sign of Crashpaw. - Chestnut

Beepaw was worried to be out on her own, since she didn't know what Baypaw would try next. She heard Rosemarypaw mew something about where to hunt, and she twitched her ears to let her know she heard her. She pointed with her tail to a vole scuffling about by the river, and agled her ears for Rosemarypaw to go around. - Beepaw

"Th-then you need to stay away from...Loststar." Shypaw whispered the leader's voice in a low tone of voice, as if fearful that the dark leader would hear him mention his name. "H-He'll torture you." The skittish tortoiseshell flinched and jumped awkwardly to the side when Chestnutpaw landed beside them. He twitched an ear nervously, not knowing who the cat was until he could recognize her scent. "...Th-This is my sister, Blossomkit." -- Shypaw

Baypaw felt tensions rise she felt her claws flex in her sleep and she woke to the sound of water. “You know what you need to do, it’s always been her keeping you at bay, Baypaw. She’ll drown in the river, or at least wash to SeaClan territory.” Oaktrail hissed softly into Baypaw’s ears, causing her to wake and dash out of camp, leaping from tree to tree until she scented the apprentices, she dropped a stick so Rosemarypaw could be distracted and then quietly leaped down the tree as Beepaw hadn’t noticed her, when Beepaw got closer to a bank she lowered and shifted in a clump of nearby ferns. Constant images of Chestnutpaw held her back. Would she want this? “You’re not friends with her anymore remember!” Oaktrail hissed. Making her shake her head and have her eyes turn to slits as she pushed off with her legs, sending Beepaw flying into the river before Baypaw recoiled and climbed back to the treetops to watch the thorn in her fur wash away. - Baypaw

Chestmutpaw purred. “Hi there!” She greeted the kit. Blossomkit looked hesitant though she nodded. “Hi...” she mewed. “Can I stay in the medicine cats den with you?” She asked, not before Shadowhollow ran to the group and dug his head into Blosso kit’s body. “Blossomkit, you weren’t supposed to come! You could be killed.” He said worriedly. “I had to! You would’ve died!” Bloddomkit objected. Shadowhollow sighed as he looked to where Dawnrise’s body was thrown on the bone pile. “She deserves better than to lay on bones.” He muttered. Looking to his kits he tugged himself away, he couldn’t bare seeing their mother in them. Chestnutpaw watched and sighed. - Chestnut

Beepaw was flung into the river, and as she was flailing about, she could see Baypaw grinning from the bank. "Your crazy!" She yowled. "Rosemarypaw! Chestnutpaw?! Help me!" She could feel the pain from her leg like it was being torn off. She shrieked as the current kept pulling her further and further down the stream. "Help!!" She choked out, before being swept under. - Beepaw

Splashpaw heard familiar screaming. She couldn't help it. She shipped around, and was Beepaw struggling in the river. She ran to the bank of the river, ahead of her, and stretched out. She grabbed hold of a stick in her jaws and thrust it toward Beepaw. "I'm only doing this because no one needs a dead body in the river." She growled through the stick. - - Splashpaw

Baypaw just stared. “Well done Baypaw.” Oaktrail praised. “You shouldn’t see her for awhile.” He added. Baypaw felt a little accomplished. Though she was the crazy one? Pfft. Said the cat who can go savage. She huffed and sat on her branch to watch Beepaw disappear under the water and wash away. - Bay

Beepaw coughed and grabbed onto the stick. She was pulled onto the bank, vomiting up water and shuddering. "B-Baypa-paw..." She mumbled. She collapsed, freezing and in pain. "Th-th-thank yo-you.. Spl-Splashpaw.." She sighed shakily. - Beepaw

Baypaw then climbed a branch higher where she was hidden by leaves as she watched with pleasure. Splashpaw would be a good ally. Though judging as she just saved Beepaw.... it was unlikely. Unless she really tried. But for now she’d stay in the shadows, making Beepaw suffer. - Bay

Beepaw could see Splashpaw looking at her with disgust and hatred. She didn't care; she was happy she was alive. But... she knew that Baypaw was behind this. Her vision was blurry and she was shivering. But she swore she could see a pair of gleaming eyes staring at her from a tree top. - Beepaw

Baypaw licked her lips as she then leaped back to the camp branch by branch, finding Seawhisper padding out of Loststar’s den, looking a little embarrassed. She cocked her head, odd. Though she padded into Loststar’s den and the conversation started. - Baypaw

"It w-would be a good place to hide," Shypaw agreed with his sister, glimpsing over at the medicine cat den. "I-I don't think Glacierpaw would mind..." -- Shypaw

“Okay!” She mewed. Chestnutpaw felt a little worried. Loststar would definitely put Blossomkit against Shypaw. What if..... she gripped Blossomkit’s scruff, “lets get back to the medicine cats den.” She suggested then flicking her tail. “Loststar can’t know she’s your.... you know, he’d use her against you.” She meowed. The question still lingered in her mind, was Loststar using.... he would. She knew there was no way to stop Loststar from using her brother. She was the center of it... - Chestnut

Beepaw shuddered once more, before struggling to her paws. Her broken leg, which she had wrongfully neglected by leaving camp to go hunting, was twisted at a worse angle and it was all she could to not shout out in pain. Her fur was waterlogged, and soaked through with the icy river water. Baypaw was insane. First knocking her off a cliff, then pushing her into a river. She leaned on Splashpaw for support, wanting to head back to camp. - Beepaw

Baypaw exited Loststar’s den, a grin smeared on her face showing her fangs as she leaped down from the cliff. She ended up looking around before making her spot where she’d been before, looking bored she waited for the beautiful scene where Beepaw would limp into camp, fall over, and Chestnutpaw would rush to get her, Glacierpaw would’ve dragged her into his den and that would be the last she’d seen- she paused. Feeling more alive in moons. She got up and exited camp. A little berry picking wouldn’t hurt. - Baypaw

Rosemarypaw sprang toward Beepaw. "I'm sorry I couldn't help in time!" she mewed. "We should go back to camp." - Rosemarypaw

When Beepaw and Rosemarypaw entered the camp, Beepaw just collapsed onto the ground, the snow seeping into her already-frozen skin. She got up, and wobbled to the medicine den, looking for Glaicierpaw. "Hello? I... I fell into the river." SHe just decided to settle down in one of the nests and try to warm up. - Beepaw

Glacierpaw dashed out to the entrance of his den to guide Beepaw to a nest. “Rest here for now.” He murmured, then returning to Crashpaw’s nasty wounds. - Glacier

Baypaw returned to camp, she felt, odd. She felt good. After all, Beepaw was her play-toy, she had no demon that would stop her, she was blinded because if Baypaw. - Baypaw

Rosemarypaw sat down outside of the medicine cat den. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw sneezed, then shivered. She could see Rosemarypaw outside the medicine den. "Rosemarypaw? You can come in if you want." she called out to her friend. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw quickly left Blososmkit next to Crashpaw and dashed to Beepaw’s side. “What happened!” She shrieked, licking at the scratches on Beepaw’s pelt. - Chestnut

Beepaw looked up at Chestnutpaw. "Baypaw shoved me into the ri-river. I'm telling you, she's insane!" She sneezed again, feeling the onset of a cold. "You probably don't wanna be near me for a while, I think I have a cold." - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw entered the medicine cat den, listening to Beepaw's explanation. I can't believe that Baypaw pushed Beepaw into the river... she thought. - Rosemarypaw

Baypaw flicked her tail as she overheard the conversation. “Beepaw, I think you and Baypaw need to talk, she can’t just Keep doing this.” She meowed. “I want you to Talk to her.” - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw nodded. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw looked skeptical. "I'm not sure... What if she tries something again?" - beepaw

Chestnutpaw looked around. “I’ll be there to help, I’ll watch from right here.” She promised. Looking to see Baypaw near the fresh-kill pile, gobbling away at a mouse, - Chestnut

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Rosemarypaw asked Chestnutpaw. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw sighed. "Alright fine." She got up, and padded over to where Baypaw was waiting. "What do you want?" She asked flatly. - Beepaw

Baypaw huffed. “Want? Please.” She barked. “Why don’t we talk after a hearty lunch?” She pleaded Beepaw to the vole she’d taken out for the apprentice. Little did Beepaw know, it would be the last meal she’d have. - Bay

Chestnutpaw looked in thought. “Hmmmmm, maybe watch with me?” She suggested. Watching after Baypaw and Beepaw. - Chestnut

Beepaw looked at it for a second, then took a bite. She swallowed and went to talk, but then, her stomach started churning. "Ack!" She tried to take a breathe, but she couldn't. Her throat was closing down, and she started panicking. "Yo-yo-ou.... wh-wh..what di-di-did you d-o..." She managed to choke that out before collapsing in a rasping choking heap. - Beepaw

Baypaw stood up. Looking to where the red berries bled onto the ground from inside the vole. “Don’t ask me you little thorn.” She barked. “I’m sure you’ll be fine in a few moments.” She barked her teeth before she then turned and leaped to her spot on the cliff to watch Beepaw die. - Baypaw

Beepaw's eyes rolled back in her head and she started spazzing out again. Her mind was blank but cloudy at the same time. She was dying.. - Beepaw

Baypaw watched with a grin as Chestnutpaw dashed to Beepaw’s side. “Baypaw!” She looked up to.... she met the cat’s eyes. Something must be wrong, she wouldn’t have done this! She looked to Beepaw, “what did she say!” She shrieked. - Chestnut

Beepaw knew what could save her. If she was able to vomit, she could get the berries out of her system. She could see Chestnutpaw bending over her, and so she choked out quietly, "Ya-ya-rr-rrow. G-g-get Y-ya-yarrow..."

“Yarrow?” She dashed to the medicine cats den, “where’s the yarrow!?” As Glacierpaw pushed some to her she dashed back only to have Baypaw in her path. Causing Chestnutpaw to take a shaking step back. “Let her die.” Baypaw ordered. Chetsnutpaw stared in horror. - Bay & Chestnut

Beepaw's spasms were getting weaker, and she knew that in a minute or two, she would be dead. There was an agonizing pain in her chest, it made her feel like her heart would explode. She would've yowled, but, her airway was closed down. - Beepaw

Shypaw helped his sister settle down into the medicine cat den, doing his best to blindly locate the nests. He had felt Glacierpaw breeze by him, some cats screaming something about "yarrow". He was still learning, and didn't know what it meant. "L-Let me know if you need anything." The medicine cat apprentice informed his sister. -- Shypaw

Baypaw felt Loststar’s gaze met her pelt but she didn’t care. She wanted Beepaw dead. And now? Well. It was her chance. Chestnutpaw tried to go around, but Baypaw stay in her path. “Chestnutpaw. Trust me! Shes bad news!” Chestnutpaw lashed Baypaw in the heart. “Trust you? How could I ever trust someone like you!” She cried. - Bay

Blossomkit purred. “Okay!” She mewed, looking around the den to find a Bengal tom. “Hi! I’m Blossomkit.” - Blossom

Crashpaw finally managed to awaken after his long rest since the fight with Driftpaw in an effort to defend Chestnutpaw. Sweet mother of hurt. He stretched out, wincing at how sore his shoulders were. The poppy seeds helped with some of the pain, but it didn't remedy all of it. Was...his sister ok? Was she still alive? I have no choice anymore... Crashpaw looked to his bloodied paws. If I don't obey Loststar, he'll torture her until she dies. -- Crashpaw

Rosemarypaw watched Beepaw helplessly. - Rosemarypaw

“Baypaw.” Chestnutpaw meowed coldly. “Move.” She felt her fangs bare and her nose wrinkle. “Make me.” Baypaw hissed. Chestnutpaw spat out the yarrow and leaped, though from the earlier battle, her muscles ached and regret gripped her. Baypaw slashed her claws along Chestnutpaw’s face, re-opening the wound Whiterose had given her when she was a kit, she staggered back as Baypaw pushed her to the ground, blood filled Chestnutpaw’s vision. She blinked it out as she saw Baypaw looked down at her. - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw tensed and prepared to spring to Chestnutpaw's aid. She hooked her claws into Baypaw's pelt. - Rosemarypaw

He was still groggy, but his ears twitched as he picked up something. A fight- and it sounded like his sister. Gritting his teeth, Crashpaw charged out of the nursery and rammed his damaged shoulder into Baypaw. "Go pick on someone else, fleabag." -- Crashpaw

Baypaw hissed. Throwing Rosemarypaw off she looked to where Chestnutpaw was and saw she’d made a run to Beepaw. Hissing. Baypaw let it happen. It wasn’t like she was gonna not torture Beepaw. She then turned to Rosemarypaw and gave her a cold glare, unsheathing her claws and baring her teeth. only until Crashpaw pushed her over. “Welcome back. Seems like your name fits you.” She hissed, lashing her claws to his eyes. She wasn't afraid of Crashpaw. Nobody made her scared. - Bay


The tom leaned away to avoid damage to his eyes, so he wouldn't end up like that clumsy Shypaw. "I just want you to crawl back into whatever pit from the Dark Forest that spat you out." Crashpaw snarled at Baypaw, standing between her and his sister. His wounds were on fire. But he had bigger things to worry about. -- Crashpaw

Rosemarypaw shuffled up beside Chestnutpaw, unsheathing her claws and glaring at Baypaw. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw's spasms had weakened until the only sign she was alive was the faint rising and falling of her flank as she desperately tried to breathe. She had decided to stop fighting it, and she wanted to save her strength to hold on as long as possible. - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw, suddenly worried, left Chestnutpaw, Baypaw, and Crashpaw to run over to Beepaw's side. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw could very faintly feel someone's paws on her flank, but she wasn't able to tell who it was. She went to speak, but all that came out was a gurgling noise. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw pushed the leaves into Beepaw’s mouth, helping her chew, she stared wide-eyed. - Chestnut

Baypaw laughed. “The Dark Forest? No no no. I don’t come from there. I come from traitors.” She hissed. “I come from medicine cats.” She added. Flicking her tail as she turned around dashing to the closets tree and pushing off of it, knocking Crashpaw she scuffed his head. “Does that feel like from the dark Forest? I’m not dead now am I?” She hissed. - Bay

Beepaw went limp as someone shoved leaves into her mouth and made her swallow. She didn't move for a few agonizing seconds, before convulsing violently, with chunks of food dotted with red spots spewing from her jaws. She coughed several times, still extremely weak. But, she could tell the berries were drained from her system. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw leaped out of the way, glad the leaves worked in time, she had felt the crusted blood on her face, her scar drew deeper as she remembered Baypaw, she turned to see Baypaw attacking Crashpaw. She felt herself hiss. Only to see Loststar flicking his tail in amusement. He was, enjoying this? No figure. Baypaw must be his new puppet. - Chestnut

Beepaw's limbs were drained of any energy, but she still hauled herself to her paws, only to see Baypaw attacking Rosemarypaw and Crashpaw. She hissed, and despite being half-dead, literally, she leapt into battle, wanting to protect the cats who protected her. - Beepaw

Baypaw pushed Beepaw away, claws unsheathed as she slices into her. “Wow, good to see you’re all pelt and bones!” She hissed to the she-cat. She then looked around. “You all think you can beat me.” She snorted. “You’re all injured.” She meowed. Looking to Crashpaw and Beepaw. “And you are weak.” She looked to Rosemarypaw. Flicking her tail, she felt herself oushed to the ground as Chestnutpaw ripped at Baypaw’s ear with her fangs tearing it, Baypaw hissed in pain. - Bay

Rosemarypaw hissed at Baypaw and attempted to dart in and bite the she-cat's shoulder. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw was struggling weakly underneath Baypaw, trying to break free. When Chestnutpaw shoved Baypaw off her, she got up, and pounced on the squirming mound of fur, slashing her claws across flesh and fur. - Beepaw

Crashpaw went for Baypaw's tail to inflict as much pain as he could. His head was still spinning since his fight with Driftpaw, but he was desperate to take out all his rage on the she-cat he greatly despised. "TundraClan's a horrible place." He spat. "But it'll still be a whole lot better without you in it!" -- Crashpaw

Shypaw cowered in the medicine cat den, ears pinned against his skull at the sound of fighting. "S-S-Stop it!" The anxious tom sputtered in his typical mousy voice. "Y-You're all just g-giving Loststar what he wants!" -- Shypaw

Rosemarypaw perked her ears at a mew coming from the medicine cat den. It was Shypaw. He had a point, but Rosemarypaw was too angry at Baypaw to think. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw hissed at Shypaw's comment. "Yeah, well, this particular cat tried murdering me three times!" She dug her claws in deeper and deeper, slashing with hatred behind every blow, although most of the little bit of energy left in her body went to keeping her upright. - Beepaw

Shypaw backed himself further into the medicine cat den. These cats were mean- and worse yet, because they were being complete fools, he'd be responsible for cleaning up their wounds following their fights. Glacierpaw and I should make them collect herbs, then maybe they'll finally appreciate all of our hard work. The anxious tortoiseshell thought to himself as he nervously fumbled through the herb stores to feel for dry, crunchy herbs that needed to be tossed out. -- Shypaw

Beepaw could see that the others could keep Baypaw under control, so she wobbled away to a corner, feeling sick to her stomch, and not just cause of the yarrow. - Beepaw

As the tortoiseshell apprentice moved his paw through the stores, he accidentally nudged the juniper berries and felt them fall all over the medicine cat den floor. Oh no! Shypaw felt his heart practically lurch out of his chest before he bowed his head shamefully. How was he supposed to find them all, particularly without stepping on the berries and squishing them? I'm a bad medicine cat... -- Shypaw

Splashpaw bit her lip. She watched Beepaw from across the clearing. She stood up, and started towards her, but stopped. She paced for a minute, then walked over to her. "Hey, um." She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I was terrible towards you. It wasn't your fault." She meowed. "And um," She hesitated . "I've liked you for a while now." - -Splashpaw

Beepaw recoiled. "You're sorry? I reached out to you for help when I needed it the most, and you shoved me down and called me a monster. You attacked me. I miss Grasskit, too. He was like a brother to me! And... And.. I killed him.." She trailed off for a second, squeezing her eyes shut. Then they flew open again. There were so many emotions rushing through her head, and they all came spilling out at once. "I used to like you too, but now.. I'm in love with someone else. Chestnutpaw. She stayed by my side when it happened, and she believed in me. Unlike you. Unlike you, she talked with me and kept me going through the darkest times. She saved from Baypaw's attempt on my life. And, yes, you did save me from drowning, but you did it with contempt." Her eyes started leaking blood again, and her limbs and wounds ached, her leg felling like it was being torn away. She sighed, covered in bruises and open wounds. Beepaw wondered why she was still alive. After all, it was only a matter of time before Baypaw was successful.. "Maybe it would have been better if you'd left me in that river.." - Beepaw

Satisfied with the damage he had done in order to protect his sister, Crashpaw spat out a chunk of Baypaw's fur before limping towards the medicine cat den. He needed to rest, to recover...but the taste of combat, the rush of feeling flesh underneath his claws...did...did he enjoy it? -- Crashpaw

Baypaw gripped Rosemarypaw’s scruff from her back and tossed her away, then looking to Chestnutpaw. “I said no. And I meant it.” She hissed. Then padding underneath the cliff to clean herself up. Blood dripped from her tail, her scruff, though she’d loved the taste of combat, horn to medicine cats? She must’ve been a bad omen. Though even if she had friends, she’d stop trying to find them. Me, myself, and I. - Baypaw

Chestnutpaw heard the splatters of berries and rushed over to the medicine cats den to peek. Seeing her brother she looked to her paws. “I’m sorry.” She meowed. “I should’ve known she wasn’t a great cat....” she appologized. Though she also peeked to Shypaw, “you need help Shypaw?” She started. - Chestnutpaw

"N-No, I-I need to learn to do it on m-my own." Shypaw continued to fumble over his words as he stiffly slid his paws forward, trying to feel for the berries without putting direct pressure on them and squishing them. He felt his paw gently nudge a single berry, and so he returned the one that he had found back to the stores. It would be a laborous task, but it was much-needed knowledge and adjusting. -- Shypaw

Crashpaw rasped his tongue over a bloodied paw to clean his ash-colored fur. "Clearly, I'm better at picking company than you are." Although he sounded somewhat sarcastic, the tom was being serious as well. He had warned her about Baypaw before, in addition to several of her other "friends". "Maaaaybe listen to my advice. I may be impulsive, but I'm not mouse-brain. I still have my senses about me." -- Crashpaw

Rosemarypaw scrambled to her paws. All her bones seemed to ache from the fight, and she had a nasty scratch on her paw. She headed over to the medicine cat den, poking her head inside. "Hello?" she mewed. "May I have my wounds checked?" - Rosemarypaw

Shypaw stiffened in his place. Hopefully, Glacierpaw would be free to lend a paw with healing the injured cat. "J-Just a s-s-second!" Shypaw sputtered awkwardly, sightless eyes darting back and forth in a guilty fashion. He didn't want to approach the cat without knowing where all the juniper berries had fallen. -- Shypaw

"Okay." Rosemarypaw sat down in a clear space just outside the den. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw could see Rosemarypaw was in pain, and Shypaw was a bit overwhelmed, so she got to her paws once again and walked over, offering to help with her wounds. "I remember most of the herbs and their uses." - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw looked to her paws. “I know....” she sighed. “Crashpaw, I want you to tell me what’s wrong, you seem down lately and I’m worried about you, you wanted me to kill you, and you’re challenging Loststar to fights you can’t win.” She meowed. Shifting as she’d accidentally squished a Juniper berry. She didn’t mind. She just wanted to see if her brother was alright. - Chestnut

"Thanks," Rosemarypaw replied. She showed Beepaw the cut on her paw. - Rosemarypaw

Shypaw plucked a few berries off the floor, slowly yet surely, before it seemed they were all cleaned up. Let's not do that again... -- Shypaw

Crashpaw twitched an ear irritably. "Loststar threatened to kill you if I don't obey his every word. He likes me- not sure why, I mean, I am a pretty good-looking tom." The tom made the semi-satirical comment with a roll of his seafoam eyes. "He wants to train me in his place, I guess. He wants to use me. He sees me as strong, but you're my weakness. You're my sister- how could I not defend you?" -- Crashpaw

Beepaw brought her in and over to the medicine store, where she chewed up some marigold and dock and spat it onto Rosemarypaw's paw, before covering it with cobwebs. Her own wounds ached, but she decided to ignore them and walk back out. After all the events of today; Baypaw trying to kill her twice, and Splashpaw saying what she said, she didn't have the energy to even lick the wounds. She simply curled up in the apprentices den, away from all the other cats. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw stared in silence. “That’s not fair!” She grumbled. Loststar would eat his tongue, Chestnutpaw would come for him. Even if that’s the last thing she’d do. She growled. “That’s why Blossomkit cant Act like Shypaw’s sibling,” she sighed, looking to the blind tom. “So, how’s learning?” Though she tried to change the subject, even if she tried, it still stung to feel the reason behind Crashpaw’s obedience to Loststar, or, forced Obedience.... - Chestnut

"Well, I-I kind of suck at it." Shypaw admitted as he finished fumbling around with the herbs and pushed the dry, useless herbs into a pile with his mottled tail. He needed to discard of them, but quite frankly, he was fearful about going out of camp on his own. It would be a perfect opportunity for Loststar to strike him down, once and for all. -- Shypaw

Rosemarypaw, tired, padded to a place in the shade where she could watch the camp peacefully. - Rosemarypaw

Chestnutpaw purred. “Well that’s what learning from your mistakes if for right?” She meowed wit’s amusement. “I’m sure on a special day you’ll get it.” She meowed. - Chestnut

Until I make a bad mistake that I can't come back from... Shypaw swallowed at the thought, and clumsily picked up the bundle of dry herbs. "I-I'll be back." -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw watched the tom leave before being taken by a spear. “I wonder how Blizzardkit is.” She thought aloud. - Chestnut

"I'm sure he's still as mouse-brained as he was when we left him." Crashpaw mumbled with a smug smile to himself. -- Crashpaw

Chestnutpaw turned to her brother. “Hey! I’m allowed to have him as a friend too right?” She snorted with a laugh. - Chestnut

"Yeah," the tom responded passively as he rested his head on his paws in hopes of taking a nap. "...That one's ok." -- Crashpaw

Shypaw nervously shuffled out of the medicine cat den, feeling his heart pound in his chest as he prayed to StarClan that he'd be spared from Loststar's wrath. Tightening his jaws that rested around the dry herbs, he began to do his best to navigate out of camp to properly discard of the useless leaves. -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw looked after Shypaw. “Is he allowed to be my friend? C’mon Crashpaw, you have your standards and I’ll have mine.” She meowed glancing quickly to Baypaw’s place where she’d been licking the last of blood out of her fur, - Chetsnut

Baypaw peered to see Beepaw in the apprentices den. Alone? She then padded into the den and lay in a nest, letting her gaze meet Beepaw’s. “So, Chestnutpaw saved you again, eh?” She started. “It’s a real shame everyone takes her a more, let’s say, trustworthy cat? Of course, no one would try and ask you anything but her? Right?” She sighed dramatically. - Bay

Beepaw was finally about to drift of, when Baypaw's scent filled her nose. She shot up, coming face to face with her. She slid out her claws, not willing to go down without a fight. "Don't get any closer, you monster. And, that's not true.." She glared at Baypaw, unsure of her intentions. - Beepaw

“Please, you flatter me.” She snorted. “You think you’re in ANY shape for a fight?” She reminded Beepaw before looking at her claws and flicking an ear. “Why hadn’t Chestnutpaw come with you to the river? She could've saved you, Splashpaw’s always hated you for Grasskit’s death.” Baypaw sneered. “When was the last time Stormytide ever paid attention to you anyway? Does your family really care? How could you be so sure Chestnutpaw isn’t over you? after all, she was the one who told you to talk to me,” - Bay

Beepaw continued to glare at her, but her resiliance was fading. Everything she said was true... Stormytide had always preferred Wildpaw over her. Chestnutpaw was really friendly with her, but still... she had no idea what to expect. And she was the one who killed Grasskit. She closed her eyes, and slid her claws back in. She sat back down. She'd failed everyone.. Her friends had gotten hurt because of her. She took a deep shaky breath. "Stop.." she mewed weakly. - Beepaw

Baypaw got to her paws and paced around Beepaw. “And you were too weak to beat your demon, it was Chestnutpaw who’d helped you, you doubted yourself, you most likely wanted to kill yourself for it.” She said with a sharp tongue. “It was Chestnutpaw who did everything, wile you sat around and got pushed over by the wind.” She hissed. Flicking her tail. - Bay

Beepaw squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to believe it. But she knew it was true. It was all true. Her heart ached. What did I do wrong? She whimpered slightly, her upper lip quivering. - Beepaw

Baypaw then turned to leave. “And if you knew yourself then, who are you now?” She finished. Padding back out of the. den only to be called by Loststar. She pricked her ears and felt her belly turn. Why did he want to see her? That backstabbing piece of rotting flesh.... she padded to his den to find a sleeping.... Seawhisper? - Bay

Beepaw curled up, sobbing quietly. Everything... It was all true. She was unwanted. Everyone was only getting hurt because of her. She felt sick to her stomach, her head full of bad emotions. She felt tremendous guilt over what she did to Splashpaw and Grasskit. Chestnutpaw never liked her. Rosemarypaw was never her friend. Everything she thought she knew.. everything was a lie. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw send Baypaw a glare before she entered the leader’s den. “Baypaw’s in Loststar’s den.” She murmured. “That’s probably bad news...” Chestnutpaw looked to Crashpaw. - Chestnut

Frosty wondered who the kit was who just pelted by. She just shrugged and continued on her hunt for a better living area. - Frosty

maplekit shivered, his pelt covered with thick snow. he could barely move- he was to cold- i will never escape this clan- im going to die in the middle of the woods- --maplekit

Rosemarypaw perked her ears, hearing a soft sobbing sound coming from the apprentice's den. She padded inside, only to see Beepaw. Rosemarypaw hurried next to her friend. "Are you alright? What happened?" the gray apprentice mewed. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw didn't respond to Rosemarypaw, she just closed her eyes again. After a couple minutes, she looked up at the pale grey she-cat leaning over her. "Go away..." She mumbled quietly. - Beepaw

Splashpaw heard voices coming from the apprentice den. She pricked her ears and padded over. "You okay?" She said gently, keeping her distance from Beepaw and Rosemarypaw. -- Splashpaw

Beepaw glanced up once more, feeling anxious. When she saw Splashpaw, she whimpered slightly. "Please leave me alone.." She whispered, a bit louder this time. - Beepaw

"Not until you tell me what's wrong." Splashpaw said, this time poking Beepaw's side with her paw. - - Splashpaw

Beepaw hissed, and slid out her claws. "I said.. leave me alone!" She slashed Splashpaw's face, tearing the flesh and drawing blood. She stood there panting for a second, then she realized what she had done. Everything was drained from her eyes, all the anger, all the hat. The blood dripped from her claws. She was turning into the thing she despised most. She fled the den, shame burning her pelt. Her wounds ached, but she barely noticed. She just wanted to put as much distance between herself and the camp. Eventually, she tripped over a root half-buried in the snow. - Beepaw

Splashpaw stood in the den, panting. Beepaw's demon was clearly still there. She stuck her face in the snow for a moment to numb the pain, and headed into the medicine den. "Hello? " she called. -- Splashpaw

Beepaw just stared at the blood on her claws, the same thing running through her mind over and over. Monster.. I'm a monster.. She got up, and sprinting down to the river, wanting to try and and scrub the blood from her claws. She stuck it in the icy water, washing it away. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. Her claws gleamed, finally slowing her pounding heart. Baypaw was the real monster here.. right? - Beepaw

There seemed to be no one in the den, so Splashpaw picked up a war of cobwebs. She plastered them on her face, wincing at the pain. She picked up a single poppy seed and ate it. --Splashpaw

maple cried, small plumes of wasted breath fogging in the air too to the fidgied temperature. -maplekit.

Glacierpaw cocked his head. “Who’d given you such a nasty wound?” He asked Splashpaw as he was finishing with Chestnutpaw’s new re-opened wounds. He wondered.... “Shypaw, tonight must be the half moon, it‘s been far too long since we’ve had one.... trying to recall.... “StarClan, I’ve only had one Half Moon meeting.. he sighed. - Glacier

Rosemarypaw, shocked at what Beepaw had done, raced after the tortoiseshell apprentice. She found Beepaw by the river. Rosemarypaw slowed to a halt a few feet away. She couldn't help but feel...a little nervous. She wasn't sure if Beepaw wanted to be left alone. "Beepaw, why did you do that to Splashpaw?" Rosemarypaw asked finally. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw looked at Rosemarypaw, about to answer, when she heard the cry of a kit. She raced off in the direction of the crys and almost tripped on... Maplekit? "Maplekit?! What are you doing out here?" - Beepaw

"t-trying run way-" he breathed the few words, his blind eyes blending into to the thick snow that covered his pelt --maplekit

Beepaw gasped and picked him up. "Here, I'll get you back to camp. Hop on my back; it should be pretty warm up there." She nestled him into the thickest part of her fur, and started off to camp, wanting to get him to the medicine den as quickly as she could. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw looked to see Splashpaw. “What happened!?” She gasped, looking to where Splashpaws perfectly creamy pelt had been stained with red on her cheek. - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw bounded back to camp, entering the clearing. Her soft gray fur was matted. - Rosemarypaw

"no, l-lost star get me-" his breathing was shaky and shallow as he shut his eyes tightly in fear. -maplekit

Mink-kit squirmed next to her mother’s belly, Irismoon felt cold, but she just huddled over her siblings for warmth. - Mink

Shypaw continued out of camp to deposit the useless herbs into a nicely dub hole. He wasn't familiar with TundraClan territory, and even worse yet, he was blind now. Holding his breath, the medicine cat apprentice silently prayed that he'd remember how to get back. -- Shypaw

Beepaw stroked his back gently. "Well, I'll protect you then." Beepaw walked into camp and padded into the medicine den, and dropped Maplekit off with Shypaw and Glacierpaw. She padded out, glad Maplekit was okay, but her good moon was quickly squashed when she saw Splashpaw, and the torn flesh on her cheek. Her stomach hurt, guilt and shame worming its way under her skin. - Beepaw

Baypaw watched from above where Loststar usually perched over the clan, she grinned as she saw Beepaw so cowardly. - Bay

Beepaw could feel someone's eyes buring into her pelt, so she peered up to the cliff, and saw none other then Baypaw. What does that piece of fox-dung want now? - Beepaw

Baypaw flicked her gaze as she felt.... good. She looked around camp, Oaktrail had always appeared when he wanted something, and now? He wasn’t here. Baypaw must’ve satisfied him. She growled. Serves him right to keep quiet. She grinned. - Bay

maple's breathing got worse- becoming horse and even more shallow- making him have to gasp for air. he had accepted his fate, he was about to die- and he was ok with it. --maplekit

Beepaw didn't want to turn her back on Baypaw, but she could hear Maplekit gasping, so she rushed in. She quickly went through the herbs, looking for coltsfoot and juniper berries. She found some and gave it the Maplekit. "Swallow this; It'll help with your breathing." - Beepaw

Feels like I'm far enough from camp now. Shypaw decided as he worked his paws into the frozen earth and snow, struggling to dig up the compacted, solid earth. He was eventually satisified with how deep it felt, and placed the herbs inside before sloppily covering up the hole. do I get back? -- Shypaw

"i rath die-" he gasped, barely able to talk, his breathing quite shallow. though it was true- he would have rather died now than having to possibly kill or die while fighting snail later. --maple kit.

Splashpaw turned to Chestnutpaw. "The demon happened." She said flatly . -- Splashpaw

Crashpaw rasped his tongue over his wounds as he rested in the medicine cat den, wincing only briefly at the pain. He was feeling better since he devoured the poppy seeds, although the exhaustion was beginning to kick back in. Fortunately, it was just a side-effect of the herbs. -- Crashpaw

Driftpaw sat by the apprentice's den, her white fur once more pristine since the battle she had with several other apprentices. Her muscles had hardened, and slowly she was looking more and more like a confident warrior, rather than a young apprentice. She couldn't wait to stuff her talents into the face of the older warriors and prove herself a superior asset. -- Driftpaw

(haha- time to kill off my kit oc-) --mushroompawssssss

Beepaw knew he was afraid of Loststar, and she felt a burning rage forming in her mind. She touched her nose to his ear. "I'll protect you, and your family from anything Loststar tries to do.. even if it kills me. I've done a lot of wrong in the short time I've been alive and I want a chance to make it right. Now, take these." She crushed the leaves and berries together, and put it in front of him. - Beepaw

"no- cant- dont- wan- yo- hurt- i- shoud- die-" he closed his eyes, his breaths becoming short and shallow. his breathing slowed as he slowly went limp. --maplekit

Beepaw started panicking as the kit went limp, and put the herbs down his throat, hoping it would do something. But when nothing happened, she stared at the lifeless body and let out a low mournful wail. Loststar had caused this... He was responsible for the death of this young kit. She picked up the still-warm body and carried it gently out into the clearing for his family to mourn. - Beepaw

mushroom watched as the kit was walked to the clearing. small tears pricked his eyes as he padded toward bee and maple's dead body "w-what ha-happened to him....?" I should have gone with him- how was I so stupid- he can't- wouldn't able to get past the forest-

Beepaw's looked up at Mushroomkit, and with a sad sigh, she told him what had happened. (I'm too lazy to actually tell him; just pretend she did -,-) - Beepaw

(its ok lol) "i- why was I so stupid- their parents put me in charge when they died- I was his uncle- and now he's dead- I should of went with him- I should of know he wouldn't make it" small tears rolled down his face as he looked a beepaw --mushroompaws

"Don't feel bad.. It's my fault.I tried giving him the herbs, and obviously I didn't convince him enough. It's my fault.. It always is..." She got closer to comfort the grieving child, stroking his back with her plumy tail. - Beepaw

"no no- you did your best- dont think you caused his death-" he sighed, looking at maple- mushroompaws

Beepaw shook her head. "I didn't try hard enough, and this kit died because of it. Just like Grasskit..." She remembered all the happy memories she had made with the tom. But they were all shadowed by the blood on her paws, and his cold lifeless body laying in front of her. - Beepaw

Crashpaw stretched out in his nest as the stinging pain began to slowly subside. His mind drifted back towards home, of nursery memories. His parents never really cared- Flurrykit was all he had left. The concept of returning home to SeaClan...It was all beginning to seem like some distant, childish dream. There would be no going back. Not for him. -- Crashpaw

Chestnutpaw frowned though leaped away as Baypaw leaped next to her, she arched her back. “Calm down you bristle furred cat.” She hissed, looking to Splashpaw. “That cat’s always been a thorn in everyone’s side. Some bigger than others.” She looked to Chestnutpaw, their gaze’s met. “She should’ve died, and now she’s releasing her demon slowly to kill those she doesn’t prefer.” Baypaw flicked her tail to Splashpaw. “You know, if I were you, I’d never trust her.” Then padding to a shady spot under the cliff, starting to groom herself. Chestnutpaw looked to Splashpaw before turning and padding away. - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw padded slowly into the apprentice's den, exhausted. - Rosemarypaw

"no- you shouldn't have his death on your conscious- it's my fault- I should have been there for him- your not a monster- you an amazing apprentice-" mushroompaws mewed sadly --mushroompaws

"Oh yes, I'll be sure to listen to your fabulous advice." Splashpaw scoffed. She rolled her eyes, wincing at the pain still coursing through her cheek. -- Splashpaw

This plan was obviously a bust so Wildpaw had snuck out of the way, only to fell into the brettiest she-cat he’s seen since.... “hey! Who are you?” He hissed. “Move!” - Wildpaw

Baypaw rolled her eyes from afar. “You really don’t get it do you?” She got to her paws and padded to Splashpaw. “Beepaw is bad news, why would she have given you your wound if she hadn’t meant it?” She scoffed. - Bay

Frosty rolled her eyes. Some stupid kit had bumped into her. "Outta my way, kit. I got places to be." She growled at Wildpaw. - Frosty

Rosemarypaw got up from her nest and padded over to where Beepaw was. "Are you okay?" Rosemarypaw mewed. - Rosemarypaw

Wildpaw hissed. “Me move? Pfft, this is Clan territory!” He hissed. “I may be short but I’m a tough guy you stupid rogue! I’m just trying to go home!” He snarled. - Wild

"That wound is my own fault. " Splashpaw growled. "Beepaw has done absolutely nothing to you, but you continue to hate her. Fabulous logic you have there. " -- Splashpaw

Frosty was about to make a snarky remark when he heard him say he was heading home. Maybe she could bed down with whoever he's with for a while. Now she just needed to act. "Oh.. I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I've been alone for a long time now, and... Well, most cats I meet are pretty nasty. I was looking for a place to bed down for the night, maybe you could show me your home?" - Frosty

Beepaw could hear the conversation with Splashpaw and Baypaw, and she knew the slash was her fault. "N-no.. It's my fault, Splashpaw. I.. I acted up. I'm a monster, after all." She spoke in a hushed tone, afraid to get to loud. - Beepaw

Baypaw flicked her tail. “Well you all still think I’m all for Beepaw? Tsk tsk. I’m for more than that. But that will be discussed on another moon or so.” She flicked her torn ear. “Didn't she kill Pebblekit? It seems like no one will remember him on Beepaw’s honor, and that scratch? Your fault? What did you scar yourself?” Baypaw spat in a bark. “I don’t think so.” - Bay

Wildpaw snorted. “Get lost rogue.” and he pushed past her, he had no business with this rogue, absolutely none regarding his home whatsoever. - Wild

"You're not a monster." Splashpaw whispered to Beepaw . "And his name was Grasskit." She growled at Baypaw. -- Splashpaw

Baypaw widened her eyes in a fake surprised expression, “oh so Sorry, Grasskit? Wow, everyone’s forgetting him already, right?” She licked her claws. “He wouldn’t have been dead without Beepaw’s help.” She licked her claws. “He would’ve lived to be a memorable warrior.” She then paused. “Or not.” - Bay

Beepaw could hear Splashpaw say something, but she didn't care. She shrank back from the verbal lashing, as if that would protect her. Gosh, she really was stupid. I can't believe I thought I was a good cat.. She blinked away tears, but they still fell down her face. She let out a shakey whimper. - Beepaw</p>

Frosty could see the tom walking away, and she called out again. "Wait! Please.." She put on her best sad expression, which was pretty good if she did say so herself, and choked up her voice. "Please... Don't leave me here! I haven't eaten for a while. Please.." - Frosty

Wildpaw didn’t look back. “You’re a rogue. You do things your own way.” He hissed and he kept walking. (She follow-) -Wildpaw

Frosty scoffed. She decided to follow this guy. She was better at stealing, anyways. - Frosty

Wildpaw had leaped over a few rocks. That she-cat was weird. “Stupid rogues.” He mumbled. looking back a few times before he found himself at the river he gulped. Looking for an easy route? His paws ached as they were short. He then decided to keep going to the beach to cross where the water was more shallow. - Wild

Frosty stayed downwind, and rolled in a bit of snow to disguise her scent. She stalking following him until they reached what looked like a hollow that reeked of cat scent and.. blood? This was gonna be interesting. - Frosty</p>

Splashpaw rolled her eyes and turned away from Baypaw, "accidentally" kicking a bit of snow in her face. "Oh, clumsy me." She said. - - Splashpaw

Beepaw giggled slightly, then immediatly felt bad. Now I'm laughing at others getting hurt. What is wrong with me?! She hissed at herself, hating the cat she was becoming. She looked up at Splashpaw to say something, but was instantly struck down by the mark on her cheek. She tried to clear her head, but it was nothing but the swirling darkness that encased her thoughts. She started breathing faster, but it came out shallow. She could feel her anxiety rising up, crushing everything that dared enter her mind. Her pelt started prickling. What's happening? - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw watched Beepaw worriedly. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw felt weak, but she wasn't in pain. Aside from her old injuries, of course. It was just... a lack of feeling in her mind. She felt anxious and sick to her stomach. She kept glancing around fearfully, feeling as if something was right behind her. - Beepaw

Rowanpaw narrowed her eyes at Beepaw. - Rowanpaw

Baypaw flicked her tail, wiping the snow off of her face. “Nice.” She growled as she then leaped back up the cliff. - Bay

She felt the eyes on her, and for some reason, it frightened her. She felt bile rising up in her throat, as she looked around in a hurry, before finally seeing Rowanpaw's disapproving stare resting on her. What did I do to her? She's just being rude now.. Her breathing continued to get shallower and faster, until she thought she might faint. Suddenly, the hollow got really cramped. She couldn't take it anymore, so she pelted from the clearing, out the barrier, and straight into.. Wildpaw? - Beepaw

Wildpaw bristled. “Beekit?” He felt annoyance prick his pelt. “What do you want? I’m going home.” he announced. - Wild

Beepaw gasped. "S-sorry!" But then she noticed a different cat behind him that looked a lot like Frostpaw, but, like, bigger. "Hey, Wildpaw? Is that cat with you?" She points her tail to the cat trailing behind him. - Beepaw

Wildpaw cast a glance to the cat. “Ugh! Leave me alone!” He hissed to her. “Some stupid rogue I found trying to beg at my paws for a home and food.” He meowed. “Get lost!” He hissed to the cat. - Wild

Frosty rolled her eyes. "Make me, scrap." She looked up at cliff above, and she was a bit impressed. She turned back and said, "Do you have a leader, or something?" Beepaw, still confused, replied, "Urhm.... Yea. He's inside. His name is Loststar. Big, mean, ugly, enjoys torturing children. Not too hard to miss." - Beepaw + Frosty

Wildpaw rolled his eyes. “For your information, I’m not a scrap! I’m an apprentice.” He hissed turning back to his path. “Loststar is no leader. Foxstar is our leader.” He hissed to Beepaw. - Wild

Beepaw flicked her gaze to Wildpaw. "I'm not going back to Foxstar. You can go back; I don't care. I won't fit in anywhere. And I most likely won't live very much longer, what with Baypaw's target on my back. So, like I said: I. Don't. Care." - Beepaw

Frosty raised an eyebrow at what the child had meant, then saw the scarlett eye. She grunted and shoved past the two, and padded into the hollow. - Frosty

Wildpaw rolled his eyes, “you’ve always been a traitor.” He murmured, turning back to his oath to home. “I’m sure Stormytide would love to hear it.”. - Wild

Beepaw wasn't ready for him to say that. She looked down, crushed. She hadn't thought of that.. But she still knew she had to stay away, so she would protect them. "You think I want to stay here? I hate it here. But.. I have too. To protect Stormytide. And you. I know you probably hate me, but.. " She sighed and padded back into the camp. - Beepaw

Frosty listened to the cat's speech, but really didn't care. She was looking around for this "Loststar" character. Eventually she saw a cat that looked pretty mean and really ugly. She padded up to him and asked, "Are you the leader around here?" - Frosty (She be talking to Loststar, fyi-)

Rosemarypaw spotted Beepaw padding back into camp, and bounded over. "Hey," she meowed. "You alright?" - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw glanced sideways at Rosemarypaw. "Fine." She replied flatly. - Beepaw

Splashpaw shivered. TundraClan seemed colder than ever. She curled her fluffy tail around herself and fried to nap. -- Splashpaw

Shypaw was indeed lost in TundraClan territory. Finding his own scent trail was anything but easy. I'm going to die out here, the tortoiseshell thought to himself as he shivered in the TundraClan cold. -- Shypaw

Wildpaw rolled his eyes. To be honest? He hadn’t cared about Beekit the moment he joined SeaClan. But whatever. He continued his trot back to the camp but looked behind him for that white she-cat. - Wild

Loststar narrowed his eyes to the apprentice. “And I take it you’re the trespasser I've heard so much about?” He hissed, pushing her to the ground and laying his large paw on her throat. “Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now.” He spat. - Loststar

Chestnutpaw sighed and returned to the medicine cats den. Where was.... “Crashpaw, do you know where Shypaw went?” She asked. - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw was suspicious of Beepaw's response, but didn't say anything else. - Rosemarypaw

Frosty rolled her eyes. "I'll give you two. One-" She shoved out from under him with her powerful hind legs. " Everyone here seems a bit incompetent. And two, I'm quite competent." She smirked at him. - Frosty

Beepaw padded away, unsure of what to do or how to feel. She went over to a dark corner, and made herself comfortable. She decided to try and tap into whatever was in her head, so she laid down, closed her eyes, and concentrated. - Beepaw

Loststar flicked his tail. “So Sure?” He flicked his ears back as he paced around her. “If you're so competent why don’t you leave if you know what’s good for you.” He hissed. - Lost

Baypaw woke in a dream, claws raked her belly as she leaped back in pain, hissing she turned and ran, Smokesong chasing after her, unsure what she would do, Baypaw sprang to one of the trees and pushed off the other way. Shoving Smokesong to the ground and holding a paw to the she-cat’s neck. She paused though Smokesong hissed, trying to move, Baypaw pushed her paw deeper as Smokesong squirmed beneath her. Kill her now! Baypaw spat to herself. Loosening her grip from uncertainty she was kicked into the air and hit the tree she pounced off of with a thud. She hissed as Smokesong had gotten to her paws and licked at her shoulder. “Well done.” Oaktrail’s voice hissed sarcastically. She knew he expected her to kill Smokesong.... but how? She barely knew this cat, though never wanted to. She growled and turned away, trekking through the forest before she paused through widened eyes. This cat was.... new.... she looked to the calico she cat before the cat noticed her, once she did she faded and Baypaw woke with a shock, blood lined her belly and muzzle as she lapped at her belly. Who was that? - Baypaw

Frosty laughed. "Let's go, old man. I will destroy you." She slid out her long claws, and though she was about half his size, she was wily and agile. "But I'm sure you wouldn't want to get beaten in front of your followers, would you? That'd be so embarrassing, getting laid on your back by a she-cat half your size." She snickered. - Frosty

Loststar rolled his eyes, he’d then pushed off the ground, raking his claws on her nose and biting at her throat. No rogue would dare. And in front of anyone? Nah, they weren’t anywhere close to anyone. No one would know this rogue had a useless death. - Lost

Frosty ducked, the teeth missing her throat by an inch. "Oops! Missed me, fox-dung. Seriously, go jump in the river. You smell awful." - Frosty

Loststar then looked to her through narrowed eyes. “Well, we have a sassy one now do we?” He flicked his tail and unexpectedly Baypaw leaped from the shadows, raking her claws over Frosty’s eye and sliding onto her back under the white rogue, kicking underneath her, sending Frosty fox-lengths away. She flicked her tail through narrowed eyes. - Baypaw & Loststar

Frosty grunted. That scrap had come out of nowhere. But she was quick and precise. "Heh. I like this one." She got back up, shaking off wounds like they were nothing more then a troublesome itch. "That's some nice fighting- for a kit." She smirked. - Frosty

Baypaw ignored the remark, her eyes locked on Frosty, calculating a weakness. She flicked her ears and paced around the she-cat. Clearly this she-cat needed something to clamp her muzzle shut. She found a spot and lashed her claws at Frosty’s muzzle, leaping back swiftly in case an attack. - Baypaw

Frosty leapt back, avoiding the claws that had almost hit her. "Hey now, don't go scarring this beautiful face of mine." She then yawned. "Hey, could we continue this tomorrow? I'm really tired. Besides, it's no fun if you outmatch your oppenent." - Frosty

Baypaw hissed, leaping at Frosty and knocking her off her paws. I’ll show you outmatching! She hissed as she had leaped onto Frosty after pushing her over. Putting all her weight on the rogue, She placed her hind paws on Frosty’s tail to inflict pain and lay a claw on Frosty’s cheek. “Such a shame your pretty face just can’t stay clean.” She sighed in a dramatic manor, she slowly drew her claws down Frosty’s cheek, digging into the tufts and drawing some blood. - Baypaw

Loststar took a step back from The she-cats. He had no time for this. He just watched in annoyance. Frosty had been on his nerves with her mouth. - Lost

Frosty went limp, and just as Baypaw relaxed her grip, she exploded upwards, knocking her back into a wall, and pounced on Baypaw, crushing her face into the ground, so she couldn't move. She licked her paw, swiping it over her bleeding cheek. She still looked extremely bored. "Well. this has been a complete waste of time. Now, about me joining the group.." She looked expectantly to Loststar. - Frosty

Baypaw hissed, she knew Frosty had lied when she went limp! She rolled her eyes as she then raised her legs andpushed full force at Frosty’s belly, hoping to knock the breath out of her and inflict as much pain as she could. She leaped to her paws and arched her back, bristling, though Loststar had flicked his tail. She got up and stood straight. Padding to Loststar’s side she gave Frosty a returning glare as her mind went back to that calico.... - Bay

Frosty chuckled. "Good fight. I look forward to our next one. But actually, can I join, Leafstar? Or is it Loststar? I don't know. But, I shall give you my loyalty if that is what it takes to join." - Frosty

Baypaw snorted though looked to Loststar before digging at the ground beneath her. “Fine.” He spat. “But disobey me and your life might not be valued as it already is.” He barked. He then turned and let Baypaw sort Frosty out, he just returned to camp to return to his training session.

Baypaw narrowed her eyes. “Get going.” She hissed. Flicking her tail after Loststar. - Bay & Lost

Frosty grinned. "Ta-ta then. See you in there." She pushed past Baypaw, "accidentally" tripping her with her tail. She hurried off into the hollow, and straight over to the food. She grabbed a fat mouse, devouring it in seconds. She then stretched, wincing slightly at the small scratches gifted from Baypaw, and wondered if they have a healer of some sort. - Frosty

Baypaw hissed. “Stupid rogue.” She muttered as she stay in the forest to clear her head. Torturing Beepaw would Make her feel..... better. Maybe making Chestnutpaw mad? The only cat that was on her mind was- “You.” She meowed. turning after sensing The calico’s presence. “Who are you.” She hissed. The calico just stared but didn’t run. She padded towards Baypaw. “Mapleblaze.” - Bay

Crashpaw awoke from his nap, rolling his shoulders when he felt the stinging sensation return to his wounds. Fortunately, he felt as if he had his pep back in his step, as the wounds were beginning to heal and had no sign of infection. However, he noted that Shypaw's scent was relatively stale. He found the coward to be relatively annoying, but it was best to point it out to Glacierpaw. "Hey," the ash tabby didn't hesitate to shout in the medicine cat's direction, "your shadow's missing. Seems like he's been gone for a good while." -- Crashpaw

Glacierpaw turned away from his sorting. Flinching. “Oh,” he looked around. “StarClan... He could get lost!” He felt I stand worry for Shypaw. “I need to go look for him.” He sighed padding out of the medicine cat’s den though he hadn’t noticed Chestnutpaw behind him until she spoke, “I’ll come!” She meowed. He just nodded and flicked his tail as they split up. - Glacier

“Shypaw!” Chestnutpaw yowled, heading west, she looked around for the tom’s tortoiseshell pelt. - Chest

Rosemarypaw wondered where Shypaw had gone. - Rosemarypaw

Crashpaw rolled back into his nest. How many cats does it take to find that mouse-brain...? -- Crashpaw

Shypaw settled against the hard roots of a snow-dusted tree. He quivered under his fur, yet at the same time, he found the cold comforting. If he froze to death, it would be a fate much better than slow torture at the claws of Loststar. -- Shypaw

Beepaw was trying to concentrate, but a bunch of cats were yelling. She opened her eyes, and realized, Shypaw's missing! She stood up, hurrying out the barrier behind Chestnutpaw and Glacierpaw. She looked around, then decided to go left. She continued walking for a while, unsure of where to go. - Beepaw

Chestnutpaw looked under roots, she checked in bushes. “Shypaw! Where are you!? It’s Chestnutpaw!” She called again. - Chestnut

I shouldn't be this sad, Shypaw reminded himself with a small twitch of his ears as he pulled his front legs closer to his chest in hopes of getting warm. I have my sister, at least. StarClan knows what happens to my brother, but at least Blossomkit's in one piece. -- Shypaw

Splashpaw studies the cats searching for Shypaw, and slipped away into the forest. She called Shypaw's name once, then curled up in the roots of a tree.  -- Splashpaw

Shypaw lost himself to his own thoughts, only to flinch as something ice-cold landed on his nose. He froze, petrified of what might be trying to do him harm until he realized that it was snowing. I never got to see a beautiful snow. He felt his stomach churn, jealous of those who could still see. He shifted about in hopes of getting warmer, once he allowed himself to relax because the snow would do him no harm. However, the clumps of frozen water began to come down harder, and the soft howl of the wind drowned out most noise. Yet, Shypaw's ears twitched when he heard something being carried in on the breeze. Voices? No- he was crazy. ...Did Loststar send out a patrol to finish me off? He felt his stomach tense. -- Shypaw

“Shypaw!” Chestnutpaw yowled, her pelt felt cold as snow blanketed her russet fur, cold cling to her numb paws as she slipped in the snow, shivering she got to her paws and sniffed. “Where are you!” She yowled our once more. - Chestnut

(Oh my god, poor Shypaw...) - Fire

Splashpaw looked at her surroundings. The trees were speckled orange, brown, and black, making her wince. She didn't deserve her. She let out a sob and curled up even tighter. -- Splashpaw

He squinted his sightless eyes against the sharp shards of falling snow, and strained to tune into the sounds of the wind and distinguish them as cat, or wilderness. Maybe if I just stay hidden...maybe Loststar will forget that I'm here. Maybe he'll just think I'm dead. The idea of getting away was tempting, even if outlandish. A blind cat could not survive on his own, particularly in unknown territory (considering that he was already lost). And his sister...he couldn't just leave her behind. -- Shypaw

Beepaw was looking around, snow piling on her coat, when she heard light sobs that seemed to be coming from inside a tree. She padded in the direction of the pitiful sound, and stumbled across.. Splashpaw? Beepaw stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. "U-uhm... H-hi?" She mewed self-consciously. - Beepaw

Splashpaw looked up, startled. "Oh! Beepaw..." She stood there awkwardly . "Did you find Shypaw or something?" -- Splashpaw

"Oh, no I didn't." She continued shifting from one paw to the other awkwardly until finally she sighed and said, "I-I'm sorry for what I said. I guess.. I guess I do still care." I'm surprised a monster like me can care... she thought bitterly.    Her leg started burning again. "Ngh...' She groaned painfully. - Beepaw

Chestmutpaw winced at the falling snow as a flake had melted in her eye, “where are you...” she frowned, even if her paws were numb, her pelt blanketed with snow, and sniffling, she had to help Shypaw. He saved her, and she must save him. Chestnutpaw, please don’t freeze wile your at it.... she added with a worried sigh as she kept leaping over the snow as it rose, it seemed impossible to see through but she still called for the tom. - Chestnut

Glacierpaw blinked away the snow. Looking around for the tortoiseshell pelt, if I were a blind cat where would I be? What did he say he was doing? Ugh, I can’t do this all night! The half moon meeting’s tonight! He thought as he ran across the forest. - Glacer

Splashpaw smiled shyly, before crying out. "Is your leg okay?" She sniffed at Beepaw's leg. "Back in SeaClan, Frostpaw broke hers, is that what happened to you? " -- Splashpaw

Beepaw didn't know that Frostpaw had broken her leg. "She did? How? And, yes. Baypaw knocked me off a cliff. I was lucky to come out with nothing more then a broken leg." - Beepaw

Splashpaw's eyes widened. "That is lucky. But I don't know how Frostpaw broke her leg, it was broken when I... arrived. " -- Splashpaw

Rosearypaw wondered if she should help find Shypaw. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw made a mental note to ask Wildpaw later. Then she stood there for a bit, before she shivered. "Hey.. mind if I squeeze in there with you? It's pretty cold out here." - Beepaw

Splashpaw nodded. "Of course!" She scooted over to the side of the hole, letting Beepaw climb in. -- Splashpaw

Beepaw climbed in gratefully, warming up fast. Then she and Splashpaw were just sitting next to each other, and Beepaw decided to break the silence. "So... Uhm.. I might still.." She faltered, wondering if she should say what she wanted to say. She shook the thought and decided not to. - Beepaw

With his nose and toes feeling numb, Shypaw rested his head on his paws. He decided that it was in his best interest to curl up into a tight ball and fall asleep, in hopes that one of his clanmates would come upon him. Fortunately, his fur was dark, so it was easy to distinguish him from the bright snow. -- Shypaw

Rosemarypaw heaved a sigh, and darted out of camp and into the whirling snow. She would try to find Shypaw as well. - Rosemarypaw

Splashpaw, flustered, resituated herself, accidentally bumping into Beepaw. "Sorry." She said awkwardly. -- Splashpaw

Beepaw chuckled nervously, then gave a tiny smile. "Huh. We met in a hole, now here we are. Remember when you dug that hole, and I jumped in? It's feels so long ago.." - Beepaw

Splashpaw smiled. "Oh yeah. That was a good hole." She said thoughtfully. " and this is a good one too.  I just wish we could get back to SeaClan. " -- Splashpaw

Beepaw looked down. "I can't go bak to SeaClan. Stormytide wouldn't want me, Wildpaw doesn't either. Plus, what if I hurt someone?" - Beepaw

Frankly, Crashpaw was enjoying the lack of apprentices in camp since half of them had run off to find Shypaw. It was silent and drama-free, and he was relishing in every moment of it. Maybe Shypaw will get lost more often. Crashpaw half-joked to himself as he rested his head on his paws. 

Rosemarypaw sniffed the ground, hoping to pick up a whiff of Shypaw. She could only smell dirt and ice. She ventured farther away from camp in hopes of locating the tom. - Rosemarypaw

Shypaw allowed his frame to relax as he fell asleep beneath the tangled roots of the TundraClan tree. He had tried to train his ears on the distant sounds, to distinguish paw steps from the similar crunching sound of falling heavy snow, but he was still too reliant on the eyesight he once had. It would take him over a moon to fully adjust. -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw gave out one last call before feeling herself fall into the snow, her paws, nose, and ears were numb and she sneezed a few times. she needed to find shelter or she’d freeze. She longed to be sleeping with Crashpaw like they’d once done as kits.... but knowing Shypaw was missing? How could she pull herself to rest even now? She looked around for shelter and found roots to hide under, though she pricked her ears for anymore signs of the tom. - Chestnut

Rosemarypaw's feet sank into the thick snowy drifts. Her paws felt numb and her pelt was damp and cold. - Rosemarypaw

(if someone wants to find him, i'm cool with that) Shypaw found peace in his sleep. Since he was blinded by Loststar, he hadn't dreamed once. He wondered if he'd be able to see again in his dreams, or if they'd slowly fade away as he began to forget what things looked like. -- Shypaw

once Chestnutpaw looked under the root she gasped, there he was, “Shypaw?” She murmured. Prodding him with a paw. - Chestnut (perfect opportunity when she’s bout to take shelter lol)

Rosemarypaw finally sank to the ground. The snow was cold and soft. She closed her eyes. - Rosemarypaw

Shypaw found himself being torn from his sleep and reawaking in the frosty, cruel world that he had been lost in. There was another cat there. The tortoiseshell flattened his ears nervously as he tried to make head from tails. "Wh-Who's there?" Coldness set back in and the tom began to shake. He felt exhausted- he needed to get back to camp before the frigid temperatures of TundraClan claimed his life. -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw shivered from the cold but then spoke quietly. “It’s Chestnutpaw.” She meowed. “I’m helping Glacierpaw find you.” She added. - Chestnut

The mottled apprentice forced his fur flat, clenching his teeth to prevent them from chattering. "...O-Oh, thanks..." Shypaw didn't know what else to say, really. He felt like a total mousebrain for walking out of camp and then promptly getting lost. -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw then looked outside. “He said something about a half moon meeting, but judging this storm, we probably shouldn’t move anywhere and try to get warm.” Which sounded impossible since both of them had been freezing. “Or plan B would be to try and find the way back to camp, or finding Glacierpaw.” She meowed. Though It would risk freezing. - Chestnut

"W-We need to f-find Glacierpaw." Shypaw decided through chattering teeth. His mentor had saved him during his time of need, and so, Shypaw planned to reciprocate that kind act. He wouldn't let his mentor freeze out there all by himself, even if Shypaw was basically...helpless when it came to finding him. It was the thought that counted, right? -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw felt a little nerve grip her belly. “Alright, but we have to stay together on this one, getting lost at this hour could cost us.” She meowed. He knew what she meant, Shypaw was blinded and needed to stick with her for now until they find Glacierpaw. - Chestnut

Glacierpaw? Needless to say, he liked the snow, his pelt was cold but his pads weren’t numb, must’ve been a genetic thing, since his father didn’t mind it, nor did Tundrastar, his pads were used to the ice and rocks. Though the only annoying part was that he foolishly let Chestnutpaw come with him, AND had them split up. Who knew if anyone else went looking for Shypaw. His suddenly tripped over snow and looked behind him to find his horror, the buried body of Rosemarypaw had been like a stone in his path, she Must’ve been looking for Shypaw. He gripped her cold body and decided to pelt back to camp, she needed to be tended to Before he could go searching again. - Glacier

"I-I'll do my best." Not like I can exactly see where I'm going... Deep down, Shypaw was petrified, per usual. However, he felt as if he was responsible for finding his mentor and ensuring that he was safe, considering that it was his fault that everyone had to go out and search for him. Shypaw just wanted to make things right. -- Shypaw

Rosemarypaw's eyes fluttered open to see Glacierpaw. "Hi," she croaked. "I kind lost in the snow?" - Rosemarypaw

Glacierpaw dropped Rosemarypaw in his den on a nest. “Blossompaw, could you try and keep her warm, maybe soak the water from her pelt with moss?” He suggested before heading back out and going the way Chestnutpaw went. - Glacier

Chestnutpaw sensed Shypaw’s inner turmoil and tried to encourage him. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him, and everything will be alright.” She meowed. “The only way we can make things right is to try, okay?” She meowed. Looking out to the blizzard they were about to enter once again. - Chestnut

Crashpaw awoke when Glacierpaw and Rosemarypaw entered the medicine cat den. The ash tabby could see that a storm had made its way into TundraClan, and immediately his concern drifted to his sister. "Where's Chestnutpaw?" -- Crashpaw

"Somewhere," Rosemarypaw meowed vaguely before closing her eyes. - Rosemarypaw

Chestnutpaw carefully let Shypaw lean on her, as close as she was and she wanted to fall and sleep, she knew she couldn’t, she needed to help Shypaw. “okay, l-let’s retrace my s-s-steps.” She chattered. Her body shook constantly to the cold. The question clung to her if she’d make it out of the storm alive. - Chestnut

"Somewhere?" Crashpaw spat as his fur began to bristle. "She's your clanmate, and you just abandoned her out there?!" -- Crashpaw

Shypaw could only pray that they would find their way home soon. He was freezing. He wanted nothing more than a long, warm nap in his nest...but he needed to make sure his mentor was safe first. -- Shypaw

Rosemarypaw opened an eye. "I don't know where she is," she replied. "I ran out after she did." - Rosemarypaw

Chestnutpaw’s paws hurt. Numb from the cold. She caught a sneeze. She was for sure she came from this way? Though snow converted her supposive Pawprints to where she felt her pelt bristle. “The snow‘s alright covered my Pawprints....” She meowed. - Chestnut

Glacierpaw had pushed his way through the storm. His pelt wet and his eyes blinking snow away. - Glacier

Frosty saw cats piling out of the barrier looking for a "Shypaw"? She scoffed and rolled her eyes. She looked around. Maybe she could talk with that small scrap, what was his name? Wildpaw. He seemed to not be as mousebrained as the rest of the cats around here. She scanned the camp, wondering where he was. - Frosty

Shypaw felt as if his body was shutting down, with his mottled paws dragging through the snow. "A-All the more reason sure that G-Glacierpaw is o-ok." -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw frowned as she pushed herself beneath Shypaw to help him carry himself. She shivered. “But he’s used to this!” She called through the howling storm, “and h-he knows the territory b-b-better than us, w-we should t-t-take shelter before we, f-f-freeze.” She meowed. she wondered where Crashpaw was, wasn’t he worried about Shypaw too?- Chestnut

Beepaw curled in closer next to Splashpaw, the unforgiving terrain shooting icy daggers into her skin. - Beepaw

"Y-You can take shelter, but I-I'm going to find him!" Shypaw decided firmly. -- Shypaw

Crashpaw glared daggers at Rosemarypaw for giving up on the other apprentices. "That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find them anyways." The classic tabby growled under his breath before he stiffly rose to his paws. He wasn't too familiar with TundraClan's territory, but he'd wondered around it enough, at least whenever Loststar took him outside to have a "talk". The injured apprentice shouldered his way out of the medicine cat with several bitter curses before taking off in the storm to locate his sister. -- Crashpaw

Rosemarypaw stared after Crashpaw. Maybe I should have looked harder... - Rosemarypaw

Chestnutpaw frowned. “n-no way! I’m not leaving you you can’t see!” She meowed, nervousness pricked her pelt, there were times to be brave and times to be scared, why would this be a time for Shypaw to be brave and not scared as she was deep down? -Chestmut

Frosty groaned. The snow kept piling up onto her pelt, freezing her to death. She saw another battered apprentice rush out the barrier, and she groaned. Was everyone here a mouse-brain? Maybe she would've been better off on her own. - Frosty

Wildpaw narrowed his eye as he rolled into the camp, he looked like a giant snowball. And he hated it. He padded to the apprentices den and settled in a warm nest. Looking outside. - Wild

Frosty saw Wildpaw waking in covered in snow and she burst out laughing. She strode up to him, laughter still dancing in her eyes. "Hey scrap. You're looking kinda cold there, need some help?" She got closer and brushed most of it off. - Frosty

Wildpaw narrowed his eyes to her. “I’m fine.” He muttered. Though he felt a little better. “Just the cold, what would be worse?” He hissed sarcastically. - Wild

Frosty stared at him for a second, then sat down next to him. "Listen, I know your still sore over what happened, but hey- at least you get to look at my pretty face now!" She commented sarcastically, before bursting out Iaughing once again. - Frosty

Wildpaw narrowed his eyes. “Pretty? That scar looks nasty.” He hissed. - Wild

Frosty looked at him sideways. "Guess I can't argue with that. I can't figure out how to treat it. Do you guys have a healer or something?" - Frosty

Wildpaw shrugged. “If you wanna eat sticky leaves and gross flowers.” He snorted. “real warriors get his scars as a trophy for bravery.” He grinned through chattering teeth. - Wild

Shypaw trekked forward, determined to find his mentor in the storm, only to eventually collapse from exhaustion. -- Shypaw

Frosty chuckled yet again. "Jeez, all that warrior talk and your chattering like a bird. C'mere you scrap." SHe got closer to him, and started licking his pelt the wrong way to warm him up. - Frosty

Wildpaw hissed. “I’m capable of warming myself thank you very much!” He spat. “How’d you get your scar anyways!” He hissed. - Wild

Chestnutpaw gasped, horror struck her eyes, she nudged Shypaw, “Shypaw?” She felt herself freeze. “S-Shypaw? Shypaw wake up!” She wanted to hide, she wanted to run, how were they gonna get out of this! She took a deep breath, trying to think of what to do, she threw the tom onto her back and looked around, snow, snow, and more snow, all she could see was white! She pricked her ears for anything, but nothing rang but wind and snow, would they both freeze to death? Was this the end? - Chestnut

Frosty scoffed. "Don't be like that. You've stopped shivering, see? And Baypaw gave it to me. She was a good fighter, I'll give her that. Just a bit.... serious." - Frosty

Crashpaw continued to push his way through the snow, relying on his ears and nose to guide him towards the body of Shypaw and his panicking sister. "Good thing you two have dark fur. And good thing I'm the best brother known to feline kind." The apprentice grumbled as he happened upon Chestnutpaw and the collapsed medicine cat apprentice. He roughly grabbed Shypaw by the scruff and began to pull the thin tortoiseshell. "C'mon, let's get back to camp." -- Crashpaw

Chestnutpaw nodded barely, frozen with horror and cold she leaned onto her brother only to have another shape approach them. Glacierpaw squinted before turning and rushing back to where camp might’ve been. Maybe he was getting herbs? Though she just pressed harder into her brother. Maybe she did need him, Baypaw was a little... crazy.... anyway.... - Chestnut

Crashpaw winced as his sister leaned into his healing wounds, but he sucked it up because he was tough (or so he told himself). The tom carried on, dragging Shypaw by the scruff until he found his way back into TundraClan. He made sure to keep to the shadows and avoid detection from Loststar. Sure, he didn't care much for Shypaw, but if Loststar deemed the blind apprentice weak again...he'd be in for it for certain. -- Crashpaw

Glacierpaw returned out of his den to help Crashpaw. “Here,” he gripped Shypaw and lay him in a nest with warm water soaked into it, “Blossomkit?” The kit nodded and leafy on her brother. “She’s surprisingly soft.” He chuckled. Though pleaded Chestnutpaw to a nest, in which she collapsed into, Glacierpaw sniffed her before looking for the correct herbs to help. “Thanks Crashpaw.” He meowed. - Glacier

Rosemarypaw was glad Shypaw had returned back to TundraClan. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw eventually got so cold, she had to stand up and head back to camp. She stretched and started padding back to camp, lost in though. She missed Stormytide so much.. She let out a tiny sob. She had become so dark... how did everything go bad? Her pelt was still frozen and prickling, so she decided to speed up a bit. - Beepaw

Rowanpaw looked at Beepaw. “So where have you been?” She asked. - Rowanpaw

"I'd say that anybody else could do it, but...clearly, nobody else would." Crashpaw mumbled under his breath before laying down in his nest and crossing his front paws. "What mouse-brain thought that putting a clan in frigid, mountainous regions was a good idea, anyways?" -- Crashpaw

Shypaw was still unconscious as he lay in his nest. He was freezing underneath his coat, but still capable of putting out a small amount of warmth. He would live- he had merely exhausted himself from both travel and fear. -- Shypaw

Beepaw foze wehn she heard Rowanpaw behind her. She stammered, "O-Oh! H-Hi.. Roawnki- er.. R-Rowanpaw.. I-I was j-just with Spl-Splashpaw, when I d-decided to g-go back to c-camp." - Beepaw

Glacierpaw sent Crashpaw a glare. “UH, Tundrastar? The cats who USED to live in the far off mountains? How do I answer that question!?” He bristled. Trying to defend his grandmother. “Look, only cats from TundraClan can take this weather, ever since Loststar came here everyone just looks like flopping piles of soaked leaves.” He mumbled, placing his pelt next to his frozen apprentice. “The point if the clans were to have groups of cats each environment and technique they have to be different, only the cats of the clans can adapt to their known environment.” He meowed. Sighing as Shypaw had been breathing. “Lay next to your sister to warm her.” He ordered. - Glacier

He acts so privelaged, living in this icebox of a clan. Crashpaw thought with an irritable twitch of an ear as he settled beside his sister. I'd like to see him try to swim. "Not like it's our fault that we were forced to live in this snowball of a camp." -- Crashpaw

Baypaw looked to her paws. Mapleblaze. That was all the cat said, all she said was her name. She didn’t look fierce, she looked, concerned, and droopy. She started Under the protection of the cliff to hide her from the blizzard. She wondered about her new curiosity. - Bay

Rowanpaw looked at Beepaw, lashing her tail. “What’s with all your nervous stammering?” She growled. “You know what, I don’t even care. Shouldn’t have asked.” She then caught sight of Driftpaw. Driftpaw was real TundraClan. Not stolen like her. The young apprentice padded up to the she-cat. - Rowanpaw

Driftpaw sat in the corner of camp as the snow fell in clumps, picking irritating, tiny balls of compact snow out from between her furry paws. In the corner of her scrutinizing gaze, she detected a flash of red, and noted that one of the outsiders were approaching her. Small. She noted to herself gruffly. Definitely not from around here, although I loathe her for having colorful fur. Not like she'd admit such a thing out loud. -- Driftpaw

Rowanpaw lifted her head, confidently. “I hear you’re a real TundraClan cat.” She said, cocking her head. “Is that true?” - Rowanpaw

Real TundraClan cat? She turned to face the red-furred she-cat temporarily before shuffling around to look away once more. She took it more or less as a compliment, and was therefore much less hostile than usual. "Clearly," Driftpaw commented with a proud lift of her chin before returning to pulling out the snow from her paws. -- Driftpaw

“What do you think about Loststar?” Questioned Rowanpaw. - Rowanpaw

"Well, his ideas are stupid." The she-cat mumbled in a flat tone as she proceeded to flex her claws into the hardened snow. Clearly, she and the rest of TundraClan were superior cats. "He's a capable mentor when it comes to combat, but he's as thick as a badger's hide. I could devise better plans." -- Driftpaw

Rowanpaw raised an eyebrow. “You could come up with a better plan? Then why don’t you? You hardly ever talk to anyone else, or stand up to Loststar.” She said. “And plus he’s a full grown warrior. He may be mouse-brained but he does have more. experience.” - Rowanpaw

Beepaw's voice caught in her throat. "Uh...Uhm... I-I'm j-just ne-nervous." She was happy when Rowanpaw went over to Driftpaw. She gave a light sigh and padded into the camp, glad to have a tiny bit of shelter from the biting cold. She saw the same rouge from earlier talking with Wildpaw, and she wondered what they were talking about. She remembered to ask Wildpaw about Frostpaw, so she went up to the pair awkwardly, unsure of what to say. - Beepaw

"Do I look like the clan leader to you? If it was up to me, TundraClan would only be filled with superior TundraClan cats." The lynx point rolled her lapis-colored optics. "You answered your own question. He's my mentor, he's experienced, and so I learn what I can from him. He was more useful than Tundrastar ever was, but at least that old bag understood the superiority of TundraClan-based cats." -- Driftpaw

Rowanpaw narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean ‘the superiority of TundraClan-based cats’?” - Rowanpaw

Driftpaw scoffed, releasing a puff of smoke as the heat of her breath clashed with the coldness of the crisp air. "Do you not see? Half of those other apprentices nearly died after they got lost in the snow. Outsiders have no place here." -- Driftpaw

“Well I feel like I know my place here.” - Rowanpaw

Rosemarypaw felt a little better, so she exited the medicine cat den and padded into the clearing. - Rosemarypaw

"Well," the apprentice flicked the snow away from her paw with a quick motion of her front leg. "I suppose you could achieve 'acceptance' through hard work...but don't expect to get on my good side any time soon. I've earned my well-deserved place in this clan as a top-class apprentice, and I won't hesitate to flaunt that right." Clearly. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about herself. -- Driftpaw

Beepaw was about to say something, then thought better of it and padded off to a dark corner. Everyone looked so happy! Who was she to mess that up? - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw noticed Beepaw. She padded ove. "Hey," she meowed flatly. - Rosemarypaw

Crashpaw rested his head on his paws. Loststar had been all but silent, and he found that much to be suspicious. I bet he's up to something... -- Crashpaw

Beepaw looked up at Rosemarypaw. "H-Hey. I... uhm..." She didn't wanna be around anyone! What if she.... she... "I.. erm... have a headache!" She lied. "So, I kinda wanna be alone, if that's okay.." - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw nodded silently. She cast a kind glance at Beepaw. "If you ever want to talk I'll be around." Then the gray she-cat padded to a spot in the shade across the clearing. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw nodded, then put on a smile to flash her way. ''All right. I'll... keep that in mind!" Her smile faded as soon as it had appeared, and she inhaled deeply. - Beepaw

Many things began to run through Shypaw's head as he slowly came to: what happened to his brother? When he awoke, would he be in Starclan? Why did he always feel so funny around Owlkit? Was it...ok to feel funny around other toms? Would Starclan accept him? Finally with a loud gasp, the blind Shypaw lunged forward and awoke. -- Shypaw

Glacierpaw lay his tail on his apprentice’s muzzle. “You’re okay.” He muttered. “Why did you leave camp? Shypaw, you could’ve died.” He muttered. - Glacierpaw

"I-I had to throw o-out the old herbs!" Shypaw stammered, tripping over his own words as he desperately tried to atone for his actions. He didn't mean to risk the lives of others, but...he had to do it. He had to get out there eventually and learn to navigate as a blind cat. "I-I can't stay in here fo-forever, Glacierpaw." -- Shypaw

“It’s impossible to achieve Loststar’s acceptance, and I wouldn’t want to.” Said Rowanpaw, flicking her tail. “I’ve proved myself to TundraClan.” She added. “And I’m not sure about the top-class apprentice thing, but if that’s what you say you are, then I guess so be it.” - Rowanpaw

Beepaw missed Grasskit with all her heart. Everytime she was down, he was always there for her. Beepaw would give anything just to be able to talk to him once more. Just once more.. She hoped Grasskit forgave her. She got up, sliding out of the shadows to go visit Grasskit's grave. She reached the mound of churned dirt and snow not long after leacing camp, and the biting cold inched under her skin, causing her to shiver. She still didn't want to turn back, so she settled down under a rocky overhang a few feet from the messy grave. She imagined what he would be doing if he were alive right now. Probably fawning over Splashpaw; the tom had always found her attractive. She chuckled to herself, but the humor was short-lived, as the thought was immediatly replaced with the image of his body. She shivered again, but not from the cold. - Beepaw

Glacierpaw lay his tail over his apprentice’s muzzle. “It’s okay, but.... I can’t let you go anywhere out of camp without me around you, I understand you want to learn with your blindness, but doing it alone wasn’t the right decision.” Glacierpaw sighed. he looked to the rising moon. “Tonight is the Half Moon meeting, but you can’t come with Shypaw, not when you’re as cold as ice, you’ll need to stay here.” He meowed. - Glacier

Chestnutpaw let herself breathe. The warmth of her brother’s pelt made her smile in her dreams, where she’d been desperately trying to swim to the surface of ice water, as the warmth came to her she felt herself slowly drift to the surface of the water where sun beamed into her face, she glanced around to see the old beaches of her home. Only to her eyes opening is where she’d seen snowfall. “Crashpaw.” She started tiredly. “I miss home....” she frowned. - Chestnut

He felt unmotivated, as if incapable of doing anything whatsoever. Shypaw adjusted himself to lay on his side, so that he could only curl himself into a tighter ball of fur. "...I-It's ok...I-I'd only get lost, anyways." -- Shypaw

Crashpaw pulled up a paw to rest it over the bridge of his nose in order to block out the the light that reflected off of the snow. He kept his eyes close as he tried to find his sleep. "...I see home in my sleep." -- Crashpaw

Glacierpaw was about to object, though knowing he didn’t want to make the situation worse, even if it left the tom on slightly uneven paws, he turned and pelted into the storm, dashing quickly on the path to the Moon Willow. - Glacierpaw

Chestnutpaw pricked her ears as she heard the familiar frigid voice of Shypaw. “You’re awake?” She meowed with joy. - Chestmut

Rosearypaw needed to stretch her legs. She padded out of camp and through the thick snow, her plumy gray tail dappled with the white. Maybe I'll catch some prey and take it back to the fresh-kill pile... - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw had dozed off an hour or so ago, and she woke up to some snow flitting down onto her down. The cold dug into her, but she was getting a bit more used to it at this point. She coughed slightly; she might've come down with something. She decided it was time to head back to camp, so she stood, streching, before saying a last goodbye to Grasskit and padding off to camp. - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw scented a vole. Pouncing, she quickly caught it and headed back toward camp. - Rosemarypaw

Crashpaw rose to his paws in a small stretch, deciding that it was time to get his body back into the rhythm of work. The ash-colored tabby ducked out of the medicine cat's den, and it felt so good to be free. -- Crashpaw

Driftpaw wasn't keen on Rowanpaw calling her not-so-top-notch. The lynx point curled a lip before ruthlessly swinging her head in the red-furred she-cat's direction. "Well, it isn't Loststar that you have to worry about, then." She rose to her paws and stormed off. -- Driftpaw

Shypaw shuffled his paws. Is it bad to like toms like Owlkit? He shook his head. Doesn't matter. I'm a medicine cat now. "O-Oh, uhm...y-yeah, I'm awake." -- Shypaw

Chestnutpaw knew there was obviously something on the tom’s mind. “What’s wrong.” She meowed. - Chestmut

"Nothing." Shypaw was quick to respond when Chestnutpaw asked him what was on his mind. That thought was a private one. He already stuck out in TundraClan as a sore thumb- he'd rather not make himself a bigger target of attacks and humiliation. -- Shypaw

Frosty yawned, then scented herbs in a den across the camp. "Maybe it's were they have a healer, or something.." She got up, and headed over, seeing what she assumed was their healer soothing a frightened cat. She walked closer. "Hey, could you check out this scar I got from Baypaw? She annoying as heck, but she's a good fighter, so I'll give her that. Anyways, yeah. Could you check it out?" - Frosty

(i just adopted matcha so- imma try to slide into the roleplay here ig-) matcha gazed up at frosty, carefully putting a bit of thyme that she had been sorting into its respective pile, looking at her with a smile. "hello?" --matcha

Frosty twitched a whisker. "Thanks. I can do the cobwebs. I've been living on my own for a while now, I know my way around herbs." She grabbed a puwful of them and plastered them carefully on the cut. She looked sideways at the cat. "What's your name? I'm Frosty. I'm gonna be living here now, so thought we should get to know each other." - Frosty

the oriental she smiled, "I'm motcha, nice to meet you". --motcha

Snowpaw's ear twitched at the frosty air, and she shuddered as she pressed her body into the ground to try to get warm. I wonder what life's like back home... --Snowpaw (TC)

Crashpaw really didn't like leaving Chestnutpaw alone with a tom, but fortunately, Shypaw didn't seem like that type of guy. Crashpaw, unlike some of the other apprentices, found the idea of romance to be drab and disgusting. Why have another cat anchor you down, when you had a whole world to adventure in? That is, if he ever got out of stupid Tundraclan. With the snowstorm gone, Crashpaw decided to go on an independent hunt. Better to stay far away from Loststar as possible. -- Crashpaw

Frosty nodded. She isn't so bad.. She lwondered what to do now. Frosty looked back up to Motcha. "Wann maybe go hunting, or somethin'?" - Frosty

"Sure I guess." She flicked her ear, looking at frosty. --matcha

Frosty grinned. "Alright, let's go!" She bounded out of the den and out the barrier, ears pricked and nose twitching for any sign of prey in this barren wasteland. - Frosty

He began to wonder- would he ever be able to adjust to life back in SeaClan? He would certainly welcome the warmth of sun and surf, but he hadn't gone fishing in what felt like moons. That being said, he hadn't practiced swimming, either. No. Crashpaw tightened his jaws. SeaClan is my roots, and TundraClan won't take that away from me. -- Crashpaw

Splashpaw's ears perked up as s he noticed the strangely familiar white cat exit the camp. She passed after her, carefully walking so she wouldn't make a sound in the crunchy snow. -- Splashpaw

Frosty's nose twitched, picking up an unfamilliar smell. She knew it was another cat, but she didn't turn around to investigate. If this cat wanted to see her, she would on on a show. Frosty sniffed out a vole snuffling along the tree roots. She glanced behind her to make sure the unknown cat was watching, and gave a tremendous leap, leaping neatly on the vole and breaking its neck. - Frosty

matcha followed frosty, surveying the area. her ears pricked as she chased after a rabbit, catching it in one fatal swoop. she carried it in her jaw along with a few juniper branches with big blue berries on them. --matcha

Splashpaw continued after the pair until she couldn't take it. "Who are you?!" she yowled at the white she-cat . -- Splashpaw

Frosty chuckled. "Frosty, at your service. And you might be?" - Frosty

Crashpaw twitched his ear at the sound of distance voices, and made sure to veer off in the opposite direction. He had no interest in being bothered on his hunt. He scowled at the pins-and-needles sensation between his paws, and plucked the compact snow out from in between his toes. What I wouldn't give to trade this stupid snow for the sand of SeaClan again. -- Crashpaw

Splashpaw stepped back in shock. "I.. I'm Splashpaw." She stammered.  Frosty?!  She seemed so much like Frostpaw, but she was dead.  -- Splashpaw 

"do you need anything dear?" the she-cat turned to the apprentice. --matcha 

Frosty raised an eyebrow. "You okay, mate? You look like you seen a ghost." - Frosty

I pretty much have. Splashpaw thought. "You just... Look like someone I knew." Inside she was panicking. No. She's not Frostpaw. Snap out of it. -- Splashpaw

Frosty held her gaze for a moment longer, then shrugged. "Alright. Anyways, wan' go hunting with us?" - Frosty

Splashpaw nodded. She tasted the air, and caught the strong odor of rabbit. She crept up behind ot, and pounced. She crashed into the snow, missing the rabbit completely. -- Splashpaw

Chestnutpaw frowned. Though she just looked to her paws. So much has happened, with everyone.... it felt scary, and no matter how much it scared her, someone, some way, she always got back to her paws. She wondered why it was snowing all of a sudden, and why so hard? she would give anything than just dreams to see her home again, anything, if that meant she had to listen to Loststar’s every word? Fine, if that meant she’d die trying, at least she’d tried. If she had to attack another clan? So be it. Only to her surprise, Loststar had summoned a meeting at that moment, She had an idea of what he might do. - Chestnut

Frosty sighed, dropping the vole and haring off in the direction of the rabbits. She wove between trees and leapt over logs, before finally trapping it between some roots, and cracking its neck. She panted heavily, worn out by the chase. - Frosty

He pondered the idea of escape, now that they were apprentice-aged and more capable of navigating the territory. Yet, the snow had nearly killed several of them already- it was too dangerous. Crashpaw proceeded through the territory, tasting the air to find something to catch. -- Crashpaw

Beepaw finally trekked all the way to camp, shivering slightly. Her pelt was still pretty thin; she'd have to wait a bit before it grew out enough to keep her somewhat warm. She brushed bast the barrier, wondering where Rosemarypaw was. She hadn't spoken to the pale-grey apprentice for quite some time. - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw entered camp and dropped the prey on the pile. Her paws were numb from the icy snow, so she started towards the apprentice's den to warm up. She spotted Beepaw entering camp. "Hey," she called. She wasn't sure if Beepaw wanted to be alone again. - Rosemarypaw

As if StarClan had answered her thought, Rosemarypaw called her over. She saw that Rosemarypaw still looked worried. This brought her mood down a little, but she refused to show it. If she gave into the darkness, it would only consume her. She pretended she didn't notice and padded over. "Hey! I was just... out." She chose her words carefully. She still didn't want to mention Grasskit to anyone, in case anyone was still harboring some unpleasant feelings. "You look pretty cold, wanna head into the apprentices den?" - Beepaw

Rosemarypaw nodded. "Sure," she meowed, and ducked into the warm apprentice's den. - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw followed, warming up almost instantly. "Anyways, whats been going on with you?" She asked when they were both settled. - Beepaw

"Nothing much," Rosemarypaw mewed. "How are you...doing?" - Rosemarypaw

Beepaw tried not to growl, but at this point, she didn't care. No one trusted her anyways. "Oh, I'm doing just fine." She hissed, hackles raised. "I'm surprised you asked. After all, I'm just a monster. You can't trust me." She growled before standing up and exiting the den. She stormed out of the camp once again, down towards Grasskit's grave. - Beepaw

Crashpaw continued along the snowy forest, trying to detect prey as he went along. He was taken by surprise, however, when he fell into a snow-drift that was practically above his ears. -- Crashpaw

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