The Deadwatchers is a rogue group. Contact 4KunaiSkrill4 to join!

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries/Alliances
4KunaiSkrill4 4KunaiSkrill4 4KunaiSkrill4 Active Newleaf None

Ranks Edit

Leader Edit

the leader is usally the leader bloodline, so if a leader has no mate or kits, they will have to choose a clanmate as the heir.

Heir Edit

the heir is usally the leaders son or daughter, but if the leader has no mate or kits then a clanmate Would be the heir

Claw bare Edit

the Claw bare is a medicine cat

Fighter Edit

the fighter fights for the clan, the rank is chosen based on there personality as a kit

Hunter Edit

the hunters hunt for the clan, the rank is chosen based on there personality as a kit.

kit mother’s and bones Edit

bones are elders, kit mothers are queens

Territory Edit

the pond Edit

the pond is a great hunting spot for hunters

the small field Edit

this is usually the battlefield, where apps are trained

alligances Edit


-fallen, a big towering tom who is yet to find a mate


sun, a ginger blond she (moonclaw32)

claw bare-

lavender (dawnpaw)


sleekshadow, a black she (silvery), cougar, in training (dawnpaw)


Thunder (moonclaw32), luck (willowleafwing), salamander (willowleafwing)

kit mother’s - none


kits- Lightning (moonclaw32), aster (willowleafwing),

form Edit





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