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  • I live in In the Poison Jungle
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Being a dragon and cat lover with a cute little kitty and dogs that help me write my stories. I love fan-fiction writing.
  • I am Female
“ You know they don't! There's a monster inside them. There's a monster leading them. If you scatter your anger around like dandelion seeds, you'll hurt everyone, tire yourself out, and end up with a bunch of indignant dandelions. But if you summon it all together and aim for the monsters, you'll win. I know you will. Because you're Sundew, my forever dragon”
— Willow to Sundew in The Poison Jungle


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I am one the WCRPG Wiki's Admins so I can take any questions on my wall.

My Characters - My Favorite Child(For now)

I love warrior cats, even considering my own fanfic of my four clans, BreezeClan, SwiftClan, ReedClan, and FernClan! I do have a cat and i don't like to admit it but i am a definate Cat person, XD, i love to draw and of course roleplay! I do take art requests for your oc's on this wiki, and i'd advertize this one too!

I do indeed have my personal opinions on the Warriors series as i am a little behind on the book Eclipse of the Power of Three Arc, i'm here if y'all want to talk about some of those books, speaking of, i alkso read the WoF series and lets say i'm TOO excited for the 14 book and the 4th comic novel to come out! Along with the forge your dragon world!

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