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The Lost Stars are a group of rogues, formerly they’d been led under Loststar, they’d Conquered TundraClan, and stole kits from each of the Clans, along with threatening and being venomous cats. The Lost Stars are vicious and mean cats, they don’t hesitate to kill, unless it’s the prisoner apprentices formerly stolen as kits.


Summary & RoleplayEdit

Formerly as stated they’d been led under the former ThornClanner, Loststar, Loststar had took over TundraClan, and of course they’d stolen a few kits from each clan of course angering the clans, Loststar had no care and some of those kits had died. Though later on, Loststar had slain the leader of the former group of Ally Cats, taking their leading position, he took them to TundraClan as his regrouped ‘guards’ as then making the kits apprentices.



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NOTE about Ally Cats

The Ally Cats are now disbanded as of 8/30/20, rp your characters in TundraClan

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