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The Icekeepers Edit

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Alliances/Rivalries
Wolfy Wolfy10 Wolfy10 Active; taking OCs; open for roleplay Leafbare N/A

Info Edit

The Icekeepers are a fierce group of kittypets that live in the Twoleg place past TundraClan's territory. They are ruled by a fierce leader, and have the Frost Trials. They compete in fierce competition which involves slaughtering their competitors and there can only be a single victor. Sometimes it even means killing the ones closest to them, to protect the rest of their family, and just to survive.

The Icekeepers do not care for the Clans, and they shun them.

Territory Edit

Generally scavengers, this group lives in twolegplace and on the outskirts of it. This twolegplace is a cold, windy area, and the same goes for the forests around it. Snow blankets the surrounding mountains in nearly every season, but the wiry feral felines that live here have adapted to that.

General Traits Edit

The Icekeepers are fierce, determined, and stubborn survivors, infinitely loyal to eachother- but they are pretty brutal, as demonstrated in the annual Frost Trials. [Name coming soon] are wily, smart, and full of guile.

Culture Edit


Allegiances Edit

Ranks Edit

Leader - leader of group, makes hard decisions and oversees and creates the Trials.

Second-in-Command - exactly what it sounds like- the "deputy". Helps lead the group and supports the Trialmaster.

Healer - "medicine cat". Heals the group's potential sicknesses or injuries.

Head Sharpclaw - the leader of the Sharpclaws and Swiftpaws; become second-in-command if the current one becomes the Trialmaster, retires, or is killed.

Sharpclaws - fight for the group; defend it.

Swiftpaws - provide food for the [name coming soon]; below Sharpclaws in rank.

Mothers - cats nursing or expecting kits.

Kittens - kits.

Trainees - cats above nine moons and under fifteen; eligible for the Frost Trials but not yet chosen. They train at this point in their adolescence, becoming much like the Clans' "apprentices", unless they are chosen for the Trials.

Tributes - the chosen cats for the Frost Trials.

Elders - cats too old to fight or hunt.

Victors - cats who have won the Trials. They are usually promoted to Head Sharpclaw if they are old enough; if not, they are when they reach of age. They are respected greatly.

List of Members Edit

Leader - Slayer or Casca - brown tom with blue eyes (Wolfy)

Second in Command - Phoenix - dark red-black she-cat with sleek fur and bright emerald eyes. (Hawk)

Healer - Splash - lynx point she-cat with blue eyes. (Silvery)

Head Sharpclaw - Alucard - black tom with gold eyes. (Whiskers)


Agro - silver tabby she-cat. (Silvery)

Lynel - long-furred calico she-cat with amber eyes. (Willow)

Hazel - tan tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws. (Hawk)

Swiftpaws -

Paco - lynx seal point tom mix with blue-green eyes, captive. (Dawnpaw)

Leaf - tortoisheshell-and-white tom with piercing green eyes. (Hawk)

Star - long-furred lilac point she-cat with periwinkle blue eyes. (Ivy)

Wintergreen - dark brown tabby tom with thick, long fur and dark green eyes. (Hawk)

Bass - brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, captive. (Willow)


Cyro - white tom with one blue eye and one pink eye. (Whiskers)

Forrest - bengal tom, captive. (Dawnpaw)

Eurus - long limbed brown tom. (Silvery)

Flora - pale snowshoe she-cat. (Hawk)

Coy - gray tabby tom with blue eyes. (Wolfy)

Ferox - dense-furred savanna she-cat with amber eyes. (Ivy)

Breeze - elegant tan she-cat with black accents, boasting distant caracal lineage. (Hawk)


Ember that Rises from Ashes - flame point she-kit with blue eyes, captive. (Hawk)

Gale - short-furred lavender-gray she-kit with sage eyes, captive. (Whiskers)

Tawnykit - long-furred dilute calico she-cat with electric blue eyes, captive. (Hawk)

Status Edit

Currently active; taking OCs (contact Wolfy or Hawk); currently open for roleplay. See here.

Credits Edit

Founder: Wolfy10

Co-Founder: Hawkblossom45

Name Creator: Silverykittencat

Inspiration: The Hunger Games, Wings of Fire's Outclaws; Maze Runner

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Roleplay can be found here.

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