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WillowClan is the Clan of HUNTING and BRAVERY, founded by Willowstar.

Founder Leader Owner Status Season Rivalries Alliances
Hawkblossom45 Silverwhisker Hawkblossom45 Active Greenleaf ThornClan N/A

Info Edit

WillowClan was named after the leader Willowstar, who was self-confident, brave, but also very wise. It is said that she passed down her traits to the Clan.

WillowClan lives in a forest of maple, pine, oak and the occasional willow tree. They are skilled hunters, with the ability to climb trees but they also have talent in stalking prey. Their main food is mice and squirrels.

Territory Edit

  1. The Abandoned Twoleg Nest - On WillowClan's side of the Thunderpath, just west of Twotrees, lies broken-down twoleg den ruins. Brown in color, these ruins are so unstable that apprentices are advised not to go near them. Not to be confused with StormClan's abandoned twoleg nest.
  1. Twotrees - While not belonging to WillowClan, the full-moon gathering place, Twotrees , consists of two large oaks with many branches and lies near the Thunderpath, east of the abandoned twoleg nest.
  1. The Great Pine - A large pine tree that separates ThornClan from WillowClan, marking their border.

Allegiances Edit


Quillstar— sturdy black grizzled tabby tom with feathered ears; lives 6/9. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Cinderpaw


Fangflame - black and ginger she-cat with one fire-colored eye, and one blue eye. (Wolfy)
Apprentice: Frozenpaw


Ripplepool— lynx point tom with blue eyes. (Willow)
Apprentice: Glacierpaw (TundraClan)


Blizzardwing— ragdoll tom with blue eyes. (Silvery)
Apprentice: Fadepaw
Spiderfang— brown tom with green eyes. (Silvery)
Darkpaw— black and white tortoiseshell tom with dark green eyes. (Silvery)


Stonetooth - dark gray and white tom. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Swallowpaw
Ravenclaw— pure midnight black tom. (Silvery)
Forestfire— brown and ginger she-cat. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Brookpaw
Barkpelt— classic brown tabby tom. (Silvery)
Patch- calico tom with green eyes, former kittypet. (Silvery)
Apprentice: Oakpaw
Jaystripe- black-and-white speckled tom. (Wolfy)
Apprentice: Mistpaw
Stormsong- smoky-gray she-cat with yellow eyes. (Silvery)
Apprentice: Cedarpaw
Scorchclaw— dark brown tabby tom. (Silvery)
Flameheart— ruddy ticked she-cat with sage eyes. (Hawk)
Apprentice: Birchpaw
Streakedfur — snow Bengal tom. (Ivy)
Streamecho— snow Bengal she-cat. (Silvery)
Twilightbreeze - black bengal she-cat. (Ivy)
Shadowhollow - shorthaired black tom. (Willow)
Reedtail - calico she-cat. (Cobra)
Apprentice: Ivypaw
Snakestrike - black Burmese tom. (Cobra)
Brackenstep - dark brown tom with yellow eyes (Misty)
Apprentice: Ravenpaw
Flowerbreeze— snow point Bengal she-cat (Willow)
Apprentice: Leopardpaw
Wolfrunner— dark gray tom (Wolfy)
Apprentice: Cherrypaw
Lilacwhisper— pale gray-and-white tabby she-cat with lavender-colored eyes. (Silvery)
Petalheart— sleek blue-and-white she-cat. (Silvery)
Oatstep— brown and black tom. (Moon)
Otterstrike - chocolate brown tom (Moon)
Eaglewing - brown and white she-cat (Moon)
Apprentice: Mosspaw
Rushleap - glossy gray tom (Fire)
Lilycreek - spotted brown tortoiseshell (Fire)
Fox- orange and white tom (Hal)
Swiftwater - pale tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Hope-Life)
Mousefang - brown tabby tom with green eyes (Cobra)
Acaciastep - striped tabby tom with amber eyes (Cobra)
Shiverfur - calico she-cat with amber eyes (Cobra)
Emberflame - ginger tom with amber eyes (Raystar)
Apprentice: Dandelionpaw


Ivypaw - white she-cat with gray tabby patches and blue eyes, apprenticed to Reedtail (Wolf)
Ravenpaw— black she-cat with soft yellow eyes, apprenticed to Brackenstep (Willow)
Mistpaw— she-cat with white fur and blue eyes, apprentice to Jaystripe (Cobra)
Fadepaw— ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes, apprentice to Blizzardwing (Cobra)
Cedarpaw - chocolate tabby she-cat with green eyes, apprentice to Stormsong (Stork)
Birchpaw - pale silver-brown tom with green eyes, apprentice to Flameheart (Stork)
Oakpaw - brown torbie tom, apprentice to Patch (Moon)
Brookpaw - bushy-furred red she-cat, apprentice to Forestfire (Fire)
Swallowpaw - silver tabby tom, apprentice to Stonetooth (Hawk)
Cinderpaw— sable mink rosetted she-kit, apprentice to Quillstar. (Whiskers)
Frozenpaw— pale silver-and-cream tabby tom, apprentice to Fangflame. (Willow)
Mosspaw— ash tabby-and-white tom, apprentice to Eaglewing. (Wolfy)
Leopardpaw - charcoal sable rosetted tom, apprentice to Flowerbreeze (Whiskers)
Irispaw - calico she-cat with fluffy fur and one yellow eye and one blue eye (Fire)
Dandelionpaw - golden tabby and white she-kit. (Willow)
Cherrypaw - cream tortoiseshell she-cat with petal-shaped patches. (Whiskers)


Rosekit - tortoiseshell and white she-kit with blue eyes. (Snowy)
Mothfeather - cream snowshoe she-cat, mother to Aspensoul’s kit. (Willow)
Mudkit - dark chocolate and white dappled tom (Willow)
Thriftkit - midnight and white she-kit (Willow)
Vinekit - tortoiseshell and white tom (Wolfy)
Danita - tiny silver spotted tabby she-cat, mother to Quillstar's kits. (Whiskers)
Pinekit - tall black grizzled tabby tom (Whiskers)
Bearkit - black grizzled tabby she-cat (Whiskers)
Fernkit— silver and white she-kit with blue eyes (Silvery)
Ivytail - light brown she-cat with white markings and amber eyes, expecting Brackenstep's kits (Misty)
Mintkit - tortoiseshell tabby she-kit (Misty)
Raykit - golden tabby tom (Raystar)
Hollykit - black and white she-kit (Misty)
Flowerstem - silver she-cat with hazel eyes, nursing kits. (Snowy)
Spiderkit - a tuxedo tom with green eyes. (Snowy)
Pearkit - silver she-cat with blue eyes. (Snowy)
Robinkit - red she-cat with brown eyes. (Snowy)
Skylight- white she-cat with green eyes, expecting Emberflame's kits (Raystar)


Sprucefall— brown tabby and white she-cat. (Silvery)
Cedar— light brown tom with blue eyes. (Hawk)


Fadingfrost - seal marbled tabby tom. (Whiskers)
Smokestorm - gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes. (Whiskers)
Snailkit -  tall dark brown she with soft blue eyes (Mushroompaw2)


Cloudygaze, Willowstar, Branchheart, Bristledust, Echolight, Nightfoot, Snowstorm, Moondust, Graystar, Nutstreak, Hawkflame, Cola, Swallowspots, Breezenight, Hazelpaw, Whitekit, Ambereye, Crookedflower, Fang, Firepaw, Lilyspirit, Borage, Dawnbelly, Featherfall, Skyshadow, Stormstreak, Nightfire, Brackenleaf, Brambleheart, Rainsplash, Iceday, Windbird, Thunderflame, Sproutstripe, Aspensoul, Eaglestrike, Birdsong, Rabbitpaw, Reedkit, Flakekit, Howlpaw, Rapidpaw, Branchpaw, Oaksky, Lynxleap, Risingdawn, Sunflower, Shadowfall, Mapleblaze, Shrewstone, Dapplefrost, Smokefall, Thrushfur, Finchpaw, Skychaser, Pepperstorm, Dewpaw, Gracefall, Dustypaw, Sunnyshine, Icegaze, Cobaltsky, Juniperberry, Iciclekit, Dewshine, Tidekit, Swirlkit, Ashbreeze, Dawnrise,


Morningglade, Forestpaw, Shypaw, Baypaw, Blossomkit, Wrenkit, Shadowhollow, Pebblekit,


Wolfshade, Muddyfang, Rivergaze

Trivia Edit

  • At one point, they reached approximately seventy members, not including the deceased.
  • They have the most archives in roleplay.
  • They have StormClan blood through Graystar (the former leader was Stormstar's sister), TundraClan lineage through Crookedflower, Swallowspots, Dapplefrost, Spiderfang, and Breezenight (Frostfang, their father, was a TundraClan warrior), kittypet blood through Rapidkit, Rabbitkit, Mapleblaze, Cobaltsky, and Morningglade (Lucky, a kittypet, was the kits' father, while Risingdawn, a WillowClan queen and their mother, is a former kittypet. Cola is a former kittypet and the mother of the latter.), SeaClan lineage through Firepaw, Streampaw, Lilyspirit, Sandkit, and Sunflower (their father was Shellheart, a SeaClan warrior), and ScarClan blood through Muddyfang and Cloudygaze (both are former ScarClan warriors) and Oakpaw (former ScarClan apprentice).

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"Well, red is the most common poppy color, and the prettiest in my opinion." Cherrypaw meowed as she plucked the stalks with Cinderpaw. "But there are yellow and white ones as well." -- Cherrypaw

tiger nodded, turning to moth. "yeah, Uhm, if pigeon's ok with it". pigeon gave a small nod, twining his tail with tiger's as he turned his head toward moth. --tiger bounce & pigeonpelt

Dandelionpaw nodded. Though she wondered if she’d find a different color, maybe she’d find a special one? - Dandelion

Mothfeather purred. “I adopted Mudkit, they’re easy as your own kits without the need of milk.” She went on. - Moth

tiger smiled. "that sounds great!". --tiger

Mothfeather went on, “Though, it’s easier if you have experience with kits, Dandelionpaw was easy, it depends on their nature, they could be Wild, shy, too crazy, but Snailkit looks like he is more of a shy sort of kit.” She then added, “I’d check with him if he’d liked to be adopted.” She flicked her tail. It was like she was a kitten expert. Why? It’snotlikeshespentherwholewarriorhoodinthenurserywith5kittens-Moth

Cinderpaw waited patiently as Cherrypaw picked a few good-looking poppies, striped tail curled neatly over her charcoal paws. "Alright, shall we get to hunting now?" -- Cinderpaw

Dandelionpaw nodded. She hid the poppies under a Bracken bush before getting up and moving on. “Do you think WillowClan will get better?” She asked. “Like, more peaceful? Like, at peace within itself for a long time? My momma says I was born in a war, and ever since bad things have been happening.” She frowned. - Dandelion

"History likes to repeat itself. But I'm sure things will become more peaceful- Quillstar has already turned ThornClan into allies. Now that's unheard of." Cinderpaw tasted the air, and her eyes glowed with satisfaction when she detected squirrel. -- Cinderpaw

tiger smiled. "see pigeon, it'll all be ok". pigeon nodded, laying back down. --pigeonpelt and tigerbounce

Dandelionpaw nodded. “Okay.” She meowed. Then pricking her ears to hear a rustling in the trees, she hadn’t learned to hunt before, though she was inspired by birds, so graceful and agile, it was perfect. She lowered and started to climb the tree, it was hard, she sheathed, and unsheathed her claws ever step, when getting to a branch she pricked her ears for the sound of fluttering. She lowered as she saw the shape through the leaves. - Dandleion

Leopardpaw had fallen asleep in the apprentice's den, but even his sleep was no safe haven. He thrashed in his nest as he had nightmares of ScarClan, of cats whose eyes appeared soulless save for the bloodlust that lingered within them. -- Leopardpaw

Cherrypaw decided to sit back and watch so that she could learn from her peers. Cinderpaw, meanwhile, skillfully stalked forward with her cream bellyfur brushing against the cool earth. She pursued the squirrel's scent trail, only to find it within a tree, merrily crunching on an acorn and discarding of the remnan by carelessly letting them fall. Cinderpaw squinted up at the squirrel before silently climbing up the tree. -- Cinderpaw

Dandelionpaw caught sight of Cinderpaw. She looked so graceful, well, part of her knew the she-cat was experienced with hunting, she watched until she got distracted by the birds again. She lowered and copied Cinderpaw’s stance. Watching for further notice of attack techniques. - Dandelion

Ravenpaw whole with a yawn. Another odd day for WillowClan.... it’s been off lately. Death? Murder? This hadn’t seemed like the clan she knew moons ago, but things change, she ruffled her fur before carefully stepping over the sleeping Leopardpaw and some other sleeping apprentices before looking at the stars. Was StarClan really there? Would they do anything? She’d never really imagine StarClan would reach out to the former rogue, in which her faith in them wavered. - Ravenpaw

She felt a little nervous, having two apprentices look up to her for a good lesson. I can do this!! The rosetted feline did her best to reassure herself, and began to rapidly rush down the branch to kill the squirrel. She hook a claw around the squealing rodent, only to find herself slipping. Her tail whirled about in an effort to help her regain her balance, but to no prevail. High up in the tree, Cinderpaw struggled to hang on with one claw, with the squirrel already falling to the ground and landing with a sickening thud. StarClan, help me!! Her left forepaw burned in agony, and she noticed the blood welling around one of her toes- a torn claw. The pain got to her, and before long, Cinderpaw plummeted to the ground. -- Cinderpaw

Dandelionpaw quickly yowled in horror, Turing quickly as she’d startled the bird she looked for ways to get down from the tree to insure her friends safety, finding branches to see her way down, she quickly took a last jump before dashing to Cinderpaw. - Dandelion

Cherrypaw lurched to her paw and took off in Cinderpaw's direction, hovering over her companion. "Cinderpaw! Can you hear me? Do you feel ok? What hurts?" The rosetted apprentice grumbled in response, rolling around stiffly. Cherrypaw briefly looked her companion over. "...I'm no medicine cat, but I don't think you broke anything...miraculous, considering that fall. But we need to get you to the medicine cat den 'til Ripplepool's back." -- Cherrypaw

Brackenstep yawned, shook his fur, and walked out of the warriors den. He almost walked over to the fresh-kill pile and almost took a squirrel when he stopped himself and sighed. "I guess I'll go hunting," he said out loud. -- Brackenstep

Brookpaw yawned and woke up. She presumed Lilycreek had put her in her nest, and she felt grateful towards the kind she-cat. She stretched and decided to see if Ivytail and her kits were awake. She padded over to the nursery to see. - Brookpaw

snailkit sat, her tail curled around her tightly. --snailkit

Dandelionpaw nodded. “Let’s take her back.” She meowed. trying to figure out how to carry Cinderpaw, unless she wanted to walk, though taking a fall like that? The air must’ve been blow out of her. - Dandelionpaw

Ravenpaw pricked her ears. “Brackenstepppp!!!” She dashed over to her mentor. “Can I come too? Can you teach me new hunting moves? I wanna hunt squirrels now!” She pleaded. - Ravenpaw

"We need to carry her," Cherrypaw glanced up at Dandelionpaw, detecting the she-cat's uncertainty. "C'mon, it's getting dark- let's hurry before she becomes foxfood." -- Cherrypaw

Dandelionpaw decided to slip underneath Cinderpaw, carrying her backside, she was heavy, though she knew she had to take it for Cinderpaw’s sake. - Dandelion

Cherrypaw helped move Cinderpaw to the medicine cat den. The injured apprentice sat up sorely, gritting her teeth, but panic was visible in her eyes against the faint moonlight. "I-I don't like the dark." -- Cinderpaw

"Oh alright," Brackenstep said, smiling. "It's about time I take you hunting, anyway . Follow me," he waved his tail for Ravenpaw to follow. Brackenstep led the way out of camp. -- Brackenstep

tiger nuzzled pigeon slightly. pigeon mewed, "how are you love?". Tiger grinned, moving closer to his mate, "great, but tired." pigeon nodded, "you should sleep,". "no, I wanna stay with youuUuuu" the other tom whined, shaking his head. "fine, I'll sleep with you, ok?". tiger nodded, guiding pigeon to the warrior's den and too his nest. -pigeon didn't like being useless, such as taking naps when he could be doing something else, but he could hear his mate's tired voice and was somewhat tired himself, so he just went along with it- falling asleep to his mate's steady breathing. --pigeonpelt & tigerbounce

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