Administrators, also known as Sysops, are users with additional rights used best to maintain and structure the wiki. Administrators are expected not only to manage the wiki on the outside, but to contribute to the areas not usually viewed by public, such as the functions on the admin dashboard and the MediaWiki namespace. According to the outcome of a community vote, these users are granted their rights by a bureaucrat.

Admin Responsibilities Edit

Admin duties are, but not limited to:

  • Blocking/unblocking users
  • Deleting/Un-deleting pages, files, and etc
  • Proetcing/Unprotecting pages

Admin Functions Edit

See the administrators' how-to-guide to learn and understand the abilities of a administrator.

How to Become an AdministratorEdit

If you would like to become nominated for administrator rights, you must be able meet the set of requirements listed below:

  1. You must have been a moderator on the wiki prior
  2. You must be active on the wiki. This means a minimum of 3 mainspace edits a week, and staying relatively responsive to thread notifications and in roleplays.
  3. You must have been a member of the wiki for a minimum of 2 months prior, and have stayed 50% active during that time.
  4. You must have a general knowledge of the functions of the wiki, such as how to add a new page, how to add/delete categories, and possibly how to edit and/or create a template.

If you have met the listed requirements and are competent to apply for administrator rights, please visit this page.

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