Bureaucrats are administrators with the added ability to give varying user rights to users.

Bureaucrat Responsibilities Edit

  • Blocking/unblocking users
  • Promoting/Revoking rollback, content moderator, administrator, and bureaucrat rights
  • Removing another user's bot status

Bureaucrat Functions Edit

See the bureaucrats' how-to-guide to learn and understand the abilities of a bureaucrat.

How to Become a Bureaucrat Edit

If you would like to become nominated for bureaucrat rights, you must be able meet the set of requirements listed below:

  1. You must have been an administrator on the wiki prior
  2. You must be active on the wiki. This means a minimum of 3 mainspace edits a week, and staying relatively responsive to thread notifications and in roleplays.
  3. You must have been a member of the wiki for a minimum of 3 months prior, and have stayed 30% active during that time.
  4. You must have a minimum of 5,000 total contributions.

If you have met the listed requirements and are competent to apply for bureaucrat rights, please visit this page.

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